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How can i dress like a preppy girl?

Q. i want to dress preppy now.!any suggestion.!
can you put together a outfit for me?
colors i love-pink,green,yellow
colors i hate-dark purple

A. Personally, I think the best style type is preppy because it is classic and never goes out of style. Here are some basic steps:

1. The attitude: Always present yourself in a nice and welcoming manner. Be polite and courteous with girls, boys, and teachers. Never be snobby and don't try too hard.
2. The clothes: Wear clean cut, classic clothes, but they do not have to be trendy. Places like Abercrombie and Hollister are not preppy, unless you buy the really simple items. Try J.Crew, Lacoste, etc. Wear skirts, khaki, polos, bermuda shorts and bright colors. The staples of the preppy style are oxford shirts, polo shirts, and sweaters/cardigans. anything simple and of a solid color will work! The Jackie Cardigan is also a good, classic choice. Also, try a cute blazer over a simple dress. Also, for jeans, don't have any rips in them. Some good colors for clothes include pastels in pink, blue, green, and yellow or neutrals such as off white and brown.
3. Accessories: Always wear accessories, but not too many. Try pearl jewelry such as pearl studs. Also wear ribbon belts in different colors.
4. Shoes: Clean white tennis shoes are cute, or leather or suede ballet flats. No sneakers or Uggs. If you want boots try leather or suede slouch boots or straight leg boots... classic!
5. Hair: Make sure your hair is always well cleaned and conditioned. Don't do the same thing every day, mix it up! Try ribbons in a ponytail, headbands, and pigtails.
6. Always keep clean: Brush your hair, take care of your teeth, and smell nice.
7. Most importantly.... HAVE CONFIDENCE!!! Focus on your inner beauty and never let anybody tell you who you should be.
Some helpful links:

If you really want abercrombie... try this:

I hope this helps!

What to get for a trip to France?
Q. I'm 14 and am going to France at the end of this month. We'll be in Paris for a couple of days, then will spend the rest of the week in St. Tropez. What will I need to pack or shop for? Like, for the weather, etc. I don't want to stand out as a tourist, and want to like nice when we go out for dinners and such. So if you could tell me what I'll need for clothes or anything else. Thanks!

A. Even if you are fashion-oriented, pack your most comfortable clothes from home. If you're from a climate that sports a lot of florals and bright colors, aim for the subdued approach.You can never go wrong wearing black in Paris - in fact, you'll notice that this is the color scheme that most of the locals live in. You've heard it all before - black is slimming, always in style, and versatile - a flattering black sweater or pants/skirt can be dressed down for daywear and easily spruced up for a night on the town. As a traveler, black has the added benefit of not showing the "wear and tear" of a trip. And if you can't stand wearing black, try other neutral colors - like beiges, browns, and creams. Leave your hoodies and matching sweatpants, white tennis shoes, shorts and bright colored nylon windbreakers at home. The comfortable clothes that suburban American women live-in, are not seen on Parisians outside of their homes.
Don't over pack with too many outfits. Bring basics that travel well and that you can mix and match. Dress up your outfits with accessories - necklaces, earrings and scarves. Scarves are ubiquitous in Paris - Parisian women know they are a quick and easy way to pull an outfit together.
Paris is a city made for walking and you'll be on your feet more than you can imagine. You will see the trendy, flat "puma" like tennis shoes on young Parisians, but if you want to blend in, leave at home your white/tennis running shoes. We know that these shoes are comfortable and built for mileage, but white tennis shows are the tell-tale sign of "American Tourist". Truthfully, when we see white shoes in a sea of black, we know that it is a fellow American in Paris. Unfortunately, many unsavory types that prey on tourists also know that this is the case. Don't make yourself an easy mark for pickpockets - leave the white tennis shoes at home.
Invest in shoes designed for walking (Recommended brands are Ecco, Mephisto, or Dansko). One day of climbing steps up monuments and navigating cobblestoned corridors and you'll understand why these sturdy European brands are so popular among Parisians . Or, wear a pair of flats, loafers or short-heeled boots that have been battle-tested at home for walking. Before you toss your favorite Levi's in a suitcase, remember that we're talking about Paris, and the jeans you see on Parisians contain certain stylistic elements - dark, slim fit "skinny jeans", or slight flare - paired with low-heels or ballet flats for daytime walking and stilettos for going out at night. If your jeans can be described as high-waisted or pleated, you'll feel more comfortable wearing black pants or a skirt - especially for dining in the evening.A bonus about visiting Paris is that you don't need to obsess over your hair and make-up. It seems like a contradiction in terms, but Parisian woman tend to favor the "au natural" look more than their American counterparts.

Bottom line: Dress your age and dress nicely - you'll be rewarded with better treatment in cafés, shops and restaurants

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Where can I find stylish shoes that will support my Plantar Fascitis feet?

Q. I wear my custom orthodics in my sneakers when possible, but I can't wear sneakers to work or less causal events. Any suggestions on where to find trendy/stylish shoes, sandals, or flats that are reasonably priced?
I need an alternative to sneakers with my custom orthodics. I can't wear sneakers to work.

A. A reputable tennis shoe with good support (leather) is always good. If you do use an orthotic (whether custom- made or store-bought), be sure to take the inlay that comes with the shoe out first.
Also, be sure to do heel stretching exercises.

Whats the difference between skateboarding shoes and BMX shoes?
Q. I saw these pairs of awesome looking BMX shoes by DCshoes but, I'm a skater and don't BMX.
So I wanted to know, whats the difference?
Could I use the BMX shoes to skate?

A. BMX shoes generally are built to suit the protection needs for bmxing eg. stiffer sole... skate shoes are usually more trendy and have a little less padding than bmx shoes but in general aqre made to suit the needs of skateboarding.

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Back to school trends 2011?

Q. Heeey, can anyone tell me the back to school trends for 2011? Anything that you can think of in these categories:

Please provide brand names if you can! Online store or Polyvore links would be a bonus but not necessary! Thanks a bunch! (:

A. Tops: crop tops, tank tops, blazers, lace, animal patterns, tribal patterns, floral patterns, fringe tops, see-through tops, & over-sized tees.
Bottoms: flare jeans, dark wash jeans, high waisted shorts, & skirts.
Shoes: fringe boots, brown boots, ankle boots, flats, toms, & sandals.
Accessories: feather earrings, long necklaces, layered necklaces, bird necklaces, heart necklaces, lots of bracelets, snake rings (a ring that's in shape of a snake that is usually the length of your finger).
Colors: Bright colors are really in right now such as: yellow, blue, orange, pink, & white. But red, browns, purples, & blacks, seem like the trendy colors for fall leading into winter.
Makeup: Neutral colored eye shadow, blue eye shadow, smokey eyes, red lips, peach lips, red cheeks, bigger eyelashes.
Hair: Curly, straight etc. Messy buns & braids.

Forever21, H&M, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Delias, Hollister, Urban Outfitters, PacSun, & Lulu's.

Back-to-school Trends for Fall 2011?
Q. Hi! Ok so I'm going back to school in 2 weeks, and I want to get unique clothes that are me but still trendy...I'm into indie/preppy kinda clothes. Do you guys have any idea where I could shop for these and any essentials I should buy...?
I was thinking WetSeal and Rue21. Also shoes! I like Sperry Top siders...
Also don't say Forever21 bc everyone shops there and that makes it boring.
Thanks so much!(:

A. Fringe (really into style at the moment.)
Off-shoulder/baggy clothing.
Cropped pants.
Cardigans (quarter sleeve)
Long necklaces/thick bracelets.
Off shoulder sweatshirts.

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How can I dress better without looking like a tool?

Q. I've never taken a deep plunge into fashion, so going all out with the latest would not be in my character. I'll wear skinny jeans, but scarves seem awkward if not for cold weather. I don't really understand how to use accessories, or colors, or matching. I'm also short, so any advice on short guys dressing trendy would be greatly appreciated.

