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Traveling to London the month of July what to wear????

Q. I am traveling to London leaving on Monday for the month of July from America and have absolutely no idea what type of outfits to bring for the summer there? I know the style is pretty versatile there, although they tend to have a trendier style in the UK and I simply have no idea what type of shoes, pants, jeans, skirts, etc.etc. to bring? :/ Any suggestions please!!!!

A. A good raincoat and one heck of an umbrella. Unless it's windy, in which case you should skip the umbrella. If you go anywhere near Yorkshire on a day trip, then you'd better take an inflatable dinghy or something!

You'll be allright in jeans and a sensible top. You might freeze in shorts or a mini skirt at the moment. But the weather seems to be taking a turn for the better, so it might be warmer by the time you get here. Oh, and bring some good, sensible shoes - not a ton of sandals! If it does stay like this, you won't be needing sandals... Wellingtons are going a bit too far, but trainers would be ideal. Or sneakers, whatever you call them.

Advice for Young Woman Traveling Alone in India?
Q. I don't need to be told that it's dangerous and not to go. I'm going.

I want to be respectful in the way I dress and how I handle myself in public situations. Although I know that India can be dangerous for women, I also know that ignorant tourists exacerbate the situation. I plan on arriving in Delhi in respectable clothing with a scarf and immediately shopping for salwar kameez. Is there certain color or styles to look out for? I'll be staying in the Lajpat Nagar area (I think)... places to shop? What do women typically wear on their feet? Do women wear sunglasses? Would wearing a tilaka (bindi) help me assimilate or would it be rude? If I were to wear one what color? Best places to see/shop in Delhi? Safest areas?

When speaking to strangers should I look them in the eye? Is it better to approach women or men when asking directions or help? Groups or alone? Should I book rides to train stations ahead of time? Taxi? Rickshaw? Can I walk in Delhi alone during the day?

I'm going on day trips to Agra and Jaipur from Delhi (CC) and also taking a sleeping train car to Varanasi to stay two nights. Tips for trains? I plan on going with the 1A or 2A.

Anything you can think of will be helpful! Thanks!
Also henna... I'd like to get some, but I know that depending on the design it can mean certain things. Advice for where and what to get?

A. huh, impressed by your research on the subject :D

well to start with, It'll be good you try salwar suit, but not many delhi girls wear that, most of them you'll find in western dresses only. still to get a feel of the youth, I shall recommend you to get around the north campus delhi university (accessible by metro) and get the latest style checks on colors and design of suits. You'll find a handful of trendy girls in Lajpat nagar too, but DU north cam is recommended.
well in feet they wear shoes / bellies, you can try "jutti" make sure you buy the right brands, they are not always comfortable.
By the time you'll come Sun'll kill you if you wont wear sunglasses.
Tilak is different from bindi. tilak is something put on religious occasions or may be when you arrive at hotel they'll put it on you after a welcome. Bindi is similar usually a plastic now a days, meant for married woman. bachelors put it too in style, but its meant for Married woman. single woman must put any color but red. put the one that matches your salwar suit.

Best places a lot depend on your mood and taste, you can find lot of them on web, I'll recommend you to go to humayun's tomb. If you need time to ponder go to Issa khan's tomb close to Humayun's tomb.
Safest areas I'll say are everywhere and nowhere. dont get around places alone at night is all i'll say.

Eye contact :) you'll make out looking at their eyes if you should make it or not. remember that people stalk in here, its just curiosity. its good if you keep yourself reserved.
Approaching a woman is safe, but not sure if they'll have answers to your questions. reach the gentleman, preferably alone but use your wisdom.
booking trains is not easy, you need to book well in advance or reach the agents. taxi buses etc are available.
And yes you can walk alone in delhi during the day.
day's trip to Agra and Jaipur is manageable but not both on same day. Del - Jaipur one day and Delhi - Agra other day.
Varanasi is a nice place to be, you'll find everything as you find in pictures, but the 'real' sages the Naga's, the Aghori's are not accessible. not ever to locales.
And Heena is better known as mehendi, you can reach any beauty parlor for the same. you'll find many in Lajpat nagar. or reach some salon in any malls.

Tips: research on the prices before you go places for obvious reasons :)
On day 1 apply for a local sim card, affordable plus connectivity & access to maps, apps etc.
download the delhi metro map on your phone, can use traveller's card for getting around city (2$ for multiple entries all round the day)
note the woman's helpline number 1090 or delhi police 100. very supportive

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Help from trendy fashion women. meeting that goes to an evening event. Not black tie required.?

Q. Wearing a black dress red shoes with a black heel and small red bag with a black rose detail. What color hose??? I see all the stars wearing natural, I am old school and want to to look trendy. I always thought sheer black hose. Please send answers soon It is tomorrow nite

A. Sheer black hose with red shoes would not look good. I would definitely go with a more natural color.

Is this too formal, trendy or just whatever for eighth grade promotion?
I want this dress but i think its too...high school prom dance sort instead of just eighth grade promotion. what do you think?? and also, my dress code is just ' not too formal, something you would wear to eat a nice dinner or church' well for nice dinner and church, i can wear jeans and like a shirt!! so i think the dress code is way to vague so idk what to wear!! please tell if the dress above at forever 21 is fine, or give me like...examples of what to wear. :) thank you so much!!

A. This is a really cute dress! You have great taste. Another option, though, is a sweet summer dress. This will give you the right POP, and its a deffinite attention grabber. Also, you can re-wear this practically anywhere.

If you swap the belt thats already on it, with this one below, it will give you the right amount of sophistication needed for a grade 8 promotion. (Belt is from American Eagle)

And of course an outfit wouldn't be complete without the right shoes. These will bring out and match the pink in the dress above.

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Inexpensive, Trendy shoes online?

Q. N e one know where i can find some cute cheap shoes on the web?

These links will take you right to the shoes they sell!!! I will try to find more link for you!!
Hope it helps!!!

Shoes questions for women?
Q. What do you think...ladies?
1. After a day of work do you ever come home with your feet hurting?
2. If so then what kind of job do you have?
3. Have your feet ever hurt so bad you took you shoes off?
4. Would you like to have your feet massaged after a day of work?
5. What are the most painful shoes you have ever worn?
6. Whats your favorite color for a pedicure?
7. Would you rather have a back rub or foot rub after a day of work?
8. Would you consider it a good thing if a guy offered to massage your feet for you when they hurt?
9. Would you rather go shopping in comfort of flip flops or look trendy and wear heels and end the day with sore feet?
10. Would your feet hurt worse standing for 8 hours in flip flops or for 3 hours in 4inch heels?
Thanks for answering

A. 1. i work from home so i don't wear shoes around the house.
2. i work from home so i don't wear shoes around the house.
3. YES!! i went on an immense pub crawl once, i was aching to the bones. i couldn't work next day, and i was sick on my brand new stilettos!
4. i would if i didn't work from home! i still like a foot massage anyway.
5. 8 inch stilettos!!!! i know its crazy, but it was a dare when i was about 17. i only wore them once!
6. Au naturale or crazy red!
7. a foot rub.
8. definetely! especially as im single!
9. if they were really cute then probably flats (perhaps not flip flops).
10. 8 hours in flip flops because i have this condition with weak bones in my feet and i need some elevation!


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Are TOMS shoes worth it?

Q. Do TOMS last long? My birthdays coming up, and I finally convinced my mom to get me TOMS for my b-day, although they're 60 dollars with tax.. and that's a lot of money, and I don't want to waste her money, if the shoes don't even last long, especially since I walk a lot.
Also, I'm 5'3 1/2 or so and am size 7.5-8(in US) considering this, I have pretty narrow and big feet :/ and I don't want my feet to look even bigger, also to add, I wear skinny jeans.
Bottom line is, are TOMS worth it? Do you think I should get TOMS? Will they look horrible on me?
(Yes I realize that they're so expensive because one pair is donated, but TOMS look like they aren't very hold-able. Yet, TOMS seem to be the big trend at my school.)

