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what are the hottest shoes for 7yr. olds that provide good arch support for flat feet?

Q. cant use orthotics for the simple reason there expencive and the rate he's growing wouldnt be in them long,so it needs to be a shoe with great arch support.

A. At 7, I should seriously hope nobody cares about how hot or trendy their shoes are. However, as far as good arch support, my family tends to have flat feet, and our favorite sneaker brands for arch support are New Balance, Skechers, and Vans (not the canvas slip-ons, but the skate sneakers).

Any ladies know where i can get comfortable work shoes?
Q. i wanted to start wearing heels to work, but im working my way up. im thinking wedges since i find they're easier to work with. Plus i need to find close toed ones cuz of the dress code :) Any help would be great!

A. There are aerosoles and naturilizers, they will have like three adorable trendy pairs for every hundred granny pairs. lol. but they are intentionally made to be comfortable. i stand on my feet all day and i can make it in my three inch aerosoles. And there are tons of adorable professional flats out there right now since thats also the trend, if you're tall enough to pull it off. They look really cute with the cropped pant suit/cropped jacket style. Check out macy's and nordstroms, and surprisingly payless and target. I'll find a cute pair and just wear them to death. Good luck!

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What should i wear for my interview?

Q. hi! i am 13 years old and was selected by my teacher to try out for a scholarship to a science camp during the summer. I turned in my application and essay and now they have asked me to come in for an interview. I am very excited, but i don't know what I should wear and what is appropriate for this type of meeting. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks for your help!! :D
thanks for everyone's suggestions!

A. While you want to look professional, you are still 13, not 45.
So maybe a white button down shirt with cute details, like shiny buttons, ruffles, or puffed sleeves. Or you could wear a printed skirt that goes to your knees and a structured jacket in a solid color. Metallic shoes also pull together any outfit.
Add trendy accessories like a long necklace or earrings.

Where to find casual trendy clothes for extra tall young men?
Q. My boyfriend is 6 ft. 4in. And weighs about 220lbs and he hates his height. One of the reasons why is because he cannot find any clothes that fit him properly. Right now he wears plain t shirts and baggy jeans held up by a belt. He would like to have variety. He's 21 and doesn't want to dress up in clothes that make him look like a teacher or any older like how most Big & Tall stores do. He is also incredibly sensitive about the style of pants he wears because (this is in all seriousness-not trying to be funny or inappropriate) he has a very LARGE p.e.n.i.s. And it shows if his pants are too tight (that's why he wears them baggy). I just would like to help him find a few stores that would carry clothing that would fit him and look trendy like how any 21 year old male would like to dress. Online store suggestions would also be a good help! (He would also like a choice of places to look for shoes, he wears a size 18)

Please help.

A. Ballroom jeans.....maybe that would give him some extra room. I think he would be better off finding clothing he likes that are slightly bigger and have them altered to fit. Some people have such different bodies that they break the mold most of the rest of us fit in to. Plus getting your clothing fitted and altered can be fun and you feel special.

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Where can I find trendy toddler boots for my son?

Q. Don't want Oldnavy, Gap, Jcrew or any other big name brands.
Most parents don't dress their children in crap. Most parents actually care what their children's clothing looks like. My child is 3, not an infant. If you didn't care then don't waist my time and not answer the question.
Not looking for Big names again...looking for mom and pop shops that have websites. Thanks.

A. Try Brooks Shoes, Little happy feet or shoes zoo !

Thoughts about the woman pulled off the South West Airlines Flight?
Q. I'm curious to hear opinions of the young lady who was pulled off the SouthWest Airlines flight because her outfit was too revealing. The pictures of her, wearing her skirt and top were I thought not out of the norm, she was tall, blonde and a bit busty but nothing at all revearling about her top and her skirt was low to mid thigh. They actually showed some of the older SW Airline flight attendents from the 70's wearing hot pants on CNN today. Curious to hear opinions, because this woman was dressed nicely and I have seen some pretty poorly dressed people not get a second look. Think that jealously had anything to do with it?
I only saw the picture of her that was shown on the media. She looks fine in it and didn't have a tank top on, she had a top and sweater. My understanding was that it was a female passenger who complained after the boarded the plane and that she was given a blanket to cover herself after getting back on.

A. I offer 2 opinions on the topic of personal appearance in public places -

1. Airlines (Buses, Cruise ships, Railroads, etc) have the right to demand certain standards of conduct (or appearance)of passengers, and sometimes enforce that right when passengers or the airline would be harmed. In this case, however, I have heard that another passenger complained to the airline, and caused this situation to arise.
I have no idea what gives one passenger the right to judge the lady's clothing, this seems to be hypocritical and surely could have been resolved by moving the complaining passenger to a seat out of view of the young lady, and offering a blindfold to the complaining passenger.
Since the airline crew now had to intervene quickly, in order to let the flight take off on time, and keep the peace, perhaps it was easiest at the moment to do what SW did, right or wrong. On the other hand (with my perfect hindsight), if I were the air crew, I would have told BOTH passengers to get off and let them battle it out in court for being involved in a dispute of a nature unable to be resolved in a timely manner.

Opinion #2: On personal pride of appearance AND tolerance (or lack of tolerance), what ever happened to these things?
It used to be that far fewer people (slobs, etc) went out in public place dressed badly. I am not talking about dressing in a unique, trendy way, but plain out wearing ragged, dirty smelly clothing, etc. I once sat (in first class cabin, Dallas to London) way too close to a young couple and baby, dressed in worn-out jeans, tattered plain white-T shirts, cheap shower shoes, etc and the toddler wearing only a diaper and some kind of sleeping clothes, barely enough to keep it from catching cold. Granted that your clothing choices can be limited by your income and budget, but if you have the means to fly in first-class cabin to London, surely you could afford to dress better than that? On tolerance, YES, I thought to myself that if I had the power, I would tell that couple to dress more appropriately for the occasion, but of course I realized that I do NOT have that power, so I just kept my mouth shut, put on my headset, listened to the music, and enjoyed the flight.

Ok, open for debate, I would like to read your comments, anyone?

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What are good teen stores to shop at?

Q. Only stores that not many people know of. I want to shop at places other than forever 21, target, ever, etc.

A. Wet Seal is the place to shop if you're looking for urban chic teen clothing. From the basic hoodie to the lace boyshort, Wet Seal has got you covered. This stores mostly serves older teen girls, and it provides a range of fashionable options both online and in stores throughout the United States.
American Eagle Outfitters is a great resource for casual teen styles for both genders. Whether you shop at the store or online, American Eagle's clothing provides a rustic athletic appearance that is sure to please both your friends and your parents. If you're a thrifty shopper, this is a great place for deals. Be sure to check out the clearance section.
Abercrombie & Fitch is an extremely popular store with teens of both genders. Whether it is the cache of this trendy label or the price of the clothes they offer, for many teens, Abercrombie is a trusted authority on fashion. If you see it in an Abercrombie store or catalog, it's bound to be hot.
Hollister has the best fashions at reasonable prices. This retailer has a broad range of polos, tees, jeans, drifters, and more. In addition, the Hollister website can make helpful recommendations to complete your look.
Urban Outfitters is a fashionable teen clothing store with styles for both young men and women. In addition to apparel, they also offer some home accents and shoes. You can visit one at most major cities or purchase items online. Everything here is casual chic, perfect for the young customer who hates to feel dressed up. Prices are average, and the styles broad in scope.

What was fashion like in the 60s70sand80s?
Q. I didnt live then..but if someone asked me what fashion was today i would say uggs and crocs. so tell me what fashion was like then?

A. Those are three very different decades, and what was considered fashionable would very much depend on who you were (I don't see many "fashionable women" today wearing uggs and crocs either; those seem to be limited to relatively young people in certain parts of the U.S.).

The 60s was the era of the miniskirt; it was also the time in which jeans (mostly Levis) became a uniform for young people, rather than just practical work clothing. Odd color combinations came into fashion, challenging norms about which colors went together - red and orange, for example, or blue and green, especially in the first part of the decade. Toward the end, earth tones took hold. Bellbottom pants were trendy as well - I have pictures of myself wearing a lovely striped pair of them! Pantsuits for women began to take hold. Men went away from traditional suits and tried things like Nehru jackets.

The 70s was the decade of the disco. Men wore leisure suits, or suits in previously unacceptable colors, like pastels. Women wore platform shoes for the first time, the bigger and clunkier th better (none of this platform heels stuff like today - these were solid platforms, and there were lots of reports of people falling off of four, five-inch platforms. Things were sparkly and glittery - both clothing and makeup - and maxi skirts (long skirts) put in an appearance. I remember owning several long dresses which I wore to school and work in those days.

