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Where is the best place to order online for women who wear a size 16-18 and are large in the bust area?

Q. My friend is plus size and wants to completely change her look. She has asked me to help her out with ideas and shopping. What clothes are sexy and in style right now. What about shoes? She's a size 10. She is a very sexy woman-how can we let her sexiness shine through so that she can get back into the dating scene again.

A. All of these sites carry or specialize in plus sizes: - fun, inexpensive tees, skirts, etc. - great lingerie, good place for basic items & swimsuits - bras, workout wear, stockings, etc. - " - stylish clothing - stylish clothing, sales worth checking out - fun, trendy clothing

Are there any other nice places to shop for CUTE plus size clothes?
Q. Hi there, I am a Lane Bryant and Torrid fan. I can also find cute clothes at Nordstrom's and Macy's. However, I am not interested in looking like anyone's Granny. Any ideas on other places or websites that sell cute plus size clothes that are well made?


A. I feel your pain! I usually find great clothes at those stores, but some of them aren't my style. I can usually find great basic pieces... like dress pants, button up shirts, and jeans at Macy*s and Lane Bryant but I like the hip stuff too!

In my area, these are the places I go to...

Goody's. Believe it or not, they have a small section in the Plus Size women's department called Junior Plus. I bought some of my favorite summer outfits from there this year. They usually have the trendy stuff, too! I like their summer tops and shorts!

Ross. If you have one of these near you, I suggest that you go! Their Woman's World section usually has a bunch of clothes for the older lady, but they also have a lot of cute style clothes. I got some really cute hoodies and tops there this fall. When I go there, I usually find 90430344909085 things or NOTHING. It can really be hit or miss. If you take the time to look through each hanger, you will find some cute stuff. They go up to a size 4X too. Oh, and check out their dresses! They have a ton of dresses in Plus Size!

Cato. There is a Cato right down the road from me. They have Petite and Plus. What is cool is that anything that they have in Petite... they have the same exact thing in Plus. I hate going by a window and being like... "That outfit is so cute!" only to find out that it only goes up to a size 12. :( Again, you really have to look through the racks, but I have bought some nice stuff there. Also, they have a shoe section with plenty of wides and size 9, 10, 11.

Fashion Bug. While their stuff is usually lower quality, they do gear a lot of their clothes to the younger crowd. They usually have awesome dresses and stuff. I have a hard time finding dresses for weddings and events like that, but Fashion Bug has come through for me a lot. And they have cute underwear, especially if you like thongs and boyshorts.

Believe it or not, I do like to shop at Wal*Mart and Target sometimes. I find great basics like velvet pant suits, long sleeve t-shirts, and capris/shorts.

OldNavy. They used to have a better selection in the store, but they have gone exlusively online for their Plus Sizes. If you know what size you are, then you can shop there. I try not to buy online because I like to try something on, but I am really familiar with their sizes. OldNavy is probably one of my favorite places for summer clothing.

Those are my usual spots! I wish you luck because I know how hard it is to find something that looks cute and is flattering to our body type! Good luck!

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Help me find cute outfits for a cookout kids age 3 and 11?

Q. We are going to an anual cookout with hay rides and a huge bonfire. It's usually slightly cool at night like 55-65 but during the day warmer like 70-79. Can you help me find trendy outfits that would be weather appropriate for my 2 kids. My daughter wears about a 14 and son wears about a 3t-4t. Cutest outfit will get you 10 pts! Thanks!

A. Girl-
and you could bring just a little zipp-up and for shoes really anything.

Bottoms: just jeans

What age did you daughter have to have the right clothes, shoes?
Q. This year school shopping with my daughter was tough. She had to have a particular style of Nikes and clothes. She is going into 2nd grade! What's up with that?
She wears good brand name shoes - no payless junk. That is not an option. Her feet are growing and need good support. I was just amazed she had a certain style she "had to have".

A. Although, I'm just a new mommy. I have a one year old, I so hope that I won't be dealing with the issue you have described.

I think it's great that she's expressing herself with her clothing, however there is a limit. Just because all the other kids have it doesn't mean she gets it. You are still the parent here and you have the final say in what gets purchased.

My mom would have looked at me and said "if all the other kids jumped off the bridge would you?" of couse my answer was no and then she would say well then do you want to look just like them, NO. I defiently didn't get all the trendy clothes and I grew up just fine, but when mom said No I knew that was the end of that conversation.

Do you give your daughter an allowance? If so then, suggest to your daughter that if she really wants a particular style of Nikes
that she needs to pay for half the cost with her allowance. Tell her what the cost is in total and then tell her how much she needs to contribute. It's a great way to teach your child the value of money and the cost of items. If she saves her half then go get the shoes.

If your daughter does not receive an allowance then now is the time to again tell her that she needs to contribute to the cost of the shoes by helping with chores and earning the money needed.

Good Luck in the future.

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Which jacket would go best with this type of outfits?

