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Maid of honour dress? 10pts.?

Q. my friend just asked me to be her maid of honour and im excitied.
she put me in charge of my dress and the braidsmaid's dresses. it isnt till june 21 2009 so i still got some time i just need ideas please.
im looking for a dress i want it to be criss crossed on the back
long dress.. straight dress..
the color isnt important right now cause im just trying to find a dress with criss cross back that i like.
does anyone know where i can find a dress like that?
please have pictures of them.

A. That is very nice of your friend to let you choose the dresses- the bride always chose the dresses in the weddings I have stood up in.
I would suggest that you visit websites/bridal stores that also carry prom dresses. In the experience I have had, I find that the prom/formal dance dresses are much less expensive AND you have more of a variety than you do with a "bridesmaid" dress. The prom dresses will be just as formal, but sometimes if you pick the right style, you could wear the dress again! For the wedding, you can dress it up with some dressy heels, formal jewelry, but could also dress it down to wear to another event at a later date. This is a super duper feature of a dress that otherwise you will only wear one time. (Bridesmaids dresses tend to be very trendy/seasonal and focus on a color scheme to match the rest of the wedding rather than style or design qualities.)
Another thing to think of is how everyone will look in the dress you like. You may be dying to wear a long dress with criss crossed straps that you will look fantastic in, but it may not look good on everyone. In fact, one of the girls may look really awful in it. Although your friend gave you the job of picking it out and it IS very exciting, I would really think about colors/styles that suit all the bride's ladies.
I work at a banquet hall where we have wedding ceremonies and receptions, look through and help edit wedding photographs (my friend is a photographer who specializes in weddings) and have gone to dozens and dozens of wedding in the last year alone. I have found that one way to successfully execute the choosing of the dresses is to choose one color (if it isn't black, then you choose one color of a particular brand) and let the girls each choose a style of dress in that same color. Another thing that could work (depending on number of bridesmaids) is picking one style but different colors- to suit the girl's skin tones, hair color, etc.
If this doesn't work for you, do what loads of other bridesmaids do... shop store to store to store to store and try on lots of dresses until the group of you can get worn down enough that you are all willing to agree on one single dress.
Make sure to ask your friend what she expects out of the dress and your hair style (same or different from each other? up or down?) and the jewelry and shoes you will be expected to wear. These factors also play in to what dress you should choose. Stay in close contact with her and her feelings... weddings and women are sometimes not a good combination!

What kind or color shoe could i wear?
Q. i am going to a sweet 16 at the marina and i bought this dress what kind of shoe could i wear to make it fun and trendy?

A. These shoes in hot pink!

They will make the dress pop because it is more of a neutral color. Add some more pink accessories, and you are good to go!

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Jumat, 04 April 2014

Back To School Style For 2012 As A FreshMan?

Q. So As you all probably now it summer and im excited to go back to school shopping when its almost time, so i need the new styles so i dont buy old styled clothes i want to be _in_ (: so please help me list stores and stuff like that ! thanks & please dont make fun of me -__- thats happened before .

A. Cheap and fashionable stores.
Forever 21
Urban outfitters
american eagle
..stores along thoes lines are always trendy

Most likely if you buy clothes from these stores you will be in style but here are some trends

Next year the style will still be bohemian and boho.

Fringe tops
Jean jackets
Bright shirts
Oversized tees
Crop tops

For jeans stick with skinny because their always in style or bootcut
Also pencil skirts are in.

Ankle converse
Booties for winter
Gladiator sandles for summer

Wearing lots of rings is in their really cheap and fassionable at forever 21

Hope I helped(:

what are the current trends in clothes shops?
Q. I have a job interview in a clothes shop and was wondering what current fashion trends are.

A. I don't follow women's fashion but I can provide the guys' trends for fall 2012 through summer 2013, or at least how they're predicted to be. This is according to major runway shows in Europe, so trends in American stores or unique shops will vary.

