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Back to school outfits 2011?

Q. im a girl, by time i go back to school ill be 13 and im going to 8th grade. I'm looking to start shopping for my back to school clothes, and I was wondering if anybody had ideas?? i want to look cute but not follow every trend. And I want it to be comfortable and cute. Any ideas?
ALSO: i only have a budget of $200 for the whole year

A. Summer-y:
bright colored (Neon and color blocking)
tribal print
neon tank
floral top
Lace/crochet tops and dresses
nautical shirts
crop tops for sure!!!
Flowy cardigans or lacey/ see through
flowy blouses,
Bodycon Skirts- Good with loose top
White or Khaki capris
White jeans
In detail:
sun dresses<-- Adorable to wear with a cardigan, statement jewelry, and sandals!

Lace/crochet tops, nautical tops (stripes, navy & white) These 2 are my favorite summer trends! Looks good with a statement piece (Long necklaces with a giant gemstone/pendant/design, owls, Feathers! Feather earrings! Gold studded bracelets! Multiple friendship bracelets<- Nordstrom has a lot)

Popular= crop tops/ Dolman tops! Pretty much anything flowy!

Cardigans (one flowy or lacey and another short sleeved sleeved one) You can get them at Forever 21, Macy's, etc. For plain ones you can get them at Nordstrom too!

Sandals: Gold- Steve madden! And now those tan,leather ones with many straps!
Flip-Flops: Striped, colorful, metallic- Havaianas Also try them with a bow/flower in the middle
TOMS- eco, and helps children in LDC's
Sperry- Cute!

Get shoes at:
A.M. Eagle
Urban outfitters
Dillard’s, Nordstrom, macy’s

Stop at Retail stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, or dillard's. I'm pretty sure Nordstrom has TOMS and all of them have havaianas, Steve Madden, and Sperry's and cute clothes!

Stop at stores that buy extra inventory from department stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls which also have designer names (Juicy, Guess, Steve Madden, Coach)

Common- Abercrombie, A&F, A.M. Eagle, VS PINK
For trendy stores try Forever21. and other favorite trendy stores of mine are:
Urban outfitters!!
Free People!!
Zara/ H&M/ Bebe
Vs Pink (This might be common)

Haha! the Fall runways shows came out a few days ago but here is just the general gist of it:

70s fashion
Like the '50s and '60s coming back, so are the '70s! There are two main aesthetics: '70s bohemian, and '70s sophisticated glamour. This includes dresses that fall like shimmering water in the evening and high-waist pants with elegant blouses by day! High waisted wide-leg pants or flares, smartly belted in.Neat bow-blouses, especially ones with billowing or bishop sleeves. Particularly great are fabrics like silk and satin.Roll neck sweaters tucked into pants or skirts. Also layering over beaded necklaces or a vest!

Pleats- Popular in spring and also for fall! However, then pleats will be worn paired socks or tights and heels, and some cosy layers on top. A rock-chic pair of boots, mixed styles for contrasts (like flowly pleated skirts with a bohemian fur or a tough biker jacket), etc....

Fur Clothing- as always...
Bell Bottoms- aka Flare jeans
Wide Leg Pants

Leather-ware harness
Choker necklaces
Cuff bracelets!

Colors: This year fall is slightly different! Bright colors are also going to be trendy with fall!
Bronze shades?
Midnight blue, silver, and gray shades
Forest green and plum

Oh! and I think that the popular tribal print will be slightly reinvented as a trend for Autumn too!
Uhh Feather, Tribal, Army green will be popular in both seasons!

Dress nonchalantly. Don't overdo it or under do it by wearing sweats. I think the 2nd and 3rd days are the days you should wear you cute new stuff :D. Be different!
Oh! I was going to add... you should also buy cute jackets like white jean jacket, cropped jean jacket, etc over dresses (very cute) or tanks that don't meet dresscode and Miss me jeans, uggs, Juicy couture, Pink hoodies, Coach bags are also popular

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What are some spring trend must havs?

Q. Yes spring is approaching whats going to be trendy and in for 2011 summer dresses shoes (flats) if possible send links please =). i want to look great for the summer but don't know what to look for when i shop. whats in?
by the way i'm 20 and i live in jersey so if you can name any good budget sotres in new jersey that would help as well.

A. I have a youtube channel that has a lot of cute ideas for outfits, along with other videos. You can check them out and get some really good ideas! :)
Here's the link for my newest video:…

Go ahead and subscribe if you find it helpful!