I think of the 80s as the era of big hair, and have very little recollection of what anyone wore WITH their hair! It was the age of the yuppie, so I guess business suits were a big part of this for many people (and the idea of dressing for success really took hold), and it was also a much more conservative era in many ways (think Ronald Reagan), so there was a movement toward more designer apparel, with visible labels. "Reagan Red" was popular for clothing, following Nancy Reagan's preference for the color.

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What clothing lines should a plus size 27 year old look at?

Q. I'm at a loss for where to buy trendy clothing. I want to dress trendy and fashionable but not too young for my age. Any ideas?

A. Hi there,

I'm a plus sized gal as well and love fashion!!

My favorite stores/brands are:
Lane Bryant - they have great classy things you can wear out or to work.
Michael Kors - He has a gorgeous plus size line you can find it usually in Macy's or Bloomies or a place like that.
Calvin Klein - Great things you can find it most department stores
Torrid - they have some cute edgier things, I get a lot of my going out shirts there
Deb - This is a juniors store most have a plus size dept, have gotten some cute things there too
Avenue - This store depending on what you are looking for can have some cute things, some are for more an older crowd, but love their shoes.
INC - you can find this at Macy's gorgeous gorgeous pieces

Anyway, this should get you started, have fun!

Where can I find trendy and cheap online clothing?
Q. I am looking for trendy and cheap online clothing that is for juniors and misses. Preferably sites that offer a size chart and have more than size small. Shoe and accessories sites are welcome as well. I would also like to be able to purchase off season items as well.

A. Why not try or
I think that you can find many great deals of clothing from If you are too lazy, can try amazon discount finder ( ), which already collects all kinds of discount clothing for you.

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What clothing items are essential for the summer?

Q. Also, describe your style if you can. (trendy, reserved, bohemian, earthy, relaxed, classic, edgy, sophisticated, etc.)
Thanks in advance! (:

A. My style! Well I like to play with all the styles I can but ill definitely go for the classy edgy yet sophisticated and trendy look! (-everyone loves is a unique look u just have to find/make your own!-)
Some essential items u should have ..
-denim shorts
-colored shorts (olive green, tan, white, black,coral)
-distressed denim and boyfriend crops
-dresses in great patterns such as floral, tribal patterns, solids (halter, strapless, spaghetti strap, etc)
-skirts (denim mini's, high waisted ones, etc)
-pocket tee's
-cardigans (of all lengths and colors as they are SO versatile.)
-basic tanks
-button down shirts, just roll up the sleeves and unbutton a few of the buttons and wear with a tank underneath (plaid, white, a light blue pin stripe, etc. . . )
-flip flops (brown leather ones, black, white, etc. )
-shoes (gladiators, wedges, nude colored shoes, etc. )
-fun accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and scarves (bright colors such as turquoise, corals, etc. )
-belts (skinny belts in a variety of colors, a skinny leather braided belt, and a wide leather braided belt, a black thick belt that you can use to belt dresses,etc!
God I just went through my closet! LOL remember accessories are your best friends sunglasses are essential and of course lip gloss! Hope this helps! Bye

What would be appropriate attire for a middle-aged woman to wear to relative's wedding?
Q. My aunt told me my cousin is engaged and the wedding will likely be late summer or early autumn. I assume I will be invited, but I don't know if it will be formal or casual. I don't own any really "dress-up" clothes. The best thing I have right now is a pair of jeans with no holes or tears and a scrub-type top with butterflies on it. Getting me to dress-up is like getting Peppermint Patty to wear a dress. Any suggestions?

A. Arg - Middle age - That's me and it's tough to go shopping, isn't it? You don't want to wear something too young and trendy and end up looking like a "Real Housewife", yet you don't want to look like an old lady wearing Sag Harbor, either. You also want to wear something that you would wear again. Every woman should have a few good staples in her wardrobe. For example, a little black dress. Once you have one, you'll find yourself wearing it all the time.

You can't go wrong with the LBD:

OR something pretty like this:

IF you can't hang with the dress idea, consider a pretty pants suit with a colorful top:

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I am thinking about buying a men/women's clothing store in a small town. What can I do to update it?

Q. I can't spend a lot of money, but I would like to make the store not look so 80's. Any suggestions about how to update dressing rooms, choose paint colors, use trendy decor would be appreciated. Also, what kind of fixtures are popular right now (mannequins, racks, display cases)? If you have any tips on going to market, that would be great too!

A. well i would try store & my friend redid an old store with tons of stuff from ikea they are affordable & easy to assemble. For the markets i would take alot of linesheets & write notes dont sign anything incase you change your mind you doont want them to have your signature because then its hard to cancel an order. I usually write all my orders after the show to see all my options you can budget that way better too. Definetly wear comfortable shoes & bring some candy or granola bars because it gets tiring talking allll day. My favorite show is in vegas Magic & project you need to go the whole time because they also have alot of great seminars that you can learn from.

Where can I sell my old clothes in Amsterdam?
Q. I have some pretty good shoes and sweaters that I know will be a hit at the local vintage stores, but as far as I know, none of them buy clothes. I could really use the extra money too. Any ideas?

A. I recommend you this website:

Is a new project in Amsterdam but has been quite trendy in the US, it seems to be for women, but hey who knows maybe is also for guys...

There is a swap "party" on november 29th, and you need to buy a ticket to get in, read the website to see if it applies to what you want to do :)

Good luck :)

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Shoes for Highschool... what do you like?

Q. Hi Guys,
I am looking for a new pair of shoes... I'll be a Junior in highschool.
I have a long (looonng... like size 9.5) narrow foot so something that wouldn't make my foot look super huge would be nice...
I was looking a pumas ... they dont make my feet look super huge and they are nice and narrow.
I used to wear skater shoes... and last year I wore tennis shoes... and I'm looking for something different.
If you guys have any suggestions that'd be great...
online sites are fine.

A. Puma is the way to go. They are comfy and trendy.

You can check out for deals at:

They always have new puma deals on there all the time.

Good Luck,

Are TOMS shoes worth it?
Q. Do TOMS last long? My birthdays coming up, and I finally convinced my mom to get me TOMS for my b-day, although they're 60 dollars with tax.. and that's a lot of money, and I don't want to waste her money, if the shoes don't even last long, especially since I walk a lot.
Also, I'm 5'3 1/2 or so and am size 7.5-8(in US) considering this, I have pretty narrow and big feet :/ and I don't want my feet to look even bigger, also to add, I wear skinny jeans.
Bottom line is, are TOMS worth it? Do you think I should get TOMS? Will they look horrible on me?
(Yes I realize that they're so expensive because one pair is donated, but TOMS look like they aren't very hold-able. Yet, TOMS seem to be the big trend at my school.)

A. TOMS don't last long.
I would get shoes that are BOTH comfy, trendy, AND last long.
There are lots of shoes that must be trendy in your school. I know TOMS are trendy in my school but not everyone wears them. Some people in my school wears Vans, Nike, flats, reebok, etc.

I would get some running shoes or sneakers or cute flats

PLUS you can't really get active like jog or play sports in them.
TOMS are more for like going out.

And it only looks good on people with thin legs in my opinion,

TOMS are like 50 dollars at Nordstrom,

But with sneakers or running shoes, anybody and pull it off and also they are cheaper (depends what shoes you get actually)

Flats, they ARE MUCH CUTER than TOMS. Toms are plain and simple with a little tag. Flats can have bows, silver, gold, etc. Unless you get the TOMS with designs or glitter.

If you wear TOMS to school for 5 days straight, walking to each period. Your feet will get MAJOR sores.
And you can't wear socks with Toms (well you can but it would look silly).

I am 5'6 and wear 8 size, and my feet look OK. no one at school insults my feet,
Sorry this is too much. ;)

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What to wear for a charity fashion show?

Q. I'm going to attend a charity fashion show for a first time. I'm into fashion but never been at this kind of events. I wonder how people usually dress there? Formal, casual, fleshy, modest, too trendy, tasteful, trashy, designer, retail or all of the above. Is should a dress or it could be a top and pants/jeans. High heels/flats. Pumps/Boots. Thanks!

A. I suggest you wear a nice top and skinny jeans plus boots for your shoes.
Try these Baby Phat boots and get some ideas probably.
Anything that you feel like wearing and you're comfortable with, it's up to you.
Are you a part of the fashion show?
If yes, a dress will be appropriate.
If not, being simple is great too.

How do I dress more high fashion?
Q. I want to start dressing nicer and looking more high fashion/trendy. Opposed to wearing jeans and Hollister/Abercrombie baby dolls with sperrys, or the occasional cardiagan, and t shirts.

How would I go about doing this? What kind of things should I wear, outfits would be nice. I will shop anywhere.

