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Can someone check my oral presentation?

Q. Hello! These are some ideas about fashion. Can you check them? Thank you!

Fashion has always been part of our lives, it defines a person and gives identity. You can also tell the personality or the character of someone just by the clothe.

Fashion has been changing for example in the 60s the fashion icon was Twiggy and it was the time of the mini skirt and which was very controversial. The only thing that made the mini skirt acceptable was the introduction of the pantyhose. Women also used to wear sweaters and flatboots.

Then we have the 70s, represented by punk fashion. This style born as an anarchic and aggressive movement. It was cheap clothe and it used to represent the poor and rebel part of society. Self mutilation and body piercings were the hit. The most important thing for punks was the hair.

Fashion in the 80s was influenced by television and series like Dallas and Dinasty. Suits, t-shirts, a lot of make up and jewellry were the accesories that people used to wear. In the 80s the bigger the better especially in hair styles. Strong colors like blue, pink, red and green were trendy. Blouses were base on romantic looks. And of course we cannot forget the shoulder pads.

The 90s was synonim of blue jeans, t-shirts and jackets. It was the time of the grunge were some people wore old t-shirts and dirty jeans. Others try dress like pop stars using colors like black and pink. The new accesory was the mobile phone.

And now fashion in 2010 is represented by different styles. Most people especially teenagers follow some bands and try to dress like them. There are many urban tribus now that create different styles.

Fashion is part of our culture. And we know that culture evolves so does fashion. We all have our particular style but I think the most important thing is be comfortable and feel confident with the clothe that you wear.

A. Unless you're in the UK, I'd disagree with "70s, represented by punk fashion" (punk style did not go mainstream in the US; very few adopted the look).

In the USA, it was bell bottom pants, lots of denim, lots of muted brown/earth tones (suntan was the #1 shade of pantyhose in the 70's). Very little black, no bright colors (except sky blue), wide lapels, collars, and neck ties. Platform dressy sandals, espadrilles, zippered ankle boots.

From the mini-skirt of the early 70's came the ultra backlash: "Maxi" - coats, skirts, and dresses that went all the way down to the ankle. While flesh toned sheer pantyhose ruled leg wear, one could also spot opaque navy blue tights (no other color of tights but navy, unless you were a little girl).

Think disco fashion - shiny silky shirts with dark but bold abstract designs printed on them. Lycra moved from hosiery to ladies pants (Sasson pants advertised "Lycra adds moving comfort"). Clogs for guys and gals, and platform and higher heels for all. Look up "Halston". He was the best most representative fashion designer in the 1970's.

1980's - Don't forget "BIG HAIR" and crimped (crimping iron) hair styles. Also in the early 80's, bright, very bright colors appeared in sheer pantyhose (yes, pantyhose, not the thicker opaque tights). Never before (and not since) had grown women worn such bright colors on their legs for professional and dressy occasions. The pallete of available colors was remarkable. A lady could easily match her pantyhose to her outfit monochromatically. These colors, once only for little girls and brave artistic types went trully mainstream. As the decade wore on, the variety of colors shrunk, the remaining colors became darker and muted, and flesh tones returned into the mix.

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What can I do to help my tired feet?? I recently went back to work and dress shoes are killing me! Help!?

Q. And yes, I buy expensive shoes so that isn't the problem!!!

A. Price is not the issue. Wear trendy dressy shoes that do not have pointy toes or pencil heels. A more rounded toe is much better for your feet. If you regularly where pointed toe shoes, your toes will stay that way and you will get bunions. I have seen it before, it is disgusting. The lower the heel the better. Higher heels look more dressy, so stick with a clunkier heel. They are much easier to walk in and do not put as much stress on your feet and legs. When you get home soak and massage your feet.

High Heels poll for girls?
Q. What do you think...ladies?
1. After a day of work do you ever come home with your feet hurting?
2. If so then what kind of job do you have?
3. Have your feet ever hurt so bad you took you shoes off?
4. Would you like to have your feet massaged after a day of work?
5. What are the most painful shoes you have ever worn?
6. Whats your favorite color for a pedicure?
7. Would you rather have a back rub or foot rub after a day of work?
8. Would you consider it a good thing if a guy offered to massage your feet for you when they hurt?
9. Would you rather go shopping in comfort of flip flops or look trendy and wear heels and end the day with sore feet?
10. Would your feet hurt worse standing for 8 hours in flip flops or for 3 hours in 4inch heels?
Thanks for answering

A. 1. After a day of work do you ever come home with your feet hurting?
A) Yes, sometimes. Especially if they're brand new shoes and I'm still wearing them in.