A. shirts = plain white tees, graphic tees (no logos if possible), & the occasional abercrombie shirt (dont overdo it tho, or you'll look like a douchebag!)

jeans = anything! guys can pull off virtually any style, so dont limit yourself. heres some inspiration: -skinny jeans are tricky to pull off, so try on a lot of styles before you buy

NO fashion scarfs! please leave those to women

shoes = you can go with skater vans:

the universally loved converse: (high or low tops)

or (depending on the occasion) a flip flop:

for hoodies and jackets, there are many looks you can go with.

skater = vans, element, fox (you can buy these brands at Pacsun)

beachy-casual = abercrombie, hollister, aeropostle

preppy = the gap

What Clothes are good for the basis of a men's wardrobe?
Q. I was just in the army for 3 years and upon getting back into things, I've realized that my wardrobe could possibly use some updating. I have
-2 pairs of jeans (AE bootcut, and Old Navy Mechanics).
-Camo Army pants
-Random Cargo Shorts
A bright yellow polo shirt and a red one
-Tshirts, mostly darkblue, and other darker colors
-plenty of button up the front plaid shirts, long and short sleeve (wore these with shorts or jeans with sleeves rolled up.
-All set in the formal clothes dept (have good suits shirts and ties)
-have some leather flipflops and some adidas sambas as shoes

That's about it! What should I get that wont cost obscene amounts of money but will fill out my wardrobe? I really want a good basis to work off of. Clothes for casual, and clothes if i wanna dress up a bit and want to go out.

Thanks for the help!

A. Maybe try some cool new staples for your wardrobe, that accent it, because it sounds pretty good so far! maybe a trendy jean jacket with a few patches sewn on (your favorite bands), then, maybe a nice pinstripe jacket a gray one always looks good. Sambas are awesome shoes, maybe try a pair of converse, sure, a lot of people own them, but you can't beat a pair of all black low tops! they look great under dark jeans with a cool button up top!

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What are some good first day of school outfits?

Q. I'm moving out of elementary school and onto Junior High and I want to make a good impression. I'm gonna be in 7th grade. I like to shop at stores like dEliAs, Wet Seal, and Aeropostale. I have a good pair of jean shorts I might wear, but mostly I need, like a colorful blouse or something. I'm open to all suggestions!!

A. oh my gosh girl i'm so excited for you! (: when i was going into seventh grade i was SOOO excited!
i can completely understand why you want to make a good impression.

but anyways, make sure the shorts fit the dress code! because dressing really revealing-ish to school will not start you off well! but as long as they are, lets get started.(:

i would probably wear like a flowy-top! so here's a few examples:

*also, boho prints are really in style this summer!

now, i know that all of these are spaghetti-straps, and that may not be appropriate for your school.
but, you can just pair them with a cute cardigan, or a shrug!

here's some examples:

now, you don't have to get the exact things i recommended, they were just sort a hint on what i would go for if i were you! (:

and for shoes, if you need shoes, i would go with some along these lines:
they have all kinds of colors that would match things, but you don't have to get those exact ones! they're really trendy where i live.
or, i would recommend getting a pair of rainbow flip flops! like these: i have a pair, and they are still in awesome condition ever since 2008. i have the thin strap ones in the brown, but whatever floats your boat!
i hope you have an awesome year girl! make tons of friends, and don't obsess over boys! (:
have a great time!

What is appropriate casual and "going out" clothing for a 26 year old female?
Q. Would you be able to give me some specifics, maybe a list of specifics that should be in the wardrobe? And should I be shopping in the woman's section or junior's section of a department store?

A. know how to mix and match. :) nothing wrong w/ junior's dept if it fits you! also, know what is appropriate for work wear, and the rest is up to you.

here what is in my wardrobe that i wear most of the time, and i am 26 too!

Jeans (shorter pair to wear w/ flats, one longer and fits better for heels/boots). Citizens have good jeans, i wear those everyday! but are $$$$... if u do'nt want to splurge u can go to ross, i got a pair of BCBG jeans for like $25.

White button up blouse: u can wear it w/ aNYTHING!

Wide Belt in black or brown. definitely makes any outfit a bit more stylish.

Nice jacket.. right now i have a really nice Cordoroy Dark Purple jacket from J.Crew (got it on sale for only $30! was $150 before~), i also have a $25 one from Target that is black and velvet.. very cute.

Nice Coat.. for night time and cold weather. u can wear this w/ jeans OR with dresses!

A handful of cute dresses.. either summer dresses, classic, or trendy. i have a cute Forever 21 dress (red w/ polka dots and puffed sleeves), a pretty classic type Ann Taylor Teal Blue dress w/ antique style buttons and black and beige trim... right now a cute look is a chiffon flowy dress w/ dark tights and a chunky knit sweater and belt!!!!

Jewelry: right now i like Long necklaces, and u can pair them up w/ different length necklaces and bracelets. Forever 21 has great ones for like $7.00, and some of them look really classy too if u pair them up w/ right clothes.

Shoes: at least one pair of flats, one pair of boots, and one pair of sneakers/comfy walking shoes, and as many cute Heels, Pumps, and Sandals as possible!

a great look is this: jeans, white blouse, wide belt at the skinniest part of the waist, cute jacket on top, and either boots or flats. u can also substitute a cardigan for the jacket and put the belt over (or under) as well. i'd also like to invest in a cute Pencil Skirt, u can tuck in the white blouse and put the belt over! sooo cute...

make sure ur hair and makeup always looks good, and no matter what u wear u will look trendy~ :)

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What Food Did People Eat In The 1950's For BreakFast? And What Were Their Standards Of Living?

Q. I Have To Write A Report On the 1950's and i need to know how they lived (average size of house, Cars or no Cars, Etc.) And What They ate, and did for jobs.

A. You need to watch Leave it To Beaver:)

Yes they had cars
They lived in the suburbs in modest size homes 3 bedrooms living room dining room 1 bathroom nice yard with a garage. TV was around the garage door opener had been invented. Dad worked and mom stayed home and had a plate of cookies ready for the kids after school. It was the American Dream time. They had electric washers and dryers.

There were beehive hairdos, nylon stockings, poodle skirts, saddle shoes, denim jeans were becoming popular, leather jackets, letter highschool jackets, scarfs and berets, cats eye glasses, pencil skirts, pony tales with bangs, slicked back hair for guys.

Young people were called youths not teenagers

Music was just beginning to branch into Rock and Roll but there were still people like Perry Como and Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole but there was Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash

There were drive ins, diners, and drive in movies, and soda fountains, and car hops

There was James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando , Tony Curtis, Cary Grant * Charlton Heston, Grace Kelly, Jimmy Stewart, and Elizabeth Taylor in the movies

TV dinners were popular and trendy and acceptable in the 1950's Basically they ate what we eat now. Lots of packaged food started coming out around this time.

Cars were a really big deal they tricked them out and raced them and they were muscle cars and made them cool to the teens
They were status symbols to the grown folk

any ideas for re-doing a teen girl room?
Q. i need ideas for my room because its getting kinda old. =]

well, i want it a bit preppy/punkish cause thats my style

also. i have lots of pics in my room and i like to draw and etc.

like mirrors. desk area. shelf. make-up box. ya know. the things that i like. to finish up.

so any ideas?

also, its ok to leave a link. =]
i already tried pb teen.

thanx. =D

A. make it like a beauty salon? heres a link:

When redecorating the room that used to be a child's, let the teenager show her own new personality, lifestyle, tastes and needs. Teens need to play the predominant role in the choices that go into their own space. She is now building her confidence, so help her by creating an individual environment for her. And allow yourself, her parent, to go a little wild when it comes to colors, window coverings and bedding...
Her room will tend to be much more eclectic and personal than any other room in the house! In fact, teenagers' bedrooms dare to be what we would all want our bedrooms to be: eclectic, trendy but unique, fresh, groovy and innovative.
Decorating a teen's room is a great project to work on together, making sure that you respect her taste for what is their bedroom.
Need tips on teen bedroom makeover decorating? Then check out these great bedroom decorating ideas from our team of designers at Personal tastes aside, here are some good ideas to transform a little girl's bedroom into a chich retreat for a young woman:

COLOR: Color is the key ingredient to any room's atmosphere. Color creates a mood. Color makes a statement. But color is also about personal taste. If she likes a certain color, allow her to use it, even if it's purple or other colors you'd never thought of having in a bedroom; but make sure she puts a lot of thought into this: remind her you can't just paint the walls of a bedroom every other week, so the color she chooses is going to stay there for a while. Let her take her own resposability with this choice.
When THE color has been picked, choose two to three complementary colors to scatter throughout the room in fabrics, curtains, and decorative accessories. Remember that a young bedroom can sport a broad spectrum of fabrics, from sunny stripes to fruity hues.

