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What's a good name to have for a trendy, young women's fashion boutique?

Q. Something quite feminine. I Have thought of ones like Diva, Glitter, Sparkle, Butterfly but I think they sound too predictable. I like the sound of 'Two Lips' but there is already a shoe brand by that name. Another name was 'Luscious' but it sounds slightly provokative and I've checked that it is the name of a boutique that sell lingerie and nightwear for women. Any ideas?

A. Serendipity... Unless its already taken

Thoughts about the woman pulled off the South West Airlines Flight?
Q. I'm curious to hear opinions of the young lady who was pulled off the SouthWest Airlines flight because her outfit was too revealing. The pictures of her, wearing her skirt and top were I thought not out of the norm, she was tall, blonde and a bit busty but nothing at all revearling about her top and her skirt was low to mid thigh. They actually showed some of the older SW Airline flight attendents from the 70's wearing hot pants on CNN today. Curious to hear opinions, because this woman was dressed nicely and I have seen some pretty poorly dressed people not get a second look. Think that jealously had anything to do with it?
I only saw the picture of her that was shown on the media. She looks fine in it and didn't have a tank top on, she had a top and sweater. My understanding was that it was a female passenger who complained after the boarded the plane and that she was given a blanket to cover herself after getting back on.

A. I offer 2 opinions on the topic of personal appearance in public places -

1. Airlines (Buses, Cruise ships, Railroads, etc) have the right to demand certain standards of conduct (or appearance)of passengers, and sometimes enforce that right when passengers or the airline would be harmed. In this case, however, I have heard that another passenger complained to the airline, and caused this situation to arise.
I have no idea what gives one passenger the right to judge the lady's clothing, this seems to be hypocritical and surely could have been resolved by moving the complaining passenger to a seat out of view of the young lady, and offering a blindfold to the complaining passenger.
Since the airline crew now had to intervene quickly, in order to let the flight take off on time, and keep the peace, perhaps it was easiest at the moment to do what SW did, right or wrong. On the other hand (with my perfect hindsight), if I were the air crew, I would have told BOTH passengers to get off and let them battle it out in court for being involved in a dispute of a nature unable to be resolved in a timely manner.

Opinion #2: On personal pride of appearance AND tolerance (or lack of tolerance), what ever happened to these things?
It used to be that far fewer people (slobs, etc) went out in public place dressed badly. I am not talking about dressing in a unique, trendy way, but plain out wearing ragged, dirty smelly clothing, etc. I once sat (in first class cabin, Dallas to London) way too close to a young couple and baby, dressed in worn-out jeans, tattered plain white-T shirts, cheap shower shoes, etc and the toddler wearing only a diaper and some kind of sleeping clothes, barely enough to keep it from catching cold. Granted that your clothing choices can be limited by your income and budget, but if you have the means to fly in first-class cabin to London, surely you could afford to dress better than that? On tolerance, YES, I thought to myself that if I had the power, I would tell that couple to dress more appropriately for the occasion, but of course I realized that I do NOT have that power, so I just kept my mouth shut, put on my headset, listened to the music, and enjoyed the flight.

Ok, open for debate, I would like to read your comments, anyone?

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Can a girl that looks like a boy be cute?

Q. Okay I know this is probably stupid to ask just please help me. I'm a girl with really short hair and I dress like a boy. I like to dress like a girl sometimes but I think my face and hair clash with the clothes. I don't think it's very possible for me to look cute. Please help.

A. Oh hon, I'm sorry you think you aren't cute. If I was a betting person, I would bet you are cute.

Yes, I do think some girls that look like a boy are cute.

Here are a few things to think about to bring out your feminity to make you even cuter than what you already are:

One thing you may want to consider is letting your hair grow a little longer if you really like it short. You can still have a cute short hair cut if you prefer short short hair.

Another thing you may want to consider is wearing feminine accessories like pretty jewelry, carry a cute bag (handbag) and wear pretty scarves, and even cute shoes, and other feminine accessories.

Another thing you may want to consider is wearing some make-up, not dramatic at all though. I suggest going to the make-up section at a mall and tell someone you want a make-over and that you don't won't a dramatic look.

Have you thought of wearing just plain, comfortable girl's clothes? There is a huge variety of them out there. And there is a huge variety of very trendy cute girl's clothes at very good prices.

I really hope this helps hon. And another thing, these things will help you acquire the confidence you seem to need and make you feel better about yourself --- and this is not a stupid question. We all feel better when we have a different look and change is good!

It is very posssible for you to look even cuter than what you do now!

I sincerely hope I've helped.

God bless you dear,

What do you think of with these first names?
Q. Style, personality, looks, just whatever comes to mind. Thanks.

Girls: Callie, Evelyn, Sadie, Laura, Charlotte, Rebecca, Teresa, Heidi
Boys: James, Dane, William, Andrew, Jeffrey, Ross, Aaron, Caleb

BQ: What other first names do you think I might like, based on these names?
BA to most detailed.
Rachel and David have both been on and off my favorites list for awhile. Daniel I would use as a full name for Dane. So good guessing!

A. Girls:

Callie � outgoing � affable � traditionalist � practical mix and match wardrobe � basically preppy - big smile � medium brown hair � hazel eyes � average height and weight � loyal friend � good student � very popular

Evelyn � dark blonde � green eyes � olive skin � tall � slender - mysterious � continental style � lots of expensive scarves and shoes � no one ever has a clear understanding of just who she is � but she always looks like she stepped off the runway � makes guys nervous

Sadie � slightly smug � dresses in whatever the current style magazine says is hot even if it makes her look bad � short � short dark hair - dark brown eyes � olive skin � about 10 lbs. overweight � she thinks she wants a guy but when she gets him she doesn�t want him

Laura � sweet as candied apples � soft features � lovely peaches and cream skin � large blue eyes � chestnut hair in curls � very much the girl next door � looks good in whatever she puts on � she doesn�t worry much about style yet she looks stylish � has been dating the same guy since forever

Charlotte � slightly uptight � concerned with appearances � perfect hair � perfect manicure � perfect pedicure � diets to excess � wears whatever is in fashion as the boutique she frequents � only dates guys that are socially acceptable

Rebecca � complicated � one days she�s in blue jeans and her brother�s shirt and the next she�s in a full-length flowing skirt with a silk blouse and kitten heels � long dark brown hair (which she high-lights) � large brown eyes � tall � average weight � good student � faithful to her religion � always has a date

Teresa � uncomplicated � long dark brown curly hair � dark brown eyes � olive complexion � tens to wear more make-up than necessary � over-dresses for all occasion although not in the latest styles � wants to get married, be a good wife and mother � hates school

Heidi � I�m sorry, I can�t get past the movie on this one.


James � average height and weight � responsible � good sense of humor � always dresses correctly for whatever occasion he�s going to � very popular � great student � has high aspirations for himself � faithful boyfriend and loyal friend � loves sports � light brown hair and beautiful blue eyes � slim built

Dane � a character and a half � blonde hair and blue eyes � the girls love him � he�s slightly rough around the edges � very smart � hates school � loves fishing and hunting � hates phonies � doesn�t like to run with a pack � enjoys time alone � reads � walks in the countryside � usually found in blue jeans or Dockers with deck shoes.

William � a little shorter than average � slightly underweight � mature � responsible � but with a wild streak � likes to drive too fast � loves traditions � hates change � good student but doesn�t apply himself much � always has a date � goes to church regularly � good to his mother and dad � eats enough for two people � wants to have kids of his own

Andrew � slightly reserved with people he does not know but warms up quickly � even brighter than he lets on � has had the same girl friend since the 4th grade and is loyal to her � always goes to church � sings in the choir � loves to travel but hates exotic food � good friend � his style seems effortless � and he never looks trendy � just classy without being stuffy � plays the piano

Jeffrey � there are two Jeffrey�s: one is conservative and the other is a rebel - he�s handsome and a lady killer - wears whatever is available and is built so that he looks good in everything � smart and funny � also has a dangerous streak � he doesn�t look for trouble but finds it often � dark hair and blue eyes � plays football with glee

Ross � lovable guy � tall � average weight for his height � brown hair and eyes � killer smile � tends to be preoccupied � loves to learn � smart � great student � never has figured out which type of girl is right for him � but he keeps trying � looks great in anything but has a preppy style - swimmer

Aaron � tall � solemn � dark brown hair and eyes � slightly slender � brainiac � great chess player � loves tennis - plans on becoming a surgeon � always has a plan � one year, two year, five year, etc. � dates only a few but they are knock-outs � he�s good looking

Caleb � I hate this name because it means dog. I can�t get past that. Sorry.

BQ: What other first names do you think I might like, based on these names?
Rachel, Eleanor, Warren, & Jared.

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I have fat feet does anyone know where I can buy heels?