2. If so then what kind of job do you have?
A) I work in a Investment Bank.

3. Have your feet ever hurt so bad you took you shoes off?
A) Again, with new shoes, yes. I normally try not to take them off, just dangle them a bit under the table to give them a rest. Sometimes when you slip your feet out, they can swell a bit, and its actually more painful later to slip them back in, hence why I try dangling first.

4. Would you like to have your feet massaged after a day of work?
A) Yes, and thankfully, I do! I have a system which I use in my life everyday to keep my feet fresh and free from bunions/corns and anything that would make them look horrid. So everyday I use exfoliating cream, moisutrise and do a thorough clean to keep them pretty. My boyfriend also gives me foot massages quite regularly.

5. What are the most painful shoes you have ever worn?
A) A new pair of very narrow toe Yves Saint Laurent 5 inch, white stilettos, which had very low sides and toe vamp, which showed off a lot of my feet, but it also rubbed against my big toe and little toe, because the tip of the shoes was so pointy.

6. Whats your favorite color for a pedicure?
A) It depends on my mood and also the season. I tend to have darker colors during winter and brighter ones in the summer. So it varies, but I guess the one I wear most is either Baby pink or White Pearl.

7. Would you rather have a back rub or foot rub after a day of work?
A) Oh..... Hmmm. I really love both. If I've been wearing new shoes, then a foot rub. If not, a back rub!!

8. Would you consider it a good thing if a guy offered to massage your
feet for you when they hurt?
A) Absolutely. Would be nice if the Firm paid for someone to be under my desk giving me a massage all day.! Poor thing, he would probably need to have a considerable pay packet to put up with everyones sweaty feet lol!

9. Would you rather go shopping in comfort of flip flops or look trendy and wear heels and end the day with sore feet?
A) Absolutely high heels.

10. Would your feet hurt worse standing for 8 hours in flip flops or for 3 hours in 4inch heels?
A) 8 Hours in flip flops. Only because its painful for me to wear flat shoes. My tendons in my calves have shortened because of wearing high heels for so many years, so wearing flat shoes in small doses is ok, but after a while it becomes agony!

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Where can I find size 4-4.5 womens shoes?

Q. I would like to find some normal shoes for women around 4, 4.5, or 5. I am having a hard time finding stylish shoes that fit! Websites would be helpful!

A. Zappos has every size and plus they sale very trendy shoes

would you consider these shoes preppy or trendy?

A. These shoes would be considered Preppy because it has the whole moccasin look but with the plaid IT could be a trend for layering, but now a days people like to were pleather, boots, wedges and alot of embelishments.

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Where can I buy these shoes?

Q. I really want a pair of the 5 finger shoes for women. The only place I can think of buying them would be off on online, but I hate buying anything that I haven't tried on and seen in person.

What stores sell them? Thanks.

A. You can get them at any warehouse shoe sale or foot action. I got mine at warehouse shoe sale there way cheap like $50.00 or less. They don't carry them at foot locker cause there not considered "trendy" just watch though they'll have them sooner or later.

Casual Everyday Shoes for middle school girl?
Q. I want shoes not alot of girls have but still try to be $100 or less. Every girl at my school has Uggs, Sperrys, converse, & vans. I don't want any of those. Oh & no rocketdogs. A shoe I can't wear everyday. Please HELP
NO TOMS EITHER , (i already have those)

A. Toms are amazing! They're cute and trendy, and come in so many colors. I love the grey and black.

Hope this helps

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Are gladiator sandals still "in" for 2011?

Q. What do you think? Also, what type of bottoms look good with them?

A. no, they are not in anymore unfortunatly.
flat heeled wedges are very trendy for spring 2011 though.
go take a look at your local DSW or any shoe store and you can find cute ones.

Spring trends for 2011? Need SERIOUS fashion help!?
Q. Hey y'all.

So basically, I'm a sweat pants and sweat shirt type of gal. I kind of fell into the winter blues this year, which naturally meant me slumming it out at school in messy sweats every day. I don't think there's anything wrong with sweats (at all) but when it becomes an everyday thing (and when I'm even wearing stained ones) it kind of becomes problematic. I also gained a little bit of weight this winter which also makes me want to hide away in sweats (for lack of a less dramatic term).

