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What shoes,with laces,not loafers or sneakers are in style for a grown man,any ideas;dress and/or caual,brand,

Q. any and all ideas are welcome;dress, casual,black, brown, I have ZERO

A. Zappo's is an online site where you can find all kinds of shoes! Here is the list of Zappo's various types of mens' shoes:
Men's Dress Shoes

Airport Safe, Steel-Free
+ Boots
- View ALL Boots
- Lace-Up
- Slip-On
- Zip-On
+ Comfort
- View ALL Comfort
- Lace-Up/Oxford
- Slip-On

+ Lace-Up/Oxford
- View ALL Lace-Up/Oxford
- Algonquin/Split/Bicycle Toe
- Cap-Toe
- Exotic
- Formal
- Moc Toe
- Plain Toe
- Rubber Sole/Comfort
- Saddle Shoes
- Wingtips
Made in the USA - Dress
Monk Strap

Removable Insoles
Dress Sandals
+ Slip On
- View ALL Slip On
- Algonquin/Split/Bicycle Toe
- Cap Toe
- Exotic
- Formal
- Kiltie
- Moc Toe
- Penny Loafer
- Plain Loafer
- Rubber Sole/Comfort
- Tasseled Loafer
- Woven
Men's Casual Shoes

Airport Safe, Steel-Free
+ Boat Shoes
- View ALL Boat Shoes
- Canvas
- Leather
+ Boots
- View ALL Boots
- Combat
- Comfort
- Hiking
- Lace-Up
- Logger
- Motorcycle
- Slip-On
- Waterproof
- Western
- Winter
- Work
- Zip-On
+ Comfort
- View ALL Comfort
- Boots
- Loafer
- Oxford
- Sandals
- Walking
Hook & Loop Fasteners
+ Loafer
- View ALL Loafers
- Algonquin/Split/Bicycle Toe
- Moc Toe
- Penny
- Plain Loafer
- Tasseled Loafer
- Woven
Made in the USA

+ Oxfords
- View ALL Oxfords
- Algonquin/Split/Bicycle Toe
- Cap Toe
- Comfort
- Hiking
- Moc Toe
- Plain Toe
- Rugged
- Saddle Shoes
- Steel Toe
- Two Tone
- Wingtip
Removable Insoles
+ Sandals
- View ALL Sandals
- Ankle Strap
- Backstrap
- Beach
- Comfort
- Fisherman
- Hook & Loop
- Leather
- Slides
- Sport
- Thongs/Flip-Flops
- Trail
- Walking
- Woven
+ Slippers
- View ALL Slippers
- Booties
- College
- Moccasins
- Open-Back
- Operas
- Outdoor Sole
- Shearling/Wool
+ Sneakers
- View ALL Sneakers
- Art/Detail
- Canvas
- High Top
- Hook & Loop
- Lace to toe
- Lace Up
- Leather
- Low Profile
- Mesh
- Multi-Color
- Perforated
- Slip-On
- Suede
- Two Tone

Steel Toe
+ Trendy
- View ALL Trendy
- Bowling
- Motorcycle
- Retro
- Sport
- Urban
Vegetarian - Casual
+ Walking/Comfort
- View ALL Walking/Comfort
- Clogs
- General
- Loafers
- Oxfords
- Sandals
+ Waterproof
- View ALL Waterproof
- Athletic
- Casual Boots
- Casual Shoes
- Industry
- Outdoor Performance
- Rain/Rubber
+ Western
- View ALL Western
- Exotic Skins
- Fashion
- Handcrafted
- Lacers & Ropers
- Narrow/Pointed Toe
- Round Toe
- Wellington
+ Work and Duty
- View ALL Work and Duty
- ANSI Rated Steel Toe
- Electrical Hazard
- General
- Hospitality
- Nursing
- Slip-Resistant
- Steel Toe
Men's Athletic Shoes

Airport Safe, Steel-Free
Amphibious Sandals
Amphibious Shoes
Athletic Canvas
Athletic Performance
+ Athletic Sandals
- View ALL Athletic Sandals
- All Terain
- Trail
- Walking
- Water
- Water Sports
Boots - Winter
Cycling - Off Road
Cycling - Road

+ Dance
- View ALL Dance
- Ball Room
- Ballet
- Flamenco
- Jazz
- Latin
- Pointe
- Tap
Hiking Boots
Hiking Shoes
Indoor Court
Inline Skates
Motor Fashion
Outdoor Performance
Removable Insoles
Rubber - Waterproof
+ Running
- View ALL Running
- Competition
- General
- Motion Control
- Neutral Cushioning
- Popular
- Stability
- Trail

Running - Fashion
+ Skate Shoes
- View ALL Skate Shoes
- Fashion
- Surf
- Technical
Track & Field
Track & Field Inspired
+ Trail
- View ALL Trail
- Sandals
- Shoes
Turf Shoe
Vegetarian - Athletic
Water Moc

Hope this helps!

What is Business Casual Attire?
Q. I am going to go to Cheevers Restaurant with my boyfriend for my One Month Anniversary.
Its an upscale restaurant && the website says to dress in "Business Casual".
I was planing to wear a khaki blazer, a hot pink strapless mini dress && heels.
Would this be okay?
Yes? No? Suggestions?

Best Anser Gets 10 Points!


A. Business casual guidelines for men and women
Business casual is crisp, neat, and should look appropriate even for a chance meeting with a CEO. It should not look like cocktail or party or picnic attire. Avoid tight or baggy clothing; business casual is classic rather than trendy.