Q. I have fat feet and I really love wearing heels and wedged shoes the only problem is I have a hard time finding shoes that fit and it makes me really really embarrassed when I can't buy the shoes I want so I was wondering if anyone knew of any trendy cool sites or shops in Atlanta that have shoes for women with fat feet.

A. The Avenue (which is a plus-size clothing store) has some shoes in wide widths (; they're called "Cloudwalkers" shoes...but I'd go to a store & try them on, because they seem to run a little big); Payless; or go to a website like www. or and search for the shoes that come in wider widths.

I also have wider feet...some brands are better than others. Nine West & Bandolino seem to run a little wider than some other brands of dressy shoes; for casual shoes, Born is actually a M/W width and they have some adorable wedgy sandals.

Ladies: What are a really good pair of black shoes for clubbing/heading out?
Q. You often hear one of the first thing a woman notices about a guy is his shoes. What would be good examples of those that make a good impression?
...and I have huge feet, does that matter?
Let me preface by saying I'm an adult male, not a teenager. Thanks for all the feedback and any specific suggestions you can give.

A. make sure your shoes are polished, go for a slightly pointed look, its smart and trendy and shows that you take care in your appearance and that you're fashion forward...also gives the impression of bigger feet and that will certainly get the ladies' attention!

Zara for men or Topshop are really good

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Can someone please help me with an outfit?

Q. Hi! i am going to a college for a field trip and i want to look pretty on that field trip idk why but can someone help me?

A. You can look pretty but field tripos and college are usually more casual so reserve anything fancy like heels or dressy dresses for dates, evening outs and parties.

What kind of outfits really depends on your style though but here are some ideas:

A common outfit - casual by stylish:
# Skinny/Straight jeans tucked into tall boots (or ankle booties) worn a loose tunic top or button-up & cardigan/blazer/bomber jacket with minimal accessories like stud earrings & a bracelet

Feminine but casual Outfit
# Dress down a flowy skirt with opaque tights, add dolly flats (or something similare) and a nice t-shirt or knit top. Throw on a cardigan/bomber jacket or cardigan.

If you prefer going more casual like hoodies.
# Wear the hoodie a casual but pretty top (e.g. a jersey wrap top or white cotton collar blouse) and nice jeans or slacks with ballerina flats
# Wear your favorite sneakers with cuffed shorts shorts, add tights if its still chilly outside and a nice top with cardigan/blazer or bomber jacket.
# Look girly in a basic t-shirt with a trendy skirt, (tights), blazer/cardigan & flats or boots (ankle booties with short skirt, tall boots with any skirt).
# or A nice long top/tunic (upper thigh) with leggings/jeggings & flats or boots + a jacket

For a more proffessional look which I personally wear are wearing the clothes women wear to office (either casual or formal ones) seperatly and dress them down.
# Darkwash Jeans with a Blouse/Knit top or Button up, Blazer & Flats
# Knee lenght pencil skirt with tights & flat tall boots and a button up with a cardigan or leather jacket
# Sheath or Any not-to-fancy Dress with tights, Cardigan & Flats.

Phew, I could rabble on outfit ideas forever but I hope these outfits will spark some ideas.
Most of outfits are low-key but nor too casual but not dressy at the same time. Some of the outfits has a tailored proffessional vibe but they are not too much for college. The only bad things to some people is that you can come off mature which can be either a bad or good thing depending on your perspective. If you dont have any problem with a lady-like classy look then none of the outfits would be bad!
I wear to a school similare to college and these are things I wear.

Anyway, hope it helped!

Where to buy great office wear?
Q. Alright so I had bought a suit up and a vest. However I want to buy some black skirts and lots of shirts.

I am going to start my alevels and we have to dress formaly.

So, where can I buy long sleeved women shirts at a great price?
List a shop or a website I could buy it from.
Thank you x

A. I'm not sure what alevels are... but I know where to shop!

Forever21 - they have semi-dressy things for very very cheap, thought the quality obviously isn't great.
Old Navy - more plain but still casual business appropriate.
Target - Great stuff, decent price, good shoes... love it.

Moderately priced:
H&M - can be on the cheaper side with some dress shirts at $20 or less, but they also have really nice and cute dresses and blazers.
Express - Great place for fitted shirts that are better in quality.

Banana Republic: Again, some items aren't bad, but generally cost more. A little reserved, but they have high quality basics and although they are pretty, not too trendy.
Thomas Pink shirts - the BEST fitted tailored shirts ever. WAY overpriced, but they fit like a glove!

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What would be appropriate attire for a middle-aged woman to wear to relative's wedding?

Q. My aunt told me my cousin is engaged and the wedding will likely be late summer or early autumn. I assume I will be invited, but I don't know if it will be formal or casual. I don't own any really "dress-up" clothes. The best thing I have right now is a pair of jeans with no holes or tears and a scrub-type top with butterflies on it. Getting me to dress-up is like getting Peppermint Patty to wear a dress. Any suggestions?

A. Arg - Middle age - That's me and it's tough to go shopping, isn't it? You don't want to wear something too young and trendy and end up looking like a "Real Housewife", yet you don't want to look like an old lady wearing Sag Harbor, either. You also want to wear something that you would wear again. Every woman should have a few good staples in her wardrobe. For example, a little black dress. Once you have one, you'll find yourself wearing it all the time.

You can't go wrong with the LBD:

OR something pretty like this:

IF you can't hang with the dress idea, consider a pretty pants suit with a colorful top:

What style of shoes to wear with skinny jeans when I have big feet?
Q. I love wearing pointy toed shoes for work which is fine as I wear corporate pants and my feet don't look as massive when I wear them like that but I like wearing skinny jeans too, what style of shoes would look okay when I have big feet with the skinny jeans? Not thongs/flip flops though..

A. Flats will make your feet look longer, so they aren't the best choice. Apply the same concept that you use with dress pants to your casual pants: A higher heel will visually shorten the foot. Wedge heels are big this spring and summer and cool canvas and fabric wedges come in a rainbow of colors and prints. You can get them from ultra high four inches to more casual lower heeled versions. Here are a couple of options that will work: is a nice lower heeled wedge. these are a bit dressier and will also work with summer skirts and sun dresses. a basic canvas wedge like this can go with almost everything. this is a sky high floral wedge that's very trendy and this canvas one: has a very different shape to the heel part of the wedge. There's lots of wedges in stores, all you need to do is find the ones you like the best.

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are there thrift stores in dallas that sell athletic shoes?

Q. not consignment shops i need thrift stores that sell athletic shoes, they dont have to be name brand i just need something that is actually mad efor athletics and not just look alikes. how much do shoes usually go for in thrift stores or goodwill, or plato's closet or buffallo exchange?

A. I always give my old New Balance and Adidas to Goodwill and Salvation Army so, yes, they have athletic shoes. If you wear a woman's size 6 you would have hit the mother-load with my old running shoes.Stock depends on what people have donated which means you might have to visit several stores to find a pair that fits and doesn't have holes in the soles.
Buffalo Exchange would be the most expensive and they would carry more 'trendy' sneaks than proper athletic footwear. They like hipster shoes and clothing.
Another place to try is Play It Again Sports. It's consignment, but they have good prices.
Salvation Army and Goodwill would be the best thrift stores to look in. Shoes are $3-$8 depending on the brand name and condition.

What am I like according to my birth chart?
Q. Sun: Libra

(that's the order it was according to my birth chart)
Ok fine.

18th october, 1994

Gorgan, iran

A. Sun
You are oh-so-elegant and tasteful to the point of incurring nausea from loved ones. You are also bipolar as hell and can't make a decision on your own. You usually consult your therapist or TV Guide. Libras are trendy and malleable folks. They are funny because they will glom onto something they hated before if it suddenly becomes fashionable. Velour is not entirely lost upon these people. Libras eat a lot of ethnic food from cultures they don't understand. They single-handedly started the cappucino movement. Ask them why, and they will claim something unintelligible about solidarity. You constantly worry about what other people think. If you really paid any attention, maybe people would like you more. Libras use quotes from David Mamet plays to describe philosophical concepts. Then they have those concepts engraved upon nice little wallet cards. The Libran interest in current events ends with the J. Crew catalog. They don't eat fast food or have any clue where their trash goes. They have other people tie their expensive shoes. Only two Libras have ever been found in thrift stores. All of their bell-bottoms were color-coordinated to match their lamé turtlenecks. Libras are always on the cutting edge of what the rest of us think is absolute pretentious bulls**t. They have huge collections of CDs they've never even listened to. Libras give to designer charities. Hollywood is full of Libras. You are the reason butterfly hairpins and parachute pants have made a comeback. Next on the list is those big jam shorts. You probably never threw out your old pair. Hang on to your Winger t-shirt too. Get a Libra as drunk as possible and he or she will still be able to explain the difference between café latté and café au lait. This is peculiar as the rest of us know that there is no difference at all.