It's starting to warm up a little bit again and I'm really wanting to look cute for the 2011 spring and summer! I'm saving up a little bit from my job so I can afford a little bit more because I am in SERIOUS need of new clothes; most of mine are ripped, stained, stretched, or just way to old and worn out. I have enough to pretty much buy the spring essentials, but I was just wondering about you would recommend me to buy for this new year.

Please provide really detailed examples and if you'd like to (I'd love you for it), post links of things you think are cute or that I should add to my closet. I'm basically fashion challenged so post anything you think is cute AND COMFORTABLE. :) Comfort is key for me!
And listen ... any input is greatly appreciated ... anything at all!!

Thanks so much in advance!
Sorry for the grammar mistakes ... I just noticed a bunch of them. Oops!

and THANKS so much for the answers so far.

A. First off, stock up on tons of basics. It's different for every girl, but they should just be pieces that you wear A LOT (jeans, shirts, etc.) and that fit your personal style the best. They should also be pieces that you can wear throughout the seasons, winter, spring, summer. Since you're going to be wearing these a lot, splurge more on basics. The more basics you have, the more options. For example, some of my basics are:

White oxfords or button downs
Tights in tons of patterns and colors
Slouchy cardigans
A pair of HIGH heels
Tons of vintage jewelry
A-line skirts (I'm short and petite)
A leather handbag

This way, you won't need to purchase a completely new wardrobe. Just mix in the basics you have with your trendier and warmer pieces. Since it's spring, instead of completely renovating my wardrobe, I only need to buy several things like linen shorts, floral dresses, etc. In the long term, it will save you a LOT of money. And when Fall comes around use the same basics to match with newer purchases.

That's why it's best to spend more money on things you wear a lot. I always buy trendier pieces at cheap stores like Forever 21 because they have SO many styles and whatnot at good prices.e As for my basics, I get them high-end at places like Comme des Garcons, Opening Ceremony, or Barneys. It can be expensive but since they have amazing sales on good basic items, I don't need to buy too many things. As for shoes, I always splurge on these. After all, you're going to be walking around in them all day. Instead of concentrating on quantity, focus on QUALITY. My basics have lasted me for years since I get them cleaned seasonally. Take care of your clothes and they take care of you.

Hope I helped!

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I have fat feet does anyone know where I can buy heels?

Q. I have fat feet and I really love wearing heels and wedged shoes the only problem is I have a hard time finding shoes that fit and it makes me really really embarrassed when I can't buy the shoes I want so I was wondering if anyone knew of any trendy cool sites or shops in Atlanta that have shoes for women with fat feet.

A. The Avenue (which is a plus-size clothing store) has some shoes in wide widths (; they're called "Cloudwalkers" shoes...but I'd go to a store & try them on, because they seem to run a little big); Payless; or go to a website like www. or and search for the shoes that come in wider widths.

I also have wider feet...some brands are better than others. Nine West & Bandolino seem to run a little wider than some other brands of dressy shoes; for casual shoes, Born is actually a M/W width and they have some adorable wedgy sandals.

Where can I find fashionable plus size shoes?
Q. Does anyone know where I can buy either in a store or online trendy plus size shoes like for a size 12 womans foot? Every website I find has real ugly and outdated shoes. HELPP!
anddd... I'm not a monster, I'm just really tall at 6'1 so its hard for me to find tall lengths and bigger shoes =(

A. I believe Payless goes up to a 13. Nordstrom is always a good bet - they started out as a hard to find shoe specialist, way back when, and have kept that aspect of their business up even after re-focusing to fashion.

There are quite a few more listed in our shoe directory, that notes sizes (and widths) at:

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Where can i get cute heels or oxford booties?

Q. Hi guys! Im looking for either a heeled bootie (not too high) Oooor some oxford booties :D Also tell me if there are any cute shoes that you think are a must for autumn... NO UGGS. god i hate those things, they look soo stupid. Just tell me something that is fashionable :D

A. I ABSOLUTELY love booties. They're a fashion must-have for every girl to have in her closet - such a statement piece.
Oxfords are a bit more trendier for women, but are especially in style for the next couple of seasons.
You should definitely invest in both pairs! is an online store that carries literally hundreds of pairs of booties and oxfords:
DSW is also a good store to go to. They have many boots and a few oxford heels right now. Designer, but at a discounted price!
Aldo is yet another great store. Right now they have free shipping online. Check it out:

Hope this helps!