Specifics for men's business casual
Ties are generally not necessary for business casual, but if you are in doubt, you can wear a tie. It never hurts to slightly overdress; by dressing nicely, you pay a compliment to your host. You can always wear the tie and discreetly walk by the room where the function is held; if no one else is wearing a tie, you can discreetly remove yours.
Long-sleeved shirts are considered dressier than short-sleeved and are appropriate even in summer. Choosing white or light blue solid, or conservative stripes is your safest bet. Polo shirts (tucked in, of course) are acceptable in more casual situations.
Wear dark socks, mid-calf length so no skin is visible when you sit down.
Leather shoes should be worn. No sandals, athletic shoes or hiking boots.
Wear a conservative watch. If you choose to wear other jewelry, be conservative. Removing earrings is safest. For conservative industries, don't wear earrings. Observe other men in your industry to see what is acceptable.

Specifics for women's business casual
Don't confuse club attire with business attire. If you would wear it to a club, you probably shouldn't wear it in a business environment. Also, most attire worn on televison is not appropriate for business environments. Don't be deluded.
Pants / skirts:
Women can wear casual pants or skirts. Neither should be tight. Fabrics should be crisp; colors should generally be solid; navy, black, gray, brown and khaki are always safe bets. For the most business-like appearance, pants should be creased and tailored; neither extreme of tight or flowing.
Skirt length and slits:
Your skirt should come at least to your knees while you are standing. While you are seated, your thighs should be covered. If your skirt comes to just below the knee, a slit to just above the knee might be acceptable. A very long skirt should not be slit to above the knee. Generally slits in the center back of a skirt � to facilitate walking a stair climbing � are acceptable. Slits to facilitate a view of your legs are not appropriate for business purposes. Slips should not be visible.
Shirt / sweaters:
In addition to tailored shirts or blouses, tailored knit sweaters and sweater sets are appropriate business casual choices for women. Cotton, silk, and blends are appropriate. Velvets and shimmery fabrics suitable for parties are not appropriate. Fit should not be tight. Cleavage is not appropriate to business and job search occasions.
Jewelry / accessories:
Wear a conservative watch. Jewelry and scarf styles come and go. Keep your choices simple and leaning toward conservative. Avoid extremes of style and color. If your industry is creative, you may have more flexibility than someone pursuing a conservative industry.
Keep makeup conservative and natural looking. A little is usually better than none for a polished look. Nails should be clean and well groomed. Avoid extremes of nail length and polish color, especially in conservative industries.
Should be leather or fabric / microfiber. Appropriate colors are black, navy and brown (to coordinate with your other attire and accessories); white and pastels are not appropriate. For the most conservative look, toes should be covered. Sandals which are neither extremely dressy or extremely casual might be appropriate. Thin straps and high heels are not appropriate. Chunky heels and platforms are not apropriate. Make certain you can walk comfortably in your shoes; hobbling around a job fair in shoes that are pinching your feet does not convey a professional image.
Not essential for business casual, but are recommended if your skirt is knee length (rather than calf length) and in more formal environments such as hotels.
Purse / bag:
If you carry a purse, keep it small and simple, or carry a small briefcase or business-like tote bag in place of a purse. A structured bag tends to look more professional that something soft or floppy. Purse/bag color should coordinate with your shoes. A briefcase is certainly not necessary for most business casual events. Leather, microfiber and fine wovens are appropriate. Canvas and straw are not appropriate.

that's business casual... but since this is a personal event, it refers more to the men: slacks, button-down shirt etc... you don't have to wear the khaki blazer... but i wouldn't recommend a mini dress either... do u have a nice summer dress? or something not so short like:

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what shoe would you want?

Q. if sum1 designed a new style of shoe..wat would u like?
wat colours and styles of sho would u want..that hasnt been made before
im jus wonderin

A. i as a teenager would want a shoe that a normal high school person could wear to school without standing out too much.I love pumps and wedges and im a big fan of platforms.But if i wore that to school people would think im crazy.Something any teenager could wear and have confidence yet still feel comfortable.Maybe a whole line of shoes.for different styles/colors based on the person.Mainly preps/trendies/and tomboys.I would get an inspiration from hollister,abercrombie,forever21,and charlotte russe.Put all those styles together.

What store has trendy and inexpensive clothes for a teen girl?

A. There are a lot of online teen clothing stores for you to choose from. Some of the more popular ones are Delias, Promgirl and Alloy. At Delias, their wide range of clothing items include denims, shoes, pants, knit sets, shorts, accessories and many others. Most of their apparel are targetted at teenagers and thus are very reasonably priced! Moreover, they will provide free shipping if your online purchase exceeds $75!

i shld also let you know that Delias is currently having a winter sale and if you use the promotional coupon at you will be able to enjoy up to 25% off the retailing prices for most of their items. In addition, they are also having promotions for jeans and pants where you buy one and get the second one at half price! This offer is only for a limited period and make sure you dun miss it!

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What is "smart casual" dress for women at a Christmas party for people in mid-twenties?

Q. It is for a class of physical therapy students in graduate school... to get together, have drinks, and play secret santa. What do you think: black pants or jeans?
Girlfriend getting dragged along here...

A. Black slacks for sure. Dress it up with trendy black shoes and a festive top. For guys, an untucked button-down oxford shirt. For girls, maybe something with a little sparkle.

what outfit should a woman wear who's going on a date with....?
Q. a 30 year old professional guy. Date is casual, maybe just for a drink or to theatre/movie.

Guy is pretty smartly dressed most of the time.
p.s - i dont have much sense of style!

A. Clean, dark-wash jeans, funky, trendy, classy shirt, accessorize, make-up, jewelry, clutch, open shoes (heels?) slight spray of sweet perfume, not fruity and not too strong.

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what do teenagers spend their money on from jobs?

Q. what do teenagers spend most of their money on? im wondering what do they need to buy or do they just waste it on small things like food or clothes?
because i just got hired for a job i make 8$ an hour and i work 20H so thats 160 per week and 320 every 2 weeks which is when i will get paid. so thats like 640 a month.
to me that seems like a lot. and teenagers that have jobs im wondering what they spend it on because i dont usually see them with nice things... just like clothes thats it.
if i got paid that much i spend it on clothes/video games/ new stuff like a new phone and all that.or do we really not get that much?

also another question... how much of my pay check would be deducted from taxes? im wondering. would i only get 400 of that every month?

