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Where to get these exact shoes?

Q. They're white low sneakers with maybe a 6' platform. I already own jeffrey campbell zomg's and they arent high enough I wan't the exact shoe


Don't break your ankle!

Where can I get these shoes?
Q. I saw these shoes on Kylie Jenner and I was wondering if any of you guys know what they're called or where I can get them from? Not the heels but the ones on the bottom. I'm not sure if they're by a specific brand or what. Thanks in advance :)

A. Those shoes are called "Timbalands".
They are quite trendy these days... Men and women are wearing them because it looks chunky and especially nice.

This is the official site of Timbalands:

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cheap clothes websites?


A. clothes for men, women and kids shoes and accessories for women
From personal experience both have great prices and shipping.

Do they still make LA Gear shoes? Are they "cool" nowadays?
Q. Or are they totally cheap and dorky?

A. As far as I know, there aren't a lot of pairs out there. according to the trendy, hipster, fresh kids at school, those shoes are for poor kids. I do see grown-ups around who wear them, i think that's cool.

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Where can I find "androgynous" men's shoes?

Q. And/or shoes with a heel that have a more "masculine" look. I love the feeling I get by wearing shoes with a heel, but I don't like how most women's heels are designed. I don't like a really thin heel, how open they are, etc. I would like the look of something like a loafer or slip in with a heel, but I'm not sure where to look for shoes like this. Any advice? Thanks!

A. Look at some of these from Bass. This is a link to the whole "casual" category so you'll have to look past some trendier styles, but many of the shoes at this link might be exactly what you want.


biz attire questions - working women only.....?
Q. i start an internship next week at a MAJOR news network in Manhattan (which shall remain nameless, anyways) I have never worked in that type of envirnoment; I have nice new dressy clothes - obviously i'm a student and don't have the kinda cash of the other, older biz ladies... I want to know only from those ladies who work in the biz world:

- is it appropriate to wear knee length boots with gauchos, panty hose, and pin striped button down blouse?

- is it okay to wear gauchos, period?

- is it okay to wear low heels like slingbacks?? I'm NOT comfortable n' too clumsy to wear all those 3 inch n' up pumps?

- is it okay to request off from internship, when I'm not even on campus (like Thanksgiving and Xmas week)?

- can I wear my hair down or does it always have to be pulled up?

- is it okay if i only wear lipstick there and not any other makeup?

- employer said, "break out Sunday best." what's that mean?

any other advice for style/dress would be helpful....

A. The answer to these questions depends on the level of professionalism demanded at your firm or the company culture. For a more professional office, knee-length boots are NEVER appropriate; Slingback are OK as long as they're not opened-toe.

For days off, find out first what days are automatically scheduled off, then find out how strict they are about allowing time off. Remember, an internship is like a rehearsal or practice for the real thing & your obtaining a professional career later may depend on your performance in that internship, even if it's unpaid. One season working through the holidays may be worth a lifelong opportunity for great referrals.

Hair down is definately OK as long as it's clean, neat, & not a distraction for you or others. Lipstick only should be fine, but again, it depends on your work environment. If your position calls for a fashion-forward, beauty-industry-representative person, it may be wise to wear at least the essentials. Your employer may not be as demanding, since you are an intern, though. Take a look around at the other employees, also. How are they made up? I worked at a very looks-conscious place & wearing makeup was mandatory, considered part of our dresscode, & highly enforced.

"Sunday best"---look sharp, polished, clean, classic, classy, neat, & conservative, but don't lose your personality or your ability to look trendy.

Remember... cleavage, no short skirts, no slinky/strappy heels, no polyester, spandex, or rayon (unless it's a blend), no gaudy, excess, or flashy jewelry, no big hair, no overly visible tattoos (I have seven & no one at the office should know that), no tanks or spaghetti straps, no midriff-bearing or back-bearing tops (even when you bend over), no tight-fitting clothes ever, no shorts, no stripper or clear shoes ever, no slip-ins or slip-ons, no sheer light-colored fabrics without a lining, no capris, no panty lines

Good luck, much success, & GREAT question. I wish more women inquired about professional wardrobe options.

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What are some things that are considered fashionable or trendy by alot of people that you can't stand?

Q. -fake nails
-those purses that look really expensive or either are really expensive, or just purses period
-high heels / wedge heels
-anything that stereotypes women like the above
-harem pants
-red lipstick, all lipstick really, and plastic fake looking stuff on the lips such as greasy nasty lip glosses
-most of the stuff at Wetseal and Charlotte Russe
-Matching everything, like when people match their shoes with their purse etc
-Wearing stuff just to look pretty and neglecting to be different looking or interesting, or to make any kind of important statement.

not to offend anyone, but don't like those, curious to know what you don't like?