Aries have ramlike eyebrows and smug expressions. They should not be quite so smug because they are constantly clunking themselves in the skull. Cat Stevens' "Hard Headed Woman" was probably an Aries. Aries rarely say one thing and do another. They usually do the wrong thing and don't discuss it. Never point this out to an Aries unless you want your kidneys pulled out through your sinuses. Aries folks love Pisceans because Pisces people make them feel well-grounded. Aries love to laugh at the funny moon-people who suck their thumbs at age 35. Aries use guns to describe philosophical concepts. Whether you live in a palatial estate or a cardboard tepee, you will insist until death that it is exactly what you always wanted. Most Aries were concrete parking bumpers in at least two of their past lives. Aries are never born. They skip gaily from their mothers' wombs. This may even involve rollerblades. The Aries makes life decisions as a toddler. Aries marry several times for funnies but never divorce. Their spouses have many freak accidents resulting in death or crippling injury. Being infallible, God is probably an Aries. This would make Satan an Aquarius. Aries always hold management positions. If one is assigned to clean toilets, he will form a one-man union. Then he will go and picket in the parking lot. All of you think you're Lech Walesa. People run away when an Aries comes around. They know that if they do not, the Aries will set them on fire. Aries hate listening to Scorpios talk because they take pride in being even more self-centered. In fact, much to the Scorpios' dismay, you are the biggest pricks in the zodiac. Your rams' horns are in everyone else's asses.

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Where can I find a business that help design shoes?

Q. I want to start my own trendy leather shoe business. Where can I find a good company that helps design the shoe the way I like so I can have all the info if I go to Argentina and visit factories there to make my shoes?

A. Shoeschool is the best organization for shoe designers and future shoe business owners. It is in Port Townsend, Washington and it also offers distance learning programs for people unable to travel that far. Not only will they teach you about the design process but they will also teach you about the business aspects.

What should a young trendy male wear while traveling in Paris and Brussels?
Q. What should a young, 20 something, male wear while traveling in Paris and Brussels?

I am going there next month for 2 weeks and I was to dress appropriately. I have traveled extensively through Europe, but I have never been to France or Belgium. I don't want to look like a tourist.

Tell me everything, hats, shirts, pants, socks, shoes, watches, sun glasses, bags, wallets, umbrellas, etc. Give me details if you can.

A. I googled first "what to wear in paris" and found some info on the first two websites, and You should read them yourself, of course, but I did glean the following info: Never wear white sneakers. Wear hip and dressy comfortable shoes for walking. You can wear stylish jeans.

Next, I googled "what to wear in belgium" which doesn't have as much info. It assume it is similar to France if it is southern Belgium. Anyhow, I found, with a place to click for Belgium. It seemed okay.

Sorry, I do not have any experience here. I wonder if you went to the library and found travel books on those places you might find some more info.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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Does anyone know where to find women's shoes that go up to size 12?

Q. Hi!
I am 6'1 and have a really hard time finding flats or boots in my size that aren't too high heeled or terribly drab.

Does anyone know of some good sites or stores to find some trendy shoes in a size 12 (besides Zappos)?


A. You are going to love Tall Clothing Mall. They find trendy large shoes and put them in categories from all the top online shoes.

Thoughts about the woman pulled off the South West Airlines Flight?
Q. I'm curious to hear opinions of the young lady who was pulled off the SouthWest Airlines flight because her outfit was too revealing. The pictures of her, wearing her skirt and top were I thought not out of the norm, she was tall, blonde and a bit busty but nothing at all revearling about her top and her skirt was low to mid thigh. They actually showed some of the older SW Airline flight attendents from the 70's wearing hot pants on CNN today. Curious to hear opinions, because this woman was dressed nicely and I have seen some pretty poorly dressed people not get a second look. Think that jealously had anything to do with it?
I only saw the picture of her that was shown on the media. She looks fine in it and didn't have a tank top on, she had a top and sweater. My understanding was that it was a female passenger who complained after the boarded the plane and that she was given a blanket to cover herself after getting back on.

A. I offer 2 opinions on the topic of personal appearance in public places -

1. Airlines (Buses, Cruise ships, Railroads, etc) have the right to demand certain standards of conduct (or appearance)of passengers, and sometimes enforce that right when passengers or the airline would be harmed. In this case, however, I have heard that another passenger complained to the airline, and caused this situation to arise.
I have no idea what gives one passenger the right to judge the lady's clothing, this seems to be hypocritical and surely could have been resolved by moving the complaining passenger to a seat out of view of the young lady, and offering a blindfold to the complaining passenger.
Since the airline crew now had to intervene quickly, in order to let the flight take off on time, and keep the peace, perhaps it was easiest at the moment to do what SW did, right or wrong. On the other hand (with my perfect hindsight), if I were the air crew, I would have told BOTH passengers to get off and let them battle it out in court for being involved in a dispute of a nature unable to be resolved in a timely manner.

Opinion #2: On personal pride of appearance AND tolerance (or lack of tolerance), what ever happened to these things?
It used to be that far fewer people (slobs, etc) went out in public place dressed badly. I am not talking about dressing in a unique, trendy way, but plain out wearing ragged, dirty smelly clothing, etc. I once sat (in first class cabin, Dallas to London) way too close to a young couple and baby, dressed in worn-out jeans, tattered plain white-T shirts, cheap shower shoes, etc and the toddler wearing only a diaper and some kind of sleeping clothes, barely enough to keep it from catching cold. Granted that your clothing choices can be limited by your income and budget, but if you have the means to fly in first-class cabin to London, surely you could afford to dress better than that? On tolerance, YES, I thought to myself that if I had the power, I would tell that couple to dress more appropriately for the occasion, but of course I realized that I do NOT have that power, so I just kept my mouth shut, put on my headset, listened to the music, and enjoyed the flight.

Ok, open for debate, I would like to read your comments, anyone?

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Any ideas for a tween back to school outfit?

Q. I need a real outfit with links please.

A. Hey!(:

Here are some different styles for a tween back-to-school outfit.

(Refers to the style broadcasted and distributed by stores such as Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, etc.)
WHAT TO BUY (or salvage from your closet) ~
- Jeans (preferably dark wash, & skinny)
- A navy tank top (a fitted cami)
- A white-&-blue-striped button-down shirt
- Ballet flats (make this your pop of color--red, orange, green)

bOhO ~ *
(Refers to a more laid-back, bohemian, gypsy style.)
WHAT TO BUY (or salvage from your closet) ~
- Floral print dress (you can get this at a good price at Forever21)
- Long necklace
- Gladiator sandals
- Wavy hair (don't buy that!)
- Long, dangly, beaded earrings

Trendy (: ~
(Refers to being on top of the current style)
WHAT TO BUY (or salvage from your closet)
- Skinny, black jeans (distressed if you want)
- Flowing, cream blouse
- Oxford flats
- A charm bracelet
- Smallish hoop earrings

Summery ~
(If it's really hot where you live, even when school starts)
WHAT TO BUY (or salvage from your closet)
- Cuffed denim shorts (dark or light wash)
- Layered tank tops OR a cute, vintagey graphic tee
- Sperry boat shoes or girly ballet flats or low-top Chuck Taylors
- A few fun bracelets
- Lip gloss

Dressy ~
(Refers to when you want to look really nice)
WHAT TO BUY (or salvage from your closet)
- A colorful oversized OR cropped blazer
- A white tank top or tee
- Black or dark blue skinny jeans
- Booties
- A few long, tangled necklaces

Good luck! (:

What are some easy ways to get pretty without using a lot of makeup?
Q. i want to know how to cut down on the makeup (although i dont use too much) and become prettier more naturally. please give me some tips! thanks!

A. 1.
Keep your skin acne free. Many tweens start to break out during this awkward stage. Wash your face with acne fighting cleanser and treat trouble spots with medicated acne pads. Many preteen girls get their acne products from companies like Noxzema and Oxy.
Shower each morning to keep your hair and body clean. Use a hydrating shower gel on your skin and a shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.
Spend time on your hair. Wear a trendy hairstyle and keep up-to-date on your trims. Purchase somehair accessories, like clips, barrettes and head bands.
Wear nice clothes. Instead of wearing t-shirts and jeans everyday, look wear skirts, dresses,blouses and fitted pants. Pick some nice shoes and boots to wear with your outfits.
Exercise and eat well. Many tweens are self-conscious about their appearance because of their body shape. If you have an issue with your weight, participate in sports and eat better.

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Rabu, 19 Juni 2013

I am thinking about buying a men/women's clothing store in a small town. What can I do to update it?

Q. I can't spend a lot of money, but I would like to make the store not look so 80's. Any suggestions about how to update dressing rooms, choose paint colors, use trendy decor would be appreciated. Also, what kind of fixtures are popular right now (mannequins, racks, display cases)? If you have any tips on going to market, that would be great too!

