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Shoes to wear in the fall?

Q. I need a pair of shoes for the fall to wear to school. Basically shoes for days when its too cold for flip flops or sandles, and too warm for uggs. I dont like sneakers. Any ideas?
I'm a girl btw:p
I'm a girl btw:p

A. Well... You might just want to go to a store and ask the sales person for a shoe that's right for you. Personally, I would go for a pair of boots ( very in for the fall-winter season), ballet flats, high heels, or a pair of creepers ( which are like platformed converse without the sneaker look and again are a very trendy thing this upcoming season according to TeenVogue)

Cute hostess shoes?
Q. I just got a job as a hostess and need to get comfortable shoes/slippers to wear. Anyone know where I can find cute, trendy, non old-ladyish shoes?

A. try payless they always have cute and REALLYYY comfy shoes. here are some examples:


Heel:(my fav)

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Jumat, 21 Maret 2014

in trend clothing for big girls??? and if you know any trendy sites for shoes up to size 11AUS?

Q. i love those platform boot heels


Where can I find these shoes in adult sizes?
Q. How frustrating is it when thy make adorable trendy clothes in kids' sizes and then you can't find anything like that in adult sizes?
I have been seeing little girls everywhere wearing boots like these ( and, but I can't find adult sizes anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find anything similar in a women's 10 or 11?
Here's the second link...Heard it's not working so maybe this is better:
Look what I found:'riso'_weatherproof_boot:232510&cm_ven=msn&mr:referralID=753e10e9-9862-11dd-9443-000423bb4e79

Theses are really what I want, but these heels are different than what I wanted....what do you guys thinl?,88813_Aquatalia-by-Marvin-K-Quantum-Boots-For-Women.html?cm_mmc=PaidPlacement-_-Google-_-WGOGB8-_-Aquatalia_by_Marvin_K._Quantum_Boots_-_(For_Women)

A. maybe uggs, aeropostale, hollister, or ambercombie

or u could try department store i saw similar ones at elder beerman

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What are the key essentials in a women's wardrobe?

Q. could someone give me a list of the key pieces i need in my wardrobe i am 20 and am going to go shopping, i want it to be worthwhile,
for example...little black dress
a long list would be great
thank you

A. Clothes:
Little black dress (timeless)
Sexy cocktail/party dress
A couple pair of jeans: 1 expensive, quality pair of bootcut (timeless), 1 straight/skinny (trendy), both in dark wash
Dress slacks
Denim mini skirt
Denim shorts/capris/bermudas
A matching set of athletic wear
Long, wool winter coat (timeless)
Button-up blouse
A skin-tone cami
Turtleneck sweater

Black pumps
Brown pumps
Tennis shoes
Winter boots
Metallic heels
Espadrille wedges

Black bag & belt
Brown bag & belt
A quality pair of polarized sunglasses (UVA/UVB protection)

What are the hottest trends for women this summer?
Q. Whether it's through fashion or beauty
I also bought a few dresses ooff of eBay, can someone help me hook them up, either dress up or down...I'll be leaving to Florida soon, so i want to wear them down there.

A. I hope i answered your question.

Well you cant forget about the neutrels, burmuda shorts, and dont forget the wedge shoes.

Seasonal Color Trends

This season's Spring colors are more subdued and romantic. Powdery pastels in baby blue, apricot, pale yellow, and light shades of green will bring out your feminine side. Paired with classic neutrals such as black, white and taupe, you're sure to find shades that suit you best.

Summer Fabrics

The new Spring and Summer season brings back some great classic fabrics. Now you'll be seeing more light, lacy fabrics and the basic cotton stretch. Spandex-inspired designs offer comfort and versatility that allow women of all shapes and sizes to enjoy. Dresses and skirts in flowing chiffon and silk are sure to please those looking for a feminine, classy look. Great for work and fun!


For those who prefer color, go bright and bold. For style and sophistication, opt for luscious garden prints, retro patterns and black and white geometrical shapes. Many cultures add to ethnic styles with colorful patterns mixed with rich, earth tones.