Q. I need to get a new fall jacket (mine is over 3 years old now...)

but Ive it difficult to choose one because I wear different type of "level of dress" outfits like both sneakers and pumps for daytime, and both jeans and pencil skirts. So I need a jacket that goes with both casual and dresser/professional outfits because I cannot wear my dressier shoes as often as I want because Ive problem with my arches, Ive to wear casual shoes. But need to be able to dress them up a notch to fit my style better (neat and polished, classy and feminine) without looking like I got sloppy with the buttom and dressed up on the top which alot of people think blazer looks when pairing with casual shoes. :/ Anyway these are the jackets styles Im interested in:
1) navy cord blazer[source],value[/model/2013/1CA%200175458%20003%2019%203091%201.jpg]&set=key[rotate],value[]&set=key[width],value[]&set=key[height],value[]&set=key[x],value[]&set=key[y],value[]&set=key[type],value[STILL_LIFE_FRONT]&hmver=1&call=url[file:/product/large]
2) navy blazer (dont know what this is for style, reminds me of military inspired wear):[source],value[/model/2013/1CA%200189392%20001%2093%205423%202.jpg]&set=key[rotate],value[]&set=key[width],value[]&set=key[height],value[]&set=key[x],value[]&set=key[y],value[]&set=key[type],value[STILL_LIFE_FRONT]&hmver=2&call=url[file:/product/large]
3) Brown/Cream Fitted Tweed jacket (but longer than the one in the picture)
4) A short (hipbone) Pea jacket (double breasted) in a brown color:
My shoes are navy.

Which jacket do you think would go with both casual and professional outfits without looking like you got sloppy with your footwear by accident dilemma?

A. I think all of them are really cute and unique in their own special ways! (:
With the first one..I think it would be super warm and stylish. It's classic but still trendy and would look really cute if it was buttoned up or unbuttoned. (:
For the second option, it's equally as cute and would look really look good with longer shirts and leggings! (: Or a nice dress.(: Or even jeans! Pretty much with everything!(:
For the third, it's really a classic blazer. I think it's cute, but not really as trendy as the others. The woven material is okay, but doesn't go with everything.
The fourth option is definitely my favorite. It looks super warm and comfy! Not to mention it's SO adorable!(: I really love the unique collar and big buttons!(: If you are going with just one, that would be the one I would pick!(:

Hope I helped!

Check out my blog if you have the!(: I talk about fashion and such!(:

Where can I get these shoes?
Q. I saw these shoes on Kylie Jenner and I was wondering if any of you guys know what they're called or where I can get them from? Not the heels but the ones on the bottom. I'm not sure if they're by a specific brand or what. Thanks in advance :)

A. Those shoes are called "Timbalands".
They are quite trendy these days... Men and women are wearing them because it looks chunky and especially nice.

This is the official site of Timbalands:

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What are the best cheap online clothing stores for trendy fashion?

Q. I'm 19, 5'8" and a size 4-6, I really need to update my wardrobe, but I don't have a ton of cash since I'm in college, what are good sites?
I hate shopping in stores!

A. ok so heres the deal, i ll list them by the cheapest so there you go hope i helped!!

check this out:

Hope i helped you out!!!

Check out some fashionable tips about summer and fall 2008:

1-red tank and under it a longer tank ( white with striped black horizontally) super cute

2-green fleece and under it white tank

3-yellow pullover and under it baby blue blouse chemise.

4-dark purple with pale yellow tank very stylish

5-blue is sooo in so wear dark blue but bright too and then a pale yellow not bright under it would look super cute!!

6-bright red is soo cute too with bright white

7-fuschia is super hot and cute and gives that preppy and cute tops, and under it grey tank

8- blue and grey work great together

9-grey is the new black and white, so it works with everything and especially white tank and red handbag or havane bag

10-turquoise on pale yellow could be very beachy kind of look

11- for fall looks check out dark deep red on beige pants

12- dark grey on black skinny and style with some red shoes

13- black sweatshirt and some deep blue pants skinny is reallyy in

Hope i helped you a lot!!!

Best answer?!!


What are some stores for girls who are a bit overweight?
Q. Somewhere where they sell cute trendy clothes. I wear a size 18 or 20 in jeans and usually XL t-shirts, but I have a hard time finding cute clothes that fit me. I'm a teenager by the way.

A. Torrid! I wear a 11/13 so I'm too small for their store by a size, but they have THE cutest stuff. And they're shoes have a wider width, as do their bangles, bracelets, etc. They have all kinds of clothes. Jeans, tops, dresses, Ed Hardy stuff, jewelry, handbags, lingerie... everything you could imagine. If you say you're an 18/20, then it'd be perfect for you. They also have a range of styles that go from girly to rocker..:) They're in most malls, usually located next to Hot Topic. Or you can check out their website also in stores like American Eagle and such you would not find your size, but if you go to their website, they carry extended sizes, I believe they go up to a 22, so you're good with them. Also, Newport News. They go up high in sizes, and they also have a line of 'ShapeFX' which are really cute clothes, but with a little bit of 'bulge' control built into them. I've never ordered any personally, but they get recommended all the time in fashion magazines. There's also Lane Bryant, but they're a little more grownup & older... but you can always find basic pieces there that will work no matter what your age, like blue jeans & solid color tees. Good luck :)

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How to dress smart casual for a job?

Q. I'm a boy. The other day a women rang me up about a job and asked me all the usual interview questions, why do you want the job etc.. and asked me to go in for an assessment day. I have received a letter and the dress code is smart casual, what does this mean wearing? also on the letter it says for an interview or something but to told an assessment.anyway any help would be great thanks.