A. The easiest and most impactful place to start is with your shoes. Heels, heels, heels and more heels. Skinny jeans go from casual to high fashion instantly with the simple addition of heels.

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What are your thoughts on these Hunter boots?

Q. I really like this color, but I just wanted some feedback. Thanks!

A. The Hunter winter boots are quite handy for use during rainy season as well as snowfall. They are largely popular among the fashion conscious men and women as they instantly get noticed. They are available in lots of colours, funky designs and sizes. In places, where snowfall is predominant, the popularity of these boots is on the rise. Previously rain boots were known as the Wellington boots. Made from natural rubber it gives high flexibility and great comfort.

One of the distinctive features of Wellington boots is the presence of gusset that is kept under the buckle for considerable ease of walking and running on rough terrains. People living in countries were there is high rainfall or snowfall, Wellington shoes are widely preferred. This is not all; Hunter Wellington shoes are famous among celebrities as well and have successfully made its mark in todays era. Hunter winter boots are completely waterproof and are made using excellent craftsmanship.

The best advantage of stylish and functional boots from Hunter Wellington is that they can be worn by everyone irrespective of their age. There are many leading brands nowadays that are manufacturing waterproof boots to cater to the needs of people. However, Hunter boots remains a leading brand due to its high quality, excellent designs, and perfect fit as preferred by style conscious people.

This brand is known for manufacturing some of the best footwear since years. Recently, a new line of footwear including the sheepskin, suede, glossy potent and other popular styles has been launched by this brand in collaboration with Jimmy Choo, a designer house. You can find some really outstanding designs for men and women. A perfect combination of classic and modern design has given this new range a classic, contemporary look. Few most popular designs in this collection are the Traditional Gloss and the Regent Savoy.

The traditional Hunter boot as we know is perfect for wearing outdoors and have a rustic charm to it. The new designs are even more appealing and have been received by Hunter fans with great enthusiasm. The original one is the green rubber design that is very comfortable and mainly worn by the landowners to avoid the mud and rain. The Clarendon Neoprene Boot is one of the most popular one since it gives you the best fit and looks very stylish. The classy colours match with every costumes and the fur gives ultimate comfort during the chilling winter. They are comfy and have a Neoprene lining.

The Claredon Boot has vulcanised rubber at the upper part and in the outer sole it has natural rubber. The advantage of the neoprene lining is that it provides warmth and comfort during the snowfall. The foot-bed has cushioned sponge that has multiple layers and it weighs just 1900 grams per pair and should not be worn near machines.

Hunter is a preferred shoe brand in the UK as they are not just trendy and durable but also elegant and functional.

Starting clothing business.?
Q. hello everyone, please i would love to know places in the UK and America were I can get trendy cloths and shoes for young people and adult at wholesale prices?
and what are the pros and cons of starting a business like this?

A. .. Ok..
Depends on your location first.. (High traffic location is a must for clothing business)..
what will be your specialty ?? adult / females/ males/ or everything ??.. it will cost you alot much if you get everything at once as a start.. and you would not have the nice variety for each devision you want ..
If you are looking to sell Adult and young people, clothes and Shoes.... you are looking for $70,000.00 at least to make a decent start, and decent startup push profit.. or customers base..

If you look for specialty first , as women clothes, or men, or kids, it would be better to concentrate and make good name for your start, with less money damage if it turns out to be something else. plus the rest of the other $75,000 you would save for back-up plan, advertisment, etc....

there is many places.. yet the quality, and the shipping prices will make the difference..

what you will need to think before start :-
1- Location, Location, Location.............. high traffic with $5,000.00 better than away location with $1,000.00 rent, etc...
2- what will be your basic main customers ?? Young adults?? teens ?? working women ?? etc.....
3- You look for everything to have at once is very bad for your budget, (Except if you have at least $150,000.00 ) yes i'm serious..
You can start small (Not actually small) with $30,000 and you specified only with women trendy clothes you will have a decent collection which can cover a store of (3000 feet / 1000 Meters)..

Yet there is plenty of other factors as well.. and there is seasonal items and clothes, etc......

Need any help, will be more than glad.. Actually we have now pallets of (100pcs- 500pcs each) at a decent prices, as we are wholesalers and stores.. and we need to rennovate our stock each campaign (2months)..

so contact me if you are interested and will send you some photo's and site access,,.. or if you only have additional questions..
Good luck, and have a great day ..

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Stylish a Fashion Guide for Plus Size Petite Women?

Q. Is there anything you think a plus-sized woman should avoid, and why? ... That being said, all big women, though, should wear form-fitting clothes.

A. Here are some tips to keep a classic style while sensation youthful:

Choose solids whenever wearing trousers, skirts as well as jackets -- whitened, black, khaki, dark chocolate brown, actually olive green.

Put on or have cardigan knit tops or sexy dresses to cover stomach fat and stay comfortable in air-conditioned locations. Loose fitted is better than restricted. I tend to put on a camisole or even textured t-shirt beneath my sexy dresses. My shops of choice tend to be Banana Republic as well as Anne Taylor or even Anne Taylor Attic, where I'm able to often find several trendy items (on sale) to decorate my traditional wardrobe. A lot of women find Talbots as well as Chico's preferable, because they cater to the actual middle-aged woman's determine; the. the middle.

Purchase comfortable footwear. You can find fashionable and trendy footwear made by Clarks, Munro, Merrell, Rockport and various other manufacturers. I've bought comfy high heel shoes made by Tahari that do not squeeze the life span out of my personal feet. However i make sure the foot area is actually wide sufficient and made of material or gentle leather. In addition, I buy the 7 or even 7 1/2 rather than 6 1/2 nowadays.

Accessorize along with bold jewellery. Big drops are all the trend but if you are middle-aged they might overcome you. Select wisely. My personal mother shines in handmade and very jewelry through Swarovski. But you will find similar types of costume jewellery in Talbots, Angel Taylor, Banana Republic, Chico's along with other shops. If you are short much like me, big jewellery is overwhelming. With regard to taller ladies, bolder is most likely better.

Where can a woman with size 12 WIDE feet find a variety of quality, trendy, comfortable selection of shoes??
Q. I've got big feet... I hate "Coward" and catalogs like it that have a large variety of what I term "old lady shoes". I wear a size 12 wide. Just to give you an idea of what I like - I love my dansko clogs (mens) and birkenstock sandals, but I want something more slighty feminine. I wish I could wear Sketchers...but they're too small. <sigh>

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!
Brooke :)

also some places like Nordstrom will special order another size shoe for you if they dont have it in stock

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Spring trends for 2011? Need SERIOUS fashion help!?

Q. Hey y'all.

So basically, I'm a sweat pants and sweat shirt type of gal. I kind of fell into the winter blues this year, which naturally meant me slumming it out at school in messy sweats every day. I don't think there's anything wrong with sweats (at all) but when it becomes an everyday thing (and when I'm even wearing stained ones) it kind of becomes problematic. I also gained a little bit of weight this winter which also makes me want to hide away in sweats (for lack of a less dramatic term).

It's starting to warm up a little bit again and I'm really wanting to look cute for the 2011 spring and summer! I'm saving up a little bit from my job so I can afford a little bit more because I am in SERIOUS need of new clothes; most of mine are ripped, stained, stretched, or just way to old and worn out. I have enough to pretty much buy the spring essentials, but I was just wondering about you would recommend me to buy for this new year.

Please provide really detailed examples and if you'd like to (I'd love you for it), post links of things you think are cute or that I should add to my closet. I'm basically fashion challenged so post anything you think is cute AND COMFORTABLE. :) Comfort is key for me!
And listen ... any input is greatly appreciated ... anything at all!!

Thanks so much in advance!
Sorry for the grammar mistakes ... I just noticed a bunch of them. Oops!

and THANKS so much for the answers so far.

A. First off, stock up on tons of basics. It's different for every girl, but they should just be pieces that you wear A LOT (jeans, shirts, etc.) and that fit your personal style the best. They should also be pieces that you can wear throughout the seasons, winter, spring, summer. Since you're going to be wearing these a lot, splurge more on basics. The more basics you have, the more options. For example, some of my basics are:

White oxfords or button downs
Tights in tons of patterns and colors
Slouchy cardigans
A pair of HIGH heels
Tons of vintage jewelry
A-line skirts (I'm short and petite)
A leather handbag

This way, you won't need to purchase a completely new wardrobe. Just mix in the basics you have with your trendier and warmer pieces. Since it's spring, instead of completely renovating my wardrobe, I only need to buy several things like linen shorts, floral dresses, etc. In the long term, it will save you a LOT of money. And when Fall comes around use the same basics to match with newer purchases.