STORAGE: teenagers bedrooms must be both funny and functional. Storage solutions are a necessity in every room, especially with teens who have ever growing collections of CDs, magazines, text books, makeup, not to mention clothing and shoes, and maybe still some stuffed animals! :)
...So if you must have functional furniture make it funky!
Toy boxes are not good any longer, so make sure to provide lots of colorful yet sturdy storage solutions for your teen and she'll make sure to have everything in place. Colorful baskets are a good alternative for storage. And don't forget she needs to organize small things, too! For example, let her organize her desk in style with a set of color-coordinated desk accessories, etc. Message boards fall in this category, too. She will need space to hand little notes, pictures, memorabilia etc.

WORK SURFACE: create an ample work surface, possibly one that will easily accommodate a computer, keyboard, textbooks, desk accessories and notes. Encourage your teen to keep the surface tidy in order to facilitate studying. Also make sure that your teen has adequate lighting to work by as well as a supportive chair.

WINDOW TREATMENTS: be very creative when it comes to window coverings, because they can really make a difference. The sunlight that passes through your panels and curtains will give a whole new aspect to the bedroom, every hour of the day and night. You can either match them to the comforter, or, based on the colors of the room, chose coordinating colors but different patterns.

SOFAS, BEANBAG CHAIRS ETC: expect your teen girl to have lots of guests in her room: pajama parties, study groups, and best friends for a chat will always be welcome and need to find lots of space to sit, relax, study, listen to music etc. Consider adding a couple of funny and cool bean bag chairs to your daughter's bedroom, you could place them near the stereo to create a "Music Corner", then add a sofa or futon for even more sitting and lounging options. Then sprinkle the finishing touches about the room in the form of one-of-a-kind accessories.

LIGHTING: Lighting is important because your teen is going to be doing lots of activities in her room that require good lighting: reading, studying, etc. You can provide two different types of lighting, a main hainging lamp that gives light to the whole room, and then add several smaller funny light points near the bed (for late-night reading) near the stereo, on the desk. etc. In this way you are sure her eyes will get enough lighting, while still having a cool bedroom filled with nice stuff. If you're on a budget, you can reuse old lamps and add inexpensive funky lampshades for added atmosphere!

BEDDING: Teens bedding is a dream of color come true. Give her good reasons to go to bed at night. Buy funky beddings in coordinating colors so she can mix and match them depending on her mood. Different patterns create lovely ensemble that not even designers think of. Once again, let her imagination and creativity rule. Just give her ways to do so.

FLOOR COVERINGS: one day she will stop sitting on the floor, as you try to teach her, but it is not that time, yet. Now it's time to sit down and have a chat on the phone, lay down on a colorful rug, or on a comfy floor cushion near the bookcase. Give her colorful rugs to add interesting elements, but make sure they are also warm and good quality. Choose a color that matches the walls or the comforter, or the furniture.

PRIVACY: as she grows up, she will need more privacy that ever. Even more so if the room is shared by two or more sisters! Anyway, a teenager might want to retreat to a special place according to her mood, and you can give her the chance to do so without ever leaving her own bedroom: add groovy bead curtains, panels, canopies in two or three corners of the room (again, near the stereo, around her bed, near the window...) as to create different places she can escape to during the day.

BEDROOM THEMES: think bedroom themes are a thing of the past? She might be over the mermaids and the butterflies themes you created for her years ago, but this does not mean themes are to be banned. Just like for your decorating style, "themes" can help give the idea of wholeness to an otherwise chaotic teen bedroom. We have selected a few bedroom themes that will make any teen happy: Colorful stripes is all about stripes of colors in different hues that you can mix and match for limitless color combination; Funky Bedroom brings out her inner Diva: it's an exotic mix of silky textiles and animal prints. Moms will love this, too! Bohemian Chic Bedroom is a vintage-look collection for the trendy and stylish teenager. Hippie Chick bedroom is casual and comfy, a little retrò, a little hip. Mod Teenagers Bedroom has circles and stripes in pastels and brights for a crazy, fabulous, groovy bedroom. Omega Bedroom is modern, clean, fresh and trendy. Surfer bedroom is a lush tropical paradise for the the surfer girl. Oh La La! is perfect for a girls' night out slumber party and Flower Fusion is an evolution for the romantic girls with a modern twist.

got that from this site visit it 4 yourself it might help..

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Where can I find fashionable plus size shoes?

Q. Does anyone know where I can buy either in a store or online trendy plus size shoes like for a size 12 womans foot? Every website I find has real ugly and outdated shoes. HELPP!
anddd... I'm not a monster, I'm just really tall at 6'1 so its hard for me to find tall lengths and bigger shoes =(

A. I believe Payless goes up to a 13. Nordstrom is always a good bet - they started out as a hard to find shoe specialist, way back when, and have kept that aspect of their business up even after re-focusing to fashion.

There are quite a few more listed in our shoe directory, that notes sizes (and widths) at:

Whats a good consignment shop to sell clothes to?
Q. So i want to get rid of a bunch of clothes that i never wear, but i want to get some money for it since theres so much im getting rid of. I live in Rochester, NY, and i dont want to go to Platos Closet because you get practically nothing for the clothes. So anyone have suggestions to a consignment shop in Rochester that gives you a decent amount of money for your clothes? And I'd like to point out, yes i could donate, but ive donated clothes many times and I'd to get some money back this time for new clothes. I am not greedy. Suggestions??

A. Rochester Area Consignment Shops (RACS)

Act 2 Consignment Shop
31 E. Main St., Victor, N.Y.
Carefully Re-chosen Fashions & Collectibles

Anything Goes Clothing Consignment Shop, Est. 1988
Labels for less
Closed February & July
Monday - Saturday 10 - 5, Thursday 10 - 8
136 Village Landing, Fairport , N.Y.

Changing Closets Consignment Boutique
Women & teen girls clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, home decor & furniture.
7353 Route 96, Victor , N.Y. 14564
(2 miles south of Eastview Mall)

Friend To Friend Trendz
Fairport's Newest Consignment Boutique!
Specializing in trendy Teen & Woman's everyday clothing and accessories.
303 Macedon Center Road
Fairport, NY 14450

Lily's Consignment Shoppe, Est 1987
Quality second-hand clothing for the entire family.
Fashion accessories, vintage & costume jewelry and household treasures
699 S. Main Street, Canandaigua 14424 (in the Old Wegmans Plaza)

Marianne's Consignments
Reselling contemporary brand name clothing for men, women, and juniors
at incredibly low prices!
Fabulous purses, shoes, and jewelry too!
Tuesday - Friday 11 - 6, Saturdays 11 - 3
792 South Clinton Ave (between Meigs and Gregory) Rochester, N.Y.
Customer service is our trademark!

Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment, Inc.
1855 Monroe Ave, Brighton, N.Y.
Joan E. Lincoln

Second Bloom Consignment
Store Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wed. and Fri. 10-6, Thursday 10- 8, Saturday 10-4
1276 Fairport Rd. Fairport, N.Y. 14450
PH: 585-388-4330 Fax-388-5189

Second Chances Consignment Shoppe
“A Second Chance for a First Impression”
Judy Kampf, Owner
Women’s, Men’s & Children’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, Handbags, jewelry, accessories & home décor
Mon, Tues & Fri 10am-6pm
Wed & Thurs 10am-7pm
Sat 10am-5pm
147 S. Union Street (Corner of S. Union & West Ave), Spencerport, , N.Y. 14559

Rosie's Boutique - Second Hand Rose
Designer Consignment with a Touch of Zen
50 State St.-Behind Shoen Place
Pittsford NY 14534

Second Time Around
Fashions on consignment * Women's and Children's name brands
Tues. - Sat., 9:30-5, Thurs., 9:30-7
5 West Main Street - Rear, Webster, N.Y.
Off Rt. 250 just north of Main St., Webster Village

Small Wonders
Big Style, Small Prices
Next to New Brand Name Children's, Teen's, Maternity & Women's Clothing ,
Shoes & Accessories. Baby Gear and Toys
Summer Hours
Wed-Fri- Sat 10-4
Thurs 12-7
Closed Sun-Tues
1225 Jefferson Road, Frontier Commons, Rochester, N.Y. 14623

Upscale consignment
Turn your closet into cash and your wardrobe into WOW!
Cathy Yeomans Owner
Open 7 days a week, weeknights until 8:00 p.m.
Mon- Fri 10-8 Sat 10-6 Sun 12-4
Women's: Casual, Business, & Special Occasion,
Kids: School Clothes, Play Clothes and Dress up size 5 and up,
Juniors: tween's and teens,
Jewelry, Purses, Shoes & Accessories
Sunrise Plaza
1764 Empire Blvd, Webster , N.Y. 14580

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What is the latest trend for casual shoes?

Q. I kinda wanna get ahead on the latest trend but I always seem to fall behind. First it was converse>vans>ballet flats>toms> and now sparrys. What's next anybody know some cute slip-on/comfy shoes that are trendy lately?

A. Comfy shoes? Oxfords. The best.

What is the latest trend for casual shoes?
Q. I kinda wanna get ahead on the latest trend but I always seem to fall behind. First it was converse>vans>ballet flats>toms> and now sparrys. What's next anybody know some cute slip-on/comfy shoes that are trendy lately?

A. Brogues, Flats, Moccasins, High tops and Canvas Pumps

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Thoughts about the woman pulled off the South West Airlines Flight?

Q. I'm curious to hear opinions of the young lady who was pulled off the SouthWest Airlines flight because her outfit was too revealing. The pictures of her, wearing her skirt and top were I thought not out of the norm, she was tall, blonde and a bit busty but nothing at all revearling about her top and her skirt was low to mid thigh. They actually showed some of the older SW Airline flight attendents from the 70's wearing hot pants on CNN today. Curious to hear opinions, because this woman was dressed nicely and I have seen some pretty poorly dressed people not get a second look. Think that jealously had anything to do with it?
I only saw the picture of her that was shown on the media. She looks fine in it and didn't have a tank top on, she had a top and sweater. My understanding was that it was a female passenger who complained after the boarded the plane and that she was given a blanket to cover herself after getting back on.

A. I offer 2 opinions on the topic of personal appearance in public places -

1. Airlines (Buses, Cruise ships, Railroads, etc) have the right to demand certain standards of conduct (or appearance)of passengers, and sometimes enforce that right when passengers or the airline would be harmed. In this case, however, I have heard that another passenger complained to the airline, and caused this situation to arise.
I have no idea what gives one passenger the right to judge the lady's clothing, this seems to be hypocritical and surely could have been resolved by moving the complaining passenger to a seat out of view of the young lady, and offering a blindfold to the complaining passenger.
Since the airline crew now had to intervene quickly, in order to let the flight take off on time, and keep the peace, perhaps it was easiest at the moment to do what SW did, right or wrong. On the other hand (with my perfect hindsight), if I were the air crew, I would have told BOTH passengers to get off and let them battle it out in court for being involved in a dispute of a nature unable to be resolved in a timely manner.

Opinion #2: On personal pride of appearance AND tolerance (or lack of tolerance), what ever happened to these things?
It used to be that far fewer people (slobs, etc) went out in public place dressed badly. I am not talking about dressing in a unique, trendy way, but plain out wearing ragged, dirty smelly clothing, etc. I once sat (in first class cabin, Dallas to London) way too close to a young couple and baby, dressed in worn-out jeans, tattered plain white-T shirts, cheap shower shoes, etc and the toddler wearing only a diaper and some kind of sleeping clothes, barely enough to keep it from catching cold. Granted that your clothing choices can be limited by your income and budget, but if you have the means to fly in first-class cabin to London, surely you could afford to dress better than that? On tolerance, YES, I thought to myself that if I had the power, I would tell that couple to dress more appropriately for the occasion, but of course I realized that I do NOT have that power, so I just kept my mouth shut, put on my headset, listened to the music, and enjoyed the flight.

Ok, open for debate, I would like to read your comments, anyone?

Where can I find cheap whole sale vendors in Chicago and online?
Q. Hello,
I am starting a new business and I am looking for whole sale vendors who have trendy women's clothing, shoes, assessories, and etc. I am opening my shop in Chicago and I do not have an idea as to where I am going to get the goods that I need for my store. If anyone has suggestions that can direct me to a place where I can buy goods at a resonable whole sale price would GREATLY appreciate your response.
Thank you so much for your time,

A. The Chicago Apparel Center is hosting a Women's and Children's show on June 6 to June 9. There is a list of vendors and their showrooms at If you don't have a mart card yet, bring business cards, a letter on your letterhead describing your business, and business credit references to register for the show. Once you receive your mart card, you will be notified of all future shows. If you don't have credit references, you can prepay for orders with a business credit card.

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Rabu, 20 November 2013

Where can i find heelless shoes that are size 13?

Q. I've been looking everywhere possible and i really can't find any. I'm starting to think they don't make them that big. I'm disappointed. If you know anything please let me me know. Thank you!

A. I found several sites online that sell flats: shoes and sandals. See the links below. There are some very nice shoes.

Wide Width Shoes 6M-14WW |
Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Sneakers In More Styles & Sizes From $9.99.

Women Size 13 Sandals |
Free Shipping & Free Returns on All Women Size 13 Sandals!

Wide Shoes - Huge Selection of Wide Shoes.
Free Shipping & Return Shipping.

Plus Size Women's Boots - Size 7W-12W Women's Trendy Boots.
Cacique Semi-Annual Intimates Sale!

size 13 womens in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories | eBay

Size 13 Womens - Shoebuy - Free Shipping & Return Shipping

Daniel Green Glamour II Daniel Green Slippers June 25, 2013 Reviewer: T Trapp from Providence RI I have been wearing Daniel Greens for many many years.
Womens - Size 13.0 | - Shoes, Boots, Sandals - Free ...

Add qualifying footwear to your shopping cart; Enter promo code SANDALSALE at checkout to receive discount; Discount will be deducted from your order after code is ...
Womens Size 13 Shoes - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at Nextag
Womens Size 13 Shoes - 28,150 results like Walking Cradles Real Women's Slip on Shoes, Fitzwell Rose Women's 1-2 inch heel Shoes - Black, Size 13 WW, Diesel Falky ...
Womens Athletic Shoes Size 13 - Compare Prices, Reviews and ...

Womens Athletic Shoes Size 13 - 2,753 results like inov-8 F-Lite 195 W/RopeTec Running Shoes, Asics GEL-Cumulus 15 Women's Running Shoes - White, Size 13 B - Medium ...
Women Size 13 Shoes | Beso Cached

Women Size 13 Shoes ($19.99 - $165.00): 30 of 1265 items - Shop Women Size 13 Shoes from ALL your favorite stores & find HUGE SAVINGS up to 80% off Women Size 13 ...

Help me fashionably pack for 4 months?
Q. So this a weird question, I am going for 4 months, to Paris and Dubai. Two cities where i want to look the best and most fashionable i can. What I am kind of asking for is suggestions of must haves for spring/summer 2013.
Guys i've been to dubai before, it's not really conservative for foreigners, and it's not like I'm planning on walking around in a bikini! I am asking about trends and fashion essentials in your opinion. I don't know but 4 months is scary to pack!

A. I would take maxi dresses (not low cut) for Dubai with coordinating cropped jackets. The big hotels in Dubai are somewhat conservative but if you want to go to a marketplace, it is much more conservative.

For Paris, you need neutral pants with cute tops and at least one little black dress that you can dress up or down with accessories. Parisian women dress up more than Americans or Brits so take some heels and/or wedge shoes as well as flats for touring around and walking a lot.

