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Moms do you like close toed shoes for yourself?

Q. I usually only wear open toe shoes, even in winter and don't even have any close toe shoes other than tennies. I need some cute shoes that will go with dress pants. Twill or slacks. What can I wear that will be cute and trendy with a heel on them? But semi comfortable. Stylish (not frumpy) to emphasize on the style.

Asking here because the right section is over loaded with kids going back to school. =( And women married or not like shoes right! Thanks!

Fashion disaster (ME)!
names of brands and stores please!
No I don't own a pair of boots right now. Sad I know but hey that is what happens when you (live in gym clothes and shuffle kids from point a to point b for X amount of time. Thanks OK for the brand to look for.
Salacious crumb I just saw the cutest pair on line! RED! I thought they were cute but then I have been out of the loop of fashion for far too long so I thought I should ask. Those are already on my list!
p.s. I love Salacious Crumb!
for the love of accuracy here for crying out LOUD!

"Men what type of close toe shoe do you prefer to see your wife in?" There now I am legit on my post.

A. go to Nordstrom. Walk up to a shoe girl.

Tell her you want to try on a number of styles with a "Mary-Jane" toe. it is cute; it flairs and rounds ever so slighty at the toe so it is comfy and stylish.

jesus i am *this* close to being gay for all the sh* t i have had to listen to about women's shoes.

i could walk in there and run the friggin' place.

Can a white girl wear Pastry Shoes?
Q. I don't know much about them, just saw an ad for them online, and they're so cute.

A. A white girl can wear anything she wants. But if you really mean would you look like "you're trying to be black", no. They are pretty girlie shoes so if you wear simple accessories and don't get too trendy, you might be more comfortable with that.

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Jumat, 18 April 2014

Teachers: how do you dress for work? Traditional, modern, funky, vintage?

Q. Putting my wardrobe together for this year. My Admin is really conservative. >>

A. I dressed traditional, conservative yet functional. I always wore something with pockets. Couldn't function without pockets. I have taught for over 15 years. I finally kind of went to uniforms. My school wardrobe consists of black and navy slacks with elastic waist so I can pull them off and on quickly. In the lower grades finding time to go to the bathroom can be a challenge. Fussing with belts, buttons, zippers was a time consuming nuisance. I had various tops, blouses, shirts that went with my slacks and often had a blazer, jacket, sweater that helped to make it look like a complete outfit. I looked for fabric that washed easily such as gabardine polyester and didn't need much ironing. I found a pair of comfortable shoes and bought three pairs. I wore a different pair every day along with support hose. Our school is on a cement slab which is hard on the legs over time. A lot of the younger teachers wore more trendy clothes but I stuck with my "uniform". It helped me save money, cut down on the time it took to decide what to wear each day and I felt I looked professional which helped me gain the respect of the children, parents and administration.
I found a nice thrift shop where I could often find items with the tags still on them. If I only paid a few dollars for something it didn't bother me if got ruined during the course of my duties.

pretend you are a woman's finishing school teacher - give me elegance tips!?
Q. I want to know how to act very confident - like the world is wrapped around my fingers... kind to others, but very in touch w/ myself. I want a good self esteem, a good body image. I want to act refined, be refined, be elegant, well mannered - a woman that will stand out in a crowd. A girl that a smart guy would gravitate towards. Please give me practical tips, on being this woman.
btw, I am 18, and headed off to college. Most of my life, I have not been around guys enough, to be comfortable conversing w/ them ( as in I just met you, the cat has got my tongue, so I act weird). I am attracted to quiter guys, being I am an extrovert. However, somehow my strong points, and my "extrovertness" is missed, because I act so self conscious around guys. I think myself hot, yet around guys I lose all confidence, and I feel utterly stupid. I start dreaming of a guy that would notice me in spite of my stupidness. That doesn't seem to happen. I want to have a good year in college... be one of the cool, hot girls. How?!!! Help!

A. Try not to worry about looking like the world is wrapped around your fingers. Show consideration and respect to others, expect it in return, develop relationships with people who act the same. About elegance...go for comfortable, classic clothes, not fussy or trendy things. Have a consult with a good hairdresser and get a haircut that will be flattering and easy to maintain. If you have any skin problems, go to a dermatologist and get them handled. You will feel more at ease if your hair and skin are absolutely off your worry list.

Self-consciously sexy, high-maintenance clothes, silly shoes like mules and stiletto heels, long real or fake fingernails, and too much makeup all convey insecurity and lack of class, and they attract guys who also lack class. I used to run a girls' dorm, and the really high-maintenance girls who tried to look like Victoria's Secret models had the worst luck. They did not look like Victoria's Secret models, in the first place, but like needy, insecure little sluts, and they attracted the worst Neanderthals as boyfriends.

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Kamis, 17 April 2014

Many Women like big ticket items that devalue GREATLY?

Q. I'm talking designer brand clothes, shoes and accessories, cars, high end jewelry, swarovski nic nacs, pandora, some watch brands, items subject to seasonal trends and the like.