A. "smart Casual" is dressed comfortably for business. The best way to hit all the wickets is to brass in a suit, then remove just the jacket. You will be left wearing "smart" (neat) casual attire. A long sleeve dress shirt with a tie, dress slacks with a belt, leather shoes and appropriate socks. Avoid: Jeans
Leather - jackets, skirts or trousers
Golfing gear
You are being assessed for your maturity, business sense, and professional appearance. Leave off the jewelry, cover all tats, ensure your nails are clean, your shoes are polished, and your hair is neatly styled. If you expect to be viewed and treated as a professional, it is important that you "Look" and act as a professional. You never have a second chance to make a "First Impression", so do it right. Forget what your friends think will look cool, forget trendy, earrings, tongue studs, denim, and clothing that makes a statement. You are being assessed as a future representative of the company. Don't be confused by the word "casual". It is casual for the businessmen of you it means "Business attire". Put your best foot forward, show them that you are serious, mature, and can be relied upon to be mature and appropriate. Good Luck

What about a man visually makes a woman go crazy?
Q. Things like high heels, skirts and poses in pictures make us go MY LAWD! What type of things do the same for a girl? Like what type of accessories on a guy, body parts or poses in pics. Or anything. What are the top things visually about a man that make you go MY LAWD!


A. A great smile. Clean clothes that are in good repair, fit, and aren't too trendy. Standing up straight. Reading a book or a magazine like Scientific American. Kindness toward small children. Hair that doesn't look like he spent more than 5 minutes on it but that doesn't look unkempt either. Eyes that meet mine when he talks to me. A vocabulary relatively free of profanities. Hands that show that he's not afraid of a little work. Clean nails that aren't bitten down and ragged. Some muscles, but not the super buff gym rat look. Decent shoes. Soberness when all his friends are drunk. A throaty chuckle. Relatively straight teeth, but not too straight, like he spent a fortune on caps. Knowing how to hold a fork. A hint of chest hair peeking out of a white button down shirt. A hint of soap that tells me he recently showered. A nice rear end. A freshly shaven face. A good pair of sunglasses. A watch with a leather band. Combing his hair out of his face with his fingers. Drinking bottled water. Rolling his sleeves up to just below his elbows. A slim wallet. Gazing thoughtfully out a window.

What turns me off: Concert tour tee shirts. Baggy pants. Run-down shoes. Trying too hard to be handsome. Being too loud. Being drunk. Constantly being on the cell phone. Wearing a bluetooth. A car that's too sporty. Button down shirts with the top button done or too many buttons undone. Flabbiness. Reading muscle magazines or car magazines. Looking at every woman that passes by. Owning a pit bull. Coffee breath. Cigarette breath. Constant movement. Talking about golf. Complaining about women. Hating cats. Big belt buckles.

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2011 back to school fashion?

Q. i was wondering what are the musts for back to school, im going in to 8th grade?? like what is the big thing this year?? and when i go back to school shopping what should i get?? okk thanks!

A. I'm going to 8th too! *High Fives* :)

Must haves:

Jeans- (2-3), in a style you like. Skinny jeans are trendy, but bootcuts are making a comeback.

Shorts- (2-3), for summer. Mix up the types of fabric, like don't stick with denim. Bright colors are really in, so I suggest getting maybe 2 pairs in a cool color like yellow/red. You can wear these with a plain, tucked in top with a skinny belt. Super cute!

Skirts- (2), go for ruffles and florals, kinda like what I said about the shorts.

Cardigans- (2-3), go for a plain white/black/grey one that you can wear with anything, then 1-2 in a fun bright color! Cardigans can dress up and down outfits, and are a nice touch to just about any outfit.

Tops- (Go crazy). You can never have enough! Don't forget the basic camis. Lace, ruffles, crop tops, and florals are really in right now. Also, to go with the trendy bohemian look, try flowy tops with a cool cut. Off the shoulder tops are also cute, especially when they're cropped.

Trends this year:

Color blocking: This is when you use a bright color to spruce up an outfit, for example wearing a bright red shoe with a plain black outfit. Fun colors are awesome, don't be afraid of them though!

Bohemian: Braids, florals, drapery, you know it.

Tribal: Tribal prints are really big, as well as feathers- as earrings, in your hair, etc.

Check out stores like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. They have super trendy clothing, for pretty good prices.

Hope this helped!

Key fashion for spring/summer 11?
Q. What would you say is essential for this season.
What colour dresses for parties green?
Hair accesories?
What sort of shoes?
High waist trousers/ jeans?
What are you moat excited about this season and bulid a outfit at the bottom which you think best reptesnts this season and get 10 poits
And what will you be wearing

A. I did a complete guide on spring fashion trends on the runways:

Out of all of these trends my favorite would have to be the feminine look. I love ruffles, lace, florals, and volume! I think the pretties color of the season is Pantone's 2011 Color of the Year: Honeysuckle. Flatforms have made a huge comeback but I don't know if I can pull them off instead I'll just go with a trendy wedge or cute pointed flats. Fuller skirts, high-waisted shorts, and a sheath or shirt dresses pulled together with a cinch belt would be a cute look i might wear. Dainty flower hair accessories would be a nice touch in a tousled back messy bun. I hear that going darker, golden, or reddish is hot this season so I think I'm going to get golden highlights to lighten up my look! I'm not so sure with make up but I know that with nail polish hot colors are like an earthy color (essie st. tropez) and a tiffany box or robin's egg blue.

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Parents how often do you take your kids shopping?

Q. My parents only take me once or twice a yr to discount thrift stores and i dont complain and i hardly get new shoes i still use mine from 2yrs ago because my mom makes me buy stuff 2 sizes larger so they last long and they do and I dont mind cuz times are tough and i also dont buy accessories unless im given as gifts. So how and how often do you shop for your kids, teens, toddlers, infants ?

A. whenever they need new shoes or when the season changes and they need new clothes. im not a real big shopper but i do shop once in a while especially in the summer time because it be so hot and they always have cute cheap stuff on sale. lol. ross is my favorite store, cheap and trendy.