Some general trends: Slim pants/jeans (sometimes skinny), rolled up once or twice, JACKETS, hairstyles that are short on the sides/back and styled on top, accessories like watches and bracelets always make you look more stylish

Fall 2012 has some very light blues and oranges leftover from summer 2012 but they're only thrown in. Mainly, it's getting darker with blacks and grays, occasionally an obscure white or yellow dominated outfit. "A play on fabric" as Armani calls it is trendy, mixing different patterns and fabrics that you wouldn't normally match, as long as they go together in color. Outfits should stay simple and sleek though.

Winter 2012-13 is best described as "dark" and sometimes "tribal" with almost all black, brown and gray on jackets, pants and shoes/belts. Fabric play still revealant: For example, charcoal sweater with leather jacket throw-over.

Spring/summer 2013 should be sleek and include Mediterranean colors not only in just clothes but especially accessories. Like turquoise belts/shoes, bags and shirt accents. "Easter" colors is a good way to put it also. The base colors are blue and green.

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Rabu, 02 April 2014

comfortable dress shoes?

Q. I am an interior design intern (still two more years to graduation), and was wondering what your most comfortable dress shoes are. I've been wearing flats, and they're SO flat that the bottoms of my feet are bruised. The fabric on the cheaper shoes also irritated the bottoms of my feet. =(

I dressed up at a previous job, and any dress shoes were fine because I sat down all day, but at this job I am on my feet 90% of the day. And I wait tables at night, so I'm on my feet then too. I have great serving shoes, but I have to dress up at the internship.

These women (and men) are extremely well dressed. I absolutely cannot look out of date or not stylish. I did buy two pairs today, one was the brand Bare Traps, and the others are Nurture by Dillard's. I don't care how expensive, I just need stylish classy dressy shoes that aren't going to kill my feet. I tried on Naturalizers and they hurt. It's like I'm running a marathon, I need them to be as comfortable as the tennis shoes I'm not allowed to wear.

Is this possible?? The two pairs I got are pretty amazing. The Bare Traps are brown sandals with thick cushy soles. The Nurture are black 2 1/2" pumps. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Save my feet AND my wardrobe!!!

A. I would suggest purchasing some Dr. Scholl's shoes. They're very trendy and professional but they keep you comfortable:

However, if you just want regular shoes, I would suggest investing in one pair of loafers (wedge or flat), one pair of close-toe pumps and one pair of peep-toe sandals. This basic variety of shoes is perfect for transitioning from waiting tables to your internship. If you still find them uncomfortable, simply use Dr. Scholl's inserts for better cushioning and arch support:


Good luck!!

Cheap ,Cute, size 11 Moccasins?
Q. okay so i am size 11 and i want moccasins
but i need to find them cheap
please help!!

A. Oh try payless. They have up to size 12 and their shoes are trendy and cheap.

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Selasa, 01 April 2014

what will be trendy this fall?

Q. what colors and shirts should i be looking out for this fall?
jeans as always i know. but what shoes and shirts do you think will be hot this fall?

thanks :)

A. booties are really in.

boyfriend blazers are still in for me i don't know about you.

oh military is HUGE... military jackets are in basically military anything.

oh yea and cargos like skinny cargo pants, i just got some in army green. i got the ones from amazon vanilla star. the one under the bloomingdale's link below.

and actually i can't think of anything else but i'll be sure to update my answer if there is anthing else

i want to open a shoe store, how would i find reputable wholesalers? i would like to sell trendy junior shoes?
Q. I am looking for information about magazines or websites where i can find reputable wholesalers of junior type shoes. i'm looking for items that are stylish and trendy, how would i go about finding wholesalers for this type of merchandise?

A. You'll find all the shoes you require at alibaba. Compare wholesalers , terms and merchandise

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Has anyone made money on ebay?

Q. basically, what i want to do is buy quality clothes and shoes from thrift stores and resell them on ebay. aftering shipping and fees, it would appear at first glance to not be that profitable. has anyone tried doing this?

A. I've been doing exactly that part-time since March 2011, and by January 2012 I had made PowerSeller and Top-Rated Seller. There's an entire group of people on the eBay discussion boards (clothing category) who do this, many full-time.

It's not a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you are dedicated to it and have good thrift stores in your area, it is a get-rich-slow scheme. You have to come up with what works for you. I tend to sell what I personally like, which is classic styles in larger women's sizes (12 to 3X). Some sellers have good luck with expensive name brands, trendy teens' jeans and sneakers, baby clothes, or whatever. Good luck!