I don't see the dependable investment potential for any of these things. They're high cost and you would have a hard time reselling many of these things past their 6 month season. And aren't we kidding ourselves by saying most Swarovski and Tiffanys items are going to become investment pieces? Only the most costly items have that chance. Yet women buy lower end items with that excuse and are actually blowing hundreds. They don't own up to their spending habits. Hey Big Spenders, give me a reason because I'm dying to hear it.

Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vitton, Prada. All fat money sinks. Oh it's blasphemy, I know.

I say 'most women' because I know there are some of us out there that either can't or won't spend like this.

I'm young but I've looked into investing stocks and find that a much more satisfying activity. Making money feels so much better than spending it.

A. You make a valid point. Indeed I do not spend lavishly on things like that, and we are now wealthy. When I do buy designer jewelry or clothes, it is mostly from upscale thrift stores or estate sales. Given the current state of the economy you can pick up nice things for much, much less...

Now some things never go out of style, at least they don't if you aren't trying to appear in Vogue or Style magazine every month.

I own an Ebel watch and I fully intend to pass it down to our daughter. I do not wish to have 8 or 9 watches. I have a Movado that I wear daily and the Ebel to special events.

I have a Burberry trench from the 1980s and people cannot believe it is that old. Of course I was a kid then, but it is so well made that it lasts a long time and people have been wearing them forever it seems.

I wear plain black pumps, 3 inches, from several designers and those never go out of style.

I have jewelry from independent designers that isn't that trendy but beautiful. I also own Art Deco jewelry and Bulgari jewelry that I also intend to hand down.

So it depends on what you buy and how you buy it....

what clothes shoud i wear?
Q. hey guys i need help

i am 21 yr old 160 cm height

wheatish complexion(indian) i wana have a makeover and develop a smart executive look
can any one help me

cna anyone guide me what patten and what colour clothes shoud i wear in casual wear..

i have a roud face and a few xtra pound in weight

A. Most women live by the mantra, if the shoe fits, buy it. But just because a shoe is cute and it fits, doesn't mean you should buy it and wear it. What most enthusiastic shoppers don't realize is that what type of shoe you wear can dramatically affect how your legs look. Here, Danica Lo, author of How Not to Look Fat offers tips about what shoes look best on different leg types.

Carrie Bradshaw, you're not alone. Nearly every woman I know is madly, deeply, hopelessly devoted to the pursuit of the perfect shoe.

It's certainly no surprise. Shoes fit you, even on your fat days. And a "feature shoe" can be the key element in constructing a stylish outfit. Never mind that footwear can also make or break the proportions of any outfit - and your figure.

The enduringly fashionable high-heel slingback, available in flattering beiges and browns every fall, is incredibly graceful and leg-lengthening - though, truth be told, a smidge officey and boring. On the other hand, wearing a kitten heel, even if it's the trendiest shoe du jour, will make you look like you're so fat that you've squashed your heel down.

Then there is the classic mid-heel D'Orsay pump - possibly the most universally flattering shoe ever designed - worn on the runway and in photo shoots by nearly every model in the '80s and early '90s. These days, D'Orsay pumps are considered more classic, less fashion-fashion shoes and can be found everywhere from your local Payless Shoe Source to the Manolo Blahnik boutique. It's a style that's prevailed because it's flattering.

If your gams happen to be on the slightly less-coltish side, try a chunky or sculpted heel for balance - and to avoid the corndogs-on-sticks look you might get with stilettos.

The basic rule is simple: the chunkier the leg, the chunkier the heel ought to be. It's all about proportions, baby.

It's also all about shunning ankle straps, which "sever" your leg at your ankle. They make your legs look shorter. And we all need shorter legs like we need holes in our heads.
Dictionary of Shoes

Chunky Heel Pump: The rule is: The chunkier the leg, the chunkier the heel.

Slingback: In a fleshtone color, this shoe is sexy and slimming.

Stiletto Slide: Pick one that's cut lower in front to lengthen your leg line and show off your cute toes.

Bad Mule: Cut too high, mules have leg shortening effect.

UGG Boot: The bigger the shoe, the thinner your leg will look.

Good Mule: Cut lower, the mule is a graceful, ladylike shoe that won't break up the line of your leg.

D'Orsay Pump: The ultimate skinny shoe.

Bad Mary Jane: Ankle straps "sever" the leg from the foot and make legs look shorter and wider.

Sculpted Heels: They can enhance the grace of a thick ankle.

Ballet Flat: Lower cut is more leg lengthening and more flattering.

Look for: Nude, fleshtone, or neutral colors will blend better with your skin, your hosiery, or whatever you're wearing to extend your leg line and make your gams look longer.

Pointed toes elongate the foot and, ergo, the leg. Round toes are second best. Stay away from square toes entirely - they make your feet look like blocks.