A. TOMS don't last long.
I would get shoes that are BOTH comfy, trendy, AND last long.
There are lots of shoes that must be trendy in your school. I know TOMS are trendy in my school but not everyone wears them. Some people in my school wears Vans, Nike, flats, reebok, etc.

I would get some running shoes or sneakers or cute flats

PLUS you can't really get active like jog or play sports in them.
TOMS are more for like going out.

And it only looks good on people with thin legs in my opinion,

TOMS are like 50 dollars at Nordstrom,

But with sneakers or running shoes, anybody and pull it off and also they are cheaper (depends what shoes you get actually)

Flats, they ARE MUCH CUTER than TOMS. Toms are plain and simple with a little tag. Flats can have bows, silver, gold, etc. Unless you get the TOMS with designs or glitter.

If you wear TOMS to school for 5 days straight, walking to each period. Your feet will get MAJOR sores.
And you can't wear socks with Toms (well you can but it would look silly).

I am 5'6 and wear 8 size, and my feet look OK. no one at school insults my feet,
Sorry this is too much. ;)

Casual shoes for wide feet?
Q. My feet are small in length, but somewhat wide.
What sort of trendy casual shoes can I wear for a day to day basis?
So far, flats seem to usually emphasise the wideness of my feet.

A. go for soft sole beaded slip-on moccasins...check out get the white beaded thunderbird soft sole moccasins.....they make your feet look narrow, and are so cute.....A VERY HOT LOOK!!!!

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what are some cute & trendy shoes that you really like?

Q. I'm looking to ask for a closed toe shoe for christmas, that are NOT sneakers, is there any particular pair of shoes that you are wearing right now (and that you really like?). thanks so much for your help! I'd like something other than uggs. I'm 5' 4" and about 80 lbs, and uggs do not look good on my skinny legs!

A. I am really loving some of the trends with boots right now (hopefully they fall under the category that you're looking for)! The boots that I've been looking at are more tight fitted and have more of the fake leather look. For example...|71777

Ballet flats are always fun and cute!,r:0,s:0,r:8,s:0

Hopefully the links will show up! I hope these get some ideas going! Good luck=)

would you consider these shoes preppy or trendy?

A. These shoes would be considered Preppy because it has the whole moccasin look but with the plaid IT could be a trend for layering, but now a days people like to were pleather, boots, wedges and alot of embelishments.

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Where do you buy trendy juniors clothing for tall, athletic girls?

Q. Height is 5'11", Shoe size is 11, Weight is 140-145, Thighs are strong & muscular (hard to find skinny jeans). Inseam is 35 inches. Tiny waist.

Where might a teen go for clothing with this build?

A. I visited Forever 21 for the first time this past weekend; at the location I went to, they had a large sale room organized by small, medium, and large sizes (I'm sure you can find large sizes around the store as well). The large sizes were not plus sizes per se, but were made for a taller, larger built girl. Their clothes are very cute and inexpensive; good luck shopping! <3

Where can I buy these shoes?
Q. I really want a pair of the 5 finger shoes for women. The only place I can think of buying them would be off on online, but I hate buying anything that I haven't tried on and seen in person.

What stores sell them? Thanks.

A. You can get them at any warehouse shoe sale or foot action. I got mine at warehouse shoe sale there way cheap like $50.00 or less. They don't carry them at foot locker cause there not considered "trendy" just watch though they'll have them sooner or later.

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Budget Running Shoes?

Q. Hey everyone, I recently started a walking/jogging routine and plan on doing running in the near future once my legs get used to exercising (I've led a relatively sedentary life until now). I was wondering if anyone could suggest a pair of moderately inexpensive running shoes.

My biggest problem seems to be aching feet, as my current shoes are 2 year old Walmart shoes (I paid 10 bucks for them lol). A shoe with an above-average amount of cushion would be preferable.

In case this information is helpful, I'm kind of a big guy, 6'0" and 220 lbs.

Thanks a lot everyone!

Oh yeah, my price range is probably about 50-85 dollars.

A. There is no such thing as a "budget" running shoe, fact is that if you want a decent pair of running shoes your going to pay between 80-100 dollars and buy new pairs every 300-500 miles unless you want to have injuries, which can cost you a lot more then 80-100 dollars, the best thing you can do is get is "value" being the best shoe you can get for you feet at the lowest price. Some people are the "trendy"types of runners that buy the most expensive shoes possible and completely ignore if the shoes actually are right for there feet, then there are the experienced runners that go to a running specialty store and talk to a trained salesman that most of the time is a fellow runner, and they ask them questions like if they are over-pronaters, pronaters, or under-pronaters, if they have high, low or normal arches, what distances the run on a weekly basis, and some times what weight range they are in. They help determine what shoe is right for you, and then you can find the best value out of the many shoes that they show you.

i need some new shoes?? help!!?
Q. i want to buy some new shoes that i can wear everyday in the spring. for a sense of my style, i like classic but alternative pieces. urban outfitters is my favorite stores. during the winter i predominantly wore short chestnut uggs (which im SO sick of but theyre so comfy and make your legs look thinner) and black leather flat booties. i need these shoes to be pretty comfortable and very stylish. money is not much of an object, but preferably less than $150. i dislike shoes that make your feet look small as i already have tiny feet (size 5.5 or 6) and bigger shoes make your legs look slimmer. THANKS A MIL!
sorry.. im 5'1" or so and I dont love flats but if theyre really cute then i dont mind.

A. Most of these were featured in magazines, pretty comfy, and trendy. I'm not sure what shoes you like so I selected a variety that I thought looked good.;jsessionid=C9FADF88E812A6AED81AE74C68897B35.app13-node2?itemdescription=true&itemCount=10&id=14014351&parentid=W_SHOES_HEELSWEDGES_LOW&sortProperties=+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=77&navAction=poppushpushpush&color=01
hope this helps

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what are the hottest and trendiest mens sneakers out right now?


A. Boat shoes are pretty big right now. Almost all the kids in my school have a pair. They have the Vans ones. Terrible quality and they just rip. I have the real deal leather ones. :)

The biggest brand for teenagers is probably Vans.
For the sports guys, Nike Air Force 1's, and also Air Jordans made by nike.

cheap clothes websites?

A. clothes for men, women and kids shoes and accessories for women
From personal experience both have great prices and shipping.

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Cute trendy shoes!!!!!!!!!?

Q. I wear a size 11/12 in women where do I find cute sandals/ tennis shoes/ dressy flip flops

A. I also wear an 11. I find my shoes at Nine West, Macy's and places like American eagle. I hope this helped!!

size 13 women's shoes?
Q. I wear a size 13 women's shoe, Im not ashamed of my shoe size because i am really tall and i'm use to them. i cant find any cute trendy shoes anywhere!!! some say try payless but they have no grip what so ever and i do not want to be slipping and sliding all over the place. Any suggestions?

A. Nadia, your feet are a size bigger than mine (mens 10.5/ womens 12), and I consider that sexy especially if you pedicure.

Try, they go up to 15 with lots of styles. They hardly have anything under size 11!

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Where can i find heelless shoes that are size 13?

Q. I've been looking everywhere possible and i really can't find any. I'm starting to think they don't make them that big. I'm disappointed. If you know anything please let me me know. Thank you!

A. I found several sites online that sell flats: shoes and sandals. See the links below. There are some very nice shoes.

Wide Width Shoes 6M-14WW |
Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Sneakers In More Styles & Sizes From $9.99.