What can I/should I wear? Please help!?
Q. I've been trying so hard to get my first job. I'm 18 and really want a job. Especially soon so I can buy Christmas gifts for my family and boyfriend. I check on Safeway everyday and they're finally hiring as a courtesy clerk.

I applied several months ago and was told by an employee that if I go in person and talk with the manager I have a better chance of getting hired since they get so many applications. I REALLY want this job.

But I have nothing 'interview like' to wear. I just have jeans. I have some nice tops, and a pair of white flats, but they have silver spikes on them.... I have a really dark pair of denim skinny jeans, light denim skinnies, dark denim boot cut jeans, etc.

I don't have money right now to go and buy an interview like outfit, and neither do my parents. My grandma would probably take me but I don't want to ask her to come down(they live 2 hours away) and they just came down on Sunday.

What should I wear? Or should I ask my grandma if she would be able to take me to get an outfit?

A. The employees are right.. it IS best to speak to the manager, in person. It's also mandatory to follow-up re: your continued interest every single week with the manager, after applying. Several months since you applied..?! That's w-a-a-y too long to wait. It's necessary for you to phone and/ or go in personally and reiterate your interest. They likely wouldn't even keep the applications after a few months.

Some places are disorganised and unless an applicant really pesters them, they won't remember anyone who applied. Go in, in person, and look clean and pulled-together. Never go shopping at that store when you look a mess (not that you would. just saying).
Try for this:

Re-apply. Ask for another application. Re-introduce yourself. Stand tall/ straight shoulders. Look the manager directly in the eye. Be personable. Shake the manager's hand. Tell him/ her you're available to be "on-call", and would be willing to work in any department/ any position in the store. Ask about being a bagger as well. Tell them you love to help people. Tell them you catch-on quickly and love that Safeway. Smile.

Take the application home with you vs. filling it out at the store. That gives you time to write very clearly and legibly, and also gives you the opportunity to come back and hand it to the manager, directly. Ask if there are any other positions available and let them know that you're willing and able to work hard and take any position. Let them know you're available "on-call". If they train you, you'll be able to fill in if a permanent employee calls in sick, etc. It's a great way to get ones foot in the door. Being"on-call" means they'll phone at a moment's notice to have you run in and take the shift if an employee can't make it. They'll see how eager and readily available you are.. and make you a permanent staff member.

Also note that there are several managers at a grocery store (1 for each shift), as well as an operations manager. The best thing to do when applying for a job/ meeting with a potential boss, is to dress and look as if you already have the job. If the manager feels that you (anyone) looks like they 'belong', or already works there, as if the person would fit-in seamlessly.. he/ she will be more likely to bring the person on.

You want to aim for clean-cut, freshly-scrubbed, pressed and clean clothing. A simple, cotton, button-down, collared shirt (freshly pressed) with simple, flat-front khakis (not the trendy, skinny version).. the loose-fit/ slim-fit is best. A solid neutral cardigan or blazer would be nice, too. Work-friendly dark shoes are best. White flats with studs won't work.. not for this. Skinny jeans or skinny anything won't work.. too trendy.

This is what you want to aim for re: clothing for work at the store, as well as what to wear for any/ all interviews or dropping off the application, etc.

Cotton, long-sleeved or short sleeved, plain, solid colours and must be freshly-pressed. Dark blue, black, navy, olive or tan coloured, work trousers. A simple, non-bling-y belt. Hair neatly pulled-back and clean. Minimal make-up. No jewellery (except for a watch).

Work shoes:
(industrial-type work shoes that are practical for people who're on their feet for many hours)

Women's uniform work trousers:

Women's uniform work shirt:

..or a solid polo-style shirt (pressed):

Women's work shoes:

Yes.. I know.. not cute ^. But it isn't supposed to be cute. You need to look like a customer service representative and that's what they wear. Any JC Penney's, Sears, Walmart, Kmart, Target, uniform supply store, Dickies store, Ross, TJ Maxx, Mervyns, Marshall's.. any thrift store will have the trousers, shirts and shoes you need. I strongly suggest a local thrift store. They all have heaps of cotton, button-down shirts, simple work trousers and work shoes. A solid cardigan over the top (or a simple navy blazer) would be nice.