That's why it's best to spend more money on things you wear a lot. I always buy trendier pieces at cheap stores like Forever 21 because they have SO many styles and whatnot at good prices.e As for my basics, I get them high-end at places like Comme des Garcons, Opening Ceremony, or Barneys. It can be expensive but since they have amazing sales on good basic items, I don't need to buy too many things. As for shoes, I always splurge on these. After all, you're going to be walking around in them all day. Instead of concentrating on quantity, focus on QUALITY. My basics have lasted me for years since I get them cleaned seasonally. Take care of your clothes and they take care of you.

Hope I helped!

Back to school outfits 2011?
Q. im a girl, by time i go back to school ill be 13 and im going to 8th grade. I'm looking to start shopping for my back to school clothes, and I was wondering if anybody had ideas?? i want to look cute but not follow every trend. And I want it to be comfortable and cute. Any ideas?
ALSO: i only have a budget of $200 for the whole year

A. Summer-y:
bright colored (Neon and color blocking)
tribal print
neon tank
floral top
Lace/crochet tops and dresses
nautical shirts
crop tops for sure!!!
Flowy cardigans or lacey/ see through
flowy blouses,
Bodycon Skirts- Good with loose top
White or Khaki capris
White jeans
In detail:
sun dresses<-- Adorable to wear with a cardigan, statement jewelry, and sandals!

Lace/crochet tops, nautical tops (stripes, navy & white) These 2 are my favorite summer trends! Looks good with a statement piece (Long necklaces with a giant gemstone/pendant/design, owls, Feathers! Feather earrings! Gold studded bracelets! Multiple friendship bracelets<- Nordstrom has a lot)

Popular= crop tops/ Dolman tops! Pretty much anything flowy!

Cardigans (one flowy or lacey and another short sleeved sleeved one) You can get them at Forever 21, Macy's, etc. For plain ones you can get them at Nordstrom too!

Sandals: Gold- Steve madden! And now those tan,leather ones with many straps!
Flip-Flops: Striped, colorful, metallic- Havaianas Also try them with a bow/flower in the middle
TOMS- eco, and helps children in LDC's
Sperry- Cute!

Get shoes at:
A.M. Eagle
Urban outfitters
Dillard’s, Nordstrom, macy’s

Stop at Retail stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, or dillard's. I'm pretty sure Nordstrom has TOMS and all of them have havaianas, Steve Madden, and Sperry's and cute clothes!

Stop at stores that buy extra inventory from department stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls which also have designer names (Juicy, Guess, Steve Madden, Coach)

Common- Abercrombie, A&F, A.M. Eagle, VS PINK
For trendy stores try Forever21. and other favorite trendy stores of mine are:
Urban outfitters!!
Free People!!
Zara/ H&M/ Bebe
Vs Pink (This might be common)

Haha! the Fall runways shows came out a few days ago but here is just the general gist of it:

70s fashion
Like the '50s and '60s coming back, so are the '70s! There are two main aesthetics: '70s bohemian, and '70s sophisticated glamour. This includes dresses that fall like shimmering water in the evening and high-waist pants with elegant blouses by day! High waisted wide-leg pants or flares, smartly belted in.Neat bow-blouses, especially ones with billowing or bishop sleeves. Particularly great are fabrics like silk and satin.Roll neck sweaters tucked into pants or skirts. Also layering over beaded necklaces or a vest!

Pleats- Popular in spring and also for fall! However, then pleats will be worn paired socks or tights and heels, and some cosy layers on top. A rock-chic pair of boots, mixed styles for contrasts (like flowly pleated skirts with a bohemian fur or a tough biker jacket), etc....

Fur Clothing- as always...
Bell Bottoms- aka Flare jeans
Wide Leg Pants

Leather-ware harness
Choker necklaces
Cuff bracelets!

Colors: This year fall is slightly different! Bright colors are also going to be trendy with fall!
Bronze shades?
Midnight blue, silver, and gray shades
Forest green and plum

Oh! and I think that the popular tribal print will be slightly reinvented as a trend for Autumn too!
Uhh Feather, Tribal, Army green will be popular in both seasons!

Dress nonchalantly. Don't overdo it or under do it by wearing sweats. I think the 2nd and 3rd days are the days you should wear you cute new stuff :D. Be different!
Oh! I was going to add... you should also buy cute jackets like white jean jacket, cropped jean jacket, etc over dresses (very cute) or tanks that don't meet dresscode and Miss me jeans, uggs, Juicy couture, Pink hoodies, Coach bags are also popular

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Kamis, 26 Desember 2013

How is the shopping like in Budapest, Hungary?

Q. What is the shopping like? Cheap or expensive? Nice range of stuff to buy? What are they known for to buy over there? I am going soon and I would also like to know what the country is known for.

A. The shopping is allot better then it used to be years ago, you can find almost everything now in Hungary just like in western Europe.
The main thing I see though is you will be paying a premium for some items, more then double the price of in the US.
Luxury makeup lines are more then double in cos and still over priced.t and clothing is either pricey or made very cheaply
They have H&M, Zara and such common European lines as well as high end designer shops.
The average clothing is rather cheaply made but mostly copies of higher end items.
Men's shoes seem like a good deal, they have many trendy styles for less then in the US.
I used to purchase many men's clothing items for my son who was in his 20-30's.
Found nice styles that would of been more expensive in the US.
Women's wear isn't such a good deal there.
They are known for the Tokay wines and paprika and their goose liver pate.
Have fun, there are many malls there now and if you look around you may find something iteresting.

How to build a Stylish wardrobe on a budget !!!?
Q. So ive got in a habit of buying plain stuff, like T-shirts and jeans. And either black or white shoes because they go with everything . And I dont have enough money to alot of diffrent shoes . And far as clothes I pick simple tshirts because I feel like really dont ho anywhere fancy .And if I buy something super cute or trendy . 9 times outta 10 .I wont have shoes to wear with it in my closet or any accessories . I wear a size 12 in women and their shoes can be expensive. Im tired of looking dull. How can I build a cute summer wardrobe.

A. You can shop ebay for some cheap but cute clothing.

Otherwise, when you shop for tshirts and plain items, look for things with graphics on the front or go for plain still but bolder colors. You can customise things at home yourself really easily, with tons of ideas on youtube and pintrest. Things like cut outs made into bows, adding ribbons weaved through the fabric to cinch in the waist, tie dying etc.

Folding up your jeans can give you an instantly revamped look, adding studs to leggings, even fabric paint.

Wearing scarves and jewelry pulls together simple outfits really effortlessly.

You can fold up the sleeves on your tshirts for an edgier look, or if you have button up shirts, leave the last couple of buttons undone and tie the shirt in the front.

Have you thought about buying colored blazers or statement jackets, so you don't have to change your wardrobe but have something different to wear with the same outfits?
Things like this are also really cheap and cute, and can be worn tons of ways. You can wear them loose, cinched in with a belt, tucked into jeans and skirts, tied at the front for a cropped look etc

Black skater skirts are good because they look cute, you can tuck shirts/t's into them, they go well with hooded jackets, blazers, cardigans, and pretty much any shoe.

As for shoes, you could opt for colored sandals, black slipper flats, gladiator sandals etc because they work with pretty much anything.

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Where do you buy trendy juniors clothing for tall, athletic girls?

Q. Height is 5'11", Shoe size is 11, Weight is 140-145, Thighs are strong & muscular (hard to find skinny jeans). Inseam is 35 inches. Tiny waist.

Where might a teen go for clothing with this build?

A. I visited Forever 21 for the first time this past weekend; at the location I went to, they had a large sale room organized by small, medium, and large sizes (I'm sure you can find large sizes around the store as well). The large sizes were not plus sizes per se, but were made for a taller, larger built girl. Their clothes are very cute and inexpensive; good luck shopping! <3

Where is the best place to order online for women who wear a size 16-18 and are large in the bust area?
Q. My friend is plus size and wants to completely change her look. She has asked me to help her out with ideas and shopping. What clothes are sexy and in style right now. What about shoes? She's a size 10. She is a very sexy woman-how can we let her sexiness shine through so that she can get back into the dating scene again.

A. All of these sites carry or specialize in plus sizes: - fun, inexpensive tees, skirts, etc. - great lingerie, good place for basic items & swimsuits - bras, workout wear, stockings, etc. - " - stylish clothing - stylish clothing, sales worth checking out - fun, trendy clothing

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What kind of dress shoes or sandals will look with this dress for an outside wedding?