What am I like according to my birth chart?
Q. Sun: Libra

(that's the order it was according to my birth chart)
Ok fine.

18th october, 1994

Gorgan, iran

A. Sun
You are oh-so-elegant and tasteful to the point of incurring nausea from loved ones. You are also bipolar as hell and can't make a decision on your own. You usually consult your therapist or TV Guide. Libras are trendy and malleable folks. They are funny because they will glom onto something they hated before if it suddenly becomes fashionable. Velour is not entirely lost upon these people. Libras eat a lot of ethnic food from cultures they don't understand. They single-handedly started the cappucino movement. Ask them why, and they will claim something unintelligible about solidarity. You constantly worry about what other people think. If you really paid any attention, maybe people would like you more. Libras use quotes from David Mamet plays to describe philosophical concepts. Then they have those concepts engraved upon nice little wallet cards. The Libran interest in current events ends with the J. Crew catalog. They don't eat fast food or have any clue where their trash goes. They have other people tie their expensive shoes. Only two Libras have ever been found in thrift stores. All of their bell-bottoms were color-coordinated to match their lamé turtlenecks. Libras are always on the cutting edge of what the rest of us think is absolute pretentious bulls**t. They have huge collections of CDs they've never even listened to. Libras give to designer charities. Hollywood is full of Libras. You are the reason butterfly hairpins and parachute pants have made a comeback. Next on the list is those big jam shorts. You probably never threw out your old pair. Hang on to your Winger t-shirt too. Get a Libra as drunk as possible and he or she will still be able to explain the difference between café latté and café au lait. This is peculiar as the rest of us know that there is no difference at all.

Aries have ramlike eyebrows and smug expressions. They should not be quite so smug because they are constantly clunking themselves in the skull. Cat Stevens' "Hard Headed Woman" was probably an Aries. Aries rarely say one thing and do another. They usually do the wrong thing and don't discuss it. Never point this out to an Aries unless you want your kidneys pulled out through your sinuses. Aries folks love Pisceans because Pisces people make them feel well-grounded. Aries love to laugh at the funny moon-people who suck their thumbs at age 35. Aries use guns to describe philosophical concepts. Whether you live in a palatial estate or a cardboard tepee, you will insist until death that it is exactly what you always wanted. Most Aries were concrete parking bumpers in at least two of their past lives. Aries are never born. They skip gaily from their mothers' wombs. This may even involve rollerblades. The Aries makes life decisions as a toddler. Aries marry several times for funnies but never divorce. Their spouses have many freak accidents resulting in death or crippling injury. Being infallible, God is probably an Aries. This would make Satan an Aquarius. Aries always hold management positions. If one is assigned to clean toilets, he will form a one-man union. Then he will go and picket in the parking lot. All of you think you're Lech Walesa. People run away when an Aries comes around. They know that if they do not, the Aries will set them on fire. Aries hate listening to Scorpios talk because they take pride in being even more self-centered. In fact, much to the Scorpios' dismay, you are the biggest pricks in the zodiac. Your rams' horns are in everyone else's asses.

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Can Dansko clogs be fashionable? What do you think about them style-wise?

Q. I tend to dress fashionably (or so I think!) but I really want to boost my height with a pair of comfy shoes (not stilettos!). So I'm wondering if Dansko clogs are the way to go. Please let me know what you think of them, are they super dorky, only for nurses, or can you wear them in a trendy way? Thanks so much for replying.

A. Um...well, I happen to love my Dansko clogs. But they do seem a bit dorky if you aren't wearing them with long pants. One thing you need to think of is that Dansko is both expensive and can really hurt your feet if you're not used to wearing them all day.
Why not go for some cute wedges to boost your height? Or you could try enjoying the fact that you're small. Guys like small girls, they think you're a damsel in distress or something because you can't reach the top shelf or touch the ceiling! lol.

What are the most comfortable (can't be sneakers or white though) shoes to wear for everyday? See details....
Q. I work full-time in an insurance office and dress professionally, but no suits. Pants/skirts with sweaters or nice tops. I have arthritis in most of my joints including my knees & feet and have had 4 knee surgeries. The last one was a total knee replacement. I also have no arches left in my feet. I'm trying to keep working because I'm in my 40's & don't want to be out disabled at my age. However, I'm up and down a lot during the day and my feet hurt all the time. Can you please recommend some brands of shoes you've had success with? Most of my clothes would match black/brown/navy or I'd ask nurses who are on their feet all day but I think they mostly wear white shoes with their uniforms. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays.

A. There's a brand called Aerosoles ( that is known for making really comfortable, yet stylish, shoes.

Also, flats are really trendy at the moment so I'm sure you'll have luck finding a nice pair of those for comfortable everyday wear.

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What is a good website where I can learn about fashion trends?

Q. I work at a clothing store and I would like to keep up with the latest fashion trends so that I can better help my customers. I would just like to find a site that will help me keep up with what's in and what's out.

A. watch fashion tv and visit their website Also check out the runway shoes from fashion week (can be seen on ftv and sometimes on style)

I also work in a high fashion store, and the best advice I can give you is simply know your customer. Most women all ready have their own unique style and are just looking for that new trendy piece of clothing or accessory to update their look. Often you will get questions about new, off the cuff this summer when the tunic dress really became a hot piece. They ask: "is this really a shirt or a dress?" "should I wear leggings with it or would it look better without?" "what type of shoes would flatter my legs and body in this?" By understanding the latest trends, you will be ready to answer all of their questions. The most important thing though is to make your customer feel beautiful, confident and comfortable with her style--not at all awkward.