A chunky, curved heel is a good, safe bet as well. Some of the best and most durable chunky heels come from mid-priced stores like Kenneth Cole and Nine West since, let's face it, rich people have little use for chunky heels. (See, the reason super-expensive shoes tend to have toothpick-width heels is because the women who can afford to blow $1,500 on a pair of pumps don't actually have to walk anywhere if they don't want to.)

For fat feet: If you're going to wear street sneakers, pick Converse. They make your feet look tiny.

Pick your battles: You can pick your battles - big shoes like Terry de Havilland platforms (from the 1960s, but reissued last year - they're a fashion it-girl favorite), Doc Martens, or UGGs make your feet and ankles look huge but you legs look thinner. After all, the bigger the shoe, the thinner your leg.

Boots: I've suffered my whole life from a pervasive fear of fall footwear. Since my calves, which measure 15.5 inches around, are bigger than my neck (no joke), I've always thought of myself, pitifully, as a casualty of the boot-making world.

Until last winter.

After spending so many years freezing my big legs off, I'd nearly given up on finding boots that fit. Then, one fateful day, the fashion gods smiled upon me and I found fabulous knee-high boots by Belgian designer Ann Demeulmeester that fit like a glove.

Since then, not only have I become an avid collector of all things Demuelmeester (she makes hats that fit my humongous head too!), but I've been on the hunt for other designer boots that fit larger calves. Cole Haans are pretty darn good too.

Boots are like potato chips. Once you start, you can't have just one.

Top tip: Measure you calves around their widest point, then call stores and ask how wide their widest boots are. This will drive sales staff nutso, but will save you hours in the mall.

The widest calf span I've ever found was a pair of slouchy nappa leather stilettos - they measured eighteen inches around. That's like the size of a cantaloupe! Don't give up people! Big boots are out there!

If you've fallen in love with boots that don't fit, seek out your local cobbler - boots can be stretched as a last resort.

If you're not too keen on the hunt, opt instead for a slightly lower boot - one that ends midcalf. Lace-up boots are adjustable for different calf sizes. And some boots are more sculpted and curvy through the heel, which makes your legs instantly look curvier and sexier, no matter what size they are.

Some great shapes for boots: tall and slouch; riding boots; slim-fitting ankle-covering boots with sculpted stiletto heels.

Socks: For every shoe, there's a sock. Just make sure you can't see it.

Socks that end at your ankles do the same thing ankle straps do - they visually sever your legs at that point. Pick secret socks - ones that hide in your shoes instead. You can get these everywhere. Gap makes some great ones called "Not Socks" but if you can't find any, just fold your socks down into your shoes.

For your own good: Don't wear lace-up ankle boots with skirts. Victorian Shmictorian. Who cares whether it's hot or not - it just looks terrible.

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What are the coolest/most stylish/trendiest shoes for teenage/college guys?

Q. I'm looking for new shoes...not like footbal or basketball shoes, but like normal casual/semi athletic type shoes. I was looking at the New Balance 587 today and those are a style i really like but i'm hoping to find even better. I want to know what you guys think are your favorite for teenage and college-age guys and where to buy them and so forth...any details and why you like them. PLEASE HELP, IN DESPERATE NEED FOR HELP ON PICKING A NEW PAIR!!?!?!!???

A. well depends what your looking for.its seems like your leaning towards a preppie look with NBs 587.try K-Swiss all white.they are casual,but athletic style & they seem to fit your taste.try footlocker,finishline or ebay

guy wearing mary jane shoes?
Q. I saw a guy today wearing very strange shoes for a guy. He was wearing a tan cap nice looking beige light sweater, blue jeans and tan colored mary jane shoes.(strap shoes) I've never ever seen a guy wear those type of shoes, but I admit, he looked sharp!

I couldn't shoot a picture in time but now I think more guys should be more adventurous like the sighting I had.

Opinions on this alternative, style anyone?

A. Some guys have more fashion savvy than girls!

Fashion is supposed to be risky, trendy, and be a trendsetter not a follower. And he's doing just that!

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Which color Uggs should i get?

Q. I'm getting Uggs for Christmas. I'm getting the Classis Tall ones. I can't pick if i want the Sand color or the Chesnut. I want the sand ones more because not a lot of people at my school/town have that color. Almost everyone has the Chesnut ones, and i wanted to be different. But i think the Chesnut ones are so CUTE! I'm just so confused. Which ones do you think are cuter? Please help...,default,pd.html?dwvar_5815_color=NAVY&start=2&cgid=women-boots-classic#pr-header-5815 Thats them.

A. You should really read this article before you get those.

What can I/should I wear? Please help!?
Q. I've been trying so hard to get my first job. I'm 18 and really want a job. Especially soon so I can buy Christmas gifts for my family and boyfriend. I check on Safeway everyday and they're finally hiring as a courtesy clerk.

I applied several months ago and was told by an employee that if I go in person and talk with the manager I have a better chance of getting hired since they get so many applications. I REALLY want this job.