What is "smart casual" dress for women at a Christmas party for people in mid-twenties?
Q. It is for a class of physical therapy students in graduate school... to get together, have drinks, and play secret santa. What do you think: black pants or jeans?
Girlfriend getting dragged along here...

A. Black slacks for sure. Dress it up with trendy black shoes and a festive top. For guys, an untucked button-down oxford shirt. For girls, maybe something with a little sparkle.

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What about a man visually makes a woman go crazy?

Q. Things like high heels, skirts and poses in pictures make us go MY LAWD! What type of things do the same for a girl? Like what type of accessories on a guy, body parts or poses in pics. Or anything. What are the top things visually about a man that make you go MY LAWD!


A. A great smile. Clean clothes that are in good repair, fit, and aren't too trendy. Standing up straight. Reading a book or a magazine like Scientific American. Kindness toward small children. Hair that doesn't look like he spent more than 5 minutes on it but that doesn't look unkempt either. Eyes that meet mine when he talks to me. A vocabulary relatively free of profanities. Hands that show that he's not afraid of a little work. Clean nails that aren't bitten down and ragged. Some muscles, but not the super buff gym rat look. Decent shoes. Soberness when all his friends are drunk. A throaty chuckle. Relatively straight teeth, but not too straight, like he spent a fortune on caps. Knowing how to hold a fork. A hint of chest hair peeking out of a white button down shirt. A hint of soap that tells me he recently showered. A nice rear end. A freshly shaven face. A good pair of sunglasses. A watch with a leather band. Combing his hair out of his face with his fingers. Drinking bottled water. Rolling his sleeves up to just below his elbows. A slim wallet. Gazing thoughtfully out a window.

What turns me off: Concert tour tee shirts. Baggy pants. Run-down shoes. Trying too hard to be handsome. Being too loud. Being drunk. Constantly being on the cell phone. Wearing a bluetooth. A car that's too sporty. Button down shirts with the top button done or too many buttons undone. Flabbiness. Reading muscle magazines or car magazines. Looking at every woman that passes by. Owning a pit bull. Coffee breath. Cigarette breath. Constant movement. Talking about golf. Complaining about women. Hating cats. Big belt buckles.

christian women who's your favorite designer and favorite perfum?
Q. being a fashion designer can be considered gay for males, what if someone told them that they shouldn't be gay because it's an abomination and because of social disapproval they would've opted for another job that makes them seem straight. there wouldn't be all these great brands and perfumes..
what's your favorite perfum
'socially ackward' LMAO, not kidding that really made me laugh i do have a sense of humor unlike some people.
this is addressed to the FUNDIES, and not for everyone!
maybe not in the uk but here in the us there are many many bigots.....
'GO STEELERS' are you a fundie?

'sylvia c' you're missing out on all the things in life if you let religion interfere with your life too much.
i like truth by calvin klein, yes there's a pun.
'shortie' why ask? to demostrate a point that DISCRIMINATING gays could result in things such as some great fashion/perfum brands never been created.

A. So, this isn't a question, this is an advertisement, eh?

If stores, designers, etc., depended on me for their sales, they would definitely be broke. I will buy my clothes second hand (many of which I even got free) before breaking down and buying new, which has to at least be on sale, if not on clearance and preferably at least half off. As it is, I have never paid more than $22 for an article of clothing in my life. (Last fall, I did purchase a coat for about $45, but I literally needed it and it was half off and if it's like my last winter coat, it will last me for about ten years. So, I'm good.)

I believe in doing this, I'm conserving and responsibly using the resources with which God has blessed me. Also, by doing this I'm supporting good causes (i.e., thrift stores) and helping to care for the earth, buy using second hand and not promoting the use of new resources that don't need to be used.

(I do this with almost all of the non-food, non-shoe, and non-underwear items I buy.)

As for perfume, I have found that deodorant is quite sufficient. (I have gotten these free or for no more than $1.50 with sale price and coupon, some of the freebies are either from sale price and coupons or free samples.)

ETA: Your advertisement, er, opening sentence, would have been much more clear and concise if you had used one or two more sentences. Actually, when you did use a period, you also wound up using a fragment. Poor sentence structure and grammar and spelling may not bode well for business.