Q. I'm going to my friends wedding this Saturday and do not know what kind of dress shoes or sandals to wear that day.

Here is the dress:

Links of dress shoes or sandals from target or payless in wide will help out a lot and thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

A. 1.


3. - for a sexier/elegant look

4. - for a trendy, fashionista look

5. - for a sexier/fun look

6. - to add in some colour to your outfit

7. - also to add in some colour :)

for more comfortable shoes or if it is an outdoor wedding,




there are plenty but, the basic guideline would be to go for shoe colours that are in the dress such as white or tan/beige/nude or pale yellow or pale green. in this case, avoid black as it would look a tad bit awkward with this dress.

What advice do you have for me to build a new wardrobe?
Q. I'm a female college-age adult, with an androgynous aesthetic. I have lost pretty significant amounts of weight and need to basically rebuild my wardrobe nearly from scratch. I might as well try to do it right, since my body fat is probably not going to change substantially even though I'm trying to build up muscle. I am 5'3" and of medium body fat and above average muscularity, with medium-to-broad shoulders (narrow for a man, fairly broad for a woman); typical female thighs, hips and butt; B-cup breasts, a flat stomach; and an undefined waist. To me, flattering my body, in order of priority means looking making my shoulders look even broader, making my hips and thighs look narrower, looking taller, disguising my breasts and otherwise looking more masculine. My life-style requires that my clothing NOT look "moneyed" in any sense and I am almost never at formal events. I'd rather have my clothing be hard-wearing than delicate. I dress for practicality and comfort primarily. It doesn't have to be "trendy" and I wouldn't know if it was. It's winter so I'm concentrating on cool-weather clothing. I don't need new shoes or underwear. I have a very small budget so I will be shopping pretty near exclusively at thrift stores. I need general tips for clothing that works flatter my body in MY idea of flattering, and is comfortable and fairly practical.
I don't have a sense of style. I have a sense of wanting to look good in clothing that's comfortable. For me, looking good means looking more physically masculine. I want to know about clothing that helps with that.

A. Invest in good basic pieces such as:
- A crisp white button down
- Tank tops to wear as layers in black, white, beige
- One good pair of black or navy dress pants

Things of that sort. Things that aren't trendy but stand the test of time.

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What are cool things an 11 year old girl could ask for for christmas ?

Q. She's kind of a tomboy mixed with a Girly girl, she loves shopping, Gorillaz, hot topic, fashion, anime, cutting edge trendy shoes and accessories, art, and music,

A. Chocolate
Gift Cards
A new hair straightener

What's the best place to buy women's shoes online?
Q. Some of the sites are really cluttered and have outdated looking shoes. What sites have the best trendy shoes for women? Thanks

I like these stores.

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I am putting a "things" that have been trendy/popular recently please help me compile a list!?

Q. I am putting a "things" that have been trendy/popular recently please help me compile a list! Ex....Beanie Babies, Pokemon cards, Facebook, MySpace, Crocs, etc....what else do you have?

A. Skinny jeans, Ferbies, Texting, Ipods, Boy bands, Metrosexuals, American Idol, Grunge music, little dogs in purses, Real World, high top shoes, Power Rangers, Teletubbies, Spongebob, the mullet, wearing ties for girls, nose piercings, Faux hawk/mo hawk, Rollerblades, hop scotch, America's next top model, Truth ot Dare, chinese jumprope, big sunglasses, hoop earings.............

Twin baby names.. Please read & help?
Q. Im pregnant with twins. Idk the genders yet. If they're both boys or just one boy... I need help on his name. These are the boy names I like: Brantley, Nicholas, Kyson, Levi, Kaiden, Parker, etc. If they're both boys, I really want Brantley and Greyson to their first names.... But I'm not sure. I'm stuck on if Greyson should be a first name or a middle name. Please help? Btw, I like new, trendy names. Thanks. :)

A. Oh god, Levi is awful. Please remember that you might like modern names, but they won't always be modern. Although your poor children will be stuck with them. Please think very very carefully before you humiliate your children.

How old are you? Think back to a time when you thought you had the best hairstyle there ever was, and now you cringe at the thought of it. Or a pair of shoes, a dress, anything that was super trendy at one point in your life, and think how you feel about it now. That happens with names too.

And think of your children when they have to get jobs. Think how people will have created mental impressions of them, just by reading their name, and judge them before they've even met them.
Is that really what you want for your children?

Please think very carefully before you put social labels on them. Because sadly, society does judge people by their names.

(can only imagine the thumbs down underneath came from the mother of some unfortunate child named Levi....)

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What are the best fashion trends in Manila right now?

Q. Like what type of shoes are popular and what colors of clothing so people wear right now. What kind of purses do they use huge hobo bags? little wrist purses

A. Filipinos generally follow international trends. It's easy, with the availability of news, and international stores in most malls (Zara, Nine West, Mango, Top Shop/Dorothy Perkins, DKNY, Guess, and many more, including expensive stuff like LV, Gucci, Coach, Burberry, etc.) They do not necessarily buy from the stores named above, and know where to find value for money. Filipinos are generally not big spenders and have mostly classics and a few trendy pieces. They have an eye for good trends that would last beyond a short season. They usually prefer comfort rather than suffer, although depending on occasion, they would be willing to grin and bear it.

Big spacious bags & totes in different designs & materials, as well as wrist purses, depending on where they are going.

Women's shoes range from strappy flats & ballet shoes, to kitten heels, wedge heels, and four inch heels with either thin straps or those thick studded straps, and semi-boots. They wear fully closed, sling-back & peeptoe for office shoes, in sensible heels. The toebox could either be pointy, round or square. They also have good walking sandals and slip-ons with rubber soles, flip flops, crocs, sneakers and running shoes.

My husband is taking me clothes shopping and?
Q. I don't know what to get. I need practically everything. I have been dieting and exercising for about 3 months and have lost a lot of weight, but still am kinda chubby in my belly. I'm still working on it. I don't want to spend a ton of money since I'm still working on the weight but my "fat" clothes are too big. I don't know what's in style for a woman my age (37). I want casual and trendy, not old and stuffy. I do know this. Because of my big belly I CANNOT do the babydoll style shirts that are so cute now because they make me look pregnant when I'm not. I can't do knits or anything too clingy. I don't want polos or button down shirts because that's too stuffy for me, I'm more into casual stuff. HELP! Can you put together a cute outfit for me? Top, pants and shoes. I don't know what size I am now since I've lost so much, probably a women's size 12. Thanks!

A. Get some pairs of cute KNIT pants with elastic waists, and some tee-shirts and tank tops ... and to go with those, you'll want a few nice scarves, some 'chains' for your neck and wrists, and a nice pair of 'flat shoes' like 'tassel loafers' or slip-on 'athletic shoes' ... a nice blazer would 'dress you up' if you get one tee shirt with some 'sparkles' on it, and wear that with a scarf and your chains ... or you can 'dress down' and wear just the shirt and pants and either pair of shoes, and you'll look STUNNING wherever you go.

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Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

How to build a Stylish wardrobe on a budget !!!?

Q. So ive got in a habit of buying plain stuff, like T-shirts and jeans. And either black or white shoes because they go with everything . And I dont have enough money to alot of diffrent shoes . And far as clothes I pick simple tshirts because I feel like really dont ho anywhere fancy .And if I buy something super cute or trendy . 9 times outta 10 .I wont have shoes to wear with it in my closet or any accessories . I wear a size 12 in women and their shoes can be expensive. Im tired of looking dull. How can I build a cute summer wardrobe.

A. You can shop ebay for some cheap but cute clothing.

Otherwise, when you shop for tshirts and plain items, look for things with graphics on the front or go for plain still but bolder colors. You can customise things at home yourself really easily, with tons of ideas on youtube and pintrest. Things like cut outs made into bows, adding ribbons weaved through the fabric to cinch in the waist, tie dying etc.

Folding up your jeans can give you an instantly revamped look, adding studs to leggings, even fabric paint.

Wearing scarves and jewelry pulls together simple outfits really effortlessly.

You can fold up the sleeves on your tshirts for an edgier look, or if you have button up shirts, leave the last couple of buttons undone and tie the shirt in the front.

Have you thought about buying colored blazers or statement jackets, so you don't have to change your wardrobe but have something different to wear with the same outfits?
Things like this are also really cheap and cute, and can be worn tons of ways. You can wear them loose, cinched in with a belt, tucked into jeans and skirts, tied at the front for a cropped look etc

Black skater skirts are good because they look cute, you can tuck shirts/t's into them, they go well with hooded jackets, blazers, cardigans, and pretty much any shoe.

As for shoes, you could opt for colored sandals, black slipper flats, gladiator sandals etc because they work with pretty much anything.

How do you dress cute, but not girly?
Q. I work with a lot of older women, and I want to dress professional but not boring but not childish either because I want to be taken seriously
Like the girls on the Hills but not as expensive. They dress cute but not childish or slutish right?