For a classical look, preppy polo shirts give you stripes galore! The further apart the stripes, the larger you may appear. If you're concerned, choose tops with stripes closer together, with only two colors. Diagonal lines can be rather slimming if they're narrow and meet at the front. Vertical stripes on trousers are a must-have, but only paired with a solid shirt or blouse.

Style Trends

This summer brings some new, exciting fashion trends. With warmer weather moving in, women want simple, feminine styles. Traditional, tailored clothing are classic and will always be a shoe-in for business, weddings, or formal events. Layer your clothing to switch from work to play. Keep your classics cleaned and pressed for impromptu summer events and activities.

Look for denim blue jeans that are cuffed at least 3" deep with sexy, flat sandals. Cool things off with a tank top to expose your shoulders. Don't go light on support, invest in a seasonal bra that has clear or removable straps. Look for tanks and halters that have a built-in bra for style and convenience.

Spring's knee-length skirts flow naturally for eye-catching appeal. Solid colors and subtle designs are more traditional while unique patterns allow us to show personality and pizzazz. Faded denim is always a hit for a rock concert or wild night in the city.

Combine a basic tee, gypsy-style skirt, and flip-flops to gain immediate attention. For a more sophisticated look, pair a great flouney skirt with a stylish tank top. Sandals or wedge shoes in a neutral color compliment most styles and are practical for warmer weather.

Trendy, military inspired clothing shows your support and is an instant hit for casual wear. Take your pick from light cotton cargos, camouflage, walking shorts, and belted jackets. Be creative and accessorize with a belt and dog tags.

Modern Accents and Accessories

The upcoming Spring fashions accentuate unique personalities and bring with it some of Winter's hottest trends in accessories and jewelry.

For necklaces, think layers and match up with funky beads and symbolic pendants.

Bangle bracelets and watches adorned with etchings or glitter.

Toe rings, thumb rings, body jewelry.

Chunky, ethnic pieces. Old fashioned designs.

Sunglasses with oversized frames and lenses.

A flirty sarong for the beach.

Open-backed slides with sequin accents and beads.

Hot Makeup Trends:

What's hot this Summer? Makeup adds definition to the face and this season brings earthy shades with defined cheeks. For those who are a little more conservative, taupe will lift your spirit and look great in pictures. Both peaches and corals radiate a youthful glow -- and can take years off of your face. From eye shadow, cheeks, to lips, pink gives you a healthy look, while underplaying fine lines and wrinkles.

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Anyone know where I can find women's narrow shoes?

Q. Does anyone know of a website where I can find cute, trendy narrow shoes? I've looked at several sites but the only ones I can find are either very old looking or are birkenstocks (ewww!) All the regular size shoes I've tried in a 5 are too wide and gap at the sides.I think I need a size 5AA (narrow). Too small to find in stores. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A. Why don't you try or go to a nearest Nordstrom and have the sales people bring you a pair of shoes that you like in narrow or wide, whichever you need. Most the time they are really good with having different widths for their customers! If not, try the brand "Stuart Witzman" He has very cute but narrow shoes, although they are on the pricier side!

Inexpensive, Trendy shoes online?
Q. N e one know where i can find some cute cheap shoes on the web?

These links will take you right to the shoes they sell!!! I will try to find more link for you!!
Hope it helps!!!

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I want a makeover? What should I do?

Q. I want to add more to myself. Like make-up ideas or clothing ideas. Just something that I can improve on to make myself look more girly. I used to be a Tom boy and which I still am : dirt bike riding, camping, etc. but I want to look nice and not so Tom boy anymore

A. 1) Give your hair a good wash, deep condition it, trim it and style it (either by straightening or curling using irons).
2) Stick to a daily skin care routine. This can be by masking your face once a week, exfoliating, toning or moisturising as it unclogs pores, makes skin softer and fresher!
3) Remove body hair; underarms, arms, legs, bikini area, and facial hair if necessary.
4) Get your nails done!
5) Change your wardrobe, buy feminine clothes such as skirts, dresses or skinny jeans. Shops like Forever 21, Miss Selfridge and H&M provide stylish clothes and reasonable prices. Shop for trendy shoes that go with almost every outfit you own, such as dolly shoes or a pair of heels.
6) Accessorise! Necklaces, rings, anklets, earrings, bracelets - you name it! These lovely babies will undoubtedly make you appear more feminine.
7) Last but not least, Buy makeup. However you dont need to over do your makeup. Just a simple routine that you can easily find on Youtube would help. A simple lip gloss, a flick of eyeliner and foundation should do the trick.