ETA again: I've only worn clothes from Calvin Klein and Isaac Mizrahi, both of which I recieved second hand. The CK jeans I had (which I purchased at a thrift store for just $3) ripped on me when I was pulling them on (the belt loop ripped.) I decided that if his clothes were that poor of quality, they weren't worth buying new. I think I have something from Mizrahi, I'm not sure. If I did, it was received second hand.

So, women are stupid enough to overpay for clothing from designers who happen to be gay? What's the point?

If you think that all men are idiots (assuming that is your site and/or you agree with it), does that mean you're permanently single and/or gay?

Shorty, well said. Not only are most of my clothes second hand, or cheap and I've had for many years, but I get compliments on them. The dress on which I've received the most compliments I rescued from a Dumpster. Today, when I go out, I'll wear second hand, free jeans, with a second hand free sweater, and a golf shirt that I got for only $2.50 at a store closing sale, and boots that I bought just over a year ago, new, for $22, but I expet them to last me a year or two more. Can't beat that. (I got the jeans, with a high funky cuff and distressed markings and the sweater from my SIL who will buy things new and full price because they are trendy.)

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how much to open a sneaker store?


A. Below given steps will help you.

1. Review shoe trade magazines or websites, such as Women's Wear Daily for the latest footwear news (see Resources). This will help you identify your niche. While Nike, Reebok and ASICS are popular sneakers, you might be better off selling fashion sneakers such as those made by Sketchers, Diesel, Camper or Puma. In that case, instead of having athletic-themed accessories, you should consider more fashionable accessories, such as wallets, messenger bags, bracelets, watches and sunglasses. Consider incorporating a nightclub theme, particularly if your store will be located within a mall. Visit and, for insider news for shoe sellers.
2. Determine how much room you will need for your store. For a specialty sneaker store in a mall, you may need at least 1000 square feet, including your back room and office. Your back room needs to be large enough to accommodate your inventory and may be as big as the show room. Your show room should offer plenty of benches for customers to sit at while trying on shoes, as well as full length and short mirrors and two or three display tables. For a small store, you should have at least two cash registers. Larger sneaker stores may have as many as eight. If you intend to open a store in a shopping center or as a stand alone sneaker store, it should be at least 1500 square feet. Contact mall management about vacancies fitting your needs. Also, frequent strip malls and shopping centers for vacancies. Other amenities you may need include phone jacks for your registers, a break room, water fountains and bathrooms.
3. Purchase your store front supplies. To stand apart, consider purchasing trendy versions of your supplies, such as colored mannequins, funky chandeliers and cool lighting. If you can't find colored mannequins, purchase a traditional mannequin and spray paint it. For cool lighting, visit; for shelving, mannequins, mirrors and other fixtures.
4. Purchase your must-have supplies such as shopping baskets, display cases, exit signs, shelving, racks, shoe mirrors, shoes store bags, shoe and leg mannequins, inserts, shoe sizers, footlets, shoe fitting stools or benches and any specialty gear. For custom packing supplies, visit; for measuring tools, visit You will also need cleaning supplies, advertising signage, cash registers, receipt paper, schedule forms, bank deposit forms and gift wrapping materials (if offered). For cleaning supplies, shopping baskets, security systems and pricing tags.
5. Visit to purchase wholesale sneakers in some of the latest trends. For generic sneakers under $10 a pair.
6. Purchase insurance for fire, damage and theft, as well as liability and product insurance and worker's compensation insurance.
7. Set up a merchant account. Visit Merchants Account Express (see Resources) to set up an account so that you can begin accepting credit cards. Check out their tools that can help get you set up with the right equipment, such as your Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal, Quickbooks and other software to help you track and manage your inventory and payroll.
8. Train your employees to be fashionable, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Make sure they understand how to measure feet. They should be skilled at recognizing what a customer might be interested in and able to make suggestions for pairing items.

Can anyone point me to an official definition of Capri pants and cropped pants?
Q. My workplace outlaws Capri pants but not cropped.

A. Although I don't see much difference in them, I found this article that explains the "differences"....

By Becky Cairns
Standard-Examiner staff

Put on your fashion caps, folks, and answer this puzzler: What is the difference between capri pants and crop pants?

a. Capris are always black; crops are always khaki

b. Capris are loose and baggy; crops are skintight

c. Capris have cuffs; crops do not

d. Capris and crops are both shorter than regular pants.