A. 1] buy clothes that flatter your figure and coloring, not just 'hot' items
2] buy things that coordinate without being to matchy-matchy
[ like brown leather jacket with brown tweed top of knee skirt = cute and professional, but not girly or boring ]
3] trends in tops usually blend into office wear better than any 'funky' [ puddle pants, very high waists, skinny jeans, micro minis, hooker stilettos, sky high platforms ] bottoms or shoes. They are also cheaper, overall!
4] add some interesting belts to a 'boring' outfit - chain, lace, velvet, patent leather, woven, crocodile.
5] wear interesting shoes - different heel heights, colors, textures, [ velvet, quilted, etc. ]. No open toes, or sandals.
6] wear trendy costume jewelry [ not juvenile! ]. Avoid plastic beads, etc. Try various precious metals, and modern set stones for rings, earrings.
7] grown up hair - ponytail with a barette - yes, with a scrunchie or banana clip - no; pigtails - no.
french braid or single braid - yes, double braids - no
pulled back with barette or leather or fabric band - yes, plastic headband - no.

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How can i be more like Massie Block and have a room like hers...?

Q. Ok so, i dont know how i can be more like her since i:
1. dont have a lot of money
2. dont have a VERY big room but i would consider my room as a big one
3. dont have a boyfriend
4. dont have my own clique
5. wouldn't be considered popular
6. dont have a little black pug (i DO have a little black and a LITTLE bit of brown-ish toy Doberman pinscher named Calvin and i have another one that is a BIT bigger named Boo aka booboo, baby,bubbles, etc.)

Yea, A LOT of don'ts, thats why im turning to you guys for some help, cause i know there are some people out there that are rich and are like Massie and who i wish i were but, mostly because i know you guys wont let me down, and will guide me into being a pure "Massie". : ) :) :) :D :D :D PLEASE DONT LET ME DOWN!!!!! :D ♥Sylvia a.k.a. The new Massie
Please no one tell me to be myself, it never works because if that was the solution...there wouldn't be a problem in the first place!!!!
Also, please dont say your opinion if it is something like: why would you wanna be like her?, shes a ***** in my opinion, or, shes just a character so why act like a fake person, or, shes fake wich makes you stupid to want to be someone that doesnt exist. THANKS! P.S. i would prefer long answers with lots of tips please!!! :D
Red, you really helped, thanks, xD, i love long answers cause they give more advice and your advice will really help me. Thanks!

A. wtf how old are you?? look i've read the books and the massie character is pretty cool but you don't have to be EXACTLY like this girl!!!
I suggest for you just to be trendy and try to get designer outfit dupes if you can. I look at these sites a lot for Inspiration on fashion. AND
another thing I suggest is to keep yourself look clean, fresh, and chic. This means no raccoon eyes of eyeliner when doing makeup or a closet full of old tennis shoes.
For the clique thing, just stick to the friends you already have and enjoy the time you have with them! There is always naturally a leader to all the groups so just be the one who always tells the funny jokes, gives the best advice, looks good, and is genuinely caring and a great friend. It isn't hard :)
Also about the boyfriend thing, Massie always assumes she's too intimidating or bad-ass enough for the boys at her school so just be confident and don't waste your time obsessing over a guy. At least not until they come to you ;)
Well that's all I can think of! Hope I helped!

Holiday gift suggestions for my family members?
Q. I have a few people in my family that I still don't know what to get them.I know it's early but I really don't want to be last minute.I'm 13 years old so I will go with my dad to get my mom's presents and the same goes for my mom.Here are the people I have left-
Dad-likes hunting and fishing-handyman-49 years old-has way too many things for fishing and hunting:poles,bows and arrows,clothes,a boat,etc...
Cousin #1-Nine year old girl-hard buying clothes for-likes all sports-especially Soccer and Basketball
Cousin #2-Thirteen year old boy-likes rock bands-has X-Box 360-wants a guitar from parents
I already know what I'm getting my mom so those are the only three.If you only have a suggestion for one post it anyway.Thanks for your help!

Sorry Babydoll but I don't think a 9 year old girl or 13 year old boy is going to want a framed poem for Christmas.

A. DAD~~~

Does he like football?

Tickets to see his favorite team play or a cooler with the team colors would be good Christmas gifts for father

. If football isn't his game, maybe he has a favorite baseball or basketball team, or perhaps he likes the stock car or horse races. Any ideas relating to these interests are good Christmas gift ideas for father-in-law.

Does he like to go running?

A pedometer or a gift certificate to a sports shoe store would be nice Christmas gifts ideas for father-in-law in he likes to go jogging, running, or even walking or biking.

Does he golf?

Golf balls and tees or a gift certificate to an online pro shop would be fabulous Christmas gifts for your father-in-law. If he doesn't already have one, a membership to a local golf course would also be a Christmas gift father-in-law would really like.

Does he like to cook out?

A new grill, grilling utensils, or a large outdoor fryer and turkey frying kit would be nice Christmas gifts for father-in-law. If he likes to cook in instead of cooking out, gourmet cookbooks make good Christmas gifts.

Does he like to read?

Books by his favorite authors or from his favorite genre, or gift certificates to a book store would be good Christmas gift ideas for father-in-law. How-to books are very popular among men who are handy by nature.

Are his yard tools worn out?

Most men love to have new lawnmowers or weedeaters that don't require maintenance every time they use them, so these can be very good Christmas gift ideas for your father-in-law.

Cousin#1- 1. Some girls pretend that they 'outgrow' the love of dolls, but most girls just love dolls of all kinds. Young girls like baby dolls while older girls may like collectible dolls. At any rate, dolls are one of the all time best Christmas gifts for girls.

2. Some girls really are tom-boys and don't like dolls. So what are great Christmas gifts for girls who don't like dolls? How about basketballs? Many girls enjoy the challenge of sinking the basketball.

3. Pretty things like music boxes are always super Christmas gifts for girls.

4. Girls of all ages love to add to their wardrobe, so trendy clothes are excellent Christmas gifts for girls.

5. Have you ever met a girl that doesn't have a vast collection of shoes? Shoes, including Christmas shoes, are marvelous Christmas gifts for girls of all ages.

6. Many girls love to dance, and some even sing. Regardless of age, hip music and audio devices like cassette or CD players or karaoke machines are excellent Christmas gifts for girls.

7. Another thing girls really like to do is to decorate for the holidays. Early Christmas gift ideas list for girls might include things like Christmas decorations, Christmas dishes or special, personalized Christmas ornaments.

8. For the sweet tooth, Christmas gift ideas such as Christmas candy, Christmas cookies or Christmas stockings filled with goodies are very thoughtful.

9. For girls who like to cook, cookbooks or cooking utensils are good Christmas gifts.

10. Flowers... Girls of all ages love flowers. Christmas flower arrangements are sure to be Christmas gift ideas for girls that will bring a smile to their faces.

Cousin #2- 1. Teen boys like to 'fit in' with their peers, so music is usually a big deal for them. A good car stereo or boom boxes are great Christmas gifts for teen boys.

2. Unless you really know what kind of music is 'in' you shouldn't probably buy actual music CDs, but gift certificates to music stores are logical Christmas gifts for teen boys. Also, buying memberships to legitimate, legal MP3 download sites are wonderful Christmas gift ideas for teen boys, besides, a legal membership for downloading music may keep them out of trouble.

3. Some great Christmas gifts teen boys really like are car or truck accessories, if they have a vehicle. Anything from floor mats to chrome hub caps make good Christmas gifts teen boys will love.

4. Most teen boys in this day and age like video games, so video games, video game accessories or gift certificates for gaming stores are excellent Christmas gifts for teen boys.

5. If you are really at a loss for Christmas gifts ideas for teen boys, consider getting a gift certificate to eBay where they can choose their own Christmas gifts at great prices! eBay has literally everything, new and used items that are auctioned off. Sometimes the thrill of bidding and trying to win an auction is just as fun as buying the merchandise itself. Nifty Nicky's nephews think eBay gift certificates are the best Christmas gift idea for teen boys she has ever come up with.

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Advice for Young Woman Traveling Alone in India?

Q. I don't need to be told that it's dangerous and not to go. I'm going.

I want to be respectful in the way I dress and how I handle myself in public situations. Although I know that India can be dangerous for women, I also know that ignorant tourists exacerbate the situation. I plan on arriving in Delhi in respectable clothing with a scarf and immediately shopping for salwar kameez. Is there certain color or styles to look out for? I'll be staying in the Lajpat Nagar area (I think)... places to shop? What do women typically wear on their feet? Do women wear sunglasses? Would wearing a tilaka (bindi) help me assimilate or would it be rude? If I were to wear one what color? Best places to see/shop in Delhi? Safest areas?