Good sandals to wear Spring 2011?
Q. Okay, well, to start, I'm a teen girl (high school). Also, I'm VERY self-concious about the way my feet (mostly toes) look. They're not exactly pretty... at all! haha.... So, what are some good sandals to wear in Spring/Summer 2011 that either don't show the toes or would make me feel better about my feet... thanks! :)

A. I'm self conscious about my feet too! Want to know what's really trendy for the Spring/Summer 2011 shoe season? The Sperrys Top Siders! They are so so comfortable- I have two pairs! They look good with dresses, shorts, you name it and the great thing is that there are so many various styles that they can literally look amazing with anything. If you're really self conscious about your feet like I am, these are great because their an actual shoe, and they are literally like walking on clouds. The "break in" process took literally a day!
Here's the link:

If you're interested in the ones I got, here are the links for those too- I'm really into fashion and stuff and got tons of compliments from the two pairs that I bought :)***7********9173907*M090&stockNumber=9173907&showDefaultOption=true

I got those in the Skyblue/Platinum color,

I bought those in the Platinum Gold color! Both are extremely comfortable, and I highly suggest checking out that website because Sperries are a total must for 2011!!!!

BTW, I highly doubt that your feet are ugly, but if you beg to differ, I would def check out those links.
Wish you the best of luck and hope I helped!

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Q. im 14 and a girl(:
im not loving my boring teeshirts and jeans look... can someone give me advice or send a link on what i should wear thats new and different. thankss(: pleaseee..

A. Here's some advice:

-The average person has 7 pairs of jeans. That being said, you don't need seven off the bat. A good number to start with is 3, and then work your way up.
-Dark wash jeans are slimming, and everyone could use a couple pairs of dark wash jeans
-the classic colors (and ones that you should focus on getting) are dark wash, medium wash, light wash, black, grey, and white (the last three are bordering on trendy but they will still look good for years to come)
-colored jeans (like turquoise, yellow, purple) are trendy; get them if you're okay with wearing them for only the next couple of years
-Every girl does not look good in skinny jeans, nor does every girl look good in all the denim fits. You must accept that your body is best flattered by only certain fits
-Skinny jeans look best on skinny women, because the tapered leg makes the hips look wider and curvier by comparison
-straight leg or bootcut fit jeans look best on most women, because they are the classic fits and flatter the average woman with average hips.
-bootcut or flare jeans look best on curvy women, because the flared leg at the bottom slims the hips a little by comparison, slimming and lengthening the entire leg
-wide-leg trouser jeans look best on plus-sized women, because the wide leg gives a clean, long line that flatters the plus-sized woman's curves
-when you find the perfect fit for you, any color jean will work. even though people say white denim accents your "flaws" like big butt, big thighs, etc, if the fit works on you, then it flatters you, and the color is only a detail
-low rise looks best on women with short torsos, long legs or big butts
-mid rise looks best on women with a "pouch" that they'd like to hide or plus size women
-mid or high rise looks best on women with longer torsos or plus size women
-cheap denim has its merits; when the jeans are damaged or destroyed, they are cheap to repurchase/replace. they can even be as cheap as $10 is some places
-premium/designer denim has its merits too; they are made of Pima cotton, which is a higher quality cotton that makes denim last longer due to longer fibers. designer denim tends to fit a greater variety of people better, because designer denim stores tend to focus only on denim and so cater to more peoples' tastes. premium jeans are known to last a decade with the proper care
-to take proper care of denim, machine wash cold and air dry. there are other ways to make jeans last even longer though, check out this handy guide:…

-Every woman has different styles of jackets that look best on them. Check out, where you can find the body type that best fits you, and read the tips on what types of jackets flatter you best:…

-sweater quality depends on price and materials used. cotton tends to be the cheapest, and is usually great for everyone
-merino wool is in the middle concerning price and warmth retention
-cashmere is the best in terms of softness, and warmth retention, but it is expensive and must be taken care of

-it depends on what you want in shoes. try out all the styles when you go shoe shopping
-converse (chuck taylors)
-ballet flats
-gladiator sandals (trendy)
-sneakers (like Nike)
-boots (like Uggs)
-slouchy boots (trendy)
-boat shoes and oxfords (very preppy)

-up to you

Layering tops:
-basically anything can be a layering top, try neutral colors if you're unsure (classic neutral colors: khaki, navy, grey, burgundy, black, white)

-you can have it based off an pre-existing label (like prep) but try to distinguish yourself, throwing in interesting shoes, or accessories, or wear jeans/corduroy instead of chinos (for example)
-it helps to write out what you want yourself to look like
-try things you've never thought to try on before (maybe henleys, polos, rugby shirts, corduroy, sweater vests, dresses, etc)
-remember, keep patters to scale: if you are petite, small patters look best (like pinstripe), if you are big, big patters look best (like thick stripes). Solid colors look best on everyone.
-Petite women should try to stay away from polka dot, because it may remind people of Minnie Mouse

Shops for your age:
-American Eagle
-Forever 21
-Anchor Blue
-Hot Topic
-Creative Recreation
-Old Navy
-Seven For All Mankind
-Joe's Jeans
-Lucky Brand Jeans
-Victoria's Secret (she's a man....just kidding...)
-Heritage 1981
-Wal Mart
-Plato's Closet
-Buffalo Exchange
-True Religion
-Armani Exchange
-American Apparel

Good luck!