You're not a fashion dunce if you didn't answer "D," although exactly how much shorter these pants are is up for discussion.

Capris generally hit just below the knee or at midcalf; crops fall about three-fourths of the way down the calf or near the ankle.

More specifically, capris are around 19 to 21 inches long and crops 24 to 25 inches long, says Leanne Furman, a spokeswoman for Mervyn's in Hayward, Calif.

"The terms crops and capris are almost used interchangeably," Furman said in a phone interview.

Cynthia Nellis, a fashion writer for the Web site, agrees, explaining, "Crops, in my definition, are longer; capris, in my version, are shorter."

However, the term "crop" is also a catch-all phrase that describes all sorts of shorter pants, be they pedal pushers, floods, clamdiggers or high waters, Nellis said in a phone interview from Dallas.

As with fashion sizing, there is no standardization of these terms, Nellis says. One company's capris may well be another company's crops.

Capris were introduced in the 1950s by designer Emilio Pucci at a boutique on the island of Capri, off the coast of Italy.

By the '60s, the short, slim-fitting pants were catching the eye of fashionable folk like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Mary Tyler Moore.

Both capris and crops -- a more recent innovation -- have become popular in the last three to six years, in part as an alternative to shorts, Furman says.

Pants of all types are popular nowadays, Furman says, and shorts, which "don't hide as much as some people might like," are in a downswing.

Nellis says capris and crops allow women to "show off a little bit of leg," and it's generally a flattering part of the leg -- the lower calf and ankle.

Although crops and capris used to be primarily casual wear, they can be dressed up for career fashions, too.

Crop pants teamed with a sweater-set top and low-heeled shoes could go to the office for casual dress day. Or a trendy look this fall will be tweed-like crops with coordinating jackets, Furman says.

Crops and capris can be worn by all ages and sizes of folks, Nellis says. The pants aren't strictly for women, either. Some designers make shorter-length pants for men. Nellis says that's fun because "men don't get a lot of variation in their styles."

The short pants are as versatile as jeans, Nellis says, because they can be worn with all types of tops, from T-shirts to camisoles.

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Senin, 10 Maret 2014

Where can I buy these shoes?

Q. I really want a pair of the 5 finger shoes for women. The only place I can think of buying them would be off on online, but I hate buying anything that I haven't tried on and seen in person.

What stores sell them? Thanks.

A. You can get them at any warehouse shoe sale or foot action. I got mine at warehouse shoe sale there way cheap like $50.00 or less. They don't carry them at foot locker cause there not considered "trendy" just watch though they'll have them sooner or later.

Where should i shop for trendy clothes?
Q. For fall im 13 .please..

A. - Forever 21: Cheap but cute clothing.

- H&M : a bit pricey but pretty clothes.

- Charlotte Russe: Great prices on skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses and shoes.

- Target: Good place for staple pieces, many sales.

- JcPenny: many sales, cute clothes.

Online stores: , ,

Also try thrift shopping for unique pieces.

Good luck!

- if you need advice, email

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in trend clothing for big girls??? and if you know any trendy sites for shoes up to size 11AUS?

Q. i love those platform boot heels


Anyone know where I can find women's narrow shoes?
Q. Does anyone know of a website where I can find cute, trendy narrow shoes? I've looked at several sites but the only ones I can find are either very old looking or are birkenstocks (ewww!) All the regular size shoes I've tried in a 5 are too wide and gap at the sides.I think I need a size 5AA (narrow). Too small to find in stores. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A. Why don't you try or go to a nearest Nordstrom and have the sales people bring you a pair of shoes that you like in narrow or wide, whichever you need. Most the time they are really good with having different widths for their customers! If not, try the brand "Stuart Witzman" He has very cute but narrow shoes, although they are on the pricier side!

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problem with my big stupid feet?

Q. I am a size 12 in women's shoes and there are no cute shoes anywhere! I can't fit into all the cute shoes the other girls my age wear. I'm so frustrated. I have tried zappos and nothing. I am so sick and tired of having no cute shoes. I don't have any heals because the only ones available in my size in shoe stores are ugly. can someone help me? Is there a foot size reduction surgery or something?

A. I have size 12 shoes. This is what I do. Never shop in malls because it is frustrating and will really feel awful. I only shop online and there are so many beautiful and trendy shoes for size 12. One of the best places I have found is Tall Clothing Mall as they show us the trends for larger size shoes.