When speaking to strangers should I look them in the eye? Is it better to approach women or men when asking directions or help? Groups or alone? Should I book rides to train stations ahead of time? Taxi? Rickshaw? Can I walk in Delhi alone during the day?

I'm going on day trips to Agra and Jaipur from Delhi (CC) and also taking a sleeping train car to Varanasi to stay two nights. Tips for trains? I plan on going with the 1A or 2A.

Anything you can think of will be helpful! Thanks!
Also henna... I'd like to get some, but I know that depending on the design it can mean certain things. Advice for where and what to get?

A. huh, impressed by your research on the subject :D

well to start with, It'll be good you try salwar suit, but not many delhi girls wear that, most of them you'll find in western dresses only. still to get a feel of the youth, I shall recommend you to get around the north campus delhi university (accessible by metro) and get the latest style checks on colors and design of suits. You'll find a handful of trendy girls in Lajpat nagar too, but DU north cam is recommended.
well in feet they wear shoes / bellies, you can try "jutti" make sure you buy the right brands, they are not always comfortable.
By the time you'll come Sun'll kill you if you wont wear sunglasses.
Tilak is different from bindi. tilak is something put on religious occasions or may be when you arrive at hotel they'll put it on you after a welcome. Bindi is similar usually a plastic now a days, meant for married woman. bachelors put it too in style, but its meant for Married woman. single woman must put any color but red. put the one that matches your salwar suit.

Best places a lot depend on your mood and taste, you can find lot of them on web, I'll recommend you to go to humayun's tomb. If you need time to ponder go to Issa khan's tomb close to Humayun's tomb.
Safest areas I'll say are everywhere and nowhere. dont get around places alone at night is all i'll say.

Eye contact :) you'll make out looking at their eyes if you should make it or not. remember that people stalk in here, its just curiosity. its good if you keep yourself reserved.
Approaching a woman is safe, but not sure if they'll have answers to your questions. reach the gentleman, preferably alone but use your wisdom.
booking trains is not easy, you need to book well in advance or reach the agents. taxi buses etc are available.
And yes you can walk alone in delhi during the day.
day's trip to Agra and Jaipur is manageable but not both on same day. Del - Jaipur one day and Delhi - Agra other day.
Varanasi is a nice place to be, you'll find everything as you find in pictures, but the 'real' sages the Naga's, the Aghori's are not accessible. not ever to locales.
And Heena is better known as mehendi, you can reach any beauty parlor for the same. you'll find many in Lajpat nagar. or reach some salon in any malls.

Tips: research on the prices before you go places for obvious reasons :)
On day 1 apply for a local sim card, affordable plus connectivity & access to maps, apps etc.
download the delhi metro map on your phone, can use traveller's card for getting around city (2$ for multiple entries all round the day)
note the woman's helpline number 1090 or delhi police 100. very supportive

How many brand does Gap Inc. have?
Q. And which kind of customers does each brand focus on?
does it have a varity of prices?
why they divided gap into those different brand?
What's the difference between banana republic, gap and old navy, especially in price.
banana republic is the most expensive?

A. Banana Republic - the most expensive of the brands, generally targets working professionals who can afford to pay a lot for a dress shirt or sweater and pants, etc. However, Banana's outlet division "Banana Republic Factory Store" or BRFS is much more affordable (even cheaper than Gap's regular price merchandise)

Gap - much larger target for customers - all the way from Baby to Adult, has a wide variety of merchandise while still carrying the basics as well as trendier items, I'd say for up to age 40.

Old Navy - the most affordable of the brands, also has baby thru adult. Also carries basics, while making a recent attempt to become a specialty store (carrying more trendier items and getting more stylish with their clothes).

Forth & Towne is a new brand as of last year and so far it's only in a few states, still trying to get it's feet wet and test out the market. It's supposed to fall in between the price range and style of Gap and Banana, targeting women in their 30s. is the newest of Gap Inc's brands. It's an online shoe store which carries MANY brands of shoes - even designer brands. They have free shipping and returns!

As for "why did they divide Gap into different brands?"...
have you ever heard the phrase, "Dont put all your eggs in one basket"? It's better to branch out and diversify how the company brings in it's money. More brands = more money. They are reaching different demographics with each type of store.

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Q. This is going to be a long question. :)
Well school starts in about 3 or 4 weeks. I guess I'm pretty, but I'm tired of being known as the "cute one" to all of my friends. I want to look prettier, hotter, and more mature. I also want to look like a girl guys stop and stare at. But I don't want to lose myself!!
I'm going into high school.
I'm maybe 4'11". Pretty short. I have medium skin that tans to a dark walnut in the summer. I have almond shaped dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. I'm really thin, and people make fun of me for it and being short. I have a small amount of really long (overgrown) layers, and overgrown sidebangs.
My style is like a t-shirt, jeans, polos, sneakers kind. Really casual.
I have a bunch of questions, for different categories.

1) Should I cut my hair like this (having a heart-shaped face?):…
2) Does giving yourself natural highlights with apple cider vinegar (1 cup water, 1 cup ACV) actually work? I'm tempted to try, because my mom doesn't want me to go to a salon for highlights and she won't let me buy a kit.
3) How could I fix my hair like this?:…
I actually have no curling iron, but if I wanted my hair curly I usually use braids and sleep in them overnight. I also own a hair dry (but no straightener). Do I just have to make really loose braids to get the waves?
4) Is there a way to make your hair grow a little faster? I want it to be a little longer before it gets cut.
5) Any cute hairstyles, casual like messy buns, etc.?
6) Any healthy hair tips?

I'm petite. I want a cute, fun girly style.
1) What are the trends for 2010-2011?
2) What are the essentials in my wardrobe?
3) What stores should I shop at?
4) Anything else I need to know?
5) What kind of bags are cute, affordable, and durable (like purses, etc.?)
6) What kinds of shoes are cute affordable, trendy, and they go with any outfit? How many and what kinds of shoes should I have?

1) What colors would suit me?
2) How much is enough makeup?
3) How do you curl your eyelashes?
4) Can Vaseline be used as mascara?
5) What/ how should I do my makeup if I want my eyes to look bigger?
6) Or, how can I work with my almond eye shape?
7) Any beauty tips?

1) What's a good beauty routine?
2) How often should I shave/pluck/wax?
3) How do I shape and pluck and groom my eyebrows?
4) How much water should I drink each day, recommended?
5) What's a good skincare routine? I get occasional zits.
6) Good ways to get rid of eyebags?
7) Do any of those eyebag creams work?
8) Ways to develop body confidence?
9) How to take care of a girlstache?
10) How to keep up with everything?
11) How to look good anytime, anywhere?
12) What exercises to fix my flat butt? (:

1) How to not lose myself?
2) How to flirt with guys?
3) How to be more organized this year?
4) How to be more girly?
5) How to be a better student?
6) How to pay mroe attention in class?
7) How to make more friends?
8) How to survive high school? (:
9) How to not procrastinate?

Any other additional tips you have are going to be greatly appreciated whether it's beauty, personality, etc. Please, no rude comments. Thanks so much! (:

A. hair:

u need to highlight to get that look vinegar wont work. You can go to beauty salon get color highlights with high lift tint. High lift tint is a color and little amounts of bleach its less harsh and less blond if you want…

braided hair will work with waves but it looks more of the messy ubed head look. If you want ringlet waves you have to set hair after wash with mouse than curl with medium iron

curled waves:…

braided waves:…

prettiest cuts are with layers. Layer layer and face frame the front. If do bangs do the angle ones.

cleanse, tone, moisturize, twice a day. exfoliate once a week, cucumber for bags, AVEENO good products. I liked Proactive for zits it took a few months to work but it did


a good pare of jeans
ballet flats
converse for sneakers
leggings with skirts
find outfits that you can mix and match with others
tote bag cuter than backpack

vaseline will look dewy but no length, metal eye curler not plastic will work, I love the Mabelline classic pink and green mascara works well

im a college student 3.8 my step daughter high school is in Bacholorate program and was in GATE.. DO THE ASSIGNMENTS IMMEDIATELY. If you have more than one do the one that's due first. Find how you retain information better and work with that. For example if you are an auditory learner bring tape recorders to school, if you are visual take notes then when you study write of flash cards and have someone quiz you.
Listen always take notes, study, organize folder, and practice the SAT its important for college. You can find SAT practice test on amazon and its written by the College Board that administers the tests.

also get organized: put tabs and separate your classes by categories in y our folder. Keep track of assignments


The best advice is the simpliest: Be yourself

Who is that self?
This is what you need to find out. The teen who self reflects the most and finds out what he or she wants in life and who she is is the most confident adult. Make goals, what you do in this life as a career doesnt define who you are. Find what you love. What makes you, you.