Review your application and make sure you have references. I know it's your first job but you need to have a neighbour, a family friend, former teacher to vouch for you. List them as a personal reference, so the manager may phone and ask about you. If you've ever babysat for anyone.. they could be a reference, too.

Good luck.

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What should I wear with these shoes?

Q. I want to wear a summer-y outfit with these shoes. Ideas?

A. maybe a romper or some high wasted shorts and a tank top. both are really in style this summer and would probably look good with those shoes. remember to keep your outfit in style and up with the trends. good stores for this would be abercrombie or hollister(the stuff that isnt so branded), urban outfitters, and topshop. target has some trendy clothes as well.

Where can I CHEAPLY buy stylish/trendy shoes online?
Q. I want a cute pair of brown combat boots, some new heals, and a few new shoes for summer, but I really don't want to spend a lot of money! Anyone know where I can get good deals online? Like, 40 bucks or under for a pair?

A. Surprisingly, is $39.99 for any shoes, including boots. But I like to shop at forever21. Usually around $20-30. Oh! And for heels and such I LOVE Charlotte Russe. If you sign up for their text alerts they let you know about killer deals, too! I just bought 4 pairs of boots for $40!!!!!!

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Minggu, 30 Maret 2014

Cute trendy shoes!!!!!!!!!?

Q. I wear a size 11/12 in women where do I find cute sandals/ tennis shoes/ dressy flip flops

A. I also wear an 11. I find my shoes at Nine West, Macy's and places like American eagle. I hope this helped!!


A. Sandals.
It's trendy right now.


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What are some comfy, trendy shoes?

Q. I'm going to New York for a week and I'll be walking around quite a bit. I want to wear something comfy--but still relatively attractive that can match with my outfits. Any ideas?

A. For me it's definetly ballerina flat shoe type
i love they are them extremely comfy to walk around in extremely stylish i have many shapes and colors some dressy some very sporty check them out :)

Good luck :)!-_-Category_Terms-_-ballerina_flat_shoes

What is a trendy dress shoe?
Q. I am 18 and my pair of Polo Sport shoes is very worn out. I am looking for another pair of dress shoes to wear to church and formal occasions that is still trendy, not something like Dockers or anything. Are Polo Sports still in style or is there another "hip" shoe that has taken its place?

A. depending on ur budget, u can choose from the very simple scholl styles or the high-end salvatore ferragamo or louis vuitton dress shoes... all are very classy, formal and look exclusively in style... don't forget to polish them if u choose the shiny ones...

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I am 26 year old female with a goody two shoes image...I want to change that to a wild and crazy, naughty girl

Q. image that guys like...I want suggestions...I know this will be hard and embarrassing for me to do, but I need to do it...I got to get out of myself...I am not same person inside as people see on the outside...What type of clothes should I wear, what type of cigarettes should I smoke...I am even willing to get a small tattoo...suggestions please.

A. Skip the cigarettes and tattoos. You shouldn't do either of those to impress guys, or change the way they see you. And honestly, a wild and crazy image will only get you the jerks looking for sex, not the ones worth having. In addition, you shouldn't do anything that will be hard or embarrassing.
That being said, you want to look like a mature, and sexy, woman. You aren't a teen or college student anymore, so you shouldn't dress like one. You also shouldn't dress older than what you are. You're at the perfect age for wearing the trendy, sexy clothing that you see in magazines, TV, and movies.
Working on how you feel about yourself on the inside can help you feel better about what's on the outside. So make sure you are doing any changes for you, not anyone else.
Learn how to flatter your figure, show off your best assets, and hide your flaws. Learn what colors look good on you, and which ones to avoid. Looking your best is always more appealing that looking like a sleeze from a bar. Most men I know prefer a well dressed women over a trampy one.
Some links to help with that:
Also learn what makeup and hairstyles will flatter you. The better you look, the better you will feel. And confidence is one of the most sexy things out there. Try on line virtual makeovers and style suggestions.
Try watching the "What Not to Wear" shows, either US or UK. Or check out their websites for some great tips, advice, and current trends.
Please re-think wanting to look like a "naughty girl" and instead try looking like a better version of who you really are.