Where can a woman with size 12 WIDE feet find a variety of quality, trendy, comfortable selection of shoes??
Q. I've got big feet... I hate "Coward" and catalogs like it that have a large variety of what I term "old lady shoes". I wear a size 12 wide. Just to give you an idea of what I like - I love my dansko clogs (mens) and birkenstock sandals, but I want something more slighty feminine. I wish I could wear Sketchers...but they're too small. <sigh>

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!
Brooke :)

also some places like Nordstrom will special order another size shoe for you if they dont have it in stock

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Minggu, 09 Maret 2014

Can you help me find a pair of trendy boots?

Q. Hi there, I'm 21 years old and 24 weeks pregnant. I've always been the kind of girl who has a million pairs of boots over the winter. My only problem is everything I own has a high heel on it!

Being 24 weeks pregnant, it's really not the safest or most comfortable I really need a pair of flat boots to wear with my casual and trendy clothing

I am looking for a pair of black (maybe even brown) knee high flat boots. I prefer leather but will go for suede as well. I don't care for ties on them and I would like them to be under 100 dollars!

Best pick will definitely get 10 points! thank you :)

A. First of all, congratulations on your baby! Okay, I have a few stores that you can look at, and I'll give the websites.





That's all I could find, I'm sure if you keep looking you'll find some. Good luck!

Girl baby name questions to help me narrow it down!?
Q. Choose the name you like the most for each letter and rate it out of 10.
If you dont like them or dont think they are a girls name then dont even comment. All of these names are either girls or unisex. And i made sure to spell them the way i like so dont bother trying to change that.

A- avia, acelin, amour, allyson or alessandra
B- bronté, brighton or bianca
C- cora or cellina
D- delilah or dakota
E- (spelling) emmi or emmy
F- Fleur or Farrah
G- Gemma or Genesis
H- honor or harlow
I- (spelling) izobella or isabella
J- journey, jamey or jadyn
K- kassandra (kasey), kaely or katarzyna
L - layla or leah
M- mckinley or mckenna
N- nathalie, novalee, nadine or nadia
O- ----------
P- ----------
Q- ---------
R- randi or rosa
S- skye, skylar, shylar or siobhan
T- tori or taylor
U- -----------
V- victoria, victoire or vivian
W- -----------
X- (spelling) xavaeh or xaviah
Z- (spelling) zakariah or zackareah

A. Alessandra - The rest are horrid. Avia is a shoe brand. Acelin is made up, trendy, and trashy. Amour is a word, meaning "An illict love affair". Why would you want to name a child after that, even IF she was conceived by said love affair. Allyson is a trendy, trashy spelling of Allison, which has the masculine -son ending.

Bianca - Again, the rest are horrid. Bronté is harsh and masculine. Brighton is a masculine boys's name.

Cora - Cellina is a trashy spelling of Selena.

Delilah - Dakota is a Native American tribe, not a name. It's disrespectful to use it on a child. The equivalent of a Christian naming their child God or Jesus. Not only that, it's harsh, masculine, and sounds like it belongs on a male dog or horse.

E - Neither. Bot are childish and I can't see aging well.

Fleur - Just don't care for Farrah.

Gemma - Genesis is a book in a fictional religious book.

Neither - Both are horrible and harsh.

Isabella - Izobella is trashy.

None - Journey is a word or a band. Jamey is a trashy spelling of Jamie, a masculine nickname. And Jaydn is a trashy spelling of Jaden, a boy's name.

None - Cassandra spelled correctly isn't bad. Your spelling is trashy. Trashy spelling of Kayley. And no idea what the hell that last one is.

Layla - Although I prefer the spelling Laila.

Neither - Both are masculine and horrid for a girl. Mackinley means "Son of Finley". Mckenna means "Son of Kenneth". Son. Not daughter.

Nadine - Nadia isn't bad either. Like Natalie spelled this way, minus the h. Novalee is made up and trashy.

Rosa - Randi is a trashy spelling of Randy, a masculine boy's name.

Siobhan - Skye is harsh and masculine. In many major world languages, such as Spanish and German, the word sky is a masculine. Skylar is a trashy spelling of Skyler / Schuyler, a masculine boy's name. Shylar is made up, trashy, and harsh.

Neither - Tory is a masculine nickname. Taylor is a surname, masculine boy's name, and occupation that was strictly male. Females were and still are seamstresses.