A. people that wear expensive looking clothes then wear like cheapy stuff the next (not really a fashion thingy but whatever)
fake nails also
fake eyelashes
not high heels or wedges but the crazy extremely high weird looking ones
extremely short shorts
wearing only one earring
combat boots with floral/"girly" shirts
leggings with shorts
pants with skirts
"people that think they have good style by only wearing abrocrombie and fitch hollister american eagle i mean thats all they wear and nothing else
knee high converse with jeans on people that have no idea how to wear them
shirts with "built in" vests
ruffle sleeves that look like shoulder pads
heels/wedges that are only 1" or less
shirts that say dont be jealous that i can dance etc etc
wearing "classy" shirts with baggy/pj pants
lingerie too
stuff at tillys
and ya

these are MY OPINIONS NOT YOURS!!!! i do not mean to offend anyone, if i did im sorry..these are my opinions..

Please help fashion crisis!!:|?
Q. Alright this might be a little long but please bare with me and I'll try to sum it up at fast and as best as I can.
So first off I need a outfit check. My friends and I are going shopping tomorrow evening and I'm wearing a high wasted black pencil skirt with a striped yellow and grey shirt tucked in; the skirt goes a little above my knee. My first question is what shoes would look best with that outfit and what accessories? My second question is should I wear like black tights with it or no( I wasn't planning to but it rains 360 days out of the year where I live). And if you have hair suggestions that would be helpful too. I have long super curly red hair.

Next thing: this year I am going to be a sophomore and I'm going to a new school but I know only a few people there and I want to really wow them and make my next 3 years as a highschooler a good one. My parents are very successful in their businesses and get paid a very large amount but don't indulge their payments in things like cars, phones, clothing, stuff like that. My parents focus pretty much entirely on education. Which is fine with me but I have no money to buy cloths and they won't give me any. I'm starting to work soon and my goal is to get to $600 and go on a big back to school shopping spree. I HATE spending tons of money and not being satisfied with what I got. I usually shop all over but everything is sooo expensive and I don't really find what I want. Can someone help me on outfit ideas or just something to spark my imagination? Send me links or pictures of cute outfits. My style is pretty and girly but I'm an big athlet too so I have lots of sweatshirts. I want to be pushed out of my confert zone into like modern hippy and vintage with like some rock in it.... if that made any sence at all. So yeah help:)

Thank you guys soooooooo much for reading this it means a lot!!!:) 10 points to the best answer and my forever love:)

A. A MODern, semi-hippie/semi-athelete, college co-ed with long,. curly red hair can be pulled together and give an awesome impression to eliminating anything trendy and focusing on basics.

Stepping out of one's comfort zone is important..especially with clothing/style options because it's remarkable how one is perceived when they alter the way they dress. It really does 'make the man' (or woman).

Let's say one dressed in faded jeans and t-shirts all the time. I can see why they would wonder about changing their look and style, especially when they're about to start college. An easy, do-able transition may be simple, cotton basics. A little more preppy vs hippie. (I like 'hippie', though).

Always check out outlet stores, outlet malls, and stores that offer name brand separates at much lower than dept. store prices. Dept. stores and trendy retail stores ARE too expensive. That's why smart consumers cut the costs by saving where they can.

Buying bulk packages of 100% cotton tanks, short and long sleeved cotton shirts, (even men's tanks) cost much less, and are virtually interchangeable with most things. Plain, cotton, solid color (black is a must) leggings are standard. A track suit (cotton), (navy, black or khaki colors), with a pair of track shoes easy.

-3 pair of flat-front, cotton, slim, (but not tight) low-rise pants. (black, khaki and navy)
-3 long sleeved cotton tops (black, khaki and navy)
-12-pack of cotton, ribbed tanks (black white and navy)
-2 cotton, cardigans (navy and black)
-2 longer flat-front cotton skirts (black and navy)
-2 over-sized, cotton, button-down, long-sleeved shirts (white and black)
-black and navy long-sleeved turtlenecks
-1 cute (black or navy) beret
- pair of really cute loafers
-black and navy leggings
100's of various combinations that can all be intermixed and easily mixed and matched.

black pants + black t-shirt + white cotton shirt tied at the waist.
khakis + navy t-shirt + navy cardigan
navy skirt + white shirt + navy cardigan
black pants + black tank + black cardigan
khaki skirt + navy tank + white cotton shirt and navy cardigan tied at the waist

Getting (or crocheting) one, long, cool-looking scarf in a bright, awesome color (like olive or bright red)..or one, bright red, over-sized sweater can be thrown on, over the top of every single combination and you'll appear to be really stylish, and so put together. Stick to monocromatic solid colors and neutrals = always appropriate. This style of dressing is known as the "French" style. It's effortless, and non-trendy = classic.

Basics always look pulled together and clean. Target, Gap, Old Navy, H & M are great for basics. Kmart, Walmart-type stores that sell packs of tanks and t-shirts = the best. Mix and match and don't allow yourself to buy anything trendy.