Women Size 13 Sandals |
Free Shipping & Free Returns on All Women Size 13 Sandals!

Wide Shoes - Huge Selection of Wide Shoes.
Free Shipping & Return Shipping.

Plus Size Women's Boots - Size 7W-12W Women's Trendy Boots.
Cacique Semi-Annual Intimates Sale!

size 13 womens in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories | eBay

Size 13 Womens - Shoebuy - Free Shipping & Return Shipping

Daniel Green Glamour II Daniel Green Slippers June 25, 2013 Reviewer: T Trapp from Providence RI I have been wearing Daniel Greens for many many years.
Womens - Size 13.0 | - Shoes, Boots, Sandals - Free ...

Add qualifying footwear to your shopping cart; Enter promo code SANDALSALE at checkout to receive discount; Discount will be deducted from your order after code is ...
Womens Size 13 Shoes - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at Nextag
Womens Size 13 Shoes - 28,150 results like Walking Cradles Real Women's Slip on Shoes, Fitzwell Rose Women's 1-2 inch heel Shoes - Black, Size 13 WW, Diesel Falky ...
Womens Athletic Shoes Size 13 - Compare Prices, Reviews and ...

Womens Athletic Shoes Size 13 - 2,753 results like inov-8 F-Lite 195 W/RopeTec Running Shoes, Asics GEL-Cumulus 15 Women's Running Shoes - White, Size 13 B - Medium ...
Women Size 13 Shoes | Beso Cached

Women Size 13 Shoes ($19.99 - $165.00): 30 of 1265 items - Shop Women Size 13 Shoes from ALL your favorite stores & find HUGE SAVINGS up to 80% off Women Size 13 ...

Where can I find size 4-4.5 womens shoes?
Q. I would like to find some normal shoes for women around 4, 4.5, or 5. I am having a hard time finding stylish shoes that fit! Websites would be helpful!

A. Zappos has every size and plus they sale very trendy shoes

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What shoes,with laces,not loafers or sneakers are in style for a grown man,any ideas;dress and/or caual,brand,

Q. any and all ideas are welcome;dress, casual,black, brown, I have ZERO

A. Zappo's is an online site where you can find all kinds of shoes! Here is the list of Zappo's various types of mens' shoes:
Men's Dress Shoes

Airport Safe, Steel-Free
+ Boots
- View ALL Boots
- Lace-Up
- Slip-On
- Zip-On
+ Comfort
- View ALL Comfort
- Lace-Up/Oxford
- Slip-On

+ Lace-Up/Oxford
- View ALL Lace-Up/Oxford
- Algonquin/Split/Bicycle Toe
- Cap-Toe
- Exotic
- Formal
- Moc Toe
- Plain Toe
- Rubber Sole/Comfort
- Saddle Shoes
- Wingtips
Made in the USA - Dress
Monk Strap

Removable Insoles
Dress Sandals
+ Slip On
- View ALL Slip On
- Algonquin/Split/Bicycle Toe
- Cap Toe
- Exotic
- Formal
- Kiltie
- Moc Toe
- Penny Loafer
- Plain Loafer
- Rubber Sole/Comfort
- Tasseled Loafer
- Woven
Men's Casual Shoes

Airport Safe, Steel-Free
+ Boat Shoes
- View ALL Boat Shoes
- Canvas
- Leather
+ Boots
- View ALL Boots
- Combat
- Comfort
- Hiking
- Lace-Up
- Logger
- Motorcycle
- Slip-On
- Waterproof
- Western
- Winter
- Work
- Zip-On
+ Comfort
- View ALL Comfort
- Boots
- Loafer
- Oxford
- Sandals
- Walking
Hook & Loop Fasteners
+ Loafer
- View ALL Loafers
- Algonquin/Split/Bicycle Toe
- Moc Toe
- Penny
- Plain Loafer
- Tasseled Loafer
- Woven
Made in the USA

+ Oxfords
- View ALL Oxfords
- Algonquin/Split/Bicycle Toe
- Cap Toe
- Comfort
- Hiking
- Moc Toe
- Plain Toe
- Rugged
- Saddle Shoes
- Steel Toe
- Two Tone
- Wingtip
Removable Insoles
+ Sandals
- View ALL Sandals
- Ankle Strap
- Backstrap
- Beach
- Comfort
- Fisherman
- Hook & Loop
- Leather
- Slides
- Sport
- Thongs/Flip-Flops
- Trail
- Walking
- Woven
+ Slippers
- View ALL Slippers
- Booties
- College
- Moccasins
- Open-Back
- Operas
- Outdoor Sole
- Shearling/Wool
+ Sneakers
- View ALL Sneakers
- Art/Detail
- Canvas
- High Top
- Hook & Loop
- Lace to toe
- Lace Up
- Leather
- Low Profile
- Mesh
- Multi-Color
- Perforated
- Slip-On
- Suede
- Two Tone

Steel Toe
+ Trendy
- View ALL Trendy
- Bowling
- Motorcycle
- Retro
- Sport
- Urban
Vegetarian - Casual
+ Walking/Comfort
- View ALL Walking/Comfort
- Clogs
- General
- Loafers
- Oxfords
- Sandals
+ Waterproof
- View ALL Waterproof
- Athletic
- Casual Boots
- Casual Shoes
- Industry
- Outdoor Performance
- Rain/Rubber
+ Western
- View ALL Western
- Exotic Skins
- Fashion
- Handcrafted
- Lacers & Ropers
- Narrow/Pointed Toe
- Round Toe
- Wellington
+ Work and Duty
- View ALL Work and Duty
- ANSI Rated Steel Toe
- Electrical Hazard
- General
- Hospitality
- Nursing
- Slip-Resistant
- Steel Toe
Men's Athletic Shoes

Airport Safe, Steel-Free
Amphibious Sandals
Amphibious Shoes
Athletic Canvas
Athletic Performance
+ Athletic Sandals
- View ALL Athletic Sandals
- All Terain
- Trail
- Walking
- Water
- Water Sports
Boots - Winter
Cycling - Off Road
Cycling - Road

+ Dance
- View ALL Dance
- Ball Room
- Ballet
- Flamenco
- Jazz
- Latin
- Pointe
- Tap
Hiking Boots
Hiking Shoes
Indoor Court
Inline Skates
Motor Fashion
Outdoor Performance
Removable Insoles
Rubber - Waterproof
+ Running
- View ALL Running
- Competition
- General
- Motion Control
- Neutral Cushioning
- Popular
- Stability
- Trail

Running - Fashion
+ Skate Shoes
- View ALL Skate Shoes
- Fashion
- Surf
- Technical
Track & Field
Track & Field Inspired
+ Trail
- View ALL Trail
- Sandals
- Shoes
Turf Shoe
Vegetarian - Athletic
Water Moc

Hope this helps!

Shadowing an Oncology Nurse. What to expect?
Q. I am currently a senior in high school but have been offered to shadow an oncology nurse. I will be attending college next year and completing the RN program.
I have a few questions:
1) Could you tell me what to expect? Has anyone done this or know what will go on?
2) What do I wear to something like this?


A. You will likely encounter a lot of things you've never seen before. It will be a good introduction to the world of medicine.

If you have them or can borrow them from a friend, I suggest that you wear scrubs. If you don't have scrubs, wear a nice pair of dress pants, a nice top and a blazer. Do not look trendy or sexy- professional is the look to go for. The most important thing is a pair of comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet the whole time and walking very far distances.