Victoria - Love Vivienne too, spelled this way.

Neither - Made up and trashy.

Neither - Zachariah is a masculine boy's name. The trashy spelling don't make it any less masculine.

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I wear a size 12 wide in women's shoes. (yeah, I heard that gasp) Where can I find cute & trendy shoes?


A. I wear size 11 in some styles and I have enough trouble finding shoes, I can't imagine finding 12's. I really don't understand why they can't make larger sizes.

You should try Torrid. A friend told me about it recently. They have plus size clothing mostly, but they also carry size 11 and 12 shoes. They have them in many malls and they also have a website.

And it's not as if you can help the size of your feet! I can't believe how rude people are.

4EE shoes for women?
Q. My poor mum who's only 56 is housebound but she's always been quite stylish, the last few years her feet have been swollen so she's had to wear "old lady shoe's" as she calls them, i want to get her a lovely pair of 1 & a half inch heeled shoes. i have no idea where to find a trendy pair of 4EE shoes in london. After my search, to me, if you have wide feet you're classed as needing soft slippers!! Help!!

A. i'm not sure if they do them that small but evans do wide fitting shoes, i know because i take a 9EE/10 and they are about the only place i can buy them from. Brantano's is also good for strange sized shoes, i know they go down into small sized shoes but im not sure weather they do wide fittings there.

Those are the only places i can think of off the top of my head, hope they help!

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what are some comforatble but CUTE shoe brands for teenage girls?

Q. need some new shoes that i can walk a lot in, and actually look trendy. im a teenage girl.... so you understand my emphasis on cute

A. Rocket Dog, Chinese Laundry, and Me Too are my favorite brands.

Where to buy trendy clothes?
Q. I'm 15 and I hate my clothes, they make me look so ugly! ): I want to know where to buy pretty clothes but I am super skinny, and I also have hairy legs (I shave all the time but it grows back in like a day!) so maybe something to hide that. Also some cute shoes too :)

A. Try shops like new look and international xx
Hope this helps please answer mine xx;_ylt=AuJ.hxDmieN9ZzEzaJIq0CTc4yA5;_ylv=3?qid=20130413141538AAET61C
If you can't get the link type in teenage girl holiday !!!!!!

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can someone tell me a good canvas hig top shoe with a zipper i think it looks trendy?

Q. anything black or grey canvas, high tops , kind of similar to converse all star highs, except with a zipper down the side, i don't want cheap brands but expensive or fairly nice brands, thankss in advance! :)

A. check out at amazon there are really good deals going
Keds Women's Champion Sneaker
Rubber sole
Breathable canvas upper
Soft, cotton-terry lining
Rubber calendar outsole
Blown-rubber midsole is lightweight and comfortable
Bound sock lining

comfortable dress shoes?
Q. I am an interior design intern (still two more years to graduation), and was wondering what your most comfortable dress shoes are. I've been wearing flats, and they're SO flat that the bottoms of my feet are bruised. The fabric on the cheaper shoes also irritated the bottoms of my feet. =(

I dressed up at a previous job, and any dress shoes were fine because I sat down all day, but at this job I am on my feet 90% of the day. And I wait tables at night, so I'm on my feet then too. I have great serving shoes, but I have to dress up at the internship.

These women (and men) are extremely well dressed. I absolutely cannot look out of date or not stylish. I did buy two pairs today, one was the brand Bare Traps, and the others are Nurture by Dillard's. I don't care how expensive, I just need stylish classy dressy shoes that aren't going to kill my feet. I tried on Naturalizers and they hurt. It's like I'm running a marathon, I need them to be as comfortable as the tennis shoes I'm not allowed to wear.

Is this possible?? The two pairs I got are pretty amazing. The Bare Traps are brown sandals with thick cushy soles. The Nurture are black 2 1/2" pumps. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Save my feet AND my wardrobe!!!

A. I would suggest purchasing some Dr. Scholl's shoes. They're very trendy and professional but they keep you comfortable:

However, if you just want regular shoes, I would suggest investing in one pair of loafers (wedge or flat), one pair of close-toe pumps and one pair of peep-toe sandals. This basic variety of shoes is perfect for transitioning from waiting tables to your internship. If you still find them uncomfortable, simply use Dr. Scholl's inserts for better cushioning and arch support:


Good luck!!

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