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What sneakers/casual shoes are trendy right now for young women?

Q. Hi, I'm 20 and I'm looking for some sneakers or casual shoes that are somewhat like sneakers. I plan on wearing them a lot during the fall season. I want to a buy a few pairs. So my question is, what brand or style is hot right now for fall 2007? I know boots and other classy style are in but I'm looking for somewhat comfortable casual sneakers. I hope sneakers is the right word for my question. My definition of a sneaker in this case is a shoe that resembles workout/sports attire but can be worn outside the gym. If any girls out there have some advice, please feel free to comment. :)

A. From my point of view,adidas superstar are they are cool every year,every season....
Sth like this,a merge between ballet and sports shoes are really nice and casual you could try finding some a bit more colourful

Where can i find stylish womans shoes in a size 12?
Q. i actually wear a 12.5 but can fit a size twelve, i am 22 and like to dress girly so i like trendy boots and heels (no converse or vans i have a closet full of these brands) i also don't want shoes that my granmother would wear to church. 12 is the absolute smallest I can fit, there is no way i could "squeeze in" to an eleven. please don't list a company unless you're SURE they carry size 12. (alot of places advertise extended sizes but only go up to 11) thank you for your suggestions!!!

A. Size 11 here! barefoot tess has lot of trendy shoes and carry extended sizes for brands like jeffrey campbell and dolce vita . Unfortunately they don't have a lot of 12.5 shoes but they have some really cute size 12's and 13's. carries some nice things too.

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do these shoes will look good with this dress?

Q. I am planning on buying this dress for a wedding/birthday since its on the same day and i am wondering if this shoe will look good with this dress.
if not can you give me your opinions and links for shoes(:
i am not a big fan of heels; if i wear heels i might break some bone in my body.



thanks so much(:

A. And you're right, many people go to ER for broken bones wearing high heels. About 9million on Yahoo search engine for high heels accidents.

Yeah, for both, but I do NOT recommend buying shoes online. Buyer beware when it comes to buying shoes online, and I do not rec. using PayPal. I got screwed, took 3 years for my credit.
I bought 2 pair of shoes, $700 worth @ Zappos, where they have free shipping & free returns. I am a 5 1/2, so I bought a size 6. Returned them. Ordered a 5, too small. I saved $700.
I went to Nordstrom's, they're having shoe sales. Found 2 shoes, both less than $300. Both were rated as best comfortable shoes for walking. BTW: I wore one of the boots for 4 hours, and I didn't even do that much walking, mostly standing on the same spot . . . . and I was already limping. I took it back the following day!

My son bought a pair of Nike beach sandals. They didn't come in his size, so he bought the one larger. They weren't sold in stores! He was walking around sandals too big, only because he didn't want to pay for return shipping and re-stocking fees.
Shoes that are good for some, may hurt your feet. Just saying!

Junior High School Supplies?
Q. My daughter is going in to middle school and I just wanted to know what school supplies to get her so what are the basics and then juat some extra things to get her for school she is taking art to so supplies for that and home education or home ec and also cooking classes and then the basic classes so any supplies that she might need for all that? Thanks!

A. Classroom Supplies
The Classic Pencil(s) #2
Hand Held Pencil Sharpener
A large pink eraser
Pen (red)
Pens (blue/black)
12" Ruler
Pocket Folders
Single-subject Spiral Notebooks
POST-IT notes
POST-IT flags
Loose leaf paper (wide ruled or 3-hole punched if preferred)
Tabbed Dividers
Book Covers/Book Sox
3-Ring Binder
Colored Pencils
Paper Clips
Index Cards
Graph paper
Glue Stick
Safety Scissors
School Supply Box
Portable 3-hole punch
Small Stapler
Printer paper

Clothing and Accessories
Calculator watch
School Uniform
Gym shorts
Breathable athletic shirt
Hair brush or hair comb
Rain Coat
Tights and Leg Warmers
Flat Shoes
Winter hat (Bucket Hat)
Jeans (Juicy Couture and Gap are hot brands this season)
Fall Jacket � denim or fleece
Dress � Trendy dresses
Designer Tops