A. well i would try store & my friend redid an old store with tons of stuff from ikea they are affordable & easy to assemble. For the markets i would take alot of linesheets & write notes dont sign anything incase you change your mind you doont want them to have your signature because then its hard to cancel an order. I usually write all my orders after the show to see all my options you can budget that way better too. Definetly wear comfortable shoes & bring some candy or granola bars because it gets tiring talking allll day. My favorite show is in vegas Magic & project you need to go the whole time because they also have alot of great seminars that you can learn from.

What worse according to you: "Out of style" or "Inappropriate dressed for the occassion"?
Q. Imaging these two sceaniors:
Occasion: Meeting in-laws or family dinner with elders

Girl A) A girl wore a super short skirt + 4" trendy stilettos with a sheer blouse with bandeau top underneath + bright lipstick + flashy juwelry. A person who believe there shouldnt be any dresscodes or "inappropriate wear", that she should flaunt her body and people shouldnt't care about what she wear, that she should be accepted by her personality --- or she wore it because guys "love it".

Girl B) She wore a nice daytime floral dress that are above the knee, pantyhose, dainty jewelry + her mom's old oxford 2" pumps (if you dont know what this is, its men inspired dress shoes with heels) that she love. A person who appreciate vintage and doesnt care much about trend who value comfort over style.

Which girl would you say would dress "inappropriate" for this type of occasion?

and I can admit, I would be girl B. I love vintage and wear it alot. Everytime I ask if an outfit is appropriate or not, for some reason I always get crap about my taste for clothes. That they are not in style, that they are something a mother would wear, that they are stupid, they are not suited for my age (24) etc etc and that I "should" wear stilettos (despite I tell them I've a foot injury) or bodycon mini dresses instead or opt for a t-shirt and jeans look. :S

Why do people mix up "personal style" with dressing "inappropriated/"disrespectful"?
and why does it feels like people care more about what decade the clothes are from, nowadays?
Brian: You missed the point. This question doesnt have anything to do with modesty or inmodesty.
Chris: No, not for attention. I just ask these kind of questions because I find them interesting to ask about... and I like second opinions (to get a different perspective of things). Everytime I try to ask about it with relatives what THEY think, they ignore it and bash me for being childrish. If I go to a chat or forum, they complain about my grammar. So I ask on Y.A instead (but def. need to learn to summarize the details and get straight to the point. ^^;;;).
I'm studying about pshycology and fashion styles in depth daily, since a year, so Im not really a "fashion expert" but might more than the less fashion/appearance interested crowd. My dream is become a stylist.
as for Missed the point = he was more focused about the modesty. I was talking about styles and dresscodes.
A person who dress revealing or a person who wear oldfashioned clothes for something more serious/proffessional - which is worse <--- was my point. lol -.-'

A. I think it's much, much worse to dress inappropriately for the occasion. In your example, girl A is way out of line. That outfit only works in a club.

I feel like the media and celebrities have a lot to do with today's style. A lot of women see how the celebrities dress and want to emulate them, thus creating this craziness.

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How to build a Stylish wardrobe on a budget !!!?

Q. So ive got in a habit of buying plain stuff, like T-shirts and jeans. And either black or white shoes because they go with everything . And I dont have enough money to alot of diffrent shoes . And far as clothes I pick simple tshirts because I feel like really dont ho anywhere fancy .And if I buy something super cute or trendy . 9 times outta 10 .I wont have shoes to wear with it in my closet or any accessories . I wear a size 12 in women and their shoes can be expensive. Im tired of looking dull. How can I build a cute summer wardrobe.

A. You can shop ebay for some cheap but cute clothing.

Otherwise, when you shop for tshirts and plain items, look for things with graphics on the front or go for plain still but bolder colors. You can customise things at home yourself really easily, with tons of ideas on youtube and pintrest. Things like cut outs made into bows, adding ribbons weaved through the fabric to cinch in the waist, tie dying etc.

Folding up your jeans can give you an instantly revamped look, adding studs to leggings, even fabric paint.

Wearing scarves and jewelry pulls together simple outfits really effortlessly.

You can fold up the sleeves on your tshirts for an edgier look, or if you have button up shirts, leave the last couple of buttons undone and tie the shirt in the front.

Have you thought about buying colored blazers or statement jackets, so you don't have to change your wardrobe but have something different to wear with the same outfits?
Things like this are also really cheap and cute, and can be worn tons of ways. You can wear them loose, cinched in with a belt, tucked into jeans and skirts, tied at the front for a cropped look etc

Black skater skirts are good because they look cute, you can tuck shirts/t's into them, they go well with hooded jackets, blazers, cardigans, and pretty much any shoe.

As for shoes, you could opt for colored sandals, black slipper flats, gladiator sandals etc because they work with pretty much anything.

Can someone help me create a catchy yard sale ad?
Q. I want an ad that will stand out and attract many customers. Something a bit more catchy than regular yard sale ads. Here is what I have and please create a catchy ad out of this!!

Nice yard sale, tons of trendy clothing for girls 4T-6X, boys 3T-5T, junior plus and womens sizes 12-20, womens shoes size 10, toys, and misc. Don't miss this sale!


A. Well it does need a little Inspiration!!
OK not sure what the prices are for the things you plan on selling but you could try this:

Don't miss the Trendy yard extravaganza!! Boys, girls, junior plus, and women's clothing from a large variety of sizes. Have tots we have toys, in need of stuff we have miscellaneous of it. Come through, and sale out!!

LOL!! hope it helps a little or gives you an idea!!

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What dress could compliment my long-torsoed figure?

Q. I'm having a little trouble finding a dress for the upcoming winter formal dance at my high school. I have a long torso, so it's hard to find a dress that doesn't make my legs look like stubs. I also have a curvy figure (skinny stomach, bigger chest and butt), so wearing an a-line dress just makes my butt stick out and draws more attention to my long torso.

What cut would look best on me? (I'm about 5'4").

Any suggestions would be awesome!

A. Try dresses with this type of shape:

Here are just some general tips for girls with long torsos:
Try to elongate your legs

The longer your legs look, the less the observing eye will see any discrepancy or imbalance between legs and torso. Good bets include sporting short hemlines, wearing shoes and tights in the same color range, wearing pants and shoes/boots in the same color range, and trying out a few pairs of platform shoes.

Investigate high waists

High-waisted pants and skirts are an amazing tool for the long-of-torso. Since they end well above your true, natural waistline, they create visual balance along your midsection. Luckily, high waists have been trendy for a couple of years now, so they shouldn�t be too hard to locate!

Belt high, belt wide

Empire waisted dresses and tops are fabulous bets, but you can belt shirts and dresses on your own, too. And when you belt, belt high. You may be belting above the smallest part of your waist/torso, but in doing so, you�ll balance all that length. Utilizing a wide belt will help, too, since skinny belts might actually make your torso look yet longer. The width of the belt will break things up more gracefully. (If you�re a petite woman with a long torso, either stick to belting high or experiment with medium-width belts.)

Can i get advice for how to dress cool without buying expensive cloths?
Q. can i get advice for how to dress my best(i'm a girl) and i don't want to spend alot

A. Observe what expensive clothes look like and observe how well-dressed people put together their clothes. The key to looking expensive without being expensive is to understand that luxury lies in the lack of vulgarity. No I don't mean vulgarity as in words like f***. Pardon me. But vulgarity as in excessive and ugly decorations/elements in clothes.

Study the trends. For example, gladiator sandals are very popular right now. There is always some high-street/cheaper brand like topshop/forever 21 that copies these trends and come up with less expensive versions of the runway. Another alternative is to buy sandals that are *similar* to a gladiator, strappy, but not a gladiator. Just similar. This way, once gladiators go out of fashion, you still have some very nice sandals and people can't accuse you of being trendy/passe. And they're several hundred dollars cheaper than the runway versh! yay!

Another way is to buy items that are very timeless and will never go out of fashion. A nice white blouse, nice straight-cut jeans in a dark denim, basic black pumps, a nice jacket, a nice bag. All these things will ensure you look put-together always.

The most important thing is to dress for your body type. People often make the mistake of wearing what is not flattering for their bodies. Find your own style and find out what suits your body. When a skinny woman wears a baggy tunic, she'll look overwhelmed, but put her in a tube dress and she'll look good. It's that sort of thing. Always dress for your body shape but with your own tastes and style included. This will result in a look that is yours alone and which no one else has.

Forever 21 is the place for you. They have certain items that are pretty nice and it's all cheap cheap cheap.

Good outfit from forever 21:
Bad Outfit from forever 21:

See how both outfits can be cheap but one is totally BLAH and one is like, HOT DAMN!! Find your own flavour and inject it into your dressing. I hope I've helped a little. Good luck girl! :)

Oh, and always wear a little make-up, keep your hair out of your face, shave your legs/underarms and keep your nails clean&neat. :D Always works.

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Where is the best place to order online for women who wear a size 16-18 and are large in the bust area?