-Be polite.
-Rehearse saying: "Hello, my name is Nancy and I am going to school for nursing and I am shadowing Lucy." it is important that you talk to patients (even if in a coma), ask permission and look them in the eye.
-Don't bring a big purse or anything you have to carry around. You should have a notebook, two pens and that is it. NO CELLPHONES in the hospital.

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What are some inexpensive, unique but trendy clothes stores for teenage girls that have online stores?


A. okay cheap and trendy would be deliahs, wetseal, and forever 21. abercrombie, hollister, aeropostale, and american eagle aren't cheap or trendy. they're just popular. i shop there but i don't call it unique. and the girl who said Juicy Couture must either live in a box or is just showing off (which i think is the case) because that is REALLY expensive. whoever said that, u go stuff your $800 dollar shoes up your butt and stop being just a loser.

what are some comforatble but CUTE shoe brands for teenage girls?
Q. need some new shoes that i can walk a lot in, and actually look trendy. im a teenage girl.... so you understand my emphasis on cute

A. Rocket Dog, Chinese Laundry, and Me Too are my favorite brands.

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What are fashionable, stylish shoes for wide feet?

Q. I have wide feet and i hate them! i can never wear those trendy and stylish sandals that are always being sold because my feet explode out of them horizontally!

what are some ways to minimize the look of my feet, and also what are some shoe styles that dont enlargen the look of my feet? any tips, sugguestions?

A. Don't wear very high heels. Don't wear those awful pointy toe things which are all the fashion these days.

Wear a medium to low heeled shoe that has a rounded toe. Make absolutely sure you get the correct size for your foot.

Don't wear flats a lot because they make large feet look something like those flippers divers wear and the person tends to waddle a bit. Most unflattering to say the least.

Question for TALL People!?
Q. I am 14 yaers old.
I am 6 feet tall.
I wear a size 13 in women.
And It is really hard to find shoes and cloths! Does anyone know were I can find some cute shoes in large sizes and cute pants in long sizes.

I perfer walk in stores but online shopping is okay.

I tried Zappo's, Gap, Nordstorm.

Thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I don't want old lady shoes LOL!

A. Tall Clothing Mall is where I get all of my tall clothing.
They also have a great link for trendy shoes for larger feet.
You will love this site!

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Rabu, 05 Februari 2014

Clothing Must Haves?

Q. I like to dress cute and cool yet trendy all at once, but not look too preppy because everyone in my school dresses like that, and i really don't want to.
What are some things that would be good for an unique yet still "teen" friendly style?
Like types of clothes\shoes (ex: white collared blouse, black ankle boots etc.)

I have a few things, like a lot of skinny jeans and graphic tees, along with leggings.
But any specific things?
Like maybe a collared boyfriend shirt?
Please help me!
Thanks a lot!

A. Visit websites like Forever 21, Piperline, EXPRESS, and see anything there you like? Try to mix & match. Like Black gray for instance can go with the following.
Any colors of the rainbow. Mix, match, combine them. My favorite is ANYTHING black & white (plaids, stripes, zebra, etc. . . ) and a touch of color. Pairing something hard to something soft. Ex: a leather jacket with something like cocktail dress, gives new meaning to any look. Boost deep burgundy with fiery red. Chartreuse adds an electric punch to cool blues.
Have you seen Jessica Parker wore white Blahnik shoes, pink pants & red top and this was AFTER Labor Day. Fashion is supposed to be fun, risky, daring, and gives you enough confidence.

Mix what you've got from last season to this season.

Any color pants, match them with the SAME COLOR pants, skirts, etc.

Do the funky colors, match them with the same funky color tops, etc.

Solids goes with mixing or matching the same solid color tops, etc.

Or do the opposite, mixing them with DIFFERENT colors.
Red jeans, red shirt. THEY MATCHED.


Blue jeans & red jeans. They're MIXED.

Or denim & denim anything.

Or polyester & polyester type of fabric.

OR denim with polyester something.

Wear a hat that matches with your jeans.

Socks that matches with your hat. Like in Piperline's or H&M's latest 2012 Fall Trend: Color clashing. Everything looking like Spring had sprung! Green jacket, yellow top, blue pants. Yellow skinny jeans, yellow dresses and yellow skirts. A lot of solids in bright colors!

Visit Marshall's for example: For $88: you could buy 2 skirts, jeans, 3 tops, a box of chocolates & a bag of cookies @ Marshall's.
They're stacking up for Back to School, now. The key is mix & match, buy your favorite colors, so you can easily match or mix whatever in your closet. They're 35% less, from Macy's or other department stores, because they've been rejected by Quality Controllers, but you as the consumer won't know what that is. I can afford Saks or Nordstrom's, but I'm also frugal, and that's one of my favorite stores to buy newer items, to mix with other stores bought @ Nordstrom's.
The idea is to mix & match.

I could go on a million more times, I just don't have the time.

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comfortable dress shoes?

Q. I am an interior design intern (still two more years to graduation), and was wondering what your most comfortable dress shoes are. I've been wearing flats, and they're SO flat that the bottoms of my feet are bruised. The fabric on the cheaper shoes also irritated the bottoms of my feet. =(

I dressed up at a previous job, and any dress shoes were fine because I sat down all day, but at this job I am on my feet 90% of the day. And I wait tables at night, so I'm on my feet then too. I have great serving shoes, but I have to dress up at the internship.

These women (and men) are extremely well dressed. I absolutely cannot look out of date or not stylish. I did buy two pairs today, one was the brand Bare Traps, and the others are Nurture by Dillard's. I don't care how expensive, I just need stylish classy dressy shoes that aren't going to kill my feet. I tried on Naturalizers and they hurt. It's like I'm running a marathon, I need them to be as comfortable as the tennis shoes I'm not allowed to wear.

Is this possible?? The two pairs I got are pretty amazing. The Bare Traps are brown sandals with thick cushy soles. The Nurture are black 2 1/2" pumps. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Save my feet AND my wardrobe!!!

A. I would suggest purchasing some Dr. Scholl's shoes. They're very trendy and professional but they keep you comfortable:

However, if you just want regular shoes, I would suggest investing in one pair of loafers (wedge or flat), one pair of close-toe pumps and one pair of peep-toe sandals. This basic variety of shoes is perfect for transitioning from waiting tables to your internship. If you still find them uncomfortable, simply use Dr. Scholl's inserts for better cushioning and arch support:


Good luck!!

What are the top 5 trendiest, most popular shoes for young women at the moment? Both brands and styles please.
Q. And pics if you have any. Thanks!

A. Pointed toe stilettos are making a comeback, from the rounded toes of seasons before. Also, pointed heels. Platforms are still trendy, but not platform wedge. Gladiator anything is getting big. Ballet flats are always trendy.

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Women what do you think?

Q. What do you think...ladies?
1. After a day of work do you ever come home with your feet hurting?
2. If so then what kind of job do you have?
3. Have your feet ever hurt so bad you took you shoes off?
4. Would you like to have your feet massaged after a day of work?
5. What are the most painful shoes you have ever worn?
6. Whats your favorite color for a pedicure?
7. Would you rather have a back rub or foot rub after a day of work?
8. Would you consider it a good thing if a guy offered to massage your feet for you when they hurt?
9. Is it true that after a long day on your feet when u sit down and let ur feet relax that when you try to get back up on your feet that they hurt really bad for a few seconds?
10. Would you rather go shopping in comfort of flip flops or look trendy and wear heels and end the day with sore feet?
11. Would your feet hurt worse standing for 8 hours in flip flops or for 3 hours in 4inch heels?
Thanks for answering

A. 1. Yes, the first thing I do when I walk in the door and sometimes when I get in the car is take off my shoes.

2. Work in the office

3. I don't like shoes at all so at work I wear shoes that can easily be taken off.

4. Yes.

5. Pointed toe stilettos.

6. French manicure on the toes.

7. Both.

8. Yes.

9. Sometimes

10. Feet are gonna hurt either way might as well look cute.

11. Flip flops

Comfortable career shoes for women? Know of any? Also "business Casual" tips?
Q. Hi, I just accepted a job where the attire is business casual. I need some VERY comfortable, yet dressy shoes. I don't want heels, maybe a slight platform, but no pointy heels, I'll still need to move around, lift stuff, etc. The brand, or store where they sell the brand would be great.
Also, any tips on "Business Casual" dress code would be helpful, I've never had a good job before lol.