Travel and Playground
Gym bag
Lunch box/bags
Backpack/Messenger � A bag that is suitable for your child
Gym/running Shoes
Reusable bag
Hygiene product � Deodorant perfume
Lip Balm � Chap Stick
Bandages � Band aids

Thesaurus atlas Encyclopedia almanac
Weekly planner
Time management book
Various books for $.99
Magazine subscription � Teen or favorite topic/hobby
Translation books � Spanish to English (Substitute your Childs language)
Flashcards or other learning aids

USB Flash Drives (minimum size: 256MB)
Calculator � Review math course requirements before purchasing
MP3 Player � Many inexpensive alternatives
All in One Printer � Scan, copy and print
Digital Voice Recorder � Simple and could be combined with many MP3 players
Alarm Clock
Digital Camera
Portable or car charger for electronics
Music � CD�s or iTunes Gift Card

Everything Else
Facial Tissue
Surface wipes
Closable baggies
Nail clipper
Lock � Combination or pad lock
Trapper Keeper
Locker stand
Poster board
New glasses � eye exam recommended
Hand Lotion
Clear tape
Cough drops
Reusable water bottle
To go Snacks: Bars, Gum


Girl Stuff
Gym Locker
- Gym Clothes
- Deodorant
- Body Spray
- Hair Brush
- Hair Ties
- Wipes
- Mirror
- Body/Hand Lotion
- Shampoo/Conditioner
- Soap
- Towel
- Bottled Water
- Extra Clothes
- Face towel
- Hair Elastic
Just In Case Stuff
- Lotion
- Tampons/pads
- Kleenex
- Nail Cleaners
- Deodorant
- Tweezers
- Make up (remover, Toner)
- Safety pins
- Small scissors
- Make up (lip gloss, lip balm, pressed powder, concealer, eyebrow comb, mirror, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara)
- Small hair brush
- Hair ties, elastics, clips, headbands, hair spray
- Tank top
- Jersey
- Shorts
- Socks and extra pair
- Athletic pants
- Sweatpants/Sweatshirt
- Deodorant
- Hand towel
- Perfume
- Cell phone & iPod
- Small pillow
- Healthy Snacks/Water
- Extra money
- Make up
- 1st aid items (tape, bandages, prewrap, Neosporin etc.)
- Lotion
- Hair products (dry wear)
- Brush
- Ponytail holders
- Makeup
- Mirror
- Wipes
- Hair things
- Travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash
- Sewing kit
- Nail polish, emery boards
- Medications, pain relievers
- Eye solution
- Double Sided Tape
- Stain Remover
- Band Aids
- Pads/Tampons
- Bobby Pins
- Gum/mints
- Deodorant
- Lotion
- Extra Undergarments
- Shelf Paper
- Calendar
- Mirrors
- Magnets
- Erasable Boards
- Photos
- Pencil Holder
- Organizer
- Quotes
- Removable plastic hooks
- Folder, Papers, Pencil, Bottled Water, Deodorant, Emergency Kit
- Extra clothes
- Running shoes
- Little air fresheners
- Stickers
- Mini clock
- Mini Trash Can
- Small bags
- Notepad
- Sticky Notes

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Where can a woman with size 12 WIDE feet find a variety of quality, trendy, comfortable selection of shoes??