Mix & match-Secret to dressing Well

Interchangeable Clothes-Basic Starter wardrobe

Avoid anything trendy. Trendy isn't college attending, together, young female.
Trendy = tween/teen.
Bubblegum pink baby doll dresses, neon colors, logos = everyone would notice when/if you wore it again. Not practical. The trendier one dresses, the more they have to buy. Mainly because trendy items don't mix well with standard basics. They're out of style practically the day they're purchased. Neon purple is only a "hit" for a couple of weeks and then it's a "miss".

Standard basics can be purchased at outlet stores, Target (really cute stuff), or even local thrift stores have basics. Who cares if they were 'previously worn'..if they're cute, basic, and fit well.

When one dresses with clean, "preppy", mix and match basics, the impression is that person is together. She's organized, she's smart, she's not trendy, she's not misguided, she's not immature, she's not driven by knee-jerk decisions = all good.

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What is a good store to find Women size 12 shoes ( dressy and cute)?

Q. I need some shoes fast and i have no luck so far. so please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. if you go to payless they hav lots that have big sizes and theyre all cute and affordable!

Where can I find nice, trendy shoes that come in larger sizes (11-12 women's) that are decently priced?
Q. I've got big feet, and a small budget. Any suggestions?
I'm mainly looking for a cute pair of sneakers. (:

A. Steve Madden has extented sizes.

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What are the big, main trends for Summer 2011?

Q. I've never been much of a trend follower, but lately I'm realizing that my style that I've had for years is becoming trendy (I was definitely wearing Toms and tribal prints before it was "cool"!) I'm interested to hear how my personal fashion sense compares to the mainstream one, so what are the big trends for this year? I'd also love to hear your predictions for what the fall trends will be! Thanks!

A. clothing: I would say bright colors like from the 80's. You can get stuff like it at 344. Also baggy crop tops with tank tops underneath. I think you can get some from places like wet seal

shoes: A lot of people are wearing gladiator sandals Laundry%26SANDAL_TYPE%3DFlat Sandals%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D4

hair: feathers are really popular! I have 5 and you can get them at claires or really any salon. I love them!

I think fall the feathers will still be in. Also stuff like floral and military style

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What are the top 5 trendiest, most popular shoes for young women at the moment? Both brands and styles please.

Q. And pics if you have any. Thanks!

A. Pointed toe stilettos are making a comeback, from the rounded toes of seasons before. Also, pointed heels. Platforms are still trendy, but not platform wedge. Gladiator anything is getting big. Ballet flats are always trendy.

How do trendy and young French women typically dress?
Q. Just curious and wondering if it's any better than the majority of the people dress in the U.S.

A. I read a book that said the French love to dress their best, not necessarily expensive. It said that they aren't the tee shirt and gym shoes type like we typically are. They maintain a clean look even when "hanging out" somewhere casual, think the preppy end of H & M line or Burberry. And the main thing is they are confident in whatever they wear, making sure to wear what makes them feel extra good about themselves, and that's what shows.
As far as naming specific brands I can't say, but it seems they like good quality clothes that last.

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What are the hottest trends for women this summer?

Q. Whether it's through fashion or beauty
I also bought a few dresses ooff of eBay, can someone help me hook them up, either dress up or down...I'll be leaving to Florida soon, so i want to wear them down there.

A. I hope i answered your question.

Well you cant forget about the neutrels, burmuda shorts, and dont forget the wedge shoes.

Seasonal Color Trends

This season's Spring colors are more subdued and romantic. Powdery pastels in baby blue, apricot, pale yellow, and light shades of green will bring out your feminine side. Paired with classic neutrals such as black, white and taupe, you're sure to find shades that suit you best.

Summer Fabrics

The new Spring and Summer season brings back some great classic fabrics. Now you'll be seeing more light, lacy fabrics and the basic cotton stretch. Spandex-inspired designs offer comfort and versatility that allow women of all shapes and sizes to enjoy. Dresses and skirts in flowing chiffon and silk are sure to please those looking for a feminine, classy look. Great for work and fun!


For those who prefer color, go bright and bold. For style and sophistication, opt for luscious garden prints, retro patterns and black and white geometrical shapes. Many cultures add to ethnic styles with colorful patterns mixed with rich, earth tones.

For a classical look, preppy polo shirts give you stripes galore! The further apart the stripes, the larger you may appear. If you're concerned, choose tops with stripes closer together, with only two colors. Diagonal lines can be rather slimming if they're narrow and meet at the front. Vertical stripes on trousers are a must-have, but only paired with a solid shirt or blouse.

Style Trends

This summer brings some new, exciting fashion trends. With warmer weather moving in, women want simple, feminine styles. Traditional, tailored clothing are classic and will always be a shoe-in for business, weddings, or formal events. Layer your clothing to switch from work to play. Keep your classics cleaned and pressed for impromptu summer events and activities.