A. Clothes, shoes, smartphones, anything trendy.

I too would spend all that money on some clothes and video games.

Not sure about the taxes, but it's a certain percentage I believe...

What are some things every teenager should have in her wardrobe?
Q. What are some things that you must have for fall in your wardrobe? Since YahooAnswers is global, I want everyone to please answer! I'm going shopping really soon, so I want to update my wardrobe. What do you think are the "bare necessities" to any teenager's wardrobe? Please answer! Thank you so much in advance!

A. Hmm for my personal must-haves for fall...
Tailored dresses
More high-waisted pencil skirts
A vintage scarf
Polo shirts
Good non-leather high heels (I wear no leather)

As for what I think the bare necessities are...
Shoes: Flip-flops are good to have around for almost everything! Keep a few pairs of dress shoes, including one good pair of heels. Do NOT wear Crocs, they are hideous. Uggs, they're okay if you are in a cold environment. Please only wear trainers (athletic shoes) if you are actually working out.
Skirts: Do not go too short. Yes, you are young. But I know from experience the worst thing is having to pull them down constantly, as I am a bit curvier (not plus-sized). Your best bet would be to go for not a micro-mini, but something that falls to mid-thigh or knee length.
Shirts: Tank tops are a must, as they can be worn on their own for a good part of the year and then underneath sweaters or other tops for the cooler portions of the year. If you get t-shirts for clubs or something at school and they're men's sizes, GET A SMALL. It is more flattering to the frame. Polo shirts are nice, because they look nicer automatically, and a nice one can be worn to interview for a job. Also get some blouses, most stores that have sections for Junior's will have dressier shirts. Get several, because you never know when you'll have a formal presentation for school or some event. Some of them are just fun to wear for no reason at all!
Outerwear: Invest in a good coat. You can't go wrong with a peacoat, a blazer-style coat, or a fitted trench. I have the coat I got before my 7th grade year and I still wear it in the winter because it never goes out of style. It is okay to get trendy items for the rest of your wardrobe, but please invest in a nice jacket. The right one can last for many years! If you don't feel like a nice coat though, get a good hoodie. VS Pink has some really good ones, as well as Hollister.
Pants/Such: Make sure to have a couple pairs of dress slacks, at least one in black. They can go with the blouses, they don't run terribly much as far as cost goes, and they can dress a simple tank top up nicely. If they are tight in an area but work fine elsewhere in another size, go up a size and ask your parents if you can get them tailored. It will in turn create a more flattering fit (I have to get all my slacks tailored as I have very short legs). Also for jeans, please do invest in a good-quality pair. I love Lucky Brand, they do run very expensive, but their range of leg lengths is what I love. Something less expensive would be GAP. Shorts are nice too, but if you try them on and they just barely cover your butt, then do not get them. Make sure a little bit of the leg is covered in the back but you don't need to go the really long lengths just yet.

Those are just my $.02, mine is based on having a few pieces that are an investment (so they may cost more, but break down the cost-per-wearing ratio-say you buy a pair of jeans for $100, and you wear them twice a week for 2 years-it'll be a little less than 50 cents per wearing) as well as pieces that won't reveal everything. Do have fun with your wardrobe, do not wear anything that is inappropriate for your body type, and take the time to discover what your personal style is.

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Inexpensive, Trendy shoes online?

Q. N e one know where i can find some cute cheap shoes on the web?

These links will take you right to the shoes they sell!!! I will try to find more link for you!!
Hope it helps!!!

Shoes questions for women?
Q. What do you think...ladies?
1. After a day of work do you ever come home with your feet hurting?
2. If so then what kind of job do you have?
3. Have your feet ever hurt so bad you took you shoes off?
4. Would you like to have your feet massaged after a day of work?
5. What are the most painful shoes you have ever worn?
6. Whats your favorite color for a pedicure?
7. Would you rather have a back rub or foot rub after a day of work?
8. Would you consider it a good thing if a guy offered to massage your feet for you when they hurt?
9. Would you rather go shopping in comfort of flip flops or look trendy and wear heels and end the day with sore feet?
10. Would your feet hurt worse standing for 8 hours in flip flops or for 3 hours in 4inch heels?
Thanks for answering

A. 1. i work from home so i don't wear shoes around the house.
2. i work from home so i don't wear shoes around the house.
3. YES!! i went on an immense pub crawl once, i was aching to the bones. i couldn't work next day, and i was sick on my brand new stilettos!
4. i would if i didn't work from home! i still like a foot massage anyway.
5. 8 inch stilettos!!!! i know its crazy, but it was a dare when i was about 17. i only wore them once!
6. Au naturale or crazy red!
7. a foot rub.
8. definetely! especially as im single!
9. if they were really cute then probably flats (perhaps not flip flops).
10. 8 hours in flip flops because i have this condition with weak bones in my feet and i need some elevation!


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Should I take all the hosiery out of my 4 sockdrawers and hand them out to the chicken legged women I saw?

Q. I was in a foodcourt downtown today where there are alot of office workers. I was shocked at the number of women who although they were wearing dresses (I give them points for that) they were bare legged! It is totally gross to look at white chicken legs under a dress. I am light skinned myself and never go bare legged in public, let alone to an office job. I also saw women in slacks with open toed shoes. Yuck, who wants to look at toes and feet in a food area? I have about 100 pairs of trendy tights and hosiery. Should I take them downtown and hand them out to my poor bare legged sisters?

I don't care if the weather is hot, looking good comes before comfort.

A. i agree 100% they should cover up those legs

Are sandals really bad for your feet?
Q. Do they cause you trouble when you get older?