Where to buy designer clothes in English stores?
Q. I know of Harvey Nichols, but which other shops sell expensive handbags (YSL, Chloe, Marc Jacobs etc), shoes (Jimmy Choo, Laboutin and Manalos), and generally expensive clothes and accessories?

Ideally in locations such as Sheffield, Nottingham, Leeds, Lincoln or London.

Thanks for you help! x

A. Hey ;)

In Central London the actual Chloe shop is there in Sloane Street. Also in London you sometimes find their range in Harrod's (Brompton Road, Knightsbridge) and Selfridges (in Oxford Street). You can also buy from there online at It doesn't look like they offically sell anywhere else apart from in Harvey Nichols in Leeds (which you obviously already know).

Jimmy Choo also sell their range in their shop in London, also in Selfridges and Harrod's.

Your best bet, if you can be bothered to travel all that way, is to go to London and go in Selfridges or Harrod's or Harvey Nichols..

GAH do sell some really nice dresses but they don't ship to the UK :[ so that's not much help..

AHA! I found some english sites.. (but I'd advise you to check authenticity of all of these sites)
which sells clothing from brans such as: Armani, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Full Circle and Gucci.
they sell brands such as Prada, Gucci, Fendi, D&G, Versace, Kasike, Roberto Cavalli.
(which looks like a site with a good range of clothing) 'are one of Europe's leading online designer outlets, offering 2,500 bargains from over 250 brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Katherine Hamnett and Vivienne Westwood. Save up to 70%.'
'At High Demand Clothing you'll find a selection of designer labels for men and women at competitive prices. Brands include Diesel, 55 DSL, Armani, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Evisu and Miss 60.'
'At Koodos you can buy a wide choice of luxury and trendy clothing brands, including Escada, Nicole Farhi, Aftershock, Alexander McQueen, True Religion, Fendi, Moschino and many more. They offer exclusive 'private sales' events with limited stock too and prices are discounted up to 80%.'
Mad About Fashion, an online factory outlet, brings you a range of bags, clothes and accessories for women and men at prices up to 65% off RRP prices. Being an outlet, it means new stock arrives frequently and includes designers like Gucci, Fendi, Evisu, Prada, Armani, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Lacoste, YSL< D&G, Stone Island and Hugo Boss. (for this one it seems its mainly sunglasses and handbags (and perfumes) for women.
'Matches is a popular chain of cutting-edge designer boutiques based in London's Nothing Hill, Mayfair, Richmond and Wimbledon areas. They bring you this season's clothing and accessories collections from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, MaxMara, Miu Miu, Burberry Prorsum and many more. They have a sales section too with discounts up-to 70%.'
From the catwalks of London, New York, LA and Milan, Misamu brings you designer dresses from the likes of Ella Moss, Pyrus and Velvet; party tops from Gold Hawk, Mint and Rebecca Taylor; jeans from Citizens of Humanity, True Religion and Grass and many more designer labels. 'They are based in Ireland, but ship efficiently and quickly to the UK.'
'This high-end designer women's fashion boutique bring you this season collections from exclusive designers such as Ella Moss, FrostFrench, Cacharel, Rogan NYC, Sitting Pretty, True Religion and many more. Prices are what to expect for exclusivity, but you can buy in confidence as they offer free delivery and free returns (so you can try at home first).'
'If you are looking for something exclusive, then Net-a-Porter is the place to be. They sell cutting-edge fashion online from famous (and soon to be famous) designers including Paul Smith, Cacharel, Karl Donoghue and Rosa Cha. Prices are what you'd expect to pay for exclusivity, but window shopping is free.'
'Psyche, now in its 20th year, is the most award winning company in the uk fashion industry. The extensive list of designer clothing on offer includes: Armani, Aquascutum, Boss, Diesel, DKNY, Fiorucci, FCUK, Gucci, Givenchy, Nicole Fahri, Ted Baker, Paul Smith and many more.'
'Republic are one of the UK's leading independent retailers of urban casual clothing, stocking popular designers such as G-Star, Bench, Drunknmunkey, Soul Cal, Fenchurch, Vila, Craft and Henleys. They carry jackets, jeans, shirts, tops, footwear and accessories for both men and women. Prices are competitive with regular discount offers like 'Mix any 2 for £25'.'