Look for denim blue jeans that are cuffed at least 3" deep with sexy, flat sandals. Cool things off with a tank top to expose your shoulders. Don't go light on support, invest in a seasonal bra that has clear or removable straps. Look for tanks and halters that have a built-in bra for style and convenience.

Spring's knee-length skirts flow naturally for eye-catching appeal. Solid colors and subtle designs are more traditional while unique patterns allow us to show personality and pizzazz. Faded denim is always a hit for a rock concert or wild night in the city.

Combine a basic tee, gypsy-style skirt, and flip-flops to gain immediate attention. For a more sophisticated look, pair a great flouney skirt with a stylish tank top. Sandals or wedge shoes in a neutral color compliment most styles and are practical for warmer weather.

Trendy, military inspired clothing shows your support and is an instant hit for casual wear. Take your pick from light cotton cargos, camouflage, walking shorts, and belted jackets. Be creative and accessorize with a belt and dog tags.

Modern Accents and Accessories

The upcoming Spring fashions accentuate unique personalities and bring with it some of Winter's hottest trends in accessories and jewelry.

For necklaces, think layers and match up with funky beads and symbolic pendants.

Bangle bracelets and watches adorned with etchings or glitter.

Toe rings, thumb rings, body jewelry.

Chunky, ethnic pieces. Old fashioned designs.

Sunglasses with oversized frames and lenses.

A flirty sarong for the beach.

Open-backed slides with sequin accents and beads.

Hot Makeup Trends:

What's hot this Summer? Makeup adds definition to the face and this season brings earthy shades with defined cheeks. For those who are a little more conservative, taupe will lift your spirit and look great in pictures. Both peaches and corals radiate a youthful glow -- and can take years off of your face. From eye shadow, cheeks, to lips, pink gives you a healthy look, while underplaying fine lines and wrinkles.

who want to buy boots on summer?
Q. i don't mean summer boots
but winter boots
like those
i love , beacuse i think it's cheaper now!

A. There are a lot of cute boots in the link you provide. But whose to say, you're supposed to wear ANYTHING at any particular time of the year? If you get fuzzy warm boots and want to wear them during the summer, it's not prob-- just wear them with cute short shorts, a sun dress, or a flirty skirt. I think that would look summery and trendy.

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Does anyone know where to find women's shoes that go up to size 12?

Q. Hi!
I am 6'1 and have a really hard time finding flats or boots in my size that aren't too high heeled or terribly drab.

Does anyone know of some good sites or stores to find some trendy shoes in a size 12 (besides Zappos)?


A. You are going to love Tall Clothing Mall. They find trendy large shoes and put them in categories from all the top online shoes.

ladies:do you prefer wearing round toe or pointy toe shoes?which is cuter/sexier?why?
Q. men:what you think of women wearing round toe versus pointy toed shoes(flat shoes or heels)? does the type of shoes express part of their personality? if so,what? what's one word to describe women who wear a particular type of shoe?

ladies:why do you choose to wear the types of shoes that you wear? do you prefer comfort over style? does price matter when it comes to comfort or style? what do you think of other womens' shoe choices? trendy/tacky/etc?what are your thoughts?

if you don't care,don't answer.

A. I think pointy toes are ridiculous. The type of woman who would wear such a clearly uncomfortable shoe for the sake of fashion (and they don't even look that good anyways) is one to be avoided.
And that's coming from a man who sells women's shoes for a living.

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Do anyone know where I can find fashion trendy wide width shoes?


A. Call Customer Service 1-800#, or email them.
This is YAHOO, it's a World Wide Web and many of us have not even bought anything or work @WIDE shoes or any other shoe stores.

Buyer beware when it comes to buying shoes online, and I do not rec. using PayPal. I got screwed, took 3 years for my credit.
I bought 2 pair of shoes, $700 worth @ Zappos, where they have free shipping & free returns. I am a 5 1/2, so I bought a size 6. Returned them. Ordered a 5, too small. I saved $700.
I went to Nordstrom's, they're having shoe sales. Found 2 shoes, both less than $300. Both were rated as 'best comfortable shoes for walking'. BTW: I wore one of the boots for 4 hours, and I didn't even do that much walking, mostly standing on the same spot . . . . and I was already limping. I took it back the following day!
My son bought a pair of Nike beach sandals. They didn't come in his size, so he bought the one larger. They weren't sold in stores! He was walking around sandals too big, only because he didn't want to pay for return shipping and re-stocking fees.
Shoes that are good for some, may hurt your feet. Just saying!