But I have nothing 'interview like' to wear. I just have jeans. I have some nice tops, and a pair of white flats, but they have silver spikes on them.... I have a really dark pair of denim skinny jeans, light denim skinnies, dark denim boot cut jeans, etc.

I don't have money right now to go and buy an interview like outfit, and neither do my parents. My grandma would probably take me but I don't want to ask her to come down(they live 2 hours away) and they just came down on Sunday.

What should I wear? Or should I ask my grandma if she would be able to take me to get an outfit?

A. The employees are right.. it IS best to speak to the manager, in person. It's also mandatory to follow-up re: your continued interest every single week with the manager, after applying. Several months since you applied..?! That's w-a-a-y too long to wait. It's necessary for you to phone and/ or go in personally and reiterate your interest. They likely wouldn't even keep the applications after a few months.

Some places are disorganised and unless an applicant really pesters them, they won't remember anyone who applied. Go in, in person, and look clean and pulled-together. Never go shopping at that store when you look a mess (not that you would. just saying).
Try for this:

Re-apply. Ask for another application. Re-introduce yourself. Stand tall/ straight shoulders. Look the manager directly in the eye. Be personable. Shake the manager's hand. Tell him/ her you're available to be "on-call", and would be willing to work in any department/ any position in the store. Ask about being a bagger as well. Tell them you love to help people. Tell them you catch-on quickly and love that Safeway. Smile.

Take the application home with you vs. filling it out at the store. That gives you time to write very clearly and legibly, and also gives you the opportunity to come back and hand it to the manager, directly. Ask if there are any other positions available and let them know that you're willing and able to work hard and take any position. Let them know you're available "on-call". If they train you, you'll be able to fill in if a permanent employee calls in sick, etc. It's a great way to get ones foot in the door. Being"on-call" means they'll phone at a moment's notice to have you run in and take the shift if an employee can't make it. They'll see how eager and readily available you are.. and make you a permanent staff member.

Also note that there are several managers at a grocery store (1 for each shift), as well as an operations manager. The best thing to do when applying for a job/ meeting with a potential boss, is to dress and look as if you already have the job. If the manager feels that you (anyone) looks like they 'belong', or already works there, as if the person would fit-in seamlessly.. he/ she will be more likely to bring the person on.

You want to aim for clean-cut, freshly-scrubbed, pressed and clean clothing. A simple, cotton, button-down, collared shirt (freshly pressed) with simple, flat-front khakis (not the trendy, skinny version).. the loose-fit/ slim-fit is best. A solid neutral cardigan or blazer would be nice, too. Work-friendly dark shoes are best. White flats with studs won't work.. not for this. Skinny jeans or skinny anything won't work.. too trendy.

This is what you want to aim for re: clothing for work at the store, as well as what to wear for any/ all interviews or dropping off the application, etc.

Cotton, long-sleeved or short sleeved, plain, solid colours and must be freshly-pressed. Dark blue, black, navy, olive or tan coloured, work trousers. A simple, non-bling-y belt. Hair neatly pulled-back and clean. Minimal make-up. No jewellery (except for a watch).

Work shoes:
(industrial-type work shoes that are practical for people who're on their feet for many hours)

Women's uniform work trousers:

Women's uniform work shirt:

..or a solid polo-style shirt (pressed):

Women's work shoes:

Yes.. I know.. not cute ^. But it isn't supposed to be cute. You need to look like a customer service representative and that's what they wear. Any JC Penney's, Sears, Walmart, Kmart, Target, uniform supply store, Dickies store, Ross, TJ Maxx, Mervyns, Marshall's.. any thrift store will have the trousers, shirts and shoes you need. I strongly suggest a local thrift store. They all have heaps of cotton, button-down shirts, simple work trousers and work shoes. A solid cardigan over the top (or a simple navy blazer) would be nice.

Review your application and make sure you have references. I know it's your first job but you need to have a neighbour, a family friend, former teacher to vouch for you. List them as a personal reference, so the manager may phone and ask about you. If you've ever babysat for anyone.. they could be a reference, too.

Good luck.

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I want to look like a girl...i am a boy.?

Q. I'm not going to make up some story like I'm being forced because I lost a bet or anything, I'm not gay, I am 20, want to dress up like a girl sometimes, I think it'd be fun. I'd like help picking out clothes and any other tips you have. I don't want to do much even semi-permanent (so shaving my legs is probably out). I'm willing to put a bit of money into this, anyway. I want to do all my shopping online from stores that guys might purchase stuff from. I'm 5.5 foot, size 8 shoes if that helps. I'd like to try out several outfits: something super sexy, something elegant, some trendy looks, and some look that will make me look like an attractive girl and not a boy in a dress. Like I said I'm willing to go all out, so clothes, shoes, all the under garments, etc. Please provide links to all the parts for the outfit if possible, otherwise the essentials. Any tips for looking more feminine are appreciated too. Thanks

A. Try looking for skater skirts or skater dresses, they are beyond cute! & since you don't want to shave, you can always wear tights/leggings under :) you can easily find online stores for them when you search it on google! The outfit would look pretty w/ flat boots & maybe a jean jacket, cardigan, or just a regular jacket. I'll add a few pictures to get you an idea. I hope i helped you out :)!