A. Easy Spirit or Aerosoles brand shoes are comfy...some styles are a bit grandma, but if you browse all their stuff you'll find some nice casual and even trendy ones. For Biz Casual, avoid showing toe, as in sandals, but for most places clogs are okay. Definitely No Flip Flops!...I worked with someone who showed up in a nice casual outfit to work and got in trouble for the flips! Biz casual usually means, suits, blazers and such aren't necessary....I'd definitely avoid jeans unless others at the job wear's usually smart to stick to slacks, skirts, blouses (no cleavage!) and button down shirts....avoid skirts above the knee if you're in an office setting. and can give you some good ideas ....even if you don't end up shopping them because of price, you can easily copy their styles at other department stores. To get the best picture of how to dress though, stop by the new work place and check out what everyone else is wearing. Best of luck at your new job!

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what brand of trainers are trendy nice for a female?

Q. i usualy wear heels but i want some trainers for days out and just for comfort i bought a pair of very cheap plain black ones but hate them. id be happier if they were pink or more girly looking :) ive been looking at skechers and pink converse but dont know wich will look best. or if there are any brands i should look at

A. Skechers are great and they also help you shape up and tone your body just by wearing them around walking or on the job or anywhere else they even have running shoes to give burn calories than other shoes.
They are worth trying out because they will tone your body up and make you look leaner and taller just by regularly wearing them.
They got cool colors like pink and purple and more, they are quite trendy in additional to their health benefits even Kim Kardashian wears them and they have a complete collection by her name.
The skechers Tone ups are cool too. I like Women's Shape-ups - Kinetix Response S R T.
I've written an article on the benefits of Shape Ups, if you're interested to know more check it out at the link below. The article is on men's shoes but the benefits are the same for both.

size 13 women's shoes?
Q. I wear a size 13 women's shoe, Im not ashamed of my shoe size because i am really tall and i'm use to them. i cant find any cute trendy shoes anywhere!!! some say try payless but they have no grip what so ever and i do not want to be slipping and sliding all over the place. Any suggestions?

A. Nadia, your feet are a size bigger than mine (mens 10.5/ womens 12), and I consider that sexy especially if you pedicure.

Try, they go up to 15 with lots of styles. They hardly have anything under size 11!

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What type of casual/urban outfits should a young man wear with a greek style fisherman/cabbie hat?


A. a nice pair of jean i would go for not too light not too dark, belt, plain scoop neck top, probably long sleeved, or v neck bepends what u like n a nice cardigan ino it sounds very old skool but that looks very nice in talking the cardigens that come down like a v so u can see the top underneath, can be worn open or shut (nice ones in gap for men) and to top it off the hat and there u go the perfect look (shoes or low pumps) casual urban hip n trendy

When should males start buying from mens?
Q. I am 5 feet tall. my shoe size is 6.5, but i always wear a half size bigger so that i can make them last longer while i get newer shoes so i can have alot of them. And one more thing, whats the difference between Kids, Juniors, and Men. not really kids, andmen, but how is juniors different from men and kids and what is it? Also i'm turning 13 next month

A. My personal feeling is that you should star buying men's clothes when you start high school. This includes both men's departments, and also stores meant for both teens and young adults, like American Eagle and the like.

Also, in a department store, the differences are something like
Kids = for little kids
Juniors = trendy crap
Men's/Ladies = a variety of clothes meant for adults, or teenagers who prefer classics over weird fads and trends, but you have to find what's right for you because these sections have things meant for 15-year-olds all the way to things meant for 100-year-olds.

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What is a good store to find Women size 12 shoes ( dressy and cute)?

Q. I need some shoes fast and i have no luck so far. so please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. if you go to payless they hav lots that have big sizes and theyre all cute and affordable!

Women! Please help me out! ?
Q. If any women can answer this it would be GREATLY appreciated.. I am taking a survey (and need at least 50 responses) so please answer yes or no to the first two questions and enter a US price on the third one...

*thank you for those answering and if you'd like to post the link to one of your questions I will be glad to answer!

1. Have any of you ever left the house in high heel shoes, and by the end of the night were either barefoot or wearing flats, because your high heels hurt your feet so badly?
2. If you could buy high heels that were cute, trendy and in style, but, offered MAXIMUM comfort, to where your feet felt like they were on a baby's blanket, would you buy them?
3. What is the maximum price you would pay for well-made quality in style high heeled shoes that offered the most comfort you could possibly get?
To SmallFry: Yes I am trying to gather some information to show my potential investor so that I can manufacture this New Line of Gorgeous instyle heels that will be of MAXIMUM comfort, because like most of you I HATE ALL MY UNCOMFORTABLE HEELS! So Yes, I will keep you all informed! and thanks again for helping me out!

A. 1 yes
2 yes if cost was affordable
3 depends on how often I would wear them. Since I don't wear high heels often, I wouldn't spend any more than $40, no matter how comfy

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Need help buying birthday present for a girl?

Q. a girl in my class invited me to her birthday party, she's turning 18. I barely know her that well, but she wants me to come. What should i buy her? Please give me some good gift ideas, not too expensive and not too boring or common, i want something that's unique and not used a lot. Thanks.
thx for all the answers guys but i need something better. Not gift cards or vouchers or coupons or w/e, firstly because i think those r too common, 2nd i don't know where to buy gift cards or vouchers for any clothing stores. Plus, i don't even know what store she likes to shop at, i don't FULLY know her at all.........i like the idea of making a bracelet but not sure how to approach that, i haven't done that be4 and don't know where to get the help from a professional......any other suggestions?

A. Try

Teenage girls are probably one of the most difficult species to please. To make your shopping a little easier, read the suggestions below for a gift that's sure to go over well.

Books: A book is a really personal gift, and for a girl who loves them, it's sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Clothes:Clothes are a great gift because a teenage girl can never have too many, and they're always useful and appreciated. You just have to be careful to choose something that she'll like, which is a tall order. Stay away from skirts, jeans, or tops, or anything too trendy. You can go wrong with those way too easily. Also, be careful about what brand you choose when you buy something with a logo on it. Teenagers are extremely brand-concious so if you get something that's not 'cool', she'll never wear it.

A couple of tips:

1. Stick with hoodies, but stay away from anything that has a cutesy saying or logo. You might think monkeys are cute, but chances are, she'll be embarassed to wear it.

2. Discount stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshall's sometimes have t-shirts and thermals from stores like Abercrombie for a fraction of the cost. Use your own judgement.

3. Pajama pants are guaranteed to be loved, especially if they're soft and warm, or if they have a funky stripe. Don't buy sets. Instead, you can get a coordinating cami. Victoria's Secret and Old Navy are good places to find these.
# Pretty much any item from Hollister or Abercrombie will go over well, but I wouldn't buy any of the t-shirts that have sayings on them unless you read them closely: some of them are pretty inappropriate. Logo stuff from these stores is great because both brands are super popular.

# Be careful ordering from stores like Hollister or Abercrombie because their clothes have a very slim fit. Sometimes, it's best to get a size up.

# In tween stores like Aeropostale, be careful what you buy. A lot of their items are geared toward very young teenagers, and an older girl won't wear them.