Shoes to wear in the fall?
Q. I need a pair of shoes for the fall to wear to school. Basically shoes for days when its too cold for flip flops or sandles, and too warm for uggs. I dont like sneakers. Any ideas?
I'm a girl btw:p
I'm a girl btw:p

A. Well... You might just want to go to a store and ask the sales person for a shoe that's right for you. Personally, I would go for a pair of boots ( very in for the fall-winter season), ballet flats, high heels, or a pair of creepers ( which are like platformed converse without the sneaker look and again are a very trendy thing this upcoming season according to TeenVogue)

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Comfortable career shoes for women? Know of any? Also "business Casual" tips?

Q. Hi, I just accepted a job where the attire is business casual. I need some VERY comfortable, yet dressy shoes. I don't want heels, maybe a slight platform, but no pointy heels, I'll still need to move around, lift stuff, etc. The brand, or store where they sell the brand would be great.
Also, any tips on "Business Casual" dress code would be helpful, I've never had a good job before lol.

A. Easy Spirit or Aerosoles brand shoes are comfy...some styles are a bit grandma, but if you browse all their stuff you'll find some nice casual and even trendy ones. For Biz Casual, avoid showing toe, as in sandals, but for most places clogs are okay. Definitely No Flip Flops!...I worked with someone who showed up in a nice casual outfit to work and got in trouble for the flips! Biz casual usually means, suits, blazers and such aren't necessary....I'd definitely avoid jeans unless others at the job wear's usually smart to stick to slacks, skirts, blouses (no cleavage!) and button down shirts....avoid skirts above the knee if you're in an office setting. and can give you some good ideas ....even if you don't end up shopping them because of price, you can easily copy their styles at other department stores. To get the best picture of how to dress though, stop by the new work place and check out what everyone else is wearing. Best of luck at your new job!

How do trendy and young French women typically dress?
Q. Just curious and wondering if it's any better than the majority of the people dress in the U.S.

A. I read a book that said the French love to dress their best, not necessarily expensive. It said that they aren't the tee shirt and gym shoes type like we typically are. They maintain a clean look even when "hanging out" somewhere casual, think the preppy end of H & M line or Burberry. And the main thing is they are confident in whatever they wear, making sure to wear what makes them feel extra good about themselves, and that's what shows.
As far as naming specific brands I can't say, but it seems they like good quality clothes that last.

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What's the BIGGEST mistake plus sized girls make in fashion?

Q. Be specific and offer suggestions as well

A. I would agree with most of the above comments that plus sized women do make poor decisions when it comes to clothing sizes being too small. But in the same sense if a plus sized woman wears a "moo moo" which simply drapes over her body, then she will seem figureless and in turn look much larger than she is.
I have been heavier set for a good portion of my life, and it's hard to find trendy clothes without looking horrible in them (they just don't make plus sized clothes fashonable). But there is no reason to try to stuff yourself into a pair of pants that is to small just to look "in style"

Lany Bryant (plus sized fashion) has turned their store around in the past few years and now i love shopping in there, as they keep up with fashion as closely as they can. They came out with several new items this past month i just went crazy over.

Boot cut jeans (NOT FLARES) will help elongate and thin the leg. Even straight legged pants will help, and a darker denim if in jeans. It depends clothing wise on age i think but this is for 20-40 years old. Button up shirts that are perfectly fit that do not buckles at the chest will emphasize a large chest without clinging to any tummy a person might have. Also jackets with bullets are very in style. They should be waste length and have 3 buttons (for women with larger chests). Shoe wise, a pointed toe shoe with a long pant will help give the leg a much longer feel. Tank tops probably aren't the best bet for a plus sized woman as many are self conscious about their chests and arms and tanks provide very little coverage up top. And for skirts, anything that hits at the knee (NOT AT THE CALF) will also give a more proportional look.

But, knowing that it is hard to find clothes that wit well and are fashionable, if a plus sized woman wants both (good fit and style) then their best option is to shop at a store like Lane Bryant or any store that is customized for plus sized woman and then have something tailored to fit them perfectly. Nothing is better looking than a perfect fit, and this relates to plus sized woman as well as non plus sized women.

teen plus size clothing.?
Q. Iam 14 And Have A Body Of A 18 Year Old I LOVEE Shoes And Cloth PLZ HELP

A. DEB! They have cute and trendy clothes for girls and women of all sizes:)

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We can I find comfortable shoes that are fashionable enough to wear to work?

Q. I'm looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that are trendy and fashionable to work to work. I dress up in business attire everyday. But, I'm tired of my feet hurting at the end of the day.

A. i love dansko's. super comfy and have some cute styles. this is the same company that nurses wear in hospitals.

can anyone recommend a good shoe for surgical nurses to wear?
Q. I will be on my feet all day for hours at a time.