How would i introduce a vintage look for myself?
Q. I am tired of being 'normal' (fashion wise anyway) i really like the Vintage look, i have a few vintage pieces. What are some staple vintage items to get started on my new look?

A. Vintage looks consist of basic, well fitted pieces in traditional colors and modest coverage. Try some fabrics like tweed, wool, corduroy, and cotton. A basic button down oxford shirt or a soft sweater set in cashmere would look great with a knee length pencil skirt or thin wool pants. A pretty cotton skirt with a floral or polka dot pattern looks nice too. And you can't go wrong with a classic looking sundress with a sweater over your shoulders. Shoes should be genuine leather. Try a nude or black leather heel or a basic brown loafer. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics as these are more modern looking. It's essential to incorporate some feminine items that will personalize your look like a pretty strand of pearls, interesting broaches or a gold locket. Try to wear your hair in simple, pretty styles and avoid things like "messy buns" or "beach waves". Soft curls are a classic look for women. On a windy day wear a pretty silk scarf over your hair to hold it back or wear your hair in a clean looking bun. You can always add a pretty jeweled pin as an accent.

Try a simple tan trenchcoat that is good quality and well fitted. And don't do the oversized, slouchy bags. Carry a medium sized leather purse or a simple clutch. In the evening, you can carry a gold clutch.

Keep makeup simple - red or soft pink lips, black eyeliner and black mascara, powder and a rosy blush. Nothing with glitter or shimmer and no eyeshadow. And avoid the tanning bed!

The reason "vintage" styles have never gone away is because they give the look of high quality and class. The clothes are always well-fitted and tailored, look modest, but still feminine and beautiful, and incorporate classic pieces in fabrics that don't look too trendy or "now".

Great stores to shop at are J. Crew, Macy's, Belk. But you can find these kind of pieces anywhere. I wouldn't spend to much time at a thrift store unless it's a higher end one. Most of them carry nothing but junk.

Have fun and hope this helps :)

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Where to get casual bridesmaids dresses?

Q. I live in the north ga/tn area. I would prefer stores I could actually visit. We are having an outdoor August wedding. The groomsmen are going in slacks and white button-ups. Our colors are pink, black and white. (Black and white are more of the accent colors) I want something casual, but not too casual. This is still a wedding, after all. Any suggestions? I'd like to keep it under or around $50. They are paying for their own dresses and I see no reason to make them spend an arm and a leg.

A. As it's a casual day wedding, look around at different stores for a nice sundress.

Something like this at Macys

for a little more trendy wedding

A maxi dress would be great and it would be something they could wear again. That might be too casual but a nice chiffon one or one with ombre dye. I know the simple cotton ones are too casual.

There are a lot of dresses on sale in the store though that aren't on the website that look similar to this

Do you have a Maurice's near you? I've bought several of their dresses. Look at New York and Company as well (though their website is horrible).

For online sites, I've ordered from several. I don't have many stores so I have ordered from Body Central, Chadwicks, Newport News, and Venus. I've loved all their dresses though Body Central...isn't for larger women. I am self conscious about my midsection as I could stand to lose 10-15 lbs but I'm usually a size 8 and not a large woman but I wear a large in Body Central and couldn't begin to wear a medium. Most of their dresses don't come in XL.

I would look at Kohl's too. They have a lot of nice summer dresses. How old are your bridesmaids?

Also don't overlook a big bridal store like David's Bridal. I don't know how many bridesmaids you have but they have many discontinued styles that you can get on sale.

Don't overlook how you can accent a dress. You might find a great dress that doesn't quite have enough pink. You can go get hot pink shrug or sashes to go over it. Black and white prints are big.

You could easily include a bright pink in with accessories--bangles, chunky necklace, bright shoes.

Stores like Sears, JC Penny's, H&M if you have one, Jones New York, JCrew all carry dress that would be perfect. Any chain that is located where your bridesmaids are would be great. I'd overlook anything that would be too difficult for them. Many stores are in Atlanta but no where else in the South. Also overlook discount centers and places like TJ Maxx as their inventory isn't consistent. If you are all close by, you could do a weekend trip to an outlet mall. I know there is a Tanger Outlet in Sevierville, TN; Commerce, GA; and Locust Grove, GA. This site can help you find more /usa50.html

How can I dress better without looking like a tool?
Q. I've never taken a deep plunge into fashion, so going all out with the latest would not be in my character. I'll wear skinny jeans, but scarves seem awkward if not for cold weather. I don't really understand how to use accessories, or colors, or matching. I'm also short, so any advice on short guys dressing trendy would be greatly appreciated.

A. shirts = plain white tees, graphic tees (no logos if possible), & the occasional abercrombie shirt (dont overdo it tho, or you'll look like a douchebag!)

jeans = anything! guys can pull off virtually any style, so dont limit yourself. heres some inspiration: -skinny jeans are tricky to pull off, so try on a lot of styles before you buy

NO fashion scarfs! please leave those to women

shoes = you can go with skater vans:

the universally loved converse: (high or low tops)

or (depending on the occasion) a flip flop:

for hoodies and jackets, there are many looks you can go with.

skater = vans, element, fox (you can buy these brands at Pacsun)

beachy-casual = abercrombie, hollister, aeropostle

preppy = the gap

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Women this is a clothing survey for you?