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what are the current trends in clothes shops?

Q. I have a job interview in a clothes shop and was wondering what current fashion trends are.

A. I don't follow women's fashion but I can provide the guys' trends for fall 2012 through summer 2013, or at least how they're predicted to be. This is according to major runway shows in Europe, so trends in American stores or unique shops will vary.

Some general trends: Slim pants/jeans (sometimes skinny), rolled up once or twice, JACKETS, hairstyles that are short on the sides/back and styled on top, accessories like watches and bracelets always make you look more stylish

Fall 2012 has some very light blues and oranges leftover from summer 2012 but they're only thrown in. Mainly, it's getting darker with blacks and grays, occasionally an obscure white or yellow dominated outfit. "A play on fabric" as Armani calls it is trendy, mixing different patterns and fabrics that you wouldn't normally match, as long as they go together in color. Outfits should stay simple and sleek though.

Winter 2012-13 is best described as "dark" and sometimes "tribal" with almost all black, brown and gray on jackets, pants and shoes/belts. Fabric play still revealant: For example, charcoal sweater with leather jacket throw-over.

Spring/summer 2013 should be sleek and include Mediterranean colors not only in just clothes but especially accessories. Like turquoise belts/shoes, bags and shirt accents. "Easter" colors is a good way to put it also. The base colors are blue and green.

how much do you spend on new school clothes?
Q. and about how many outfits do you get. I use to get 5-6 new outfits. then my mom started giving me 500 dollars to get everything I needed for school (clothes,shoes,supplies backpack) im in high school btw going to be a junior this year.

and can you help me come up with some cute trendy outfits? post pictures if you can maybe.

A. I personally prefer to "shop in my closet" which means that I buy new clothes based on what I already have rather than spending X amount of outfit before school start.

First organize and declutter my wardrobe and throw out and donate anything that doesnt suit my personal style or my figure, repair or tailor things that can be repaired such as loose buttons (I can't sew so i ask friends who can or you can go to a tailored to professionally repair/tailor your clothes).

With the remaining clothes, I sort them first by season (move back the off-season clothes somewhere else, in a plastic box underneath the bed or in the corner of the closet/drawers) and then sort the current season clothes by clothing type (skirts, shorts, jeans, pants, casual tops, dressy tops, casual sweaters like hoodies and jumpers, cardigans, blazers/short jackets, flats, heels, casual shoes boots and so on)
and then again by color (neutrals next to each other and then going for the pink-red-purple-blue-green-yellow-orange "color theory pattern).
This help you to see what you already have.

I would first check if Ive enough basic staples such as solid neutral tank/camisoles, t-shirts, solid neutral pants/jeans/shorts/skirts (whatever you wear most), cardigans/hoodies and eventually blazer and see if I need any new good everyday shoes.
Everyday clothes and shoes first in basic neutral styles,

THEN slowly add fun, trendy or evening pieces, making sure that they can already be worn with something you already own. Lets say you want to get a flannel button down (casual fall staple for some people), make sure you have either buttoms, tops or accessories in the color of the prints before buy it (or buy it while buying the shirt).

What clothes and shoes depends on person to person. What a 16 years old girl would wear, a 20-25 years old wardrobe would very different.

Im 24 and prefer more professional clothes and shoes for my basic pieces like low heel leather pumps, riding boots, ballet flats, loafers/oxfords, blazers, button down shirts, pencil skirts, pantyhose, pearls kind of things and then dress them up (with nice jewelery and dress shoes or a sparkly top or skirt) for evening and dress them down for more casual wear, like a blazer with casual jeans and flats or a pencil skirt with tall boots and a button-down shirt and cardigan. This is my personal wardrobe staples.

I don't care about much outfits I need, I just gradually update my wardrobe by buying a couple of remixable pieces each month that goes with my basic staples! I usually buy at h&m and leredoute + deichmann, vagabond and eccoshop for shoes/boots. :3

Sorry for long answer, but I hope it sparked some ideas..

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