Q. My friend is plus size and wants to completely change her look. She has asked me to help her out with ideas and shopping. What clothes are sexy and in style right now. What about shoes? She's a size 10. She is a very sexy woman-how can we let her sexiness shine through so that she can get back into the dating scene again.

A. All of these sites carry or specialize in plus sizes: - fun, inexpensive tees, skirts, etc. - great lingerie, good place for basic items & swimsuits - bras, workout wear, stockings, etc. - " - stylish clothing - stylish clothing, sales worth checking out - fun, trendy clothing

Are there any other nice places to shop for CUTE plus size clothes?
Q. Hi there, I am a Lane Bryant and Torrid fan. I can also find cute clothes at Nordstrom's and Macy's. However, I am not interested in looking like anyone's Granny. Any ideas on other places or websites that sell cute plus size clothes that are well made?


A. I feel your pain! I usually find great clothes at those stores, but some of them aren't my style. I can usually find great basic pieces... like dress pants, button up shirts, and jeans at Macy*s and Lane Bryant but I like the hip stuff too!

In my area, these are the places I go to...

Goody's. Believe it or not, they have a small section in the Plus Size women's department called Junior Plus. I bought some of my favorite summer outfits from there this year. They usually have the trendy stuff, too! I like their summer tops and shorts!

Ross. If you have one of these near you, I suggest that you go! Their Woman's World section usually has a bunch of clothes for the older lady, but they also have a lot of cute style clothes. I got some really cute hoodies and tops there this fall. When I go there, I usually find 90430344909085 things or NOTHING. It can really be hit or miss. If you take the time to look through each hanger, you will find some cute stuff. They go up to a size 4X too. Oh, and check out their dresses! They have a ton of dresses in Plus Size!

Cato. There is a Cato right down the road from me. They have Petite and Plus. What is cool is that anything that they have in Petite... they have the same exact thing in Plus. I hate going by a window and being like... "That outfit is so cute!" only to find out that it only goes up to a size 12. :( Again, you really have to look through the racks, but I have bought some nice stuff there. Also, they have a shoe section with plenty of wides and size 9, 10, 11.

Fashion Bug. While their stuff is usually lower quality, they do gear a lot of their clothes to the younger crowd. They usually have awesome dresses and stuff. I have a hard time finding dresses for weddings and events like that, but Fashion Bug has come through for me a lot. And they have cute underwear, especially if you like thongs and boyshorts.

Believe it or not, I do like to shop at Wal*Mart and Target sometimes. I find great basics like velvet pant suits, long sleeve t-shirts, and capris/shorts.

OldNavy. They used to have a better selection in the store, but they have gone exlusively online for their Plus Sizes. If you know what size you are, then you can shop there. I try not to buy online because I like to try something on, but I am really familiar with their sizes. OldNavy is probably one of my favorite places for summer clothing.

Those are my usual spots! I wish you luck because I know how hard it is to find something that looks cute and is flattering to our body type! Good luck!

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What other kind of shoes can I wear in place of heals?

Q. It's hard for me to find shoes. When I need heals for a certain outfit and don't want to, what can I wear in the place of heals?

A. That depends. Cute flats usually look really good in place of heels, with long skirts or jeans, or anything really, especially because sometimes you can buy flats that look just like heels (without the heel part...). With a miniskirt, flip-flops or boots look great. Cutoff shorts or short-shorts go well with a trendy pair of tennies. Just use your judgement as to color and style of shoe. It does sound like your predicament applies mostly to formal clothing, and in that case any shoe that looks nice will work.

What kind of shoes to wear to cold, outdoor wedding?
Q. I will be traveling to Washington state for a fall beach wedding, which will probably be pretty windy and cold so sandals are out. It's not a super fancy affair, somewhere between casual and dressy (like nice sweater, skirt or dressy jeans). But anyway, I'm not really sure what kind of shoes to wear because of the cold, the sand and trying to look nice. Any ideas?

A. Flat boots..

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where website owners get their merchandise to sell for profit? Like women's designer shoes and handbags?

Q. I'm trying to start an online business selling trendy handbags and stylish women shoes. I can't seem to find a good listing of wholesalers who may dropship or even offer their merchandise at wholesale prices where I am able to purchase the products. Every time I do a search The same old web-pages appear! I've tried every wording in the book and still come up with the same web-pages. Can anyone help me with this?

A. We( main offer all kinds of Nike/Jordan/Adidas brand

sports shoes.Also,We sell some brand hats,bags and clothes. We offer safe

delivery and best service,low price and good quality. Communicate with us.You

will be very satisfied! Welcome to our website or Email( �

) me for more details.

does anyone know of online Wholesaler in Canada?
Q. I've found some reliable online US wholesalers however, I would like to buy from Canada.

Does anyone know of any online Canadian wholesalers?

Womans Apparel, trendy fashion.
Womans shoes, bags and jewelry.

I will expand to mens and childrens clothing later, and gifts, electronics and makeup.


A. Visit industry specific trade shows in Canada, you will find the suppliers you need there.

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How do I open up my own skateboard line?

Q. I want to make my own line of skateboard clothing, shoes, decks, and skateboard assesories. i have my ideas alrwady, but how do I put my ideas out there, or get my ideas made? Like how did quicksilver get their start? Element, independant, or flip? I just want some way to get my designs out without becoming a phenominal skater? I know i put this in local business but i don't know where else it goes. However I want more than local. Anyway, please help!

A. Following is a lengthy history of the development of Quiksilver, if you would like to look or a great business model in your industry of interest:

Company History:

A celebrated name among surfers across the globe, Quiksilver, Inc. designs and distributes casual sportswear, beachwear, and snowboard wear, marketing its apparel under the Quiksilver, Roxy, Private Surf, Que, and Raisin labels. Although Quiksilver produced a broad range of apparel items for several distinct types of customers during the mid-1990s, the company's chief focus has been setting fashion trends for surfers. Founded by two young American surfers in 1976, Quicksilver recorded enviable success with its boardshorts, swimsuits, and other surfing apparel and accessories during its first decade of business. Encouraged by this success, the company's management diversified into other types of active wear during the 1980s and began selling merchandise through department stores, rather than dealing exclusively with smaller specialty shops. The maturation of the narrowly focused start-up company developed it into a multi-faceted corporation that reigned as a market leader during the 1990s.


The Quiksilver name first appeared in the United States thanks to the entrepreneurial efforts of two inveterate surfers, Robert B. McKnight and Jeffrey Hakman. Hakman was the more accomplished surfer of the two, having won several international surfing championships, but McKnight shared an equal passion for the sport and its attendant lifestyle. Born and raised in Pasadena, California, McKnight graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in business in 1976, the year he decided to move to Oahu, Hawaii, and spend his days surfing on the island's world renowned north shore. While on Oahu McKnight renewed his friendship with Hakman and together the two surfing addicts discussed their desire to start a business that could finance their days on the beach. They decided to try to get the licensing rights for Quiksilver, a six year-old company based in Torquay, Australia, where it was founded by two surfers, Alan Greene and John Law.

For McKnight and Hakman, obtaining the licensing rights to Quiksilver represented a perfect opportunity to turn their favorite pastime into a vocation. The company's boardshorts and swimsuits, which were tight-fitting and outfitted with velcro straps, were quickly becoming the rage among surfers in Australia, turning the Quiksilver brand name into a highly coveted, trendy label. McKnight and Hakman hoped to achieve commensurate success with the Quiksilver name in the United States, but neither of the two aspiring entrepreneurs thought of creating a beach wear apparel empire, particularly McKnight, whose business intentions were modest. Reflecting on his entry into the business world, McKnight explained, "I thought I could make a few shorts and stay near the beach and party." Despite his less than grandiose plans, McKnight soon found himself guiding the fortunes of a rapidly growing, flourishing enterprise. "I never thought the business would fail," McKnight remembered, "I just didn't expect it to get so big so quickly."

McKnight and Hakman's surprising success with the Quiksilver brand name began in April of 1976, when Hakman entered a surfing competition in Australia. Hakman won the event, and as luck would have it, he met Greene and Law and sat up all night with Quiksilver's owners eating, drinking champagne, and discussing the possibility of securing the U.S. licensing rights to the Quicksilver name. After plates of food and bottles of champagne, Greene and Law agreed to sell Quiksilver's U.S. rights to McKnight and Hakman on one condition, a unique proviso that became the first obstacle the two Americans had to hurdle in order to launch themselves into business. The duty of fulfilling Greene and Law's demand fell solely to Hakman; McKnight, back in Hawaii, could be of no assistance. Greene and Law informed Hakman that they would agree to the proposal provided Hakman ate the large paper doily under his plate, which Hakman promptly did. After swallowing the plate-sized piece of paper, Hakman shook hands with Greene and Law and placed a call to Oahu to tell McKnight of the good news.