For both places, I would look for clothing that combines tangerine and deep pink, the light aqua spearmint color, and a darker blue that is between navy and cobalt. Also, white shoes and handbags are trendy for this summer but difficult to keep clean when traveling. Have fun!! : }

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does anyone know of online Wholesaler in Canada?

Q. I've found some reliable online US wholesalers however, I would like to buy from Canada.

Does anyone know of any online Canadian wholesalers?

Womans Apparel, trendy fashion.
Womans shoes, bags and jewelry.

I will expand to mens and childrens clothing later, and gifts, electronics and makeup.


A. Visit industry specific trade shows in Canada, you will find the suppliers you need there.

What is a good website where I can learn about fashion trends?
Q. I work at a clothing store and I would like to keep up with the latest fashion trends so that I can better help my customers. I would just like to find a site that will help me keep up with what's in and what's out.

A. watch fashion tv and visit their website Also check out the runway shoes from fashion week (can be seen on ftv and sometimes on style)

I also work in a high fashion store, and the best advice I can give you is simply know your customer. Most women all ready have their own unique style and are just looking for that new trendy piece of clothing or accessory to update their look. Often you will get questions about new, off the cuff this summer when the tunic dress really became a hot piece. They ask: "is this really a shirt or a dress?" "should I wear leggings with it or would it look better without?" "what type of shoes would flatter my legs and body in this?" By understanding the latest trends, you will be ready to answer all of their questions. The most important thing though is to make your customer feel beautiful, confident and comfortable with her style--not at all awkward.

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How an I get a more trendy "grown up" look?

Q. I am 22 years old. Normally I am in tshirts and jeans (Aeropostale etc.) I am wanting to dress more classy and less teeny-bopper. I don't have alot of money to buy tons of new things? Any good ideas on how to pull this off?

A. I would start off small and just buy nicer pieces of clothing until eventually your wardrobe will be very little t-shirts and jeans. Start off by maybe dressing up jeans with a cute pair of flats/heels, avoid wearing shirts with writing on them. If you are going for a sleek classy look, you can get away with cheaper clothes, but it is good to invest in higher quailty shoes/bags. But if you can afford to, a more expensive top or skirt won't be a bad investment. They are usually made better and will last longer.

What do you think is more important - the quality, the pricetag or the quantity or a mix of them?
Q. When buying something.

Sometimes, I dont see the point to buy something expensive just because the quality is *slightly* better.
My mother tell me I should only buy shoes that are in real leather because they last longer and adapt to the feets, but the ones I was comparing costed double as much then the one with syntetic leather and cheaper one had a nicer color and sometimes Im not sure if I want to spurgle alot of money on it.
Lets say the cheap one were 30$ and the other one 60$, the only quality difference were the leather material. Which one would you choose with options like that? These are the shoes Im looking at:
# the 30$ (approximately), in syntetic$im=1143402_P&$sh=1143402_P&defaultImage=default_dsd
or # the 60$ real leather ones

A. I am a shoe fanatic and have great respect for high quality HOWEVER I would have very few shoes if I bought only shoes of the best quality. It is a balance for me and it depends on where and how you'd wear the shoes.

Like classic black leather winter dress boots will last for years if they're the highest quality. But, if I want some red fashion booties with tassels, they don't need to be the best quality. I just want a style element for certain outfits and will probably tire of them by the time they wear out. So evening shoes which are seldom worn and my trendier shoes in bright colours and leopard print etc. are all less expensive so I can spend more on the classic black pumps and boots that are always in style and I want to last!! : }

btw, the shoes at the first link look much better to me.

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Where to find casual trendy clothes for extra tall young men?

Q. My boyfriend is 6 ft. 4in. And weighs about 220lbs and he hates his height. One of the reasons why is because he cannot find any clothes that fit him properly. Right now he wears plain t shirts and baggy jeans held up by a belt. He would like to have variety. He's 21 and doesn't want to dress up in clothes that make him look like a teacher or any older like how most Big & Tall stores do. He is also incredibly sensitive about the style of pants he wears because (this is in all seriousness-not trying to be funny or inappropriate) he has a very LARGE p.e.n.i.s. And it shows if his pants are too tight (that's why he wears them baggy). I just would like to help him find a few stores that would carry clothing that would fit him and look trendy like how any 21 year old male would like to dress. Online store suggestions would also be a good help! (He would also like a choice of places to look for shoes, he wears a size 18)

Please help.

A. Ballroom jeans.....maybe that would give him some extra room. I think he would be better off finding clothing he likes that are slightly bigger and have them altered to fit. Some people have such different bodies that they break the mold most of the rest of us fit in to. Plus getting your clothing fitted and altered can be fun and you feel special.

Going into a different high school then my friends, any tips?
Q. I'm going into a different high school then all of my friends this august. I'll be a freshman. I don't know anyone except this one senior from the camp I work at. I have a ton of money saved up to buy clothes and school stuff. I've got 600, could get 7 if I work harder, so is there anything I need to buy? Or any advice on how to survive my first day with out knowing anyone? Any kind of advice actually would be hugely welcome.

A. being friends with a senior is a grate thing. that way you'll get to know kids outside of your grade, this will improve your popularity, and other kids will think your cool or what ever. As for buying stuff, don't go all out on buying supplies. all u should get is:

-2-4 binders (all depends on the type of school you go to and what your teacher is okay with.ask if they mind two class`s in one binder)
-a folder for hand outs ( really importunate for first week at school)
-pencil case
-school bag
-one of thoughts accordion to put home work. :i have a really good tip for homework, most kids just bring there hole binder home when they have homework, to me that is beyond dump! why bring something home that is so heavy, for one page you need. if its a lose sheet i like to take it out of my binder and put it in my accordion ,if i need my text book then i bring it home. if you have a test, take out the unit your having the test on. when having an exam then you should take the binder home.

that's all you really need. if your taking art bring normal pencils. and you should bye running shoes for gym. if you feel that your locker need more shelves get some, and you should have a gym bag and some magnets for your locker.

buying cloths is all up to you. if your trendy buy trendy cloths, if your funky buy funky cloths, just remember to be your self, if your not the type to stand out then don't try. 600$ is more then enough for everything that you need, en less you go over bored, i promise you after 2 months you wont even use half the things you buy if you do buy more then you need, and go nuts on cloths. you can never go wrong with to much to wear!!!

first day outfit: don't wear something to drag attention to your self. maybe some nice shorts and a pretty top would be good. no high heels!!!! don't put to much makeup to your face. if you wear jewelry only wear earnings and a bracket(nothing flashy)

first day:
making friend- i`m going to be honest. making friends in high school is 10x harder then making friends in middle school. BUT chances are there;s a hand full of people that don't know anyone as well as you. site beside someone that looks out of place and make conversation, ask what there doing at lunch and maybe you'll make a friend. don't be shy.

lunch: don't buy lunch!! first day is always the longest line EVER!! bring something to eat!!!!

bus: if you take the bus there's one more way to make friends! site beside someone that's alone and ask if you can site there.

random tips:

-guys are not everything! don't worry if you don't have a boyfriend first year.

-don't run in the halls, number 1 give away that your new and a nerd,

-don't look miserable, cuz who want to be friend with a downer. try to walk like you do in the mall or on the street.

-don't site at the front of the room or the back, front is loserish, back tells the teacher your a trouble maker site in between.

well that's all i can think of off the top of my head, hope i helped, i`ll be glade to answer more questions, i remember last year i was so scared, good luck!! :)

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Selasa, 19 November 2013

Where can I find information on the company who manufactures Starter sportswear?


A. Nike is the owner and manufacturer on the Starter sportswear line of clothing.

1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453

Phone: 503-671-6453
Fax: 503-671-6300

NIKE is the world's #1 shoemaker and controls more than 20% of the US athletic shoe market. The company designs and sells shoes for a variety of sports, including baseball, cheerleading, golf, volleyball, hiking, tennis, and football. NIKE also sells Cole Haan dress and casual shoes and a line of athletic apparel and equipment. In addition, it operates NIKETOWN shoe and sportswear stores, NIKE factory outlets, and NIKE Women shops. NIKE sells its products throughout the US and in about 160 other countries. Nike brand veteran Mark Parker succeeded Bill Perez, who resigned in 2006, as president and CEO.