Hope that helped! And remember, if you're not comfortable with being feminine, you don't have to be. Be who you want to be and embrace yourself.

Holiday gift suggestions for my family members?
Q. I have a few people in my family that I still don't know what to get them.I know it's early but I really don't want to be last minute.I'm 13 years old so I will go with my dad to get my mom's presents and the same goes for my mom.Here are the people I have left-
Dad-likes hunting and fishing-handyman-49 years old-has way too many things for fishing and hunting:poles,bows and arrows,clothes,a boat,etc...
Cousin #1-Nine year old girl-hard buying clothes for-likes all sports-especially Soccer and Basketball
Cousin #2-Thirteen year old boy-likes rock bands-has X-Box 360-wants a guitar from parents
I already know what I'm getting my mom so those are the only three.If you only have a suggestion for one post it anyway.Thanks for your help!

Sorry Babydoll but I don't think a 9 year old girl or 13 year old boy is going to want a framed poem for Christmas.

A. DAD~~~

Does he like football?

Tickets to see his favorite team play or a cooler with the team colors would be good Christmas gifts for father

. If football isn't his game, maybe he has a favorite baseball or basketball team, or perhaps he likes the stock car or horse races. Any ideas relating to these interests are good Christmas gift ideas for father-in-law.

Does he like to go running?

A pedometer or a gift certificate to a sports shoe store would be nice Christmas gifts ideas for father-in-law in he likes to go jogging, running, or even walking or biking.

Does he golf?

Golf balls and tees or a gift certificate to an online pro shop would be fabulous Christmas gifts for your father-in-law. If he doesn't already have one, a membership to a local golf course would also be a Christmas gift father-in-law would really like.

Does he like to cook out?

A new grill, grilling utensils, or a large outdoor fryer and turkey frying kit would be nice Christmas gifts for father-in-law. If he likes to cook in instead of cooking out, gourmet cookbooks make good Christmas gifts.

Does he like to read?

Books by his favorite authors or from his favorite genre, or gift certificates to a book store would be good Christmas gift ideas for father-in-law. How-to books are very popular among men who are handy by nature.

Are his yard tools worn out?

Most men love to have new lawnmowers or weedeaters that don't require maintenance every time they use them, so these can be very good Christmas gift ideas for your father-in-law.

Cousin#1- 1. Some girls pretend that they 'outgrow' the love of dolls, but most girls just love dolls of all kinds. Young girls like baby dolls while older girls may like collectible dolls. At any rate, dolls are one of the all time best Christmas gifts for girls.

2. Some girls really are tom-boys and don't like dolls. So what are great Christmas gifts for girls who don't like dolls? How about basketballs? Many girls enjoy the challenge of sinking the basketball.

3. Pretty things like music boxes are always super Christmas gifts for girls.

4. Girls of all ages love to add to their wardrobe, so trendy clothes are excellent Christmas gifts for girls.

5. Have you ever met a girl that doesn't have a vast collection of shoes? Shoes, including Christmas shoes, are marvelous Christmas gifts for girls of all ages.

6. Many girls love to dance, and some even sing. Regardless of age, hip music and audio devices like cassette or CD players or karaoke machines are excellent Christmas gifts for girls.

7. Another thing girls really like to do is to decorate for the holidays. Early Christmas gift ideas list for girls might include things like Christmas decorations, Christmas dishes or special, personalized Christmas ornaments.

8. For the sweet tooth, Christmas gift ideas such as Christmas candy, Christmas cookies or Christmas stockings filled with goodies are very thoughtful.