Secret Sales is a free, private, online club which specialises in exclusive sales of designer fashions for their members. I.e., they acquire clothes collections of brands like Diesel, Chloe, Prada, D&G, Armani, Fendi Pepe and Levis, and offer them to you at discounted prices, typically between 30% and 80% off the normal retail price.
'YOOX, Europe's leading source of designer fashion on-line, offers the most extensive end-of-season clothing and accessories assortment, at up to 75% off retail price. Acclaimed by London Sunday Times as the No.1 web shopper site in Europe, YOOX presents a selection of pieces from over 200 of the world's most famous designer labels ranging from shoes to suits, gloves to trousers and jeans to evening wear.'

google whatever brand you want to find :]


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Where can i find heelless shoes that are size 13?

Q. I've been looking everywhere possible and i really can't find any. I'm starting to think they don't make them that big. I'm disappointed. If you know anything please let me me know. Thank you!

A. I found several sites online that sell flats: shoes and sandals. See the links below. There are some very nice shoes.

Wide Width Shoes 6M-14WW |
Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Sneakers In More Styles & Sizes From $9.99.

Women Size 13 Sandals |
Free Shipping & Free Returns on All Women Size 13 Sandals!

Wide Shoes - Huge Selection of Wide Shoes.
Free Shipping & Return Shipping.

Plus Size Women's Boots - Size 7W-12W Women's Trendy Boots.
Cacique Semi-Annual Intimates Sale!

size 13 womens in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories | eBay

Size 13 Womens - Shoebuy - Free Shipping & Return Shipping

Daniel Green Glamour II Daniel Green Slippers June 25, 2013 Reviewer: T Trapp from Providence RI I have been wearing Daniel Greens for many many years.
Womens - Size 13.0 | - Shoes, Boots, Sandals - Free ...

Add qualifying footwear to your shopping cart; Enter promo code SANDALSALE at checkout to receive discount; Discount will be deducted from your order after code is ...
Womens Size 13 Shoes - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at Nextag
Womens Size 13 Shoes - 28,150 results like Walking Cradles Real Women's Slip on Shoes, Fitzwell Rose Women's 1-2 inch heel Shoes - Black, Size 13 WW, Diesel Falky ...
Womens Athletic Shoes Size 13 - Compare Prices, Reviews and ...

Womens Athletic Shoes Size 13 - 2,753 results like inov-8 F-Lite 195 W/RopeTec Running Shoes, Asics GEL-Cumulus 15 Women's Running Shoes - White, Size 13 B - Medium ...
Women Size 13 Shoes | Beso Cached

Women Size 13 Shoes ($19.99 - $165.00): 30 of 1265 items - Shop Women Size 13 Shoes from ALL your favorite stores & find HUGE SAVINGS up to 80% off Women Size 13 ...

Help me fashionably pack for 4 months?
Q. So this a weird question, I am going for 4 months, to Paris and Dubai. Two cities where i want to look the best and most fashionable i can. What I am kind of asking for is suggestions of must haves for spring/summer 2013.
Guys i've been to dubai before, it's not really conservative for foreigners, and it's not like I'm planning on walking around in a bikini! I am asking about trends and fashion essentials in your opinion. I don't know but 4 months is scary to pack!

A. I would take maxi dresses (not low cut) for Dubai with coordinating cropped jackets. The big hotels in Dubai are somewhat conservative but if you want to go to a marketplace, it is much more conservative.

For Paris, you need neutral pants with cute tops and at least one little black dress that you can dress up or down with accessories. Parisian women dress up more than Americans or Brits so take some heels and/or wedge shoes as well as flats for touring around and walking a lot.

For both places, I would look for clothing that combines tangerine and deep pink, the light aqua spearmint color, and a darker blue that is between navy and cobalt. Also, white shoes and handbags are trendy for this summer but difficult to keep clean when traveling. Have fun!! : }

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