A. I am a surgical nurse, and the best shoe I have ever put on my foot is called a Mizuno Nirvana 2. They are pricey, but a great buy if your looking for a solid shoe with a nice breeze passing thru it and support. I work w/ 2 other nurses who also wear the same shoe. They are just fantastic. You can purchase them off the internet or you can buy them in sports shoe stores. They are light and the mesh fabric in the shoe breathes your foot. They have an arch support which is great inside and the sole of the shoe is supportive. I even bought a pair for my brother in law who just had open heart surgery for his fitness stuff following surgery and he loves them.
One of our surgeons also wears Mizuno's when he is out rounding on the floor. His are not the Nirvana, but a cheaper brand of Mizuno shoe.
The crocks are the cheapo plastic shoes w/ no support and they end up not being all that comfortable. They are just trendy and have caught on sort of like those ignorant Jellies in the 1980's. Clogs offer no support what so ever. They are just trendy. Surgeons wear them because they are easy to put on and off and they stand in 1 spot for long periods of time. They do not walk around.
The podiatrist at our hospital also said Mizuno is an excellent shoe for people on their feet all the time.
Good luck and happy trails!!!

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Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

Where can i find heelless shoes that are size 13?

Q. I've been looking everywhere possible and i really can't find any. I'm starting to think they don't make them that big. I'm disappointed. If you know anything please let me me know. Thank you!

A. I found several sites online that sell flats: shoes and sandals. See the links below. There are some very nice shoes.

Wide Width Shoes 6M-14WW |
Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Sneakers In More Styles & Sizes From $9.99.

Women Size 13 Sandals |
Free Shipping & Free Returns on All Women Size 13 Sandals!

Wide Shoes - Huge Selection of Wide Shoes.
Free Shipping & Return Shipping.

Plus Size Women's Boots - Size 7W-12W Women's Trendy Boots.
Cacique Semi-Annual Intimates Sale!

size 13 womens in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories | eBay

Size 13 Womens - Shoebuy - Free Shipping & Return Shipping

Daniel Green Glamour II Daniel Green Slippers June 25, 2013 Reviewer: T Trapp from Providence RI I have been wearing Daniel Greens for many many years.
Womens - Size 13.0 | - Shoes, Boots, Sandals - Free ...

Add qualifying footwear to your shopping cart; Enter promo code SANDALSALE at checkout to receive discount; Discount will be deducted from your order after code is ...
Womens Size 13 Shoes - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at Nextag
Womens Size 13 Shoes - 28,150 results like Walking Cradles Real Women's Slip on Shoes, Fitzwell Rose Women's 1-2 inch heel Shoes - Black, Size 13 WW, Diesel Falky ...
Womens Athletic Shoes Size 13 - Compare Prices, Reviews and ...

Womens Athletic Shoes Size 13 - 2,753 results like inov-8 F-Lite 195 W/RopeTec Running Shoes, Asics GEL-Cumulus 15 Women's Running Shoes - White, Size 13 B - Medium ...
Women Size 13 Shoes | Beso Cached

Women Size 13 Shoes ($19.99 - $165.00): 30 of 1265 items - Shop Women Size 13 Shoes from ALL your favorite stores & find HUGE SAVINGS up to 80% off Women Size 13 ...

Where can I find size 4-4.5 womens shoes?
Q. I would like to find some normal shoes for women around 4, 4.5, or 5. I am having a hard time finding stylish shoes that fit! Websites would be helpful!

A. Zappos has every size and plus they sale very trendy shoes

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where can find a pair of shoes that are styleish and cheap?

Q. but the kind of shoe im lookng for is for a guy

A. Hey Girl,

This is my specialty. I tend to use the following online shops for all my GO TO shoe needs.

Also...check out my fashion blog Poor Girl Rich Closet. I post young, trendy, celebrity Looks for Less. each look includes cute shoes that are on trend for Fall & Winter 2012 at a great price.

Just click on the links below the post. Good Luck!

Missy B.
Fashion stylist-blogger
Poor Girl Rich Closet

what are the current trends in clothes shops?
Q. I have a job interview in a clothes shop and was wondering what current fashion trends are.

A. I don't follow women's fashion but I can provide the guys' trends for fall 2012 through summer 2013, or at least how they're predicted to be. This is according to major runway shows in Europe, so trends in American stores or unique shops will vary.

Some general trends: Slim pants/jeans (sometimes skinny), rolled up once or twice, JACKETS, hairstyles that are short on the sides/back and styled on top, accessories like watches and bracelets always make you look more stylish

Fall 2012 has some very light blues and oranges leftover from summer 2012 but they're only thrown in. Mainly, it's getting darker with blacks and grays, occasionally an obscure white or yellow dominated outfit. "A play on fabric" as Armani calls it is trendy, mixing different patterns and fabrics that you wouldn't normally match, as long as they go together in color. Outfits should stay simple and sleek though.