Shoes:Women of any age love shoes, it's just a given.

Accessories: Hats and Scarves: I know this is a holiday staple, but really, how much of this stuff can a teen get? I would stay away from hats altogether because they're too hard to get right, and definitely don't get a matching hat and scarf set -that's just too overdone, you can do better. If you're going to buy a scarf, get one that's super long and a basic color so that's it goes with everything. Better yet, knit one yourself or show her how.

Mittensand Gloves: Don't get these either. This is such a basic thing that she's sure to already have a pair, or it's something her parents would get her anyway. And don't buy expensive leather gloves; they might be nice, but they'll just get lost.

Jewelry: This will definitely go over well, but be careful what you choose. Don't buy anything expensive, and try not to buy anything tacky. Don't go to Claire's unless you're shopping for a younger teen (like 13 or 14) -the stuff there is cheap, but a lot of it is tacky. Try places like Forever21, Charlotte Russe, and H&M for trendy, cheap stuff; they have all the latest and they cater to an older crowd, so you can't go wrong. Look for long, dangly earrings with lots of beads, chunky rings, and delicate necklaces. Urban Outfitters has great necklaces, by the way. Oh, and don't buy charms or charm bracelets unless she's absolutely crazy about them.

Bags: A bag is a great choice! You can get something cheap and trendy at stores like OldNavy and H&M -although you have to be careful with the latter because a lot of their bags are too plain and end up looking cheap in the bad way.


A magazine subscription is a great gift, and a year's worth will cost you between $8 and $12 -small price to pay when it means you'll be remembered every time she gets it. has a lot of titles. Seventeen, CosmoGirl, and Teen Vogue are great, but you can also choose something from the adult selections that's geared to her interests -writing, photography, etc. If you have the time, stop by a bookstore like Barnes & Noble and browse the magazine section. That way, you'll know exactly what you're ordering and whether it contains anything inappropriate for her age group.

Beauty Stuff: Teenagers love makeup, that's a fact of life. It's a great gift because it's something she'll use, something she'll love to carry around and show off, and it gives her something new to play with. If she's not old enough for makeup yet, she'll be thrilled to get anything that resembles it. Scented lotions are great, and so are body sprays.

Victoria's Secret Body Lotion, Body Splash, Shower Gel, etc ($8-10) A bunch of scents to choose from, and here, I graciously allow you to match.

Scented candles are also awesome, especially the ones that come in cool pots.

Face masks are fun, and you can get a few cheaply at a drugstore -think mud masks and apricot scrubs.

Lip gloss will definitely go over well. You can get a bunch at a drugstore, or buy a few sheer ones from well-known brands like Lancome or Dior which will make her feel all grown up and glamorous.

Arts & Crafts: Teenagers tend to love being creative. At this age, they're trying to find a mode of expression if they're artistically inclined, or they just love making things they can wear.

Stop by a store like Michael's if you have the time, and browse. They also have a website,, but it can be overwhelming if you don't know what you're looking for. There are a lot of kits and books available that would make great gifts. Buy a knitting book and some yarn, or a jewelry-making set. Pick something that she would want to wear, nothing dorky or tacky looking. Stay away from anything geared toward kids because it won't be challenging enough.

As an example:
For around $40, you can pick up tools, a scrapbook or an album, and stuff to decorate it with. You can then spend a couple of hours looking through family photos and making the scrapbook together.

If she's into photography, you can pick up a disposable camera at a drugstore and tell her you'll be happy to get the photos developed for her. Or include a set of instructions for something fun she can do with it: tell her she has to take the first picture and then pass it around, so that the photos are a surprise.

If she's into drawing or painting, I recommend going to a store that specializes in art supplies. You can get her a nice sketchbook for around $5-20, depending on the size. It's a great idea to get her a set of high-quality colored pencils or pastels. I particularly like these two:

Gift Cards

When you're out of ideas, this is the obvious choice, and it doesn't necessarily mean that they're not personal. Choose a store you know she'll love to shop in. Be careful to choose a store that's in her area because she may not be able to shop online.

If she's into music and downloads online, get her a giftcard to iTunes so she can download the music she likes without you agonizing over which cd to buy.

If she likes the movies, get her a gift certificate so she can take a friend to the movies (you can buy one here for example, or at the actual movie theatre).

Another option is a gift certificate for one of her favorite restaurants so she can treat herself or go with a friend.

Time is free: spend it!

If you're a family member, the best thing you can give is your time. Teenage girls can be hard to pin down once they reach that angsty age, so it's important to stay connected. Plan a day together as your gift, but don't overdo it -anything over a couple of hours can sometimes cause more tension than enjoyment.

If you want to include time with your gift, here's a couple of ideas...

Take her for a mini shopping spree. Yes, it's painful, but if you relax, you'll have fun. Give her a limit to play with and tell her she can buy anything she wants with that money. If you were planning to buy her a bunch of new clothes anyway, give her a higher limit, with the stipulation that she can't spend more than x amount on things that aren't clothes. Let her choose and at least pretend to shop for yourself too so you can ask her for advice.

Take her out for dinner or icecream at any place she chooses. Then stop by a video store and let her pick what she wants the two of you to watch.

Plan a beauty afternoon. Get manicures together at a salon, or give each other masks at home. Get out all your makeup and play around. Do your hair. Take lots of pictures!

Let her have a small party. Give her a budget and let her decorate, and choose a few movies to watch. Help her make snacks out of whatever you have in the kitchen. Prepare together and then step back and let her enjoy. She'll definitely thank you for this one.
Pick a day and tell her she can choose whatever activities she wants for you to do together.

The key is to give her lots of choice, and have fun. Let her lead the way, and she'll want to spend more time with you in the future.


That's it! I hope it helps!

Why are Bratz dolls so popular?
Q. In my oh so humble opinion they are creepy and would have given me nightmares when I was a small child.

I also think that they are horribly unattractive and far too provocativly dressed for children to play with.

What's wrong with Barbie?

A. Good question, and I heartily agree!

Barbie(TM) was first manufactured in the 1950s and was the epitome of the developed, stylish woman: chic, blonde, twig-like (except in those places where she had great curves), and was pretty novel for the time. Girls have always loved dolls, and Barbie was pretty convenient: she came with a WIDE wardrobe, shuffled several occupations at once (teacher, doctor, astronaut, political party canidate, the list goes on). At the time, Barbie was like the Beanie Babies and Frisbees of the 90s: one hot commodity to have. She was convenient to dress and play with and was made of plastic instead of porcelein, which came into popularity after WWII after rations ended. She didn't break easily then, even in the small hands of her little friends.

Basically, Barbie grew up in the time period our mothers grew up in, and is an iconic figure of that era. Children nowadays no longer are big fans of Barbie's old-fashioned beauty idealics (if you haven't noticed the tween market is getting more...promiscuous). Now, the ideal toy is something trendy and know, mini-skirts instead of poodle skirts, platform shoes instead of high heels, suede and jeans jackets instead of ruffled blouses...

So if you can imagine now, children are looking at different beauty standards in this generation. Beyonce, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne are all examples of accepted appearance whereas Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, and Marilyn Monroe were the beauty icons of the 50s/60s.

Now, back to the Bratz dolls.

Bratz have full, sensuous lips, easy-to-change wardrobe outfits which are much more up-to-date than Barbie's, big eyes, and are multicultural. They come with trendier jewelry and with accompanying male dolls that are updated to absorb this generation's standard of the "hot tough guy" (pardon my ridiculousness, it's the best I can explain it). The multicultural factor is pretty important; we're looking at more diversified market now than before, where the consumer was averagely the middle-class Caucasian-American in the 50s.