Image-savvy NIKE sells its products through about 22,000 retail accounts in the US and through independent distributors and licensees in other countries. Subsidiaries include Cole Haan (dress and casual footwear), Bauer NIKE Hockey (hockey equipment), Hurley International (sports apparel for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing), and Converse (classic and retro-style shoes including the Chuck Taylor brand). In 2004 it purchased athletic apparel and footwear makers Official Starter Properties and Official Starter LLC. In late 2004 NIKE bundled the brands into a unit called Exeter Brands Group, based in New York City. The group develops brands in discount retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Target.

The company is rethinking some of its long-standing agreements with retailers, particularly during the retail industry's consolidation push in 2005. As Sears and Kmart begin to polish its own image as a combined entity, NIKE decided effective October 2005 to no longer sell its products in Sears stores nationwide. Sears carries competitor brands: New Balance, Reebok, adidas, and Skechers.

NIKE is keeping its eye on its brands and how customers perceive them -- and on the competition. When adidas-Salomon acquired Reebok in 2006, the deal put the joined companies in a position to compete with longstanding rival NIKE, which has held the top spot in the athletic apparel and footwear markets worldwide for decades.

Looking over its shoulder (striving to maintain its top spot), Nike began actively filing patent lawsuits in 2006 against its competitors, specifically adidas-Salomon. Nike asserts that adidas has used elements of its SHOX cushioning technology in developing the adidas Kevin Garnett and A3 shoes.

NIKE's also honing in on active female customers, particularly in 2005. It became fully committed to women in 2000, when the firm began making its women's shoes using molds made from women's feet. It had been using molds made from a small man's foot. The company followed up by expanding its apparel in fashionable colors and by rolling out trendy low-rise workout pants. Being known as a brand that caters to men (its "Be Like Mike" ad campaign) and as one that supports athletes who take performance and sports seriously, NIKE is focusing more on women who want workout fashion. While NIKE has experienced failed attempts to capture the attention of this target segment, the firm has reworked its organizational, product, and marketing strategy to get there this time around. The plan involves expanding its NIKE Women brand with a catalog and Web site redesign. It also anticipates operating a dozen NIKE Women stores in the US by mid-2006.

Like most clothing and footwear makers, NIKE is vulnerable to the moods of a fickle teen market. In the mid-priced shoe segment, brands such as Skechers have cut into the company's market share. Following the success of NIKE-sponsored golfer Tiger Woods, NIKE has developed a set of golf clubs and unveiled a Tiger Woods apparel line. In addition, the company -- which relies on contract manufacturers -- has taken steps to avoid more criticism of human rights violations in its factories.

In 2004, less than a year after entering the market, NIKE closed all of its Paris operations because of difficulties with its French franchise operator. The closures do not affect NIKE's otherwise healthy European expansion, including store openings in Barcelona, Hamburg, Lisbon, Madrid, and Milan, among others. The company altered the name of its women's stores, broadening the name from Goddess (taking on the original meaning of "Nike") to NIKE Women.

Co-founder Philip Knight announced in November 2004 he would step down as president and CEO, though he will continue as chairman of the company. Former S.C. Johnson & Son chief William Perez was tapped as Knight's successor but he lasted a year in the top spot. Mark Parker, a longtime Nike brand executive, was named president and CEO in January 2006, when Bill Perez left the company.

I want to dress more feminine?
Q. I recently turned 21, and Id really like to dress more like a women..
I dont really have the best sense of whats cute, Ive always dressed kind of tomboyish
I usually wear leggings, t shirts, nikes, a snapback.. I like this look for somedays, but I want to switch it up to being more feminine. Ive mostly been pretty insecure most my life,
people say im pretty but I wish I knew how to dress more like a girl..
I have a pear shaped body, and have smaller boobs >;(
Any tips or suggestions?

A. Learning to Dress More Feminine
By Audrey Fine
from Seventeen magazine

"I am really sporty and love to wear pants. I wanted to start to dress a little more feminine, but not overdo it. Where do I start?"

Kelly W., San Marino, CA,

"I know it may seem scary or intimidating to dress in a way you're not comfortable with, but easing your way into it will help make you feel more comfortable. And, since spring is around the corner, it will be a snap for you to begin to incorporate more feminine pieces into your everyday look without feeling like you've gone 100 percent girlie. Cropped pants and shorts are cute, so a few of these worn with a cute trendy shoe instead of a casual sneaker will help you make your mark. You can also start accessorizing more as well; try earrings, belts, and maybe a couple of bangle bracelets with jeans and tees. Also, just by changing the kind of tee you wear (say, swap in a cute baby-doll for a rock-band type) can make a huge difference. Good luck!"

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Are there any good websites that sell shorts or boardies?

Q. im going travelling in january and im struggling to find any in shops and i dont really know of any websites?

A. giltgroupe has the best trendy stuff..its a discounted designer site that's invite-only..and of course, they have mens clothing

since im a member, heres the link:

i haven't purchased shorts from here but ive gotten jeans, vnecks, sweaters, hoodies and henleys and all of them rock....oh and i've gotten shoes too...but yeah they def have shorts check it out!

hope this helps ya

what should i pack and when should i start packing?
Q. i am leaving for a trip to Oregon on july 17th i was wondering when i should start packing?
And since its in the Olympic Peninsula what should i pack? Winter clothes, summer clothes, please help!

A. Follow these six travel tips.

1.Select 5 easy pieces in a one neutral solid color (black, brown, tan, or navy, etc)

-1 Slack

-1 Short

-1 Jacket

-1 Skirt

-1 Jeans(white or dark denim)

2. Select Novelty Pieces-add your signature color

-1 Raincoat or sweater (a outer layering piece adds color)

-1 White shirt or blouse

-1 White t-shirt

-1 5 tops in different styles in your signature color (3/4 length, tank, sleeveless, etc)

-1 Print top must be in signature color you have chosen (optional)

-1 Dress (optional-in core or signature color)

-1 Pashmina or wrap in your signature color

3. 1 workout or lounging outfit

4. Accessories in your signature color (scarves, handbag, necklace, bangles, etc)

5. 3 belts (1 dressy, 1 casual, 1 trendy- core color)

6. 3-4 Shoes (walking or exercise, dressy, casual flats, sandals or loafers core color)

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How to build a Stylish wardrobe on a budget !!!?

Q. So ive got in a habit of buying plain stuff, like T-shirts and jeans. And either black or white shoes because they go with everything . And I dont have enough money to alot of diffrent shoes . And far as clothes I pick simple tshirts because I feel like really dont ho anywhere fancy .And if I buy something super cute or trendy . 9 times outta 10 .I wont have shoes to wear with it in my closet or any accessories . I wear a size 12 in women and their shoes can be expensive. Im tired of looking dull. How can I build a cute summer wardrobe.

A. You can shop ebay for some cheap but cute clothing.

Otherwise, when you shop for tshirts and plain items, look for things with graphics on the front or go for plain still but bolder colors. You can customise things at home yourself really easily, with tons of ideas on youtube and pintrest. Things like cut outs made into bows, adding ribbons weaved through the fabric to cinch in the waist, tie dying etc.

Folding up your jeans can give you an instantly revamped look, adding studs to leggings, even fabric paint.

Wearing scarves and jewelry pulls together simple outfits really effortlessly.

You can fold up the sleeves on your tshirts for an edgier look, or if you have button up shirts, leave the last couple of buttons undone and tie the shirt in the front.

Have you thought about buying colored blazers or statement jackets, so you don't have to change your wardrobe but have something different to wear with the same outfits?
Things like this are also really cheap and cute, and can be worn tons of ways. You can wear them loose, cinched in with a belt, tucked into jeans and skirts, tied at the front for a cropped look etc

Black skater skirts are good because they look cute, you can tuck shirts/t's into them, they go well with hooded jackets, blazers, cardigans, and pretty much any shoe.

As for shoes, you could opt for colored sandals, black slipper flats, gladiator sandals etc because they work with pretty much anything.