A. Are flip-flops damaging your career?

New York - With more women wearing flip-flops to the office this summer, U.S. style gurus are warning that the casual shoe once mainly seen on the beach could be damaging to careers -- as well as to feet.

Lauren Cardinale, 25, who works at West Glen Communications, wears beaded or other fancy flip flops to the office -- when she can get away with it.

"Occasionally I wear flip flops to work," she said. "I wear nicer shoes if I'm meeting with clients or if I know there will someone in the office who doesn't approve of flip flops."

Cardinale is one of thousands of young women in New York who consider flip-flops an essential part of their summer wardrobe.

An online survey conducted for retailers Old Navy and Gap found flip-flops topped the list of wardrobe items that college and high school students planned to wear to work this summer.

More than 31 percent of women said flip-flops were the single "must have" item for work this summer.

But many companies disagree.

"The dress code says no beach wear and flip-flops are considered beach wear," said a spokeswoman for BNP Paribas.

Style gurus warn that flip-flops, which are worn mainly by younger women, could be harmful to a career.

"Shoes convey the mood of a woman. Wearing flip-flops conveys the mood that you are relaxed and on vacation. That's not a good message in the office," said Meghan Cleary, a style commentator who wrote the book "The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You."

Doctors say it's not just careers they could harm.

Physicians at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons say flip-flops are linked to a growing number of heel problems among teens and young adults.

"We're seeing more heel pain than ever in patients 15 to 25 years old, a group that usually doesn't have this problem," said spokeswoman Marybeth Crane in a recent statement.

She said flip-flops with thin soles have no arch support and can accentuate any abnormal biomechanics in foot motion which eventually brings pain and inflammation.

Flip-flops are far from new, dating back at least 70 years and believed developed out of traditional Japanese woven or wooden soled sandals in New Zealand.

The basic flat sole with a Y-shaped strap, that passes between the toes and around either side of the foot, is known in every nation and to every social class.

In developing countries, they are the cheapest -- and often only -- form of footwear, easy to make and easy to fit.

The term "flip-flop" derives from the noise they make while slapping against the wearer's heels and the floor but they are also known as thongs in Australia, jandals in New Zealand, and slippers in Hawaii.

But flip-flops took on a new life among the young and trendy a few years ago. They have surged in popularity with shops now selling them in every conceivable colour, with sequins, flowers, and even bridal flip-flops with over 300 Swarovski crystals on the straps for about $140 (77 pounds) a pair.

Last June the Northwestern University's champion women's lacrosse team was widely criticised for wearing flip-flops when they visited the White House and met President George W. Bush.

Ellen Campuzano, president of the Committee of Colour and Trends, a New York-based forecasting service specialising in footwear and accessories, thinks flip-flops' popularity will wane.

"Usually these trends come and go in about five years," she said. "I think we've reached the peak, they can't be any more widespread, so maybe next summer something will replace them."

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Does what a teacher/professor wear matter?

Q. Writing a paper on this topic and trying to see if people really care what their teacher wears? Do you take them less seriously if they don't match or are they intimidating if they're wearing a power suit?

A. A learning institution is still a place of business. The students are investing their time and so are you. Its like the stock market exchange. Every one is there for the experience and to get the most out with the least effort. This is the majority not all encompassing. A teacher/instructor should stand out obviously with business casual attire that is most of all comfortable to wear and trendy. Their are many tech businesses that have employees come in to work in jeans but only one day per week. Even at work I don't think its the best idea. If your wearing dress clothes 4 out of 5 days in the week than on that 5th day you will feel different and less authoritarian. Less in the role as the leader of the classroom. Dressing down leaves room for others to judge you by your choice of wardrobe that they usually don't see you in. This will change their perception of you. The staff and the students. Your personality will shine through enough to dismiss any claims of you being too serious of a about your job. If students or faculty see you on days off that's a different scenario and will not receive the same amount of attention. I would stick with the business casual attire. But by all means make it your own look. When it comes to accessories go with the minimalist approach. Lastly, shoes have got to be the most comfy. Keeping an extra pair near, in car maybe, in case of heel break or new shoes not wearing in so comfortably you can be relieved.

How should a 23 year old female teacher dress?
Q. I am a 23 year old female who is starting an elementary school teaching position next month. I am young, and like to dress a tad trendy in my day-to-day clothing. I'm finding the thought of nothing but bland, knee-length skirts and button-up blouses to be a little nauseating. What I want to know is: is it OK to incorporate SOME trendiness into my teacher wardrobe without being inappropriate? For example, wearing a nice bright colored blouse with my slacks, colored shoes, a blouse with a bow or flower ornament, or perhaps a pair of somewhat trendy crop pants like these?,+product.marketingPriority&navCount=455&navAction=jump&color=&pushId=W_BOTTOMS&popId=WOMENS&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=
I certainly don't want to dress too young, merely incorporate one or two items into my outfit that let me feel my age, and that I look good. I think I will have much more confidence teaching if I feel comfortable in my clothing.

I guess what I'm really wondering is if trying to incorporate some of my "youngness" into my wardrobe will portray me as being less efficient or professional as a teacher? I know that I will probably already face the stigma of being such a young and new teacher. In my eyes it is very possible to dress "young" and look professional at the same time, but I'm not quite sure how older people I may be working with or student's parents will feel on the issue. Any opinions would be much appreciated.

A. There's nothing that says teachers have to look like stereotypical buttoned-up prudes. Because you're working with kids, there's a little more flexibility than you would see in an office, but you should aim to be mostly professional. In the younger grades, teachers will often dress more "motherly" but I wouldn't say that's a requirement, either. Kids are aware of fashion as much as anyone, and they'll probably appreciate someone they see as glamourous.

Just two notes - one you've already mentioned - be careful not to be inappropriate. What seems appropriate to a 23 year old might be inappropriate to a 50 year old. I don't think your examples have been, but just in case!