Q. Daisy Dukes or a Mini Skirt
Knee length skirt or ankle length
Wire bra or wireless bra
Heels or sneakers
Comfortable shoes or trendy shoes
glasses, context, lasics, readers or no never needed glasses
more nutrals in your clothes or more vivid colors in your clothes?

Hey thanks for the answers in advance! Just curious!

A. mini skirt
knee length skirt
wire bra
trendy shoes
vivid colors

I am thinking about buying a men/women's clothing store in a small town. What can I do to update it?
Q. I can't spend a lot of money, but I would like to make the store not look so 80's. Any suggestions about how to update dressing rooms, choose paint colors, use trendy decor would be appreciated. Also, what kind of fixtures are popular right now (mannequins, racks, display cases)? If you have any tips on going to market, that would be great too!

A. well i would try store & my friend redid an old store with tons of stuff from ikea they are affordable & easy to assemble. For the markets i would take alot of linesheets & write notes dont sign anything incase you change your mind you doont want them to have your signature because then its hard to cancel an order. I usually write all my orders after the show to see all my options you can budget that way better too. Definetly wear comfortable shoes & bring some candy or granola bars because it gets tiring talking allll day. My favorite show is in vegas Magic & project you need to go the whole time because they also have alot of great seminars that you can learn from.

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Whats a good consignment shop to sell clothes to?

Q. So i want to get rid of a bunch of clothes that i never wear, but i want to get some money for it since theres so much im getting rid of. I live in Rochester, NY, and i dont want to go to Platos Closet because you get practically nothing for the clothes. So anyone have suggestions to a consignment shop in Rochester that gives you a decent amount of money for your clothes? And I'd like to point out, yes i could donate, but ive donated clothes many times and I'd to get some money back this time for new clothes. I am not greedy. Suggestions??

A. Rochester Area Consignment Shops (RACS)

Act 2 Consignment Shop
31 E. Main St., Victor, N.Y.
Carefully Re-chosen Fashions & Collectibles

Anything Goes Clothing Consignment Shop, Est. 1988
Labels for less
Closed February & July
Monday - Saturday 10 - 5, Thursday 10 - 8
136 Village Landing, Fairport , N.Y.

Changing Closets Consignment Boutique
Women & teen girls clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, home decor & furniture.
7353 Route 96, Victor , N.Y. 14564
(2 miles south of Eastview Mall)

Friend To Friend Trendz
Fairport's Newest Consignment Boutique!
Specializing in trendy Teen & Woman's everyday clothing and accessories.
303 Macedon Center Road
Fairport, NY 14450

Lily's Consignment Shoppe, Est 1987
Quality second-hand clothing for the entire family.
Fashion accessories, vintage & costume jewelry and household treasures
699 S. Main Street, Canandaigua 14424 (in the Old Wegmans Plaza)

Marianne's Consignments
Reselling contemporary brand name clothing for men, women, and juniors
at incredibly low prices!
Fabulous purses, shoes, and jewelry too!
Tuesday - Friday 11 - 6, Saturdays 11 - 3
792 South Clinton Ave (between Meigs and Gregory) Rochester, N.Y.
Customer service is our trademark!

Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment, Inc.
1855 Monroe Ave, Brighton, N.Y.
Joan E. Lincoln

Second Bloom Consignment
Store Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wed. and Fri. 10-6, Thursday 10- 8, Saturday 10-4
1276 Fairport Rd. Fairport, N.Y. 14450
PH: 585-388-4330 Fax-388-5189

Second Chances Consignment Shoppe
“A Second Chance for a First Impression”
Judy Kampf, Owner
Women’s, Men’s & Children’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, Handbags, jewelry, accessories & home décor
Mon, Tues & Fri 10am-6pm
Wed & Thurs 10am-7pm
Sat 10am-5pm
147 S. Union Street (Corner of S. Union & West Ave), Spencerport, , N.Y. 14559

Rosie's Boutique - Second Hand Rose
Designer Consignment with a Touch of Zen
50 State St.-Behind Shoen Place
Pittsford NY 14534

Second Time Around
Fashions on consignment * Women's and Children's name brands
Tues. - Sat., 9:30-5, Thurs., 9:30-7
5 West Main Street - Rear, Webster, N.Y.
Off Rt. 250 just north of Main St., Webster Village

Small Wonders
Big Style, Small Prices
Next to New Brand Name Children's, Teen's, Maternity & Women's Clothing ,
Shoes & Accessories. Baby Gear and Toys
Summer Hours
Wed-Fri- Sat 10-4
Thurs 12-7
Closed Sun-Tues
1225 Jefferson Road, Frontier Commons, Rochester, N.Y. 14623

Upscale consignment
Turn your closet into cash and your wardrobe into WOW!
Cathy Yeomans Owner
Open 7 days a week, weeknights until 8:00 p.m.
Mon- Fri 10-8 Sat 10-6 Sun 12-4
Women's: Casual, Business, & Special Occasion,
Kids: School Clothes, Play Clothes and Dress up size 5 and up,
Juniors: tween's and teens,
Jewelry, Purses, Shoes & Accessories
Sunrise Plaza
1764 Empire Blvd, Webster , N.Y. 14580

What are the most popular teen stores right now?
Q. I'm 14 and I need a new wardrobe! I have no style :( What stores are really popular? What types of clothing are "in"? I have about $300 of birthday money to spend. Thanks everybody!!!!!