Skater dress

Skater skirt

Some flat leather boots

P.s since it is getting cold, a scarf would be cute too (:

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Rabu, 16 April 2014

Does anyone know what this type of shoe is?

Q. they are apparently a trendy shoe for teenage guys or young men in the UK/England region. i have no idea what they are called but they are plain white shoes that are narrow with only four lace holes and they look somewhat similar to the popular kids shoe "keds" and are typically worn with capri length pants....sooo if anyone has any guess at what these shoes might be called it would be super helpful if you could provide a brand name or a link to where i might be able to find them. Thanks so much!!
no not leather more kind of like a canvas material

A. Are they leather? Oxfords? Just a guess...

Where can I buy cool clothes, bags, belts etc for my 14 year old son in the UK or online?
Q. He has some money to buy clothes with. He is going to buy a hoody, bag, belt and buckle, shoe laces, T-Shirts and jeans. He doesn't know where from. He is not a chav. He is quite fashion conscious. It's out of his birthday money and he wanted me to look at good shops for him (i don't know why either) where is a good place to start. He is into music like green day and muse. His favourite clothes brands, i think are airwalk, animal, Vans, stuff like that. He knows freespirit and Topman already but they are both quite expensive and I'm not sure if I'll be able to find jeans that fit him there, tops yes but trousers i'm unsure about.

A. Top man at top shop is very trendy or abercrombie and fitch is great very fashionable but can be abit pricey x

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Why do some women interfere when their partner tends to buy shoes?

Q. Some women (wives/girfriends) gets in the way whenever their partner tries to get new pairs of shoes. For instance, the woman would say that she doesn't like them, they're ugly or she doesn't really like them BUT HEY...THEY ARE NOT THE ONES WHO ARE GONNA WEAR THEM NOR MATCH THEM WITH CERTAIN WARDROBES!!!

Furthermore, why does men let that happen when they are the ones who should choose the style and fit that they are comfortable with???

Lastly, some men allow that to happen. Why? It's pathetic when they lose their SAY in that matter.

A. Because the women will have to be seen with the man who is wearing them and if it's a bad/outdated/too trendy/disliked style, she'll be razzed about her mans gear.
Not how society should be but realistically how it is.
She knows this. And, she cares.

Moms do you like close toed shoes for yourself?
Q. I usually only wear open toe shoes, even in winter and don't even have any close toe shoes other than tennies. I need some cute shoes that will go with dress pants. Twill or slacks. What can I wear that will be cute and trendy with a heel on them? But semi comfortable. Stylish (not frumpy) to emphasize on the style.

Asking here because the right section is over loaded with kids going back to school. =( And women married or not like shoes right! Thanks!

Fashion disaster (ME)!
names of brands and stores please!
No I don't own a pair of boots right now. Sad I know but hey that is what happens when you (live in gym clothes and shuffle kids from point a to point b for X amount of time. Thanks OK for the brand to look for.
Salacious crumb I just saw the cutest pair on line! RED! I thought they were cute but then I have been out of the loop of fashion for far too long so I thought I should ask. Those are already on my list!
p.s. I love Salacious Crumb!
for the love of accuracy here for crying out LOUD!

"Men what type of close toe shoe do you prefer to see your wife in?" There now I am legit on my post.

A. go to Nordstrom. Walk up to a shoe girl.

Tell her you want to try on a number of styles with a "Mary-Jane" toe. it is cute; it flairs and rounds ever so slighty at the toe so it is comfy and stylish.

jesus i am *this* close to being gay for all the sh* t i have had to listen to about women's shoes.

i could walk in there and run the friggin' place.

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Do they still make LA Gear shoes? Are they "cool" nowadays?

Q. Or are they totally cheap and dorky?

A. As far as I know, there aren't a lot of pairs out there. according to the trendy, hipster, fresh kids at school, those shoes are for poor kids. I do see grown-ups around who wear them, i think that's cool.

Shoes? Please help?
Q. My little cousin is coming for a visit, and she is 10 years old, her shoe size is 1 and a half. She can't find any ballet flats, she keeps hinting me that's what she want for her birthday, which is in five days. Where is a good place, where reallllly cute ballet flats are, that are in her size? Ive already looked in kohls, mervyns, payless, and a few other places. Please answer!

A. Try nordstrom's or neiman marcus!

here are a couple examples:
^this is a really hip and up to date shoe!! she will be such a trendy 10 year old wearing this!! it might be a bit pricey for a 10 year old but its her birthday!! she deserves a treat!

i really hope i helped and gave u an idea!!!

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Cute trendy shoes!!!!!!!!!?