Basically, it boils down to the trends of this era as compared to the last, and the acceptance of certain beauty standards through generations. Barbie is considered an "old" toy (pshaw, although I will never think so!! YAY BARBIE!), and Bratz (the name itself is trendy, especially with that lame z....). I mean, would you want to be buying a trusty Toyota from your mom's era or a sleek Porsche from yours?

Stupid kids. Go back to Barbie.

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what are the hottest and trendiest mens sneakers out right now?


A. Boat shoes are pretty big right now. Almost all the kids in my school have a pair. They have the Vans ones. Terrible quality and they just rip. I have the real deal leather ones. :)

The biggest brand for teenagers is probably Vans.
For the sports guys, Nike Air Force 1's, and also Air Jordans made by nike.

what shoe would you want?
Q. if sum1 designed a new style of shoe..wat would u like?
wat colours and styles of sho would u want..that hasnt been made before
im jus wonderin

A. i as a teenager would want a shoe that a normal high school person could wear to school without standing out too much.I love pumps and wedges and im a big fan of platforms.But if i wore that to school people would think im crazy.Something any teenager could wear and have confidence yet still feel comfortable.Maybe a whole line of shoes.for different styles/colors based on the person.Mainly preps/trendies/and tomboys.I would get an inspiration from hollister,abercrombie,forever21,and charlotte russe.Put all those styles together.

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What kind of shoes are in right now for teenage girls?

Q. I'm a sophomore in high school and i really want to find a cute and trendy pair of shoes. I'm just not sure what type to get.

A. it depends.
firstly, they can choose what their favorite shoes.
secondly, in my opinion, they can wear casual shoes.
finally, give you a website to purchase beautiful shoes,
they offer some good products and good service.
have a try.
good luck!

whats a good birthday gift for a 16 year old girl?
Q. whats a good birthday gift for a 16 year old girl?
im not T.I. here she can't have whatever she likes, im not that rich.

A. Teenage girls love trendy clothes, make up, iPods, shoes, etc. Does she have a cell phone? If she doesn't, she'll probably like that.

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Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

First time buying Nike/Converse? Help me out?

Q. So my mom says I need new sneakers, and I was thinking these for athletics:|1&categoryId=cat10005
i'm not so sure though. i want something white but w/ some colors so they'll go with anything and still look cute.

and then Converse for casual stuff, but I'm not sure about sizing.
i wear a 7 1/2 or 8 (not converse size), and converse carries mens sizes or somehing?
do hi tops make your feet look smaller than low? and since this is my first time getting them, should i get a trendy style like double tongue or something simple in black or gray? chuck taylors btw.

thanks for the help =]]

A. A great selection of Nike shoes here, with sizing charts, on sale, etc:

Good luck!

whats the best sport shoes to buy which looks chic and trendy?
Q. I want to buy shoes which are sporty, which I can wear to university as well as use for road trips etc. So it shouldnt be too sporty and heavy like sport gear but i dont want something non durable as well. Suggestions with links would be helpful thanks a ton
ya i was thinking more on the lines of nikes, or adidas or Reebok
which are better? plimsolls or converses?
i know these look a little odd...but i was thinking of something like this..something non traditional but something i can use for running also maybe

A. i say NIKE sport shoes(:
i mean they have runner shoes; or any type of sports your doing.
and if your looking for trendy one; nikes have different kinds of styles and colors for women.

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Can you help me find a pair of trendy boots?

Q. Hi there, I'm 21 years old and 24 weeks pregnant. I've always been the kind of girl who has a million pairs of boots over the winter. My only problem is everything I own has a high heel on it!

Being 24 weeks pregnant, it's really not the safest or most comfortable I really need a pair of flat boots to wear with my casual and trendy clothing

I am looking for a pair of black (maybe even brown) knee high flat boots. I prefer leather but will go for suede as well. I don't care for ties on them and I would like them to be under 100 dollars!

Best pick will definitely get 10 points! thank you :)

A. First of all, congratulations on your baby! Okay, I have a few stores that you can look at, and I'll give the websites.





That's all I could find, I'm sure if you keep looking you'll find some. Good luck!

My husband is taking me clothes shopping and?
Q. I don't know what to get. I need practically everything. I have been dieting and exercising for about 3 months and have lost a lot of weight, but still am kinda chubby in my belly. I'm still working on it. I don't want to spend a ton of money since I'm still working on the weight but my "fat" clothes are too big. I don't know what's in style for a woman my age (37). I want casual and trendy, not old and stuffy. I do know this. Because of my big belly I CANNOT do the babydoll style shirts that are so cute now because they make me look pregnant when I'm not. I can't do knits or anything too clingy. I don't want polos or button down shirts because that's too stuffy for me, I'm more into casual stuff. HELP! Can you put together a cute outfit for me? Top, pants and shoes. I don't know what size I am now since I've lost so much, probably a women's size 12. Thanks!

A. Get some pairs of cute KNIT pants with elastic waists, and some tee-shirts and tank tops ... and to go with those, you'll want a few nice scarves, some 'chains' for your neck and wrists, and a nice pair of 'flat shoes' like 'tassel loafers' or slip-on 'athletic shoes' ... a nice blazer would 'dress you up' if you get one tee shirt with some 'sparkles' on it, and wear that with a scarf and your chains ... or you can 'dress down' and wear just the shirt and pants and either pair of shoes, and you'll look STUNNING wherever you go.

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Senin, 03 Februari 2014

Could you make me an outfit please? (from River Island) I live in the UK?

Q. Im wanting a new style and I would like help from people on here, because whenever I try and make an outfit it seems to just not match or look boring.

So, this is the site:

Just find top,jeans,shoes,scarf,and accsessories and maybe a jacket and just put the links in order of top to bottom.

The style Im looking for is casual trendy, a bit indie and not too girly (I prefer jeans and flat shoes)

I know Its alot to ask, but it would be a big favour if you guys could pick out a few outfits for me and whoever makes the best outfit they will deffo get best answer!

So thanks in advance

A. top -
bottom -
shoes -
necklace -
bracelet -
earrings -

hope you like it! :)


Skinny jeans? white converse? grey cardi? black military boots? help me!

A. For a casual look, you could wear any color skinny jeans with it (except your standard blue jeans or white)-black, red, bright blue...
Also a bright colored cardigan would look good with it ($product$) kind of like the one where i just posted the link. It gives you more of a fun, trendy look.
I think colored clothes would look best with it because the top is already black and white, so any greys, whites or blacks will make you look dreary and boring and tired. The colors however will pop out nicely.
As for shoes, I think converse would look like best with it.

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I have big feet. How am I to find a pair of descent, good-looking shoes with feet as big as mine??

Q. It's like this, I go to a shoe store & all of he shoes there are so trendy and everything. So, for feet as big as mine, I cant find one that I'm satisfied with. I wear sport shoes to school. And that ain't comfortable.


Testimonials from Young Plus Size Women on Clothes Shopping?
Q. I would like to hear of some testimonials/opinions on clothes shopping from young, plus size women. How hard is it to find clothes that fit that are actually sold in stores at the mall? Or to find plus size clothes in the mall that are actually stylish or that don't look like it came from your grandmother's closet? Is it frusterating to order plus size clothes from an online store or catalog, only to find out that they don't fit right? I would love to hear any and all stories you have about these and anything else clothes shopping related you would like to share. I will be using this information as background research for a college-level speech I am giving on the need of more plus size stores and selections in todays malls, because not everyone can order clothes from an online store and be satisfies with the fit (something they would have been able to avoid if they were shopping in a real store in the mall). Thanks so much in advance for any and all stories you are able to share.