A. Definitely forever21 for cheap clothes and on trend stuff.
Wetseal is pretty cheap and similar to forever21, and so is Love Culture.
Try nordstrom (rack) for great quality pieces. If you go to a regular nordstrom, though, the stuff is so expensive :o
Free People and Brandy Melville are super popular right now (and they have a lot of "in" stuff), but both are a bit pricier than your typical mall store.
If you are willing to wear second hand clothes, try Plato's Closet - its like a thrift store but a bit more expensive because it only carries brand name clothes that are in trend right now. Its still way cheaper than the original prices even though its more expensive that somewhere like Goodwill or a consignment shop.
Tilly's, Francesca's, Kohl's, Macy's, Charlotte Russe, Aeropostale, delias, Old Navy or Gap, Garage (♥), and Zara are some other places to try.Target has everything - makeup, accessories, school supplies, and clothes so I would recommend at least checking that out. And the prices are really good too!

Clothing trends are:
Jumpers/pullovers are supposedly going to be in for winter, paired with jeans or leggings.
Cardigans are always great :D
Oxblood/burgundy/maroon is the color of this fall/winter so pick up some stuff in that color for this school year. I have a pair of jeans in this color that I love. So soft, and the shade is perfect!
Tribal prints were in for summer and spring, but I think as we transition into fall not many people are going to be wearing tribal prints any more. Same with colored jeans and neon pants.
Flannel and plaid shirts are definitely in. Just button downs in general.
Flowy tops are trendy right now, something like this: I would pair this with a scarf and skinny jeans and any type of shoe as an outfit :D
Peter pan collared tops were in this summer, not sure if they will stay for the whole school year.
Patterned, like floral or polka dotted jeans, are trendy right now. You can get really cute ones at AE.
BLAZERS! Especially for the chilly days in fall, I would get a fitted blazer for school.
Definitely combat boots and riding boots. Furry slippers (like ugg slippers) were in last winter, not sure about 2012. These are the combat boots I really want, but none of the colors are in my size >.<

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Why do British women feel the need to wear preposterous hats to public functions?

Q. American women are far more elegant when they wear a hat. I am thinking of Jackie O who set the standard. And French women know the need for understatement and elegance in headwear. British women wear hats that make them look like a cross between Little Bo Peep and a botannical experiment. Don't they see what clowns they look like or am I missing something here?

A. maybe they wear impractical hats just as we have impractical shoes - infers status (to wear high maintenance, and disposable income on trendy frivolity.)

I am thinking about buying a men/women's clothing store in a small town. What can I do to update it?
Q. I can't spend a lot of money, but I would like to make the store not look so 80's. Any suggestions about how to update dressing rooms, choose paint colors, use trendy decor would be appreciated. Also, what kind of fixtures are popular right now (mannequins, racks, display cases)? If you have any tips on going to market, that would be great too!

A. well i would try store & my friend redid an old store with tons of stuff from ikea they are affordable & easy to assemble. For the markets i would take alot of linesheets & write notes dont sign anything incase you change your mind you doont want them to have your signature because then its hard to cancel an order. I usually write all my orders after the show to see all my options you can budget that way better too. Definetly wear comfortable shoes & bring some candy or granola bars because it gets tiring talking allll day. My favorite show is in vegas Magic & project you need to go the whole time because they also have alot of great seminars that you can learn from.

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why do shoe makers put such big heels on running shoes?

Q. no one runs landing on their heels. don't they know this? while i agree with some of the idea of those knew trendy barefoot glove shoes, i don't imagine ever seeing old people wearing something with such a small amount of padding....and we're all going to get old....i'd like to take precaution to how much impact my feet take.

A. You're better off running barefoot. Your feet take *less* impact if you run barefoot because you don't land on your heels when you run barefoot. Forget the "trendy barefoot glove shoes", though. They're a waste of $$$. Just go barefoot.

I have fat feet does anyone know where I can buy heels?
Q. I have fat feet and I really love wearing heels and wedged shoes the only problem is I have a hard time finding shoes that fit and it makes me really really embarrassed when I can't buy the shoes I want so I was wondering if anyone knew of any trendy cool sites or shops in Atlanta that have shoes for women with fat feet.

A. The Avenue (which is a plus-size clothing store) has some shoes in wide widths (; they're called "Cloudwalkers" shoes...but I'd go to a store & try them on, because they seem to run a little big); Payless; or go to a website like www. or and search for the shoes that come in wider widths.

I also have wider feet...some brands are better than others. Nine West & Bandolino seem to run a little wider than some other brands of dressy shoes; for casual shoes, Born is actually a M/W width and they have some adorable wedgy sandals.

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Selasa, 03 Desember 2013

Where can I find cheap whole sale vendors in Chicago and online?

Q. Hello,
I am starting a new business and I am looking for whole sale vendors who have trendy women's clothing, shoes, assessories, and etc. I am opening my shop in Chicago and I do not have an idea as to where I am going to get the goods that I need for my store. If anyone has suggestions that can direct me to a place where I can buy goods at a resonable whole sale price would GREATLY appreciate your response.
Thank you so much for your time,

A. The Chicago Apparel Center is hosting a Women's and Children's show on June 6 to June 9. There is a list of vendors and their showrooms at If you don't have a mart card yet, bring business cards, a letter on your letterhead describing your business, and business credit references to register for the show. Once you receive your mart card, you will be notified of all future shows. If you don't have credit references, you can prepay for orders with a business credit card.

What are pretty but inexpensive brands of clothing for young adult women?
Q. I have so many old clothes that I want to donate which came from who knows where. Preferably a brand not as mainstream as Forever 21 and H&M, I know of those places. I live in California if that helps at all.