Q. I wear a size 11/12 in women where do I find cute sandals/ tennis shoes/ dressy flip flops

A. I also wear an 11. I find my shoes at Nine West, Macy's and places like American eagle. I hope this helped!!

Trendy large size shoe stores?
Q. I'm looking for some online stores that sell trendy women's shoes around size 11/12. Anyone know of any?

A. Try here
shipping is FREE !!!!

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i need help with shoes!!! ?

Q. i just bought this dress i love it i want to wear it to a dinner party
but i need shoes can i get a web site or something of some cute shoes to go with this dress (preferably red)

A. Very cute dress and a very good choice in shoe color .. finally someone who has a sense of matching colors and what not to wear.

I love these shoes from Aldo

this is cute and on sale

I personally wouldn't wear a shoe with a bow ... the dress is extremely classy and trendy and a bow on top of the shoe might mak it a bit too gayish ... unless you want it to be so.
Good luck.

How do trendy and young French women typically dress?
Q. Just curious and wondering if it's any better than the majority of the people dress in the U.S.

A. I read a book that said the French love to dress their best, not necessarily expensive. It said that they aren't the tee shirt and gym shoes type like we typically are. They maintain a clean look even when "hanging out" somewhere casual, think the preppy end of H & M line or Burberry. And the main thing is they are confident in whatever they wear, making sure to wear what makes them feel extra good about themselves, and that's what shows.
As far as naming specific brands I can't say, but it seems they like good quality clothes that last.

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Selasa, 15 April 2014

size 13 women's shoes?

Q. I wear a size 13 women's shoe, Im not ashamed of my shoe size because i am really tall and i'm use to them. i cant find any cute trendy shoes anywhere!!! some say try payless but they have no grip what so ever and i do not want to be slipping and sliding all over the place. Any suggestions?

A. Nadia, your feet are a size bigger than mine (mens 10.5/ womens 12), and I consider that sexy especially if you pedicure.

Try, they go up to 15 with lots of styles. They hardly have anything under size 11!

Why don't women wear those clear, galoshes for high heels shoes anymore?

A. Galoshes for High Heels

They still wear them, here are some site's that will give you more info.
They have updated them so you can wear them with stilettos.

No one likes wet shoes and feet, but having to wear galoshes
are a fashion no-no. So what�s a stilettoed girl to do?
Get herself a pair of new City Slippers from the trendy
Norwegian galoshes company Swims!

These shoe wrappers easily slip over a pair of stiletto shoes with a hole for the pointy heel to poke through. The slippers will protect the wearer�s shoes from puddles, sludge and mud on rainy days so that they still look great upon arrival.

The City Slippers are made from flexible silicone and also have traction soles for extra grip on slippery surfaces.

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I'm going to a fair tonight. It's going to be about 70 degrees out. What should i wear?

Q. I was planing on wearing these cute ripped high waisted white jean shorts.
- top
- cardigan
- bra ( cute boys are going)
- shoes ( white converse, brown combat boots, grey and brown ruffly boots)
- accsesories
- maybe a cute little bag
I'm trying to be trendy and A LOT OF CUTE BOYS ARE GOING soo.. HELP PLEASE

A. Top=plaid shirt
Bra=push up
Accessories=maybe so bangles or necklace
Bag=maybe like a cute little back pack purse

Back to school outfits for boys!?
Q. Ok so my little brother is entering sixth grade and he needs a new wardrobe.The clothes he has, arn't really trendy.So give me suggestions on wear he can get cool trendy clothes.He likes graphic-T's.The boys at school wear basketball shorts, name brand shoes and all that athletic stuff but that doesn't really fit him.I appreciate all answers!Thank you so much!
P.S:Some where with REASONABLE

A. take a look in old navy - prices are usually good. Or Target too has some good prices for good quality.

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Trendy Stylish Shoes?

Q. Does anyone know any trendy stylish shoes for teenage girl? maybe pictures would be good. :)


A. oo :]
definitley converse! those are very stylish adn trendy and go with everything.
at my school people also like ed hardy sneakers & boots:

good luck :]

Cute trendy shoes!!!!!!!!!?
Q. I wear a size 11/12 in women where do I find cute sandals/ tennis shoes/ dressy flip flops

A. I also wear an 11. I find my shoes at Nine West, Macy's and places like American eagle. I hope this helped!!

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what do you teen guys think?! :D?