How do you dress cute, but not girly?
Q. I work with a lot of older women, and I want to dress professional but not boring but not childish either because I want to be taken seriously
Like the girls on the Hills but not as expensive. They dress cute but not childish or slutish right?

A. 1] buy clothes that flatter your figure and coloring, not just 'hot' items
2] buy things that coordinate without being to matchy-matchy
[ like brown leather jacket with brown tweed top of knee skirt = cute and professional, but not girly or boring ]
3] trends in tops usually blend into office wear better than any 'funky' [ puddle pants, very high waists, skinny jeans, micro minis, hooker stilettos, sky high platforms ] bottoms or shoes. They are also cheaper, overall!
4] add some interesting belts to a 'boring' outfit - chain, lace, velvet, patent leather, woven, crocodile.
5] wear interesting shoes - different heel heights, colors, textures, [ velvet, quilted, etc. ]. No open toes, or sandals.
6] wear trendy costume jewelry [ not juvenile! ]. Avoid plastic beads, etc. Try various precious metals, and modern set stones for rings, earrings.
7] grown up hair - ponytail with a barette - yes, with a scrunchie or banana clip - no; pigtails - no.
french braid or single braid - yes, double braids - no
pulled back with barette or leather or fabric band - yes, plastic headband - no.

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What are the 2010 fall trends for teenagers?

Q. I just want to know what are the trends for this fall for teens (I'm 14), and I want to know what kind of dresses are trendy right now!

Thanks! :)

A. . Military fashion
Yes, military remains a trend for Autumn / Fall 2010 but the same as last season's.
Army green to shearling lined boots, it's now a trend that's far more subtle but no less appealing.

2. Leather clothing- shorts, leather dresses, leather leggings, etc.

3. Buttoned-up collars/ Denim look- Refined sophistication includes sloppy boyfriend shirts and open collars.

4. Cut out clothing

5. Knee high socks, layerings of socks over tights;

6. White tights

7. Camel colored coat/ trench

8. Neo double breasted jackets

9. Sheer clothing

1. High boots
2. Fur
3. Socks under heels.

Anything with navy, army green, dark brown/cream sandpaper-ish brown.

The guy I like is like in love with the character Bella Swan from Twilight, and compares me to her?
Q. I haven't seen Twilight, so is this a good or bad thing that he compares me to her? What are her good qualities?

A. Well that's sweet! (:
Bella Swan's personality.. she is shy, perceptive, very smart, and sarcastic. She is known for having good grades and a positive reputation. She's a goody-toe shoes def not one to get into mischief. She's described to be sweet, and gentle. She won't scowl at a random person. However the actress Kristen Stewart portrays Bella Swan poorly. All in all, she's just an average teenager.

As for looks, she is brunette. With tints of red in the sunlight. Pale, with flawless skin. She's natural, doesn't cake herself with makeup. And she wears neat and appropriate clothing, yet trendy.

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What's the oldest article of clothing that you own AND still wear?

Q. What is it about this item that's kept you wearing it all this time?

A. The very oldest article of clothing I own I found in the back of a closet when we were cleaning out my Great Aunt's house as we got her ready to move into a nursing home. It was a jacket, long, black, with long sleaves- really dressy looking. It probably belonged to my great-great-aunt. I took it to a couple different vintage clothing stores and they all placed it from having come from some time in the late 1930's! There were two other jackets - a tan one and a sea foam green one, probably from about the same era - in the bunch, but the black one is my favorite. They're all in great condition. My great great aunt was a bit of a fashonista, and bought the newest trendy clothes each season when she was younger. These jackets must have survived in such great condition because she replaced them the next season with a newer fashion.

My mom managed to save a lot of her old clothes from the late 70's. Unfortunately, I weigh almost 30 lbs more than she did back then (I'm "curvey" and she was a total twig!), so most of the clothes don't fit me. I am fortunate enough to have two pairs of shoes that used to be hers, though. One is a Dr. Schoals wooden sandel, with a leather strap over the top and brass-looking tacks holding the strap into the wood. These shoes are by far some of the most comfortable ones I've ever put on! The othrs are a gold-sequence platform thong-style flip-flop. They scream "disco!" and are cute summer shoes when gold would go better with what I'm wearing then white.

can anyone recommend a good shoe for surgical nurses to wear?
Q. I will be on my feet all day for hours at a time.

A. I am a surgical nurse, and the best shoe I have ever put on my foot is called a Mizuno Nirvana 2. They are pricey, but a great buy if your looking for a solid shoe with a nice breeze passing thru it and support. I work w/ 2 other nurses who also wear the same shoe. They are just fantastic. You can purchase them off the internet or you can buy them in sports shoe stores. They are light and the mesh fabric in the shoe breathes your foot. They have an arch support which is great inside and the sole of the shoe is supportive. I even bought a pair for my brother in law who just had open heart surgery for his fitness stuff following surgery and he loves them.
One of our surgeons also wears Mizuno's when he is out rounding on the floor. His are not the Nirvana, but a cheaper brand of Mizuno shoe.
The crocks are the cheapo plastic shoes w/ no support and they end up not being all that comfortable. They are just trendy and have caught on sort of like those ignorant Jellies in the 1980's. Clogs offer no support what so ever. They are just trendy. Surgeons wear them because they are easy to put on and off and they stand in 1 spot for long periods of time. They do not walk around.
The podiatrist at our hospital also said Mizuno is an excellent shoe for people on their feet all the time.
Good luck and happy trails!!!

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Where can i find heelless shoes that are size 13?

Q. I've been looking everywhere possible and i really can't find any. I'm starting to think they don't make them that big. I'm disappointed. If you know anything please let me me know. Thank you!

A. I found several sites online that sell flats: shoes and sandals. See the links below. There are some very nice shoes.

Wide Width Shoes 6M-14WW |
Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Sneakers In More Styles & Sizes From $9.99.

Women Size 13 Sandals |
Free Shipping & Free Returns on All Women Size 13 Sandals!

Wide Shoes - Huge Selection of Wide Shoes.
Free Shipping & Return Shipping.

Plus Size Women's Boots - Size 7W-12W Women's Trendy Boots.
Cacique Semi-Annual Intimates Sale!

size 13 womens in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories | eBay

Size 13 Womens - Shoebuy - Free Shipping & Return Shipping

Daniel Green Glamour II Daniel Green Slippers June 25, 2013 Reviewer: T Trapp from Providence RI I have been wearing Daniel Greens for many many years.
Womens - Size 13.0 | - Shoes, Boots, Sandals - Free ...

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Stylish a Fashion Guide for Plus Size Petite Women?
Q. Is there anything you think a plus-sized woman should avoid, and why? ... That being said, all big women, though, should wear form-fitting clothes.

A. Here are some tips to keep a classic style while sensation youthful:

Choose solids whenever wearing trousers, skirts as well as jackets -- whitened, black, khaki, dark chocolate brown, actually olive green.

Put on or have cardigan knit tops or sexy dresses to cover stomach fat and stay comfortable in air-conditioned locations. Loose fitted is better than restricted. I tend to put on a camisole or even textured t-shirt beneath my sexy dresses. My shops of choice tend to be Banana Republic as well as Anne Taylor or even Anne Taylor Attic, where I'm able to often find several trendy items (on sale) to decorate my traditional wardrobe. A lot of women find Talbots as well as Chico's preferable, because they cater to the actual middle-aged woman's determine; the. the middle.

Purchase comfortable footwear. You can find fashionable and trendy footwear made by Clarks, Munro, Merrell, Rockport and various other manufacturers. I've bought comfy high heel shoes made by Tahari that do not squeeze the life span out of my personal feet. However i make sure the foot area is actually wide sufficient and made of material or gentle leather. In addition, I buy the 7 or even 7 1/2 rather than 6 1/2 nowadays.

Accessorize along with bold jewellery. Big drops are all the trend but if you are middle-aged they might overcome you. Select wisely. My personal mother shines in handmade and very jewelry through Swarovski. But you will find similar types of costume jewellery in Talbots, Angel Taylor, Banana Republic, Chico's along with other shops. If you are short much like me, big jewellery is overwhelming. With regard to taller ladies, bolder is most likely better.