The other: if you're teaching the really low grades (K-3), keep in mind these kids make messes! (think projectile vomiting, bloody/snotty sneezes - it actually happened to a friend of mine!) Don't wear anything that won't clean and that you love a lot.

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What am I like according to my birth chart?

Q. Sun: Libra

(that's the order it was according to my birth chart)
Ok fine.

18th october, 1994

Gorgan, iran

A. Sun
You are oh-so-elegant and tasteful to the point of incurring nausea from loved ones. You are also bipolar as hell and can't make a decision on your own. You usually consult your therapist or TV Guide. Libras are trendy and malleable folks. They are funny because they will glom onto something they hated before if it suddenly becomes fashionable. Velour is not entirely lost upon these people. Libras eat a lot of ethnic food from cultures they don't understand. They single-handedly started the cappucino movement. Ask them why, and they will claim something unintelligible about solidarity. You constantly worry about what other people think. If you really paid any attention, maybe people would like you more. Libras use quotes from David Mamet plays to describe philosophical concepts. Then they have those concepts engraved upon nice little wallet cards. The Libran interest in current events ends with the J. Crew catalog. They don't eat fast food or have any clue where their trash goes. They have other people tie their expensive shoes. Only two Libras have ever been found in thrift stores. All of their bell-bottoms were color-coordinated to match their lamé turtlenecks. Libras are always on the cutting edge of what the rest of us think is absolute pretentious bulls**t. They have huge collections of CDs they've never even listened to. Libras give to designer charities. Hollywood is full of Libras. You are the reason butterfly hairpins and parachute pants have made a comeback. Next on the list is those big jam shorts. You probably never threw out your old pair. Hang on to your Winger t-shirt too. Get a Libra as drunk as possible and he or she will still be able to explain the difference between café latté and café au lait. This is peculiar as the rest of us know that there is no difference at all.

Aries have ramlike eyebrows and smug expressions. They should not be quite so smug because they are constantly clunking themselves in the skull. Cat Stevens' "Hard Headed Woman" was probably an Aries. Aries rarely say one thing and do another. They usually do the wrong thing and don't discuss it. Never point this out to an Aries unless you want your kidneys pulled out through your sinuses. Aries folks love Pisceans because Pisces people make them feel well-grounded. Aries love to laugh at the funny moon-people who suck their thumbs at age 35. Aries use guns to describe philosophical concepts. Whether you live in a palatial estate or a cardboard tepee, you will insist until death that it is exactly what you always wanted. Most Aries were concrete parking bumpers in at least two of their past lives. Aries are never born. They skip gaily from their mothers' wombs. This may even involve rollerblades. The Aries makes life decisions as a toddler. Aries marry several times for funnies but never divorce. Their spouses have many freak accidents resulting in death or crippling injury. Being infallible, God is probably an Aries. This would make Satan an Aquarius. Aries always hold management positions. If one is assigned to clean toilets, he will form a one-man union. Then he will go and picket in the parking lot. All of you think you're Lech Walesa. People run away when an Aries comes around. They know that if they do not, the Aries will set them on fire. Aries hate listening to Scorpios talk because they take pride in being even more self-centered. In fact, much to the Scorpios' dismay, you are the biggest pricks in the zodiac. Your rams' horns are in everyone else's asses.

What makes a person look wealthy and classy?
Q. I'm such a frumpy dork. I am 32, married mother of one. I teach a room full of 12-24 months toddlers M-F and am housewife/mom during all my moments "off duty". So, I'm it possible for me to change the way I look and and make it believable? I normally wear a t-shirt + knee length shorts + sneakers to school. At home I'm still wearing the knee length shorts + flip flops and a nicer top. I probably change 40-60 diapers a day, then come home and clean house/cook/lounge. What is most important when you see someone who has a classy trendy look? Shoes, hair or clothing? I'm a motherly size 8-10 right now. Where should I shop, what name brands are cool for my age group what sort of shoes should I be wearing? I have mid-back length hair, dark brown w/ small amount of greys(especially on top)...should I cut it, highlight it? I just want to be accepted and respected. Can you help?

A. look at some fashion magazines and see what kind of look you prefer and then look at the stores they listed in the magazine. for now, here are some stores: cleo, reitmans, laura, fashion max, smart set

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Are TOMS shoes worth it?

Q. Do TOMS last long? My birthdays coming up, and I finally convinced my mom to get me TOMS for my b-day, although they're 60 dollars with tax.. and that's a lot of money, and I don't want to waste her money, if the shoes don't even last long, especially since I walk a lot.
Also, I'm 5'3 1/2 or so and am size 7.5-8(in US) considering this, I have pretty narrow and big feet :/ and I don't want my feet to look even bigger, also to add, I wear skinny jeans.
Bottom line is, are TOMS worth it? Do you think I should get TOMS? Will they look horrible on me?
(Yes I realize that they're so expensive because one pair is donated, but TOMS look like they aren't very hold-able. Yet, TOMS seem to be the big trend at my school.)

A. TOMS don't last long.
I would get shoes that are BOTH comfy, trendy, AND last long.
There are lots of shoes that must be trendy in your school. I know TOMS are trendy in my school but not everyone wears them. Some people in my school wears Vans, Nike, flats, reebok, etc.

I would get some running shoes or sneakers or cute flats

PLUS you can't really get active like jog or play sports in them.
TOMS are more for like going out.

And it only looks good on people with thin legs in my opinion,

TOMS are like 50 dollars at Nordstrom,

But with sneakers or running shoes, anybody and pull it off and also they are cheaper (depends what shoes you get actually)

Flats, they ARE MUCH CUTER than TOMS. Toms are plain and simple with a little tag. Flats can have bows, silver, gold, etc. Unless you get the TOMS with designs or glitter.