Winter 2012-13 is best described as "dark" and sometimes "tribal" with almost all black, brown and gray on jackets, pants and shoes/belts. Fabric play still revealant: For example, charcoal sweater with leather jacket throw-over.

Spring/summer 2013 should be sleek and include Mediterranean colors not only in just clothes but especially accessories. Like turquoise belts/shoes, bags and shirt accents. "Easter" colors is a good way to put it also. The base colors are blue and green.

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What are some comfy, trendy shoes?

Q. I'm going to New York for a week and I'll be walking around quite a bit. I want to wear something comfy--but still relatively attractive that can match with my outfits. Any ideas?

A. For me it's definetly ballerina flat shoe type
i love they are them extremely comfy to walk around in extremely stylish i have many shapes and colors some dressy some very sporty check them out :)

Good luck :)!-_-Category_Terms-_-ballerina_flat_shoes

Most comfortable, durable and trendy skate shoes?
Q. Need an awesome pair of shoes for my boyfriend for his birthday. His old nasty shoes have a huge hole in them and they are horrible. Something trendy but durable. Any ideas?

A. i skate with vans and etnies my last ones were vans lasted me about 6-7 months of everyday skating ++ their very comfortable i dont like puffy skate shoes i guess that's a personal choice.
take notes from the last ones he had.. and buy one

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Selasa, 20 Mei 2014

whats the best sport shoes to buy which looks chic and trendy?

Q. I want to buy shoes which are sporty, which I can wear to university as well as use for road trips etc. So it shouldnt be too sporty and heavy like sport gear but i dont want something non durable as well. Suggestions with links would be helpful thanks a ton
ya i was thinking more on the lines of nikes, or adidas or Reebok
which are better? plimsolls or converses?
i know these look a little odd...but i was thinking of something like this..something non traditional but something i can use for running also maybe

A. i say NIKE sport shoes(:
i mean they have runner shoes; or any type of sports your doing.
and if your looking for trendy one; nikes have different kinds of styles and colors for women.

I really want some cool shoes.?
Q. I like green and polka dots, but I'm guessing there are no green polka dot shoes. But i do like green. I want them to be athletic and trendy. I want them to be unique, but not weird. Under $120 please

A. It wouldn't be hard to find some green athletic shoes, but it would be hard to find a polka dot pair. I would check through Converse. They usually have shoes in every color & pattern.

Here are some by Nike, but I'm not sure if they're men or women shoes.

& here are some wedge heels. They're very comfortable & trendy.

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Senin, 19 Mei 2014

Shoe help ...pleaseeee .... :D?

Q. ok so i am going away soon and i have a few outfits sorted but i need some shoes for one outfit ... i have a grey top with peach netting on the shoulders and a peach netting skirt but i need some ideas for shoes ??? and ideas??? im thinking Heels so i can wear the outfit out but not too high lol ... please help i cant find shoes i like anywhere...

p.s ..united kingdom shops only please :D

A. On my POLYVORE account I've just created a set revolving around the colors and the fabrics it seems you have in your outfit (all the shoes, both flats and heels, are found on and cost less then £50!! =D (

Heel option 1 (bright): Coral is an EXREMELY popular summer color. The brightness let's you wear this during the day as well as at night and the orange pigmentation of the color brings out the orange qualities of the peach. The shoes in the set are: "Ash Patent Slingback Sandal" and are available on for only £32 ($46).
Heel option 2 (natural): Instead of going for a typical black heel the brown is more summery and works well with peachy/orange tones. The gold detail also brings out the beach quality of the garments. The shoes in the set are the "ASOS Petra Heeled Gladiator Sandal" and retail at about £11 ($17)-

2: Flats
Flat option 1 (ballet flats): Yet again the coral color is summery and great for both day and night. The gold heart shaped studs make the look very good for passing from day to night. The shoes in the set are the "ASOS LIGHTYEAR Heart Pointed Ballerina" in coral/gold (also available black/gold) and retail for about £29 ($42.27) on
Flat option 2 (sandals): The grey matches the shirt and the studs make it perfect for night time. Very summery and the cuff is very "trendy" this year. The shoes in the set are the "Park Lane Studded Cuff Sandals" and retail for about £29 ($42) on

3: Boots
Boots option 1 (short): I personally think that ankle boots look AMAZING with skirts, especially during the summer for an evening transition. The black is great night and day and the studded suede is fabulous. The shoes in the set are the "ASOS ADDISON Suede Brogue Flat Studded Ankle Boot" which retails for about £41 ($59) on
Boots option 2 (tall): The slouchy-ness of the boot makes this boot style great for day. The color though is deep enough to be worn at night. The shoe in the set is the "Dune Mellissa Slouch Calf Boot" which retail on for about £69 ($100). I'm sorry but these cost more than £50 but i BET you can find a cheaper, similar style.