McKnight, who spearheaded the business end of the venture, offered the specifics of the proposal to Greene and Law. McKnight and Hakman invested no money, but agreed to pay a royalty of one percent of sales for three years, which jumped to three percent after three years, and an additional one percent of sales to support international promotions. Next, McKnight hurried to secure the capital required to launch the business. He returned to California and asked his father, who was a sporting goods importer, to lend him $20,000 to finance a production run of Quicksilver apparel. McKnight's father agreed, and a few months after Hakman's all-nighter with Quicksilver's Australian owners, the two young Americans were ready to start production for their new company, Quiksilver U.S.A.

McKnight and Hakman debuted their first line of apparel in the summer of 1976. They bought some fabric on credit and manufactured 600 pairs of boardshorts, featuring six separate designs, for their first season. The two entrepreneurs then took their boardshorts, which were priced higher but were more colorful than similar merchandise produced by established rivals Ocean Pacific and Hang Ten, and peddled them to three surf shops in Southern California. With their product distributed, all McKnight and Hakman could do was wait and see if they had made a prudent move. In nine days, the 600 pairs of boardshorts were nowhere to be found on the shelves and racks of the three surf shops, having sold out with encouraging speed.

Several years after their remarkably successful inaugural year of business, McKnight and Hakman found themselves surrounded by a wealth of new competitors, as start-up company after start-up company entered the active beach wear industry. The influx of new competition created a contentious marketing environment for companies like Quiksilver, but McKnight and Hakman kept their operation lean, eschewing debt, and remained tightly focused on producing the type of merchandise that first launched them toward success. Describing this period in the company's history, McKnight noted, "While everyone else was making swimwear, we were setting the standard for surfwear," an approach that would hold Quiksilver in good stead in the decades ahead. "We've been successful," McKnight went on to explain, "because our philosophy has always been to bring the image off the beach and into the stores. Since we were all surfers, we knew what kids wanted."

1980s Expansion

McKnight's commitment to his business strategy successfully carried Quiksilver through its fledgling years, creating a firmly established company by the beginning of the 1980s. The 1980s witnessed a host of sweeping changes that reshaped Quiksilver as it maneuvered through its corporate adolescence, beginning in 1981 when Hakman exited the business, leaving on amicable terms with McKnight to return to Australia and surf. Four years later, a turning point in Quiksilver's history occurred when McKnight took Quiksilver to the next plateau of the retail apparel business and began distributing Quiksilver merchandise to department stores.

The foray into the retail mainstream began gradually and conservatively, manifesting two defining characteristics of Quicksilver's development during its first decade. The move into department stores marked the beginning of the company's evolution into a more sophisticated enterprise. As the 1980s progressed, Quiksilver became more than a business whose chief objective was to finance McKnight's surfing and partying at the beach. A full-fledged corporation was in the making, propelling Quiksilver's growth forward at a substantially faster pace and engendering the attendant pitfalls of rapid growth.

Following McKnight's decision to expand Quicksilver, the company celebrated the conclusion of its first decade of business by completing its initial public offering of stock in December 1986, when annual sales were up to $19 million and the stock market was receptive to small-sized companies like Quiksilver. McKnight and his minority partners sold 50 percent of the company to the public, raising $16 million to bolster Quiksilver's financial foundation as it developed its department store business. With the proceeds gained from the public offering, McKnight bought the Quiksilver trademark for the United States and Mexico, paid off all the company's short- and long-term debts, and expanded Quiksilver's line of production runs in preparation for greater department store business. From 1986 the company operated under the name Quiksilver, Inc.

As Quiksilver intensified its involvement with department stores, eventually distributing its merchandise to retailers such as Macy's, Marshall Fields, Dayton Hudson, and the Dillard Group, McKnight decided to a bring in someone with greater experience in dealing with department stores. In July of 1987, McKnight hired John C. Warner, who at the time was senior vice-president and general merchandising manager of Macy's Department Stores' Denver operation. Initially, Warner was hired as head of sales, but he quickly proved to be a tremendous asset and seven months after joining the company was named chairman and chief executive officer of Quiksilver.

With Warner occupying the two top managerial posts and McKnight serving as president, Quicksilver moved headlong into fostering the growth of its department store business. Sales in 1987 amounted to $30 million and shot up the following year to $48.3 million, while earnings rose to $3.7 million. Sales to department stores made up 40 percent of Quiksilver's $48.3 million in sales in 1988, and offered tangible evidence that the company had made commendable progress into the retail mainstream. The company's range of merchandise had expanded substantially as well, growing well beyond the original line of six styles of boardshorts. Once the sole source of revenue for the company, boardshorts by the late 1980s accounted for only 18 percent of total annual sales, while the balance was derived from a host of different apparel items. T-shirts accounted for 15 percent of total sales, shirts 11 percent, pants 12 percent, fleece wear 9 percent, walking shorts 27 percent, jackets 4 percent, and surfing accessories another 4 percent.

In addition to these products, the company was also moving beyond purely surfing-related merchandise, diversifying its business as the strength of the Quiksilver brand name increased. In 1988, the company introduced six skiwear designs, offering the same number of styles as it had 12 years earlier with boardshorts. The initial success of the skiwear line nearly matched the initial success of the boardshort line, selling out in five weeks and grossing $500,000.

The growing spectrum of Quiksilver products appeared in roughly 2,000 stores nationwide during the late 1980s, including in the original three surf shops that purchased the company's first line of boardshorts in 1976. Fueled by this vast distribution system, annual sales leaped from the $48 million registered in 1989 to more than $70 million in 1989. By this point, when sales to department stores accounted for nearly 50 percent of total sales, some industry observers predicted that the company would become too big and low-price retailers would begin selling their merchandise, a development that would erode profitability and potentially tarnish the appeal of the Quiksilver name to the hard-core surfing set. Aware of the problem, Warner confided to a California Business reporter in 1989, "We have no illusions that our growth as Quiksilver in our existing businesses is limited somewhat down the road, but we want to continue growing and will do so by acquisition, start-up, or licensing."

1990s Diversification

As the company entered the 1990s, it continued to record robust sales gains. Sales in 1990 neared the $100 million mark, fueled by the continued success of the company's traditional line of surfing apparel, but the early years of the decade signalled a disruption in Quiksilver's rousing 1980s rise. Two trends emerged during the early 1990s, both of which negatively affected Quiksilver. First, a nationwide economic recession developed, sending many retailers reeling, particularly the large department stores that accounted for the bulk of Quiksilver's business. To combat the recession, department stores reduced the amount of square footage devoted to selling young men's apparel among other things, which caused Quiksilver's sales to dip. Exacerbating this development was the growing popularity of the "grunge" look during the early 1990s, a fashion style that embraced muted, earthy hues rather than the flashy, colorful styles that had predicated Quiksilver's popularity during the 1980s. As a result, Quiksilver's neon boardshorts were no longer the rage of the day, and the company began to suffer.

To beat back the effects of the recession and changing fashion tastes, Quiksilver diversified its apparel lines and re-focused its efforts toward selling to specialty stores. In 1991, the company acquired Na Pali, S.A., the European licensee of the Quiksilver brand in Europe, and established a subsidiary headquartered in France to design and produce Quiksilver apparel for all countries in Western Europe. By the mid-1990s, Quiksilver was collecting more than 30 percent of its total annual revenues from its European operation, a definite contribution to the company's resurgence by the middle part of the decade. Help came from elsewhere as well, including the company's foray into producing snowboard clothing and its entrance into the market for women's sportswear. Women's sportswear became a key facet of Quiksilver's business following the company's November 1993 acquisition of The Raisin Company, Inc., a manufacturer of women's swimwear and sportswear. Aided by the addition of a strong European business, a return to the specialty and surf shops, and the expansion of its apparel lines, Quiksilver survived the recession and stood firmly positioned as a market leader by the mid-1990s.

During the mid-1990s, Quiksilver derived roughly 40 percent of total revenues from surf shops and nearly 45 percent from specialty shops. After building its department store business significantly during the latter half of the 1980s, the company had largely abandoned these retailers by the mid-1990s, deriving less than 15 percent of total sales from department stores. This shift back to the company's roots was perceived as a positive step by a number of industry analysts, as was the company's encouraging financial growth. Between 1992 and 1995, annual net income rose from $371,000 to more than $10 million, while sales leaped from $89 million to $172 million. As the company prepared for the late 1990s in the wake of this robust growth, expectations were high, fueling confidence that years ahead would strengthen Quiksilver's market position as a dominant force.

What types of footwear looks well with an abaya in a school setting?
Q. For those who're wondering: The abaya is a huge long length dress like a cloak that covers the whole body including arms and legs. They are made out of silk/cotton and worn over Muslim womens' normal dresses.

Now sneakers/runnign shoes don't look at all good with an abaya, so what would do?