Q. Ok recently I wen to santa monica beach, and it was fun and everyhting, but when we got ready to go to the fair or fun stuff they have there you know. I was looking aorund and I notice all these hot cute handsome guys wlaking around and beautiful stunning girls with nice smooth makeup and nice trendy clothes! omg I also saw adults you know woman and man wearing expensive clothing and woman with nice flawless makeup that looks like it cost a lot lol and I'm all here wearing a grey simple sweater grey shotrs and white tenni shoes and my hair all freezy and damage looking lol because of th esalt water i guess and i was thinking dang all this peopel are so lucky and blessed to have want they have but apparently they dont know and i kind of felt like they look down on people like me or maybe it wa sjust me!? lol so my question is specially if any of you live ove rhtere and go for walks there what do u think of people like me that we are just with limited resources you know we are not rich but we are not poor either we just have our ups and downs like some ppl do too. I'm Latina I have tan olive skin tone like a light dark skin tone and of cours ewhen i got out of the beahc i wa spretty burned lol I amm fat i weight 192 im not pretty in any way but i do like my eyes and my smile :D So I wa sjust wondering and yes I'm proud to be who i am and what i have and where i come form :D but that was my question and I apparently like those guys a lot lol they had nice tan they dont dress like all the cholos u see around lol they have nice hair and hazel , brown and blue or green eyes lol I'm a sucker for honey brown eyes or guys with blond hair american of course with brown eyes omg i sa wlots of thos ebut they well actually no guy ever looked at me haha how sad and im all imagining about marrying one of those :) Please dont judge me and dont be rude.

A. Your confidence is another one of your good qualities. The fact that you can acknowledge that you aren't "them" is admirable and you'll find someone that can appreciate you for who you are. Corny as it sounds, you seem like a good person, and there's never a shortage of people looking for that.

Q. This is going to be a long question. :)
Well school starts in about 3 or 4 weeks. I guess I'm pretty, but I'm tired of being known as the "cute one" to all of my friends. I want to look prettier, hotter, and more mature. I also want to look like a girl guys stop and stare at. But I don't want to lose myself!!
I'm going into high school.
I'm maybe 4'11". Pretty short. I have medium skin that tans to a dark walnut in the summer. I have almond shaped dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. I'm really thin, and people make fun of me for it and being short. I have a small amount of really long (overgrown) layers, and overgrown sidebangs.
My style is like a t-shirt, jeans, polos, sneakers kind. Really casual.
I have a bunch of questions, for different categories.

1) Should I cut my hair like this (having a heart-shaped face?):�
2) Does giving yourself natural highlights with apple cider vinegar (1 cup water, 1 cup ACV) actually work? I'm tempted to try, because my mom doesn't want me to go to a salon for highlights and she won't let me buy a kit.
3) How could I fix my hair like this?:�
I actually have no curling iron, but if I wanted my hair curly I usually use braids and sleep in them overnight. I also own a hair dry (but no straightener). Do I just have to make really loose braids to get the waves?
4) Is there a way to make your hair grow a little faster? I want it to be a little longer before it gets cut.
5) Any cute hairstyles, casual like messy buns, etc.?
6) Any healthy hair tips?

I'm petite. I want a cute, fun girly style.
1) What are the trends for 2010-2011?
2) What are the essentials in my wardrobe?
3) What stores should I shop at?
4) Anything else I need to know?
5) What kind of bags are cute, affordable, and durable (like purses, etc.?)
6) What kinds of shoes are cute affordable, trendy, and they go with any outfit? How many and what kinds of shoes should I have?

1) What colors would suit me?
2) How much is enough makeup?
3) How do you curl your eyelashes?
4) Can Vaseline be used as mascara?
5) What/ how should I do my makeup if I want my eyes to look bigger?
6) Or, how can I work with my almond eye shape?
7) Any beauty tips?

1) What's a good beauty routine?
2) How often should I shave/pluck/wax?
3) How do I shape and pluck and groom my eyebrows?
4) How much water should I drink each day, recommended?
5) What's a good skincare routine? I get occasional zits.
6) Good ways to get rid of eyebags?
7) Do any of those eyebag creams work?
8) Ways to develop body confidence?
9) How to take care of a girlstache?
10) How to keep up with everything?
11) How to look good anytime, anywhere?
12) What exercises to fix my flat butt? (:

1) How to not lose myself?
2) How to flirt with guys?
3) How to be more organized this year?
4) How to be more girly?
5) How to be a better student?
6) How to pay mroe attention in class?
7) How to make more friends?
8) How to survive high school? (:
9) How to not procrastinate?

Any other additional tips you have are going to be greatly appreciated whether it's beauty, personality, etc. Please, no rude comments. Thanks so much! (:

A. hair:

u need to highlight to get that look vinegar wont work. You can go to beauty salon get color highlights with high lift tint. High lift tint is a color and little amounts of bleach its less harsh and less blond if you want�

braided hair will work with waves but it looks more of the messy ubed head look. If you want ringlet waves you have to set hair after wash with mouse than curl with medium iron

curled waves:�

braided waves:�

prettiest cuts are with layers. Layer layer and face frame the front. If do bangs do the angle ones.