I really hopes this helped and feel free to contact me via email =D

i need some new shoes?? help!!?
Q. i want to buy some new shoes that i can wear everyday in the spring. for a sense of my style, i like classic but alternative pieces. urban outfitters is my favorite stores. during the winter i predominantly wore short chestnut uggs (which im SO sick of but theyre so comfy and make your legs look thinner) and black leather flat booties. i need these shoes to be pretty comfortable and very stylish. money is not much of an object, but preferably less than $150. i dislike shoes that make your feet look small as i already have tiny feet (size 5.5 or 6) and bigger shoes make your legs look slimmer. THANKS A MIL!
sorry.. im 5'1" or so and I dont love flats but if theyre really cute then i dont mind.

A. Most of these were featured in magazines, pretty comfy, and trendy. I'm not sure what shoes you like so I selected a variety that I thought looked good.;jsessionid=C9FADF88E812A6AED81AE74C68897B35.app13-node2?itemdescription=true&itemCount=10&id=14014351&parentid=W_SHOES_HEELSWEDGES_LOW&sortProperties=+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=77&navAction=poppushpushpush&color=01
hope this helps

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Inexpensive, Trendy shoes online?

Q. N e one know where i can find some cute cheap shoes on the web?

These links will take you right to the shoes they sell!!! I will try to find more link for you!!
Hope it helps!!!

Shoes questions for women?
Q. What do you think...ladies?
1. After a day of work do you ever come home with your feet hurting?
2. If so then what kind of job do you have?
3. Have your feet ever hurt so bad you took you shoes off?
4. Would you like to have your feet massaged after a day of work?
5. What are the most painful shoes you have ever worn?
6. Whats your favorite color for a pedicure?
7. Would you rather have a back rub or foot rub after a day of work?
8. Would you consider it a good thing if a guy offered to massage your feet for you when they hurt?
9. Would you rather go shopping in comfort of flip flops or look trendy and wear heels and end the day with sore feet?
10. Would your feet hurt worse standing for 8 hours in flip flops or for 3 hours in 4inch heels?
Thanks for answering

A. 1. i work from home so i don't wear shoes around the house.
2. i work from home so i don't wear shoes around the house.
3. YES!! i went on an immense pub crawl once, i was aching to the bones. i couldn't work next day, and i was sick on my brand new stilettos!
4. i would if i didn't work from home! i still like a foot massage anyway.
5. 8 inch stilettos!!!! i know its crazy, but it was a dare when i was about 17. i only wore them once!
6. Au naturale or crazy red!
7. a foot rub.
8. definetely! especially as im single!
9. if they were really cute then probably flats (perhaps not flip flops).
10. 8 hours in flip flops because i have this condition with weak bones in my feet and i need some elevation!


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Minggu, 18 Mei 2014

why do shoe makers put such big heels on running shoes?

Q. no one runs landing on their heels. don't they know this? while i agree with some of the idea of those knew trendy barefoot glove shoes, i don't imagine ever seeing old people wearing something with such a small amount of padding....and we're all going to get old....i'd like to take precaution to how much impact my feet take.

A. You're better off running barefoot. Your feet take *less* impact if you run barefoot because you don't land on your heels when you run barefoot. Forget the "trendy barefoot glove shoes", though. They're a waste of $$$. Just go barefoot.

Fashion Survey Questions About Shoes?
Q. 1. After a day of work do you ever come home with your feet hurting?
2. If so then what kind of job do you have?
3. Have your feet ever hurt so bad you took you shoes off?
4. Would you like to have your feet massaged after a day of work?
5. What are the most painful shoes you have ever worn?
6. Whats your favorite color for a pedicure?
7. Would you rather have a back rub or foot rub after a day of work?
8. Would you consider it a good thing if a guy offered to massage your feet for you when they hurt?
9. Would you rather go shopping in comfort of flip flops or look trendy and wear heels and end the day with sore feet?
10. Would your feet hurt worse standing for 8 hours in flip flops or for 3 hours in 4inch heels?
Thanks for answering

A. Yes
Ones that were too small
Back Rub
Flip Flops
Flip Flops

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Opinions on these Shoes pleease :))?


Also do you think they're okay for a 15 yo girl cause i thought they looked like toms but all the reviews were from like old people....

A. yes, they will look great! those kinds of shoes are super trendy right now, and you are getting a deal, because real toms cost more than $55!

good luck sweetie! :)

size 13 women's shoes?
Q. I wear a size 13 women's shoe, Im not ashamed of my shoe size because i am really tall and i'm use to them. i cant find any cute trendy shoes anywhere!!! some say try payless but they have no grip what so ever and i do not want to be slipping and sliding all over the place. Any suggestions?

A. Nadia, your feet are a size bigger than mine (mens 10.5/ womens 12), and I consider that sexy especially if you pedicure.

Try, they go up to 15 with lots of styles. They hardly have anything under size 11!

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