A. Hi :)

with an abaya, focus on the color.. If your Abaya is black you can wear black shoes or funky colors that match the scarf, the purse and your accessories

as to what shoes.. during the summer/ warm days :

- Flats (so cute with the abaya)

- Flip flops.. just chose a decent model, I hate it when girls come to the university with beach slippers and call that flip flops.. or any flat open sandals..
Go crazy with the nail polish color and match to the accessories ;) . Revlon and may other brands offer those polishes that you put on and take off by peeling them. Quick and easy
- If you're not afraid of high heels, they can be very feminine especially with a black abaya.. They take it to a hole new level.
- Sneakers are fine but I I don't like them on abaya. I think they can do with a funky outfit, like a colored scarf, and a long sweater and pants (in a neutral color then you match the sneakers to the scarf for example.

For cold days, it gets harder because the abaya is especially designed for the desert and hot weather.. If you insist on wearing the abaya, chose a thick material to match the winter shoes. Wear them with ankle boots (very trendy this fall)

All the best honey ;) XoxO

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Selasa, 18 Juni 2013

Toddler shoes?

Q. Can anybody tell me where to buy healthy shoes for toddlers
I am so concerned about my daughter's feet so i need something that pedietricians recommend or follow safety standards for little feet
Thanks for recommending any sites or stores

A. Stride Rite

in most malls.

maybe check out stride rite .com?

Good for you being concerned about her feet. Just dont give up on that when she is 8 and wants to wear trendy chunky high-heeled bad for your feet shoes!

My worst nightmare is being a 'momish' woman?
Q. I'm female but I am so so unlike all the women I know.
I have coworkers who are married and all they talk about is how 'amazing' their snot nosed toddlers are. And they all walk around with cheerios and juice boxes and babywipes. And they all look the same. Same haircut, wearing gross unflattering capri pants, keds. And theyre all obsessed with losing weight and eating salad and new trendy fashion or diet fads. Its like an endless cycle of talking about clothes, shoes, sales, coupons, kids, husband.
It's all so boring and unappealing.
I'm serious. With the exception of being literally tortured, my worst nightmare is having these people as friends for the rest of my life.
Where are all the cooler people?
To clarify: my worst nightmare would be if I actually lived this lifestyle. Ughh. The fact that so many women are like this and actually LIKE it seriously confuses me.
Thanks Brownies! Yay, hope :) Maybe it's just the area I live in.
@ Susan

You NAILED it with the yoga look.
They're like "My hubby Donald needs me to stay in shape, or he's gonna run off with his floozy secretary Riley. Ever since I hit 30, my metabolism just isn't what it used to be and I need to let everybody know it. But resistance training will make me look masculine so I have to do either Yoga or dance aerobics with a group of other women because I lack the will power to fly solo. And I can't change out of my clothes because then people won't see that I've exercised today. And I have to pick up Conor and Justin at school and then bring them to their football and soccer games. Thank goodness I chose gender appropriate activities without even asking them if they were interested or not. They're just mommy's little all-stars. If only I had a girl then I could have her take dance. Oh, better get home and cook my quinoa brown rice green tea spelt sea weed tufo dinner ! dr oz says so, and I believe every word.&#39

A. Oh man, I understand this. I'm 42 and no children because I don't want children. Other women that I know or see out in public , around my age, dress/behave just the way you described in your question. I am so careful not to have my hair cut like theirs or wear what they wear. I don't want to be mistaken for a "mom".

I'm glad that the other ladies who answered this question are cool and do their own thing. I feel relieved.-sincerely.

I have to say the outfit that irritates me the most is the "just came from yoga class and I'm still wearing black capris, even tho this style of pant looks tacky on me, and my hair is gross tied up in a bun, but I'm buying groceries real quick at the market look".
They wear that outfit all day.

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what are some of france's famouse brands?

Q. of clothing?
plz n' tnx!

A. Adidas - Sports equipments and clothing
Agnès b. - Easy going ready to wear.
Aigle - The outdoor clothes specialist.
Alain Figaret Shirts and ties.
Anitsa - Trendy knitwear and silk tops.
Anti-Flirt - Very nice tops and bodies, swimmingwear...
Antik Batik - Trendy exotic fashion with a hippie look
An'ge (Ange) - Trendy inexpensive fashion label.
Babar - Floriane line for young boys.
Baby Dior - Dior for babies.
Balmain Couture house.
Christian Lacroix - Fashion
Cacharel - Fashion
Catimini - Colourful and quality clothes for children.
Céline - Couture house.
Chanel The House of Chanel - Karl Lagerfeld.
Chantelle - Beautiful lingerie for women.
Charles Jourdan - Beautiful classical quality shoes.
Chartreuse - Ancient French spirit
Chipie - Cool and quality clothes for girls.
Christian Dior - Christian Dior's modern style by Galliano.
Christian Lacroix - A couture designer promoting baroque lavishness.
Damart - Thermolactyl underwear
Givenchy - Couture, ready-to-wear, perfumes.
Hermès Famous designer of silk scarves, belts, bags...
John Galliano - The label of Dior's designer.
Kenzo - The most French and colourful Japanese designer.
Kookaï - An afforfable fashion line for trendy teenagers.
Lancel - The best known French leather goods maker.
Lanvin - French couture house,
Torrente - Classic fashion label.
Montana Claude Montana's ready-to-wear line.
Morgan - A fashionable, sexy and cheap label for teenagers.
Naf-Naf - Label for young and trendy people
Petit Bateau France's most famous children's underwear line.
Tam Tam - Lingerie and swimwear.
Pronuptia - Bridal dresses and Accessories
Redskins - Leather urban wear.
Rodier - Middle-range ready-to-wear for mature women.
Thierry Mugler - Couture designer.
Ungaro - The ready-to-wear line.
Yves Saint Laurent - House of couture.

Can you help with my baby names? WDYT?
Q. Im 15 and when i grow up i want 16 kids. I know thats not really going to happen so i just have fun thinking of it for now. Would these names sound good together?
B-Leighton Davis
B- Drew Morgan
G- Skyler Rhees
G- Tess Rylan
G/G Lilly Grace and Summer Lila (i know i cant predict twins bbut its just fun to think of)
B/G- Riley John and Layla Claire
B/B/B- Jayden Cooper, Braiden Blake and Kaden Lane (i no longer really like these names so im inn the process of changiing them to maybe something with noah, leland, logan, trey, im not really sure yet)
G/G- Charlotte Sky (or should it be Kailey Charlotte?) and Keely Clover
B/G/G- Eli Mason, Paisley Ryan and Charlie Mae
Thanks for everything! :)

A. How many times are you going to ask this? But, since I've never had the time to answer before, I'll answer it, and try to be as nice as possible!

Leighton Davis -- I actually like this. I'm glad someone is using Leighton / Layton on the proper gender -- MALE! While Davis I consider a surname, and I generally don't like last names being used as given names, it flows nicely with Leighton.

Drew Morgan -- This is nice, and once again, I'm glad to see these unisex names properly being used on males. However, Drew seems incomplete to me. Morgan is nice, though it kind of makes me think of the word "morgue".

Skyler Rhees -- Absolutely horrible. If this was on a male, it'd be tolerable, because Skyler and Rhees are both masculine boys' names. Rhees is a mispelling of a nice middle name. I do not see anything feminine about this name whatsoever. Also, the back-to-back R sounds ruin the flow.

Tess Rylan -- Tess seems more like a nickname in my opinion, and I don't even regard Rylan as a name. It is a trashy, masculine, made-up name.

Lilly Grace -- Yawn, what a predictable combination. Lilly is better spelt as Lily. I like the name Lily, but I prefer it more as a GP name, because I can't see it aging well. Grace is boring, overused, and ugly.

Summer Lila -- I would only use Summer if she was born in the summertime, because otherwise it would just be weird. Lila is nice, but I don't think it goes that well with Summer.

Riley John -- Yay, you're using Riley on a boy! This is a lovely combation that can fit any type of boy and ages incredibly, but it seems kind of short. Maybe that's because I typically prefer longer names, but I think a longer middle name would compliment Riley more.

Layla Claire -- Layla is nice, though for some reason I can't really imagine calling someone Layla. Claire is a gorgeous name, but all of the L sounds in "Layla Claire" are getting hard for me to say aloud.

Jayden Cooper -- I'm ashamed to admit this, but I actually do like these names. They're trendy, but I actually can imagine it on an adult. Aidan, Jayden, and Hayden are the only acceptable -ayden names, however. Jay is an amazing nickname, and Cooper flows very nicely with it.

Braiden Blake -- Braiden is awful. I prefer Brady. Blake is nice, but like Layla, I can't really imagine calling someone Blake for some unfathomable reason. This name has a decent flow, but I don't think it would age well.

Kaden Lane -- Lane makes for a lovely middle name, but I don't like the spelling of Kayden. It's a nice name, but I think of it as more GP. It's not the best -ayden name, but it's not the worst, either. This name flows nicely, though, and it sounds very masculine.