If you wear TOMS to school for 5 days straight, walking to each period. Your feet will get MAJOR sores.
And you can't wear socks with Toms (well you can but it would look silly).

I am 5'6 and wear 8 size, and my feet look OK. no one at school insults my feet,
Sorry this is too much. ;)

Casual shoes for wide feet?
Q. My feet are small in length, but somewhat wide.
What sort of trendy casual shoes can I wear for a day to day basis?
So far, flats seem to usually emphasise the wideness of my feet.

A. go for soft sole beaded slip-on moccasins...check out get the white beaded thunderbird soft sole moccasins.....they make your feet look narrow, and are so cute.....A VERY HOT LOOK!!!!

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Need help with shoes?

Q. Ok so I have spent countless hours.searching for some trendy boots for the fall\winter and everytime I find a cute pair they are sold out or don't have my size. I really need to find something because I ordered tons of cute outfits online and they will b 2 my house by Wednesday with no cute boots to go with !!! Are there any sites online for women with a foot size bigger then an 8 and cheap in price?? Plz help.!

A. i also wanna buy winter boots online.
BUT,any site is available for women with smaller size and affordable price?

Where can I find fashionable plus size shoes?
Q. Does anyone know where I can buy either in a store or online trendy plus size shoes like for a size 12 womans foot? Every website I find has real ugly and outdated shoes. HELPP!
anddd... I'm not a monster, I'm just really tall at 6'1 so its hard for me to find tall lengths and bigger shoes =(

A. I believe Payless goes up to a 13. Nordstrom is always a good bet - they started out as a hard to find shoe specialist, way back when, and have kept that aspect of their business up even after re-focusing to fashion.

There are quite a few more listed in our shoe directory, that notes sizes (and widths) at:

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Rabu, 28 Mei 2014

so I see a girl yesterday and she is like six feet tall wearing platform shoes WHY?


A. Because women really don't understand fashion. They understand trend.
They hear something is trendy and go do it. Platform shoes are going to be here for a while, like ugg(ly) boots, or that cardigan sweater fetish.

Girls, does height influence your first opinion of a guy at all?
Q. I'm really tall (6'6") and i think i subconciously intimidate most people.

Growing up everyone always made a big deal about how great it was that i was tall. But in general it seems to be a pain. Finding clothes and shoes (size 17) is a real hassle. Most women are much shorter, and i suspect that they would prefer a guy that isn't so huge compared to them.

Your thoughts?
Don't think basketball player tall. Think overall huge, football or wrestler more like.

A. I'm with you brother.

I am almost as tall as you are. Everything you're saying is true. Now I don't know how old you are, but I'll tell you what, once you get to a certain age, girls stop caring.

Sure, in high school no one really wanted to date the tall guy. Well, I attribute that to my own confidence levels though. Once you get to college though, especially if you're done with any awkward years, then the women will come to you. Trust me on this. You can find clothes and shoes, they just won't be the trendy junk that everyone else wears. Embrace this. Use your newly found "I don't give a crap" attitude on the clothes. You can go to a Big and Tall perhaps or if you're thinner like me, then you can usually find Levi's that fit or dress pants from an Eddie Bauer catalogue.

I've had some really short women. Trust me when they get to mating age, the really short ones will be looking to even out their gene pool while the tall girls are all dying to find a decent tall guy so they can wear heels on a date. Either way you win. Think about how much worse it would be to be short. Then you can only date short women. You can date ANY girl.

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Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

how much do you spend on new school clothes?

Q. and about how many outfits do you get. I use to get 5-6 new outfits. then my mom started giving me 500 dollars to get everything I needed for school (clothes,shoes,supplies backpack) im in high school btw going to be a junior this year.

and can you help me come up with some cute trendy outfits? post pictures if you can maybe.

A. I personally prefer to "shop in my closet" which means that I buy new clothes based on what I already have rather than spending X amount of outfit before school start.

First organize and declutter my wardrobe and throw out and donate anything that doesnt suit my personal style or my figure, repair or tailor things that can be repaired such as loose buttons (I can't sew so i ask friends who can or you can go to a tailored to professionally repair/tailor your clothes).

With the remaining clothes, I sort them first by season (move back the off-season clothes somewhere else, in a plastic box underneath the bed or in the corner of the closet/drawers) and then sort the current season clothes by clothing type (skirts, shorts, jeans, pants, casual tops, dressy tops, casual sweaters like hoodies and jumpers, cardigans, blazers/short jackets, flats, heels, casual shoes boots and so on)
and then again by color (neutrals next to each other and then going for the pink-red-purple-blue-green-yellow-orange "color theory pattern).
This help you to see what you already have.

I would first check if Ive enough basic staples such as solid neutral tank/camisoles, t-shirts, solid neutral pants/jeans/shorts/skirts (whatever you wear most), cardigans/hoodies and eventually blazer and see if I need any new good everyday shoes.
Everyday clothes and shoes first in basic neutral styles,

THEN slowly add fun, trendy or evening pieces, making sure that they can already be worn with something you already own. Lets say you want to get a flannel button down (casual fall staple for some people), make sure you have either buttoms, tops or accessories in the color of the prints before buy it (or buy it while buying the shirt).

What clothes and shoes depends on person to person. What a 16 years old girl would wear, a 20-25 years old wardrobe would very different.

Im 24 and prefer more professional clothes and shoes for my basic pieces like low heel leather pumps, riding boots, ballet flats, loafers/oxfords, blazers, button down shirts, pencil skirts, pantyhose, pearls kind of things and then dress them up (with nice jewelery and dress shoes or a sparkly top or skirt) for evening and dress them down for more casual wear, like a blazer with casual jeans and flats or a pencil skirt with tall boots and a button-down shirt and cardigan. This is my personal wardrobe staples.