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How can I look classy and "upscale"?

Q. I am a 21 year old woman and I want to look more classy/elegant/refined, more "upscale"
How does one stand out as someone like this? Does anyone have any advice on how to dress/mannerisms/etc. etc?


A. Here are some simple tips that always work:

1. Wear clothes that fit you well, and never wear anything too low cut or too tight. Don't wear very bright colors or anything too trendy.

2. Don't wear a lot of jewelry. A ring and a necklace or a bracelet and earrings or a bracelet and a necklace are good combinations and are enough.

3. Don't wear cheap shoes, and don't wear shoes that are scuffed or dirty.

4. Carry a good quality handbag. A logo bag is not necessary, and especially stay away from Coach bags. Everyone has one now, and they don't mean anything anymore. Don't carry a handbag designed by a celebrity either.

5. Keep your makeup simple. Don't wear bright colored eyeshadow or dark lipstick. Mascara, peach blush and pink lip gloss are good.

6. Always have perfectly manicured nails, and never, ever walk around with chipped nail polish. If you wear sandals, make sure you have a perfect pedicure.

7. Wear perfume, but make sure it is subtle and soft.

8. Always wear a good bra and good undergarments that hold in your stomach.

9. Make sure you have a hairstyle that you can maintain and style yourself, and make sure it's neat and well-kept.

10. Don't ever be the loudest mouth in the room, don't interrupt others, don't insult people, and be gracious even when you are insulted. Don't do anything to embarrass someone, even if they deserve it.

11. Don't ever gossip. This deserves its own number. That's the quickest way to lower yourself to the pond scum level.

12. Don't buy your clothes in the junior section or at the typical young girls stores like Forever 21. Shop at Macy's or Nordstrom. You can find wonderful things on clearance, and remember it's quality not quantity.

13. Monochromatic dressing is very sophisticated. For example, if you are wearing tan colored pants, wear a beige t-shirt with a pretty necklace, and wear tan colored boots or heels. It makes you look polished.

14. Flats are very comfortable but also a one-way path to looking frumpy. Wear heels when at all possible, even if it's just one inch.

15. Go to the bookstore and check out the books in the Appearance section. There are tons of them. They have good ideas and are a lot of fun.

16. You are young and just developing your style, so be patient with yourself. It takes time to learn what you like and what looks good on you, and your tastes will change and refine over time. Have fun while you're at it.

17. Don't ever buy or wear anything that doesn't make you feel really good.

18. Send thank you cards in the regular mail that you wrote yourself, remember your friends' birthdays, and always send condolences and congratulations when appropriate.

What are the best fashion trends in Manila right now?
Q. Like what type of shoes are popular and what colors of clothing so people wear right now. What kind of purses do they use huge hobo bags? little wrist purses

A. Filipinos generally follow international trends. It's easy, with the availability of news, and international stores in most malls (Zara, Nine West, Mango, Top Shop/Dorothy Perkins, DKNY, Guess, and many more, including expensive stuff like LV, Gucci, Coach, Burberry, etc.) They do not necessarily buy from the stores named above, and know where to find value for money. Filipinos are generally not big spenders and have mostly classics and a few trendy pieces. They have an eye for good trends that would last beyond a short season. They usually prefer comfort rather than suffer, although depending on occasion, they would be willing to grin and bear it.

Big spacious bags & totes in different designs & materials, as well as wrist purses, depending on where they are going.

Women's shoes range from strappy flats & ballet shoes, to kitten heels, wedge heels, and four inch heels with either thin straps or those thick studded straps, and semi-boots. They wear fully closed, sling-back & peeptoe for office shoes, in sensible heels. The toebox could either be pointy, round or square. They also have good walking sandals and slip-ons with rubber soles, flip flops, crocs, sneakers and running shoes.

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Senin, 18 November 2013

Help me find cute outfits for a cookout kids age 3 and 11?

Q. We are going to an anual cookout with hay rides and a huge bonfire. It's usually slightly cool at night like 55-65 but during the day warmer like 70-79. Can you help me find trendy outfits that would be weather appropriate for my 2 kids. My daughter wears about a 14 and son wears about a 3t-4t. Cutest outfit will get you 10 pts! Thanks!

A. Girl-
and you could bring just a little zipp-up and for shoes really anything.

Bottoms: just jeans

What should a 12 year old boy wear to a wedding?
Q. My little brother wants to wear black dress slacks, a white/cream "silk" collared polo, and white Jordan basketball shoes to a "formal" wedding. I think he should change shoes, but he insists just because they are new. The wedding is THIS Saturday, August the 18th...please help me convince him that he is too casual for the wedding!

Here's the wedding website along with the cathedral and reception sites...:

Thanks soo much!

A. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At a formal wedding, he should wear a dark suit, tie and dress shoes.

Wedding Style for him

* Informal Daytime: Dress shirt and pants, preferably a sports jacket.
* Informal Evening: Suit
* Semi-Formal Daytime: Suit
* Semi-Formal Evening: Dark suit
* Formal Daytime: Dark suit and tie
* Formal Evening: Tuxedo (if invitation states "black tie") or dark suits if women wear short dresses.
* Ultra-formal Evening or White Tie: White tie, cummerbund, vest and shirt.

Do's and Don'ts for Him

* Don't try to get cute with a tuxedo. A black tux with white shirt and black bow tie is the best way to go. If "Creative Black Tie" or "Texas Formal" or some sort of other vague formal description is used, then going with a tux and black shirt, no tie, might be acceptable. Also, trendier cities like Los Angeles and New York might be more accepting of breaking with tradition.
* Do wear a dark suit, with a tie if the wedding is after 6 PM, and doesn't say "Black Tie."
* Don't wear a tuxedo during the day time, regardless of the formality of the event.
* Do use good judgment if the invitation doesn't specify the formality of the event. A dark suit and conservative tie will take you just about anywhere.

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Minggu, 17 November 2013

What are the cheapest stores or sites to get fashionable clothes from?


A. Here's a few stores that you can try ...

try old navy they have very cute - and sometimes cheap clothes, shoes, ect.

Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Games, Community, and lots more

Hottest fashions on sale.
MJR Sales has it! We have the Hot Designers at the lowest prices.

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Dresses for Women
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Classic Women's Clothing
Comfortable classic styles that fit In Misses, Petites and Women's

ALSO - here's a search engine so you can find LOTS of websites! -

What's a good place to shop for cute, inexpensive young women's clothes in Los Angeles?
Q. I don't like clothes that are overly trendy, but I want to find stuff that's youthful, casual and relatively comfortable without spending too much money. Any suggestions?

A. forever 21, go to the beverly center to the top floor or the grove or santa monica both have one ( also wet seal has some cheap clothing thats pretty cute ( You can try Ross. You can also try Goodwill, they have trendy clothes some even still have the tags on it-the best goodwill i've seen so far is the one on santa monica and stoner ave. Also, Westwood has some clothing stores that are cheap-on westwood blvd across from Bank of America (i forget the names of the store), theres also an excellent bag store right there too and from my experience the price on the tags can be lowered if you act like its too expensive but you really like it, the lady is nice about that. For shoes, i go to Off Broadway on sunset and orange across from In&out-they have a huge selection for discounted prices.

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Is there any place in Hong Kong where I can buy inexpensive, but trendy outfits?

Q. I am looking for garments with prices that range between $100-$600 HK and are in season. Shoe shops welcome!

A. Ladies Market, Temple Street Market

Where to shop in Paris that is trendy, cool and not crazy expensive?
Q. I want to go to areas off the beaten path, not the major stores, for ladies clothing, shoes, and accessories. Thanks so much!

A. There are the seasonal sales around the year in Paris....

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What is a good website for cute/trendy womens shoes?

Q. I am looking for some trendy shoes or boots for this winter. I don't want to pay a lot. I would like to find stuff thats under $50.


lots of brands, great prices, free shipping. Doesn't get better than that...
Happy shopping!!!!!

How long has the brand "ellemenno" been around?
Q. They make somewhat trendy shoes- boots, flats, etc. As well as some clothing I think.

I was wondering when they first started making shoes?

A. ► I would say since the century started.

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