A. I don't know if I qualify as "young" (early 30's), but I also have difficulty finding clothes that fit - I don't even bother going to the stores anymore. As much as I'd love to get items from Express or some of the other more trendy stores, that is not an option. Even Ann Taylor, Dress Barn, Talbots, etc., do not carry much in my size range (28). Lane Bryant has become Lame Bryant. Even buying items online can be difficult for "supersized" women. Since when was a 16 considered "plus"??? Invariably, the pants I order are too short and few plus sized stores carry talls - or at least, they don't carry many.

This same problem applies to shoes. I wear a 10 - 10 1/2 wide. Wal*Mart, Payless, etc... good luck! If you want nice, decent shoes, you'll pay a fortune - IF you can find it in your size! Even Zappas doesn't have a great selection for those of us with big feet.

I've begun ordering clothes a size larger and then altering them when they come in.

Yes, we should be thinner for our health, etc.. What do we wear in the meantime, though?

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Minggu, 02 Februari 2014

Where can I find fashionable plus size shoes?

Q. Does anyone know where I can buy either in a store or online trendy plus size shoes like for a size 12 womans foot? Every website I find has real ugly and outdated shoes. HELPP!
anddd... I'm not a monster, I'm just really tall at 6'1 so its hard for me to find tall lengths and bigger shoes =(

A. I believe Payless goes up to a 13. Nordstrom is always a good bet - they started out as a hard to find shoe specialist, way back when, and have kept that aspect of their business up even after re-focusing to fashion.

There are quite a few more listed in our shoe directory, that notes sizes (and widths) at:

I wear a size 12 wide in women's shoes. (yeah, I heard that gasp) Where can I find cute & trendy shoes?

A. I wear size 11 in some styles and I have enough trouble finding shoes, I can't imagine finding 12's. I really don't understand why they can't make larger sizes.

You should try Torrid. A friend told me about it recently. They have plus size clothing mostly, but they also carry size 11 and 12 shoes. They have them in many malls and they also have a website.

And it's not as if you can help the size of your feet! I can't believe how rude people are.

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Are Cowboy Shoes in trend 2011 ?

Q. Are cowboy/girl shoes in trend this fall/winter 2011/12 ?

A. They're not a trend right now but they aren't necessarily considered out of style either. Go ahead and wear them but don't expect a lot of trendy stores to be stocking up on them.

Back-to-school Trends for Fall 2011?
Q. Hi! Ok so I'm going back to school in 2 weeks, and I want to get unique clothes that are me but still trendy...I'm into indie/preppy kinda clothes. Do you guys have any idea where I could shop for these and any essentials I should buy...?
I was thinking WetSeal and Rue21. Also shoes! I like Sperry Top siders...
Also don't say Forever21 bc everyone shops there and that makes it boring.
Thanks so much!(:

A. Fringe (really into style at the moment.)
Off-shoulder/baggy clothing.
Cropped pants.
Cardigans (quarter sleeve)
Long necklaces/thick bracelets.
Off shoulder sweatshirts.

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Going to a club on a friday night, what does dressy casual mean?

Q. are there some photos i can look at? what are some clothing examples for men and women?

A. You don't need to dress in formalwear.

Dressy casual for women can mean: jeans and a nice trendy/dressy top, and heels. (Definitely, no flip-flops, hehe)

For men: jeans and a nice shirt, loafers or some kind of cool shoes (probably not sneakers)

Which of these two shoes would look better for dressy casual style?
Q. I am having trouble deciding between these two pairs of dr martens. I have been trying to get a more mature, yet still young style and I am having trouble deciding between these two pairs. Which do you think I could pull of with a pair of Dockers and a casual button front shirt more easily? I am a grad. student in social work. Second, which has more all around ability? I am a grad student, so I can't afford to have both, even though I wish so. I want to look good, too. I want to look my age style wise, being a 24yr old man, so I am trying really hard, just needing others' opinions?



A. I vote for the 2nd one. I think the 1st one might be too trendy. But really you should be good either way.

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Spring trends for 2011? Need SERIOUS fashion help!?

Q. Hey y'all.

So basically, I'm a sweat pants and sweat shirt type of gal. I kind of fell into the winter blues this year, which naturally meant me slumming it out at school in messy sweats every day. I don't think there's anything wrong with sweats (at all) but when it becomes an everyday thing (and when I'm even wearing stained ones) it kind of becomes problematic. I also gained a little bit of weight this winter which also makes me want to hide away in sweats (for lack of a less dramatic term).

It's starting to warm up a little bit again and I'm really wanting to look cute for the 2011 spring and summer! I'm saving up a little bit from my job so I can afford a little bit more because I am in SERIOUS need of new clothes; most of mine are ripped, stained, stretched, or just way to old and worn out. I have enough to pretty much buy the spring essentials, but I was just wondering about you would recommend me to buy for this new year.

Please provide really detailed examples and if you'd like to (I'd love you for it), post links of things you think are cute or that I should add to my closet. I'm basically fashion challenged so post anything you think is cute AND COMFORTABLE. :) Comfort is key for me!
And listen ... any input is greatly appreciated ... anything at all!!

Thanks so much in advance!
Sorry for the grammar mistakes ... I just noticed a bunch of them. Oops!

and THANKS so much for the answers so far.

A. First off, stock up on tons of basics. It's different for every girl, but they should just be pieces that you wear A LOT (jeans, shirts, etc.) and that fit your personal style the best. They should also be pieces that you can wear throughout the seasons, winter, spring, summer. Since you're going to be wearing these a lot, splurge more on basics. The more basics you have, the more options. For example, some of my basics are:

White oxfords or button downs
Tights in tons of patterns and colors
Slouchy cardigans
A pair of HIGH heels
Tons of vintage jewelry
A-line skirts (I'm short and petite)
A leather handbag

This way, you won't need to purchase a completely new wardrobe. Just mix in the basics you have with your trendier and warmer pieces. Since it's spring, instead of completely renovating my wardrobe, I only need to buy several things like linen shorts, floral dresses, etc. In the long term, it will save you a LOT of money. And when Fall comes around use the same basics to match with newer purchases.

That's why it's best to spend more money on things you wear a lot. I always buy trendier pieces at cheap stores like Forever 21 because they have SO many styles and whatnot at good prices.e As for my basics, I get them high-end at places like Comme des Garcons, Opening Ceremony, or Barneys. It can be expensive but since they have amazing sales on good basic items, I don't need to buy too many things. As for shoes, I always splurge on these. After all, you're going to be walking around in them all day. Instead of concentrating on quantity, focus on QUALITY. My basics have lasted me for years since I get them cleaned seasonally. Take care of your clothes and they take care of you.

Hope I helped!

Updating my closet? Help on becoming more trendy or stylish?
Q. I want to update my closet with clothes or accessories that i can add to my causal style
this isn't me in the picture but this is basically what i wear... need help i don't want to reinvent my whole style i just want it too look more trendy :),r:17,s:24&tx=107&ty=64

A. You seem to have a nice base but one thing your missing of course is...ACCESORIES!! Try mixing some colors in. Take a look at some necklaces at say aldo. A nice splash of color is always nice. If you stick with neutrals, add a red shoe or maybe a yellow handbag. It really adds something to your outfit without being too over the top. In the fall/winter a trench coat and some leather boots with a bit of a heel can look really nice for when your out and about or even just casually. Another staple is a black dress. Something that fights nicely around top and the bottom should reach just above your knee. Paired with a nice necklace, a bright bag and some jewelry can, if done right, look really put together and still be fresh.

Another day look is, wearing the skinnys like in the picture, pair with a white t-shirt and black fitted vest. Looks very hip and trendy. Look around in some magazines for some looks for ideas. Never know what you might find

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