I don't care about much outfits I need, I just gradually update my wardrobe by buying a couple of remixable pieces each month that goes with my basic staples! I usually buy at h&m and leredoute + deichmann, vagabond and eccoshop for shoes/boots. :3

Sorry for long answer, but I hope it sparked some ideas..

Need help with ankle boots?
Please try to answer most of the questions:

So I've got furry ankle boots and ankle boots like these:
But wayyyyy better than UGGs.

I like the fabric of Blowfish Boots, but most of them are ugly.
Suggestions for ankle boots?
Stores, pics, links?


My style for tall boots is stylish,trendy, "in" but I don't like hardware boots, heels, (I'm too young)
leather, or MOST riding boots.
I've got casual, furry, and the link from above.
I need major help on boots for school!
I'm in 7th grade and a girl.
Please make sure that the recommended boots are in for fall/winter 2012/2013.

A. Ankle:


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Senin, 26 Mei 2014

Anyone know where I can find women's narrow shoes?

Q. Does anyone know of a website where I can find cute, trendy narrow shoes? I've looked at several sites but the only ones I can find are either very old looking or are birkenstocks (ewww!) All the regular size shoes I've tried in a 5 are too wide and gap at the sides.I think I need a size 5AA (narrow). Too small to find in stores. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A. Why don't you try or go to a nearest Nordstrom and have the sales people bring you a pair of shoes that you like in narrow or wide, whichever you need. Most the time they are really good with having different widths for their customers! If not, try the brand "Stuart Witzman" He has very cute but narrow shoes, although they are on the pricier side!

Inexpensive, Trendy shoes online?
Q. N e one know where i can find some cute cheap shoes on the web?

These links will take you right to the shoes they sell!!! I will try to find more link for you!!
Hope it helps!!!

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What shoes in your opinion, look best with skinny jeans?

Q. What shoes in your opinion look best with skinny jeans, something affordable, and durable, and cute?

I have a pair of converse, but they make my feet look huge, and like clown feet.
I can't wear flats all year round b/c it snows here, and my feet will get cold.
I don't want anything chunky.
I was thinking of Van Slip-Ons, but I'm not sure.

post pictures,links, suggestions please
ok, I might get a pair of Slilp-On Vans
Do they run big/small?

A. I love flats from Payless. Their flats are durable, cheap, and trendy.

Are TOMS shoes worth it?
Q. Do TOMS last long? My birthdays coming up, and I finally convinced my mom to get me TOMS for my b-day, although they're 60 dollars with tax.. and that's a lot of money, and I don't want to waste her money, if the shoes don't even last long, especially since I walk a lot.
Also, I'm 5'3 1/2 or so and am size 7.5-8(in US) considering this, I have pretty narrow and big feet :/ and I don't want my feet to look even bigger, also to add, I wear skinny jeans.
Bottom line is, are TOMS worth it? Do you think I should get TOMS? Will they look horrible on me?
(Yes I realize that they're so expensive because one pair is donated, but TOMS look like they aren't very hold-able. Yet, TOMS seem to be the big trend at my school.)

A. TOMS don't last long.
I would get shoes that are BOTH comfy, trendy, AND last long.
There are lots of shoes that must be trendy in your school. I know TOMS are trendy in my school but not everyone wears them. Some people in my school wears Vans, Nike, flats, reebok, etc.

I would get some running shoes or sneakers or cute flats

PLUS you can't really get active like jog or play sports in them.
TOMS are more for like going out.

And it only looks good on people with thin legs in my opinion,

TOMS are like 50 dollars at Nordstrom,

But with sneakers or running shoes, anybody and pull it off and also they are cheaper (depends what shoes you get actually)

Flats, they ARE MUCH CUTER than TOMS. Toms are plain and simple with a little tag. Flats can have bows, silver, gold, etc. Unless you get the TOMS with designs or glitter.

If you wear TOMS to school for 5 days straight, walking to each period. Your feet will get MAJOR sores.
And you can't wear socks with Toms (well you can but it would look silly).

I am 5'6 and wear 8 size, and my feet look OK. no one at school insults my feet,
Sorry this is too much. ;)

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Minggu, 25 Mei 2014

teen plus size clothing.?

Q. Iam 14 And Have A Body Of A 18 Year Old I LOVEE Shoes And Cloth PLZ HELP

A. DEB! They have cute and trendy clothes for girls and women of all sizes:)

What is a good store to find Women size 12 shoes ( dressy and cute)?
Q. I need some shoes fast and i have no luck so far. so please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. if you go to payless they hav lots that have big sizes and theyre all cute and affordable!

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Advice for Young Woman Traveling Alone in India?

Q. I don't need to be told that it's dangerous and not to go. I'm going.

I want to be respectful in the way I dress and how I handle myself in public situations. Although I know that India can be dangerous for women, I also know that ignorant tourists exacerbate the situation. I plan on arriving in Delhi in respectable clothing with a scarf and immediately shopping for salwar kameez. Is there certain color or styles to look out for? I'll be staying in the Lajpat Nagar area (I think)... places to shop? What do women typically wear on their feet? Do women wear sunglasses? Would wearing a tilaka (bindi) help me assimilate or would it be rude? If I were to wear one what color? Best places to see/shop in Delhi? Safest areas?

When speaking to strangers should I look them in the eye? Is it better to approach women or men when asking directions or help? Groups or alone? Should I book rides to train stations ahead of time? Taxi? Rickshaw? Can I walk in Delhi alone during the day?

I'm going on day trips to Agra and Jaipur from Delhi (CC) and also taking a sleeping train car to Varanasi to stay two nights. Tips for trains? I plan on going with the 1A or 2A.

Anything you can think of will be helpful! Thanks!
Also henna... I'd like to get some, but I know that depending on the design it can mean certain things. Advice for where and what to get?