Charlotte Sky -- Charlotte is a beautiful name, but Sky is a boy's name, if it's to be used as a middle name at all. Kailey is trendy and doesn't age well, so I prefer Charlotte Sky. Charlotte is a classic girl's name that comes with multiple nickname options, all of which are adorable.

Keely Clover -- WTF is this? Keely is not a name. It sounds like something stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Clover is a weed in the ground, not a name. The repetitive K sound makes this name sound masculine and ugly. It doesn't flow, nor will it age well at all.

Eli Mason -- Eli is a nice name, but Mason is trendy, and it's the title of an occupation; not a name. This name doesn't flow all that well, but it's decent.

Paisley Ryan -- Yuck. Sorry, but Paisley sounds like a vegetable, and Ryan is a masculine boy's name that I don't even like. Paisley doesn't age well, and Ryan doesn't sound feminine.

Charlie Mae -- You would have a Charlie and a Charlotte? Charlie is a nickname for either Charles or Charlotte, and if it's used on its own, which it shouldn't be, it would be masculine. Mae is a trendy spelling of the classic middle name May. However, I would only give my daughter the name May if she was born in May, otherwise it would be weird.

Leighton David, Andrew Morgan, Samantha Rose, Teresa Renae, Lily Genevieve, Summer Noelle, Riley Joseph, Layla Kate, Jayden Cooper, Brandon Blake, Christopher Lane, Charlotte Sophia, Kristina Caroline, Elias Matthew, Patricia Raine, and Scarlett May are amazing, beautiful, names that are similar to yours.

Besides those suggestions, how about Noah Joseph, Leland Cooper, Logan Jay, or Trey Alexander?

My favorites, of yours, are Jayden Cooper and Charlotte Sky. Hope this helps! �

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Reliable fashions for real women?

Q. I would like to see fashions I can actually wear. Can you recommend a catalog or fashion magazine that have real-world fashions for real women? I'm not a size 2, I don't live in Manhattan and I don't spend $500 on a pair of stilettos. I need wearable fashions. I'd really appreciate some advice on good catalogs to shop or magazines to read.
For price range, something that's more Macy's and less Neiman Marcus.

Oh, and I'm also not a teenager.

A. Um. I dress fly and don't spend a arm and a leg. Might I suggest that u decide to apend a little more on things that u know u will treasure. So 9 times out of 10 u don't want to drop your rent on a pair of trendy, in for the moment shoes. DSW always has hot shoes for a decent price. I can't lie tho, Payless has stepped their game up. Chernin's is really, really resonable and u can try Manic. I don't know if ur a big grl or like a size I will agree with the person who said Target, but in my area Target is high as hell. I get my undies from Walmart. Loving the boy shorts and bras by hanes and fruit of the loom. I will hit Rainbows, sometimes Wet Seal, Rave, and Charolette Rousse (4give the spelln). For accessories that u don't want to spend much on, Claire's. Icing is starting to get WAY out of hand on the pricing. For jeans try Ecko Red. Not expensive and I don't have to replace the ones I have but they do so well. I am super hard on jeans. Cheap ones end up losing their tightness, and color. But Ecko is affordable and the dryer makes them fit just like the day u bought them. Plus they have the best cuts for anyone who has a lil junk in the trunk, but ya wanna make it look...yummy. My sugesstion, get from behing the computer and get out there and hit the malls to find really what works for you. Shopping is godd for your health. Its a workout for your body, get your brain going and shop.
Aight Peace

What's the BIGGEST mistake plus sized girls make in fashion?
Q. Be specific and offer suggestions as well

A. I would agree with most of the above comments that plus sized women do make poor decisions when it comes to clothing sizes being too small. But in the same sense if a plus sized woman wears a "moo moo" which simply drapes over her body, then she will seem figureless and in turn look much larger than she is.
I have been heavier set for a good portion of my life, and it's hard to find trendy clothes without looking horrible in them (they just don't make plus sized clothes fashonable). But there is no reason to try to stuff yourself into a pair of pants that is to small just to look "in style"

Lany Bryant (plus sized fashion) has turned their store around in the past few years and now i love shopping in there, as they keep up with fashion as closely as they can. They came out with several new items this past month i just went crazy over.

Boot cut jeans (NOT FLARES) will help elongate and thin the leg. Even straight legged pants will help, and a darker denim if in jeans. It depends clothing wise on age i think but this is for 20-40 years old. Button up shirts that are perfectly fit that do not buckles at the chest will emphasize a large chest without clinging to any tummy a person might have. Also jackets with bullets are very in style. They should be waste length and have 3 buttons (for women with larger chests). Shoe wise, a pointed toe shoe with a long pant will help give the leg a much longer feel. Tank tops probably aren't the best bet for a plus sized woman as many are self conscious about their chests and arms and tanks provide very little coverage up top. And for skirts, anything that hits at the knee (NOT AT THE CALF) will also give a more proportional look.

But, knowing that it is hard to find clothes that wit well and are fashionable, if a plus sized woman wants both (good fit and style) then their best option is to shop at a store like Lane Bryant or any store that is customized for plus sized woman and then have something tailored to fit them perfectly. Nothing is better looking than a perfect fit, and this relates to plus sized woman as well as non plus sized women.

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Why do girls jump on the bandwagon for ugly clothes?

Q. 1st- it was uggs, now its boat shoes,now its toms. Why do girls jump on the bandwagon & buy things when there not even cute? Is it just to follow the trend? Im a girl btw. Tell me these arent ugly:
Plus their like $60 worth of uglyness lol let me stop before some one gets offended
Your right. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But i guarantee you 80%-90% of the girls who have these shoes only bought them cause they saw they were a trend or cause some celebrity had them on

A. i've been wondering the same thing. Just because things are 'in style' doesn't mean they actually look good. I guess some girls actually think they are cute, but most probably just like they are trendy.
I personally don't care about trends as long as the clothes are cute and comfortable.

Why are polish women who "came off the boat" so trashy?
Q. I live in a city that has a really high population of polish girls who moved here from Poland. They are 100 percent, straight off the boat polish. Why is it that they act and dress so trashy? These girls when they show up for church wear short skirts, heavy makeup, and pink high heels! These girls are still teenagers. Alot of them are 15 and 16 years old! Alot of them become strippers as well and they drink pretty heavy at a young age. What is it about these women that make them so trashy? What is sad is their mothers and fathers allow them to be like this in front of them!

A. Like you, I live in a city that has one of the largest population of Poles outside of Poland and I have also been to Poland for 4 weeks, travelling to various cities and towns. I must say that your view of Poles is flawed at best. Unlike you, I believe that Poles are very traditional and conservative people when compared to Americans, Japanese, and Western Europeans. I think this is due to their Catholic faith and limited adoption of the pop cultural values that we in the West enjoy.

If Polish women, or any other Eastern European women for that matter, appear to be "trashy" by the way the dress and behave or are easily seduced into the underground world of sex and sex culture, it has to do with various social factors that are coming into play. Many people outside of the U.S. and Western Europe think that we value "sexiness" far above anything else in our women. It is wrongfully assumed that American, German or Italian women are easy or have no issues with one-night stands, etc. It is also wrongfully assumed, thanks to our stupid Hollywood movies, that our young people are party animals, like beer over books, consume pornography and fast food, and that women love to show their breasts and thongs, guys are into bodybuilding and weed, and girls love to wear mini skirts and hot pants. Thus, when Polish women leave their home country these are the values that they think is the norm in their new homeland. In other words, they have a poor understanding of what "cool", "sexy" or "trendy" is; it is all part of the acculturation process. This confusion increases when they themselves are from rural or small cities or villages, come from the bottom of the economic ladder back home, and have a poor formal education.

Another is issue is that they have different cultural values. A 15- or 16-year-old in the U.S., Europe or Japan likes to wear ripped jeans with t-shirts, sport a shaggy haircut, and use snickers or tennis shoes as part of the casual attire. This look is not well-looked upon in Poland. It is considered sloppy and unattractive. Slacks, skirts and shirts are the norm, with young people wearing the more tighter or shorter fit. Thus, a 16-year-old girl wears short skirts, boots or shoes, blouse and jacket even if those items were from last year, the colors are horrendous, or are just old from repeated use.

Poverty is another issue. A person with limited means cannot afford better clothes or be in tuned with the latest trends in fashion. A poor woman is easily seduced by the prospects of making a lot of money in the sex industry or having a rich old boyfriend, especially if they are Poles or Eastern European--they are White/Caucasian, many of them are blonde with light color eyes, and this aura of being seductresses or femme fatale have embraced them. There are some that do exploit their "assets" (blonde, Polish, sexy, etc) like in any other ethnic group but they are few and far between.

I hope that I have cast some light to some of the issues as to why you see them the way you do. And by the way, I don't have a single drop of Polish blood in my veins nor am I connected via marriage or partner with someone from Poland or Eastern Europe, in case you're curious.

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