A. Have you ever tried the more "trendy" thrift stores? Sometimes you can find really good deals there. I live in California too. What's popular here is a store called Buffalo Exchange. I don't know what part of California you are in, but in So-cal there is one in Fullerton. And one in Long Beach. Up north, I only know of one in Berkeley. I know there is many more.
Here's their website:

There is also a store called La Bomba, but that is only in So-Cal I think.

They have really... vintagey Forever 21 looking, but better clothing. Sometimes they are pricey, but it depends on the item of clothing. Jackets are usually the most expensive things in the store. It is a thrift store though, so everything is gently used. Also, if you have old clothes to get rid of, you can take em to Buffalo Exchange. How it works there is a worker will look through your clothes and determine if they want to buy them from you. They are really picky about clothing, but they will buy your clothes if deemed "fashionable" enough for re-sale. It's a really hipstery place, though. They get a little cocky and will totally judge your style.

Also, have you tried Ross? Sometimes, their clothes are just ugly, but you can also find great cheap jeans there, sometimes cute shoes or tops as well.

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Minggu, 01 Desember 2013

Where is the best place to order online for women who wear a size 16-18 and are large in the bust area?

Q. My friend is plus size and wants to completely change her look. She has asked me to help her out with ideas and shopping. What clothes are sexy and in style right now. What about shoes? She's a size 10. She is a very sexy woman-how can we let her sexiness shine through so that she can get back into the dating scene again.

A. All of these sites carry or specialize in plus sizes: - fun, inexpensive tees, skirts, etc. - great lingerie, good place for basic items & swimsuits - bras, workout wear, stockings, etc. - " - stylish clothing - stylish clothing, sales worth checking out - fun, trendy clothing

shoestoreSale associate Q?If an interviewer asks you to sell them a shoe what would you say?
Q. i have an interview at a shoestore for a sales associate job and my friend said they ask how would you get someone to purchase a pair of shoes? and i think i would be stuck on answering that can anyone help me with this please?

A. The key to "selling" is to present features and benefits to the customer: a feature is something that the item has (This shoe has extra cushioning in the toe.), and a benefit is how the feature is useful (The extra cushioning helps to minimize the impact of walking and running so you won't have pain in your knees and back.)

Ask questions, and really listen to the answers! If someone says "I need black dress shoes, but i can't walk in heels" don't show them a pair of sky-high stilettos, no matter how fierce they are! i know it seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of sales people forget that their job is to please the customer. Of course, there is some "reading between the lines" involved, but it takes a while to develop that 6th sense.

Here's how your interview should go:

Interviewer: Pretend I am a customer. How would you sell me a pair of shoes?

You: I'd ask you what the occasion is first.

Interviewer: I'm going to a wedding. It's outside in a garden.

You: I'd ask you what your dress looks like.

Interviewer: It's light blue and just below the knee.

You: I'd walk you over to the display of metallic flat sandals. (Pick up a pair of sandals) Metallics are really trendy right now, and they're easy to pair with any color (feature), which means after the wedding you'll have no problem finding other outfits to wear them with (benefit). They're flat (feature) so you won't have to worry about having the heels of your shoes sinking into the dirt, since the wedding is outside (benefit). What size do you wear?

Interviewer: 7 1/2

You: (Find correct size and take them out of the box, get those little stocking footie things) Here's a pair your size. Why don't you try them on?

Of course, you'll have to tailor this to the actual answers the interviewer gives. lol

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How many brand does Gap Inc. have?

Q. And which kind of customers does each brand focus on?
does it have a varity of prices?
why they divided gap into those different brand?
What's the difference between banana republic, gap and old navy, especially in price.
banana republic is the most expensive?

A. Banana Republic - the most expensive of the brands, generally targets working professionals who can afford to pay a lot for a dress shirt or sweater and pants, etc. However, Banana's outlet division "Banana Republic Factory Store" or BRFS is much more affordable (even cheaper than Gap's regular price merchandise)

Gap - much larger target for customers - all the way from Baby to Adult, has a wide variety of merchandise while still carrying the basics as well as trendier items, I'd say for up to age 40.

Old Navy - the most affordable of the brands, also has baby thru adult. Also carries basics, while making a recent attempt to become a specialty store (carrying more trendier items and getting more stylish with their clothes).

Forth & Towne is a new brand as of last year and so far it's only in a few states, still trying to get it's feet wet and test out the market. It's supposed to fall in between the price range and style of Gap and Banana, targeting women in their 30s. is the newest of Gap Inc's brands. It's an online shoe store which carries MANY brands of shoes - even designer brands. They have free shipping and returns!

As for "why did they divide Gap into different brands?"...
have you ever heard the phrase, "Dont put all your eggs in one basket"? It's better to branch out and diversify how the company brings in it's money. More brands = more money. They are reaching different demographics with each type of store.

Question for women with wide feet?
Q. I have wide feet (like a duck, much wider across the toes than at the heel) and thick ankles. Can someone give me the name of a fashionable store (other than Naturalizer, shop there a lot) that I can get a nice, "non-grandma", pair of shoes. I need some more variety.

A. I have Fred Flinstone feet, as a friend so delicately puts it, and I usually have pretty good luck at PayLess Shoes. They have trendy shoes in larger sizes, as well as in wide width. Also, if you don't mind internet shopping, try the following for a decent selection of shoes:

Tip: before you buy ANYTHING online, check out for coupon codes!!

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