cleanse, tone, moisturize, twice a day. exfoliate once a week, cucumber for bags, AVEENO good products. I liked Proactive for zits it took a few months to work but it did


a good pare of jeans
ballet flats
converse for sneakers
leggings with skirts
find outfits that you can mix and match with others
tote bag cuter than backpack

vaseline will look dewy but no length, metal eye curler not plastic will work, I love the Mabelline classic pink and green mascara works well

im a college student 3.8 my step daughter high school is in Bacholorate program and was in GATE.. DO THE ASSIGNMENTS IMMEDIATELY. If you have more than one do the one that's due first. Find how you retain information better and work with that. For example if you are an auditory learner bring tape recorders to school, if you are visual take notes then when you study write of flash cards and have someone quiz you.
Listen always take notes, study, organize folder, and practice the SAT its important for college. You can find SAT practice test on amazon and its written by the College Board that administers the tests.

also get organized: put tabs and separate your classes by categories in y our folder. Keep track of assignments


The best advice is the simpliest: Be yourself

Who is that self?
This is what you need to find out. The teen who self reflects the most and finds out what he or she wants in life and who she is is the most confident adult. Make goals, what you do in this life as a career doesnt define who you are. Find what you love. What makes you, you.

Rise above peer pressure or mean people. Make your own decisions and make them so you dont regret what you did later on in life.

Be nice be you and smile. If someone is mean let them go, move on, and they dont deserve you.

Learn to use manners so few women act like ladies anymore
5 yrs hairstylist
college student BA
Daughter sophomore

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Senin, 14 April 2014

Places to get awesome unique clothes?

Q. Besides Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Delias, Forever 21....? Vintagey stuff/ recycled clothing places are good too. Can be online stores also, thanks.
Also, where to get a really unique oversized bag, messenger bag, thing that I can use as a backpack.

P.S. I don't wear animal products, (leather, suede, fur...)

A. Here are a few unique online stores that I often frequent. They are around the price range of the stores you listed:

1. Ruche (this charming little vintage online store. they just started up, so there isn't such a wide selection, but some of the stuff they do have is nice):

2. LuLu's:

3. Chinese Laundry (one of my favorite places to go for unique footwear. it's a bit more expensive, but if you want to find a fabulous, statement shoe, this is definitely a place to check out):

4. Baghaus (fabulous, FABULOUS bags. you can find some really affordable ones and they have sales and markdowns often):

5. Cutesygirl (definitely a favorite shopping destination for trendy shoes on the cheap. their selection is mind blowing and the prices are hard to beat. they also have clothing, lingerie, bags and accessories making them a one-stop shop for all your fashion cravings):
I mean, check out how CHEAP these flats get:

6. Plasticland (to fulfill your inner's not that cheap, but won't break the bank either. it's very unique and quirky):

7. YesStyle (i come here occasionally):

8. GoJane (...has EVERYTHING):

Hope this helped! We're in the same boat here...a couple of years ago I was bored of shopping in the same mall stores as everyone else, and spent my time looking for unique pieces. These are my top 8 online shops, and I hope you like them too :)

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Minggu, 13 April 2014

4EE shoes for women?

Q. My poor mum who's only 56 is housebound but she's always been quite stylish, the last few years her feet have been swollen so she's had to wear "old lady shoe's" as she calls them, i want to get her a lovely pair of 1 & a half inch heeled shoes. i have no idea where to find a trendy pair of 4EE shoes in london. After my search, to me, if you have wide feet you're classed as needing soft slippers!! Help!!

A. i'm not sure if they do them that small but evans do wide fitting shoes, i know because i take a 9EE/10 and they are about the only place i can buy them from. Brantano's is also good for strange sized shoes, i know they go down into small sized shoes but im not sure weather they do wide fittings there.

Those are the only places i can think of off the top of my head, hope they help!

I wear a size 12 wide in women's shoes. (yeah, I heard that gasp) Where can I find cute & trendy shoes?

A. I wear size 11 in some styles and I have enough trouble finding shoes, I can't imagine finding 12's. I really don't understand why they can't make larger sizes.

You should try Torrid. A friend told me about it recently. They have plus size clothing mostly, but they also carry size 11 and 12 shoes. They have them in many malls and they also have a website.

And it's not as if you can help the size of your feet! I can't believe how rude people are.

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what are the hottest and trendiest mens sneakers out right now?


A. Boat shoes are pretty big right now. Almost all the kids in my school have a pair. They have the Vans ones. Terrible quality and they just rip. I have the real deal leather ones. :)

The biggest brand for teenagers is probably Vans.
For the sports guys, Nike Air Force 1's, and also Air Jordans made by nike.

what shoe would you want?
Q. if sum1 designed a new style of shoe..wat would u like?
wat colours and styles of sho would u want..that hasnt been made before
im jus wonderin

A. i as a teenager would want a shoe that a normal high school person could wear to school without standing out too much.I love pumps and wedges and im a big fan of platforms.But if i wore that to school people would think im crazy.Something any teenager could wear and have confidence yet still feel comfortable.Maybe a whole line of shoes.for different styles/colors based on the person.Mainly preps/trendies/and tomboys.I would get an inspiration from hollister,abercrombie,forever21,and charlotte russe.Put all those styles together.

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