A. huh, impressed by your research on the subject :D

well to start with, It'll be good you try salwar suit, but not many delhi girls wear that, most of them you'll find in western dresses only. still to get a feel of the youth, I shall recommend you to get around the north campus delhi university (accessible by metro) and get the latest style checks on colors and design of suits. You'll find a handful of trendy girls in Lajpat nagar too, but DU north cam is recommended.
well in feet they wear shoes / bellies, you can try "jutti" make sure you buy the right brands, they are not always comfortable.
By the time you'll come Sun'll kill you if you wont wear sunglasses.
Tilak is different from bindi. tilak is something put on religious occasions or may be when you arrive at hotel they'll put it on you after a welcome. Bindi is similar usually a plastic now a days, meant for married woman. bachelors put it too in style, but its meant for Married woman. single woman must put any color but red. put the one that matches your salwar suit.

Best places a lot depend on your mood and taste, you can find lot of them on web, I'll recommend you to go to humayun's tomb. If you need time to ponder go to Issa khan's tomb close to Humayun's tomb.
Safest areas I'll say are everywhere and nowhere. dont get around places alone at night is all i'll say.

Eye contact :) you'll make out looking at their eyes if you should make it or not. remember that people stalk in here, its just curiosity. its good if you keep yourself reserved.
Approaching a woman is safe, but not sure if they'll have answers to your questions. reach the gentleman, preferably alone but use your wisdom.
booking trains is not easy, you need to book well in advance or reach the agents. taxi buses etc are available.
And yes you can walk alone in delhi during the day.
day's trip to Agra and Jaipur is manageable but not both on same day. Del - Jaipur one day and Delhi - Agra other day.
Varanasi is a nice place to be, you'll find everything as you find in pictures, but the 'real' sages the Naga's, the Aghori's are not accessible. not ever to locales.
And Heena is better known as mehendi, you can reach any beauty parlor for the same. you'll find many in Lajpat nagar. or reach some salon in any malls.

Tips: research on the prices before you go places for obvious reasons :)
On day 1 apply for a local sim card, affordable plus connectivity & access to maps, apps etc.
download the delhi metro map on your phone, can use traveller's card for getting around city (2$ for multiple entries all round the day)
note the woman's helpline number 1090 or delhi police 100. very supportive

biz attire questions - working women only.....?
Q. i start an internship next week at a MAJOR news network in Manhattan (which shall remain nameless, anyways) I have never worked in that type of envirnoment; I have nice new dressy clothes - obviously i'm a student and don't have the kinda cash of the other, older biz ladies... I want to know only from those ladies who work in the biz world:

- is it appropriate to wear knee length boots with gauchos, panty hose, and pin striped button down blouse?

- is it okay to wear gauchos, period?

- is it okay to wear low heels like slingbacks?? I'm NOT comfortable n' too clumsy to wear all those 3 inch n' up pumps?

- is it okay to request off from internship, when I'm not even on campus (like Thanksgiving and Xmas week)?

- can I wear my hair down or does it always have to be pulled up?

- is it okay if i only wear lipstick there and not any other makeup?

- employer said, "break out Sunday best." what's that mean?

any other advice for style/dress would be helpful....

A. The answer to these questions depends on the level of professionalism demanded at your firm or the company culture. For a more professional office, knee-length boots are NEVER appropriate; Slingback are OK as long as they're not opened-toe.

For days off, find out first what days are automatically scheduled off, then find out how strict they are about allowing time off. Remember, an internship is like a rehearsal or practice for the real thing & your obtaining a professional career later may depend on your performance in that internship, even if it's unpaid. One season working through the holidays may be worth a lifelong opportunity for great referrals.

Hair down is definately OK as long as it's clean, neat, & not a distraction for you or others. Lipstick only should be fine, but again, it depends on your work environment. If your position calls for a fashion-forward, beauty-industry-representative person, it may be wise to wear at least the essentials. Your employer may not be as demanding, since you are an intern, though. Take a look around at the other employees, also. How are they made up? I worked at a very looks-conscious place & wearing makeup was mandatory, considered part of our dresscode, & highly enforced.

"Sunday best"---look sharp, polished, clean, classic, classy, neat, & conservative, but don't lose your personality or your ability to look trendy.

Remember... cleavage, no short skirts, no slinky/strappy heels, no polyester, spandex, or rayon (unless it's a blend), no gaudy, excess, or flashy jewelry, no big hair, no overly visible tattoos (I have seven & no one at the office should know that), no tanks or spaghetti straps, no midriff-bearing or back-bearing tops (even when you bend over), no tight-fitting clothes ever, no shorts, no stripper or clear shoes ever, no slip-ins or slip-ons, no sheer light-colored fabrics without a lining, no capris, no panty lines

Good luck, much success, & GREAT question. I wish more women inquired about professional wardrobe options.

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Which of these two shoes would look better for dressy casual style?

Q. I am having trouble deciding between these two pairs of dr martens. I have been trying to get a more mature, yet still young style and I am having trouble deciding between these two pairs. Which do you think I could pull of with a pair of Dockers and a casual button front shirt more easily? I am a grad. student in social work. Second, which has more all around ability? I am a grad student, so I can't afford to have both, even though I wish so. I want to look good, too. I want to look my age style wise, being a 24yr old man, so I am trying really hard, just needing others' opinions?



A. I vote for the 2nd one. I think the 1st one might be too trendy. But really you should be good either way.

Where can I find "androgynous" men's shoes?
Q. And/or shoes with a heel that have a more "masculine" look. I love the feeling I get by wearing shoes with a heel, but I don't like how most women's heels are designed. I don't like a really thin heel, how open they are, etc. I would like the look of something like a loafer or slip in with a heel, but I'm not sure where to look for shoes like this. Any advice? Thanks!

A. Look at some of these from Bass. This is a link to the whole "casual" category so you'll have to look past some trendier styles, but many of the shoes at this link might be exactly what you want.


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