Rise above peer pressure or mean people. Make your own decisions and make them so you dont regret what you did later on in life.

Be nice be you and smile. If someone is mean let them go, move on, and they dont deserve you.

Learn to use manners so few women act like ladies anymore
5 yrs hairstylist
college student BA
Daughter sophomore

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Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

Key fashion for spring/summer 11?

Q. What would you say is essential for this season.
What colour dresses for parties green?
Hair accesories?
What sort of shoes?
High waist trousers/ jeans?
What are you moat excited about this season and bulid a outfit at the bottom which you think best reptesnts this season and get 10 poits
And what will you be wearing

A. I did a complete guide on spring fashion trends on the runways:

Out of all of these trends my favorite would have to be the feminine look. I love ruffles, lace, florals, and volume! I think the pretties color of the season is Pantone's 2011 Color of the Year: Honeysuckle. Flatforms have made a huge comeback but I don't know if I can pull them off instead I'll just go with a trendy wedge or cute pointed flats. Fuller skirts, high-waisted shorts, and a sheath or shirt dresses pulled together with a cinch belt would be a cute look i might wear. Dainty flower hair accessories would be a nice touch in a tousled back messy bun. I hear that going darker, golden, or reddish is hot this season so I think I'm going to get golden highlights to lighten up my look! I'm not so sure with make up but I know that with nail polish hot colors are like an earthy color (essie st. tropez) and a tiffany box or robin's egg blue.

What are some sandal trends for spring/summer 2011?
Q. I remember when gladiator sandals were huge the past couple years for spring and summer and I got a couple of those. But are there any new trends? Colors, patterns? I just bought a pair of cognac double buckle strapped wedges from DSW

Anyway please include any photos links to help me out. I've been crazy about shoes lately! lol And I just CANNOT wait until the weather warms up so I can wear sandals! :D

A. DSW is the best! High platforms are in this spring, as well as clog-style shoes. Not too sure about colors and patterns in particular, although bright colors are trendy right now. Nautical stripes/colors are pretty in too I think.

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Senin, 23 Desember 2013

What should one wear to a job interview to work at a 5 star hotel?

Q. My brother got a call for a job interview and he said they told him to dress appropriately as if he was to work for the hotel. He said he's gonna wear part of his tuxedo, like the white shirt, tie, black vest, slacks, and dress shoes. I thought it was a little weird that he's gonna wear a black vest, it makes it too fancy. But maybe that's how it should be. Do you think it's good or what do you recommend?

A. While men may have less variety when it comes to workplace attire, they also are subjected to more stringent definitions of what is appropriate for the office. When it comes to deciding what to wear on an important interview, in almost every situation the more conservative the suit, the better the choice. Very few men can wear suits right off the rack, and you should always take your suit to a tailor to ensure that it fits you properly before wearing it on an interview.

Navy Blue
Choose a two piece, solid colored, matched suit constructed from wool or a wool blend for your interview. Navy blue is a dark blue color. Do not wear a powder blue suit or a bright blue suit, or try to match your jacket with pants that are another color. Buy your pants and jacket together, so that you can ensure that they are exactly the same shade of navy blue. Unless you are interviewing for a job in a creative field such as graphic design, you should choose a jacket with two or three buttons. Four buttons may look too trendy and adding a vest looks ostentatious.

Charcoal Grey
Charcoal grey is a dark grey color. For men, lighter colored neutrals such as dove grey and tan are seen as too informal for a job interview. Traditionally, black suits are seen as too flashy. Even though other men in the office may be wearing these colors, you need to wait until you are actually hired before you start experimenting with your look. At an interview, you want to be remembered for your qualifications and what you say, not how you look.

What to Wear with Your Suit
Choose a full-sleeve, button up shirt in white or light blue, even if it is summer. Wear a conservative silk tie that is no less than 3 1/4 inches wide. According to Career Builder, image consultants recommend a red tie for a navy blue suit or a burgundy tie for a grey suit. If you want to wear a tie with a pattern, choose a subtle pattern. Do not wear a tie with cartoon characters on it. Wear black socks that cover your ankles, and black leather shoes with a matching belt. Carry a briefcase or portfolio with you instead of a backpack or loose papers, and remove any jewelry other than a wedding ring or watch.

Read more: The Best Color Suit for Men to Wear on Interviews |

Where can I get good walking shoes?
Q. My fiance is planning our honeymoon for Las Vegas in June. I've never been to "Sin City" so I'm really looking forward to it. Based on the information that he was reading about all of the activities we want to go to, we will be doing a lot of walking along the strip. Since we will be visiting here at the end of June I know that the weather will be very hot .... I would like to know what a good shoe is for walking a lot in hot weather? I want something that will support my feet but be appropriate for heat and such.

A. Do Not wear flip flop. I made a huge mistake by wearing it during a hot summer day. The whole day i felt like my feet it burning. The pavement get really hot in the afternoon so shoes with really thin bottom is not good

Yes i know Croc is ugly and it is not trendy anymore, but it is still the most comfortable walking shoes i ever own!

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Does anyone know where to find women's shoes that go up to size 12?

Q. Hi!
I am 6'1 and have a really hard time finding flats or boots in my size that aren't too high heeled or terribly drab.

Does anyone know of some good sites or stores to find some trendy shoes in a size 12 (besides Zappos)?


A. You are going to love Tall Clothing Mall. They find trendy large shoes and put them in categories from all the top online shoes.

Where can i get a pair of denim bib overalls?
Q. I've been looking around for a decent pair for a while and havent had any luck. I'm a size 0-2.

A. Women's Fashion Overalls

Fashion overalls can be more than high-fashion.

Women's fashion overalls can be a little bit overwhelming for fashionable dressers. We sometimes wonder how we can pull off a look that's usually associated with farmers and laborers, but it takes a good eye to pick the right cut to match overalls with stylish heels and accessories. Don't push yourself to hunt out the most fashionable pair of overalls right off the bat, because a relaxed style can be dressed up gorgeously if you know what to do, and those might even replace your jeans if you buy the right pair. Why not test out women's fashion overalls and see why some women will never let them go again?

Why Overalls?

If you love a fashion challenge, overalls are a great pick. You can style them up in a variety of ways, pair them with a number of different top types underneath, and play around with hats, earrings, and shoes to make the look your own. What's even better is their hard-wearing appeal-they won't wear out, and you can wash them as many times as you need to without worrying about damage. Even better than that is their ability to be easily repaired, and their acceptability for many different age groups. Why not wear a pair of fashion overalls?

Buy Women's Fashion Overalls

This list of places to buy women's fashion overalls will help you pick pairs that flatter you best. Many of the stores listed carry certain styles of overalls, so after a few clicks, you'll find that you can identify a few stores that complement your personal style best. After you bookmark your favorites, consider whether or not you'd like to purchase classic or trendy pairs, and then shop away until you find your dream pair of fashionable overalls. Every daring woman should have a pair of overalls like these!

Lucky Brand carries edgy denim overalls in a few different cuts. You can find wide or baggy overalls if you like to wear something that allows your body to move more freely, or you can look for a pair of denim overalls in stretch, so you can wear them tighter to the body. To flatter most frames, purchase a pair of overalls in dark denim.

Shop at Ssense for overalls with a more modern silhouette. You can pull on hipster overalls that are similar to overall jumpsuits or rompers, and you'll be able to purchase ones with more stylized button plackets and pocket accents. Some of the overalls in the pull-on, button-on looks can be worn without a shirt underneath, and have a halter neck instead. If you plan to wear your overalls out at night, this could be the source for you.

Check out Yoox for more traditional style overalls from designer brands. You can get them in a medium wash and a semi-relaxed fit, which looks amazing with wedge heels, or you can also pick up those traditional shape overalls complete with rips and distressing for a "real" look.

Go to Shopbop for denim overalls with longer overall straps, similar to denim jeans with long suspender straps. While most flattering on women with smaller busts, you can experiment with these with the straps hanging down or taken off if you have a larger or fuller figure. Try these particular jean overalls with booties or strappy wedges for a dramatic effect, and don't forget those hoop earrings to complete the look!

Go to Free People for the ultimate in relaxed denim. If you crave comfort and you won't compromise, you'll love their moderately-priced, fashionable overalls in a variety of roomy cuts. Distressing is mandatory, so why not pair these with your favorite well-worn tee?

Shop at Frankie Morello for some of the most creative overalls and jumpsuits you'll see online. Not only can you find extremely fashionable styles, but you can grab them in a bunch of great new colors with a trend-conscious palette.

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