Q. I've got big feet... I hate "Coward" and catalogs like it that have a large variety of what I term "old lady shoes". I wear a size 12 wide. Just to give you an idea of what I like - I love my dansko clogs (mens) and birkenstock sandals, but I want something more slighty feminine. I wish I could wear Sketchers...but they're too small. <sigh>

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!
Brooke :)

also some places like Nordstrom will special order another size shoe for you if they dont have it in stock

Do other women find it frustrating that the super cute, stylish shoes never come in wide widths?
Q. My entire life, I've crammed my feet into normal, medium width shoes. I've looked longingly at the sexy, strappy sandals that so many women can wear with ease. But I finally had to come to terms with the fact that I just have WIDE feet. I'm not a huge woman - but my feet are wider than normal. I know there are alot of other women (YOUNG women) out there who have the same issue. Yet the shoe manufacturers won't make shoes in wider widths. It's like they think wide equals fat feet and if we don't want fat women, then we sure don't want to recognize there are people with fat feet wearing our shoes! :) I think it's silly that women are trained to believe they have to be in PAIN to be beautiful. When you do a search on the web, most wide shoes look like they should be on 80 year old grannies. Occassionally you'll find a somewhat trendy looking shoe but it's rare. Who else find this frustrating?

A. It is as if I wrote this question!!! I though I was the only one feeling this way! Most shoes are like sausages...Although Payless shoe store has a bigger variety of wide shoes, they're just mostly not real leather. But for the price you can replace them more often...
We should start a campain: Wides have rights too!! hehe

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what are the hottest and trendiest mens sneakers out right now?


A. Boat shoes are pretty big right now. Almost all the kids in my school have a pair. They have the Vans ones. Terrible quality and they just rip. I have the real deal leather ones. :)

The biggest brand for teenagers is probably Vans.
For the sports guys, Nike Air Force 1's, and also Air Jordans made by nike.

cheap clothes websites?

A. clothes for men, women and kids shoes and accessories for women
From personal experience both have great prices and shipping.

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Casual shoes for wide feet?

Q. My feet are small in length, but somewhat wide.
What sort of trendy casual shoes can I wear for a day to day basis?
So far, flats seem to usually emphasise the wideness of my feet.

A. go for soft sole beaded slip-on moccasins...check out get the white beaded thunderbird soft sole moccasins.....they make your feet look narrow, and are so cute.....A VERY HOT LOOK!!!!

4EE shoes for women?
Q. My poor mum who's only 56 is housebound but she's always been quite stylish, the last few years her feet have been swollen so she's had to wear "old lady shoe's" as she calls them, i want to get her a lovely pair of 1 & a half inch heeled shoes. i have no idea where to find a trendy pair of 4EE shoes in london. After my search, to me, if you have wide feet you're classed as needing soft slippers!! Help!!

A. i'm not sure if they do them that small but evans do wide fitting shoes, i know because i take a 9EE/10 and they are about the only place i can buy them from. Brantano's is also good for strange sized shoes, i know they go down into small sized shoes but im not sure weather they do wide fittings there.

Those are the only places i can think of off the top of my head, hope they help!

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Is there such thing as Trendy Orthopedic Athletic shoes?

Q. I'm a 34 year old woman who works in a business casual setting. Can anyone help with finding trendy orthopedic shoes? My Dr says I need to wear gym shoes while treating my planter faciitis but it seems difficult to accessorize around the New Balance shoes??? Puma is trendy but are they ok? I'm going to ask my Dr about them but thought I may get an answer here first. Help please?! Most styles are just too u-g-l-y!

A. Hi,

This question is the reason so many retailers of orthopedic shoes have trouble selling their products to consumers. The answer is quite simple -- yes! Nowadays, orthopedic shoe manufacturers have started bringing in shoe designers to update their shoes. In fact, they try to mirror the current styles of ordinary shoes as much as possible, while preserving the qualities and features that make them orthopedic.

If you are looking for a place to start your search for stylish orthopedic shoes, check out brands such as Orthaheel, Aetrex, Ecco, and Propet.

Does this shoe color look too old ladyish? I am a young 30 year old woman?

Was hoping to match them with gray suit I own.

A. Pink isn't an old lady color but the style of the shoes isn't that great. I like the Franco Sarto peeptoe pumps in Chili Red suede better. The style is trendy but not over the top and they would really look great with a gray suit!! : )

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