9. For girls who like to cook, cookbooks or cooking utensils are good Christmas gifts.

10. Flowers... Girls of all ages love flowers. Christmas flower arrangements are sure to be Christmas gift ideas for girls that will bring a smile to their faces.

Cousin #2- 1. Teen boys like to 'fit in' with their peers, so music is usually a big deal for them. A good car stereo or boom boxes are great Christmas gifts for teen boys.

2. Unless you really know what kind of music is 'in' you shouldn't probably buy actual music CDs, but gift certificates to music stores are logical Christmas gifts for teen boys. Also, buying memberships to legitimate, legal MP3 download sites are wonderful Christmas gift ideas for teen boys, besides, a legal membership for downloading music may keep them out of trouble.

3. Some great Christmas gifts teen boys really like are car or truck accessories, if they have a vehicle. Anything from floor mats to chrome hub caps make good Christmas gifts teen boys will love.

4. Most teen boys in this day and age like video games, so video games, video game accessories or gift certificates for gaming stores are excellent Christmas gifts for teen boys.

5. If you are really at a loss for Christmas gifts ideas for teen boys, consider getting a gift certificate to eBay where they can choose their own Christmas gifts at great prices! eBay has literally everything, new and used items that are auctioned off. Sometimes the thrill of bidding and trying to win an auction is just as fun as buying the merchandise itself. Nifty Nicky's nephews think eBay gift certificates are the best Christmas gift idea for teen boys she has ever come up with.

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Where can i find stylish womans shoes in a size 12?

Q. i actually wear a 12.5 but can fit a size twelve, i am 22 and like to dress girly so i like trendy boots and heels (no converse or vans i have a closet full of these brands) i also don't want shoes that my granmother would wear to church. 12 is the absolute smallest I can fit, there is no way i could "squeeze in" to an eleven. please don't list a company unless you're SURE they carry size 12. (alot of places advertise extended sizes but only go up to 11) thank you for your suggestions!!!

A. Size 11 here! barefoot tess has lot of trendy shoes and carry extended sizes for brands like jeffrey campbell and dolce vita . Unfortunately they don't have a lot of 12.5 shoes but they have some really cute size 12's and 13's. carries some nice things too.

I wear a size 12 wide in women's shoes. (yeah, I heard that gasp) Where can I find cute & trendy shoes?

A. I wear size 11 in some styles and I have enough trouble finding shoes, I can't imagine finding 12's. I really don't understand why they can't make larger sizes.

You should try Torrid. A friend told me about it recently. They have plus size clothing mostly, but they also carry size 11 and 12 shoes. They have them in many malls and they also have a website.

And it's not as if you can help the size of your feet! I can't believe how rude people are.

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I just got a job, what type of clothes are acceptable?

Q. I just got a job with the census bureau and for training, they ask that you wear business casual attire. I'm 19 and never really had to dress any certain way at any other jobs so if someone could tell me what is considered business casual attire then that would be great!

Thanks for any help.

A. Business casual is crisp, neat, and should look appropriate even for a chance meeting with a CEO. It should not look like cocktail or party or picnic attire. Avoid tight or baggy clothing; business casual is classic rather than trendy.
Khaki or dark pants, neatly pressed, and a pressed long-sleeved, buttoned solid shirt are safe for both men and women. Women can wear sweaters; cleavage is not business-appropriate (despite what you see in the media). Polo/golf shirts, unwrinkled, are an appropriate choice if you know the environment will be quite casual, outdoors or in a very hot location. This may not seem like terribly exciting attire, but you are not trying to stand out for your cutting edge look, but for your good judgment in a business environment.
Shoes / belt:
Wear a leather belt and leather shoes. Athletic shoes are inappropriate.
Cost / quality:
You are not expected to be able to afford the same clothing as a corporate CEO. However, do invest in quality that will look appropriate during your first two or three years on the job for a business casual environment or occasions.
Everything should be clean, well pressed, and not show wear. Even the nicest khakis after 100 washings may not be your best choice for a reception. Carefully inspect new clothes for tags, and all clothes for dangling threads, etc. (as with interview attire).
Use common sense.
If there are six inches of snow on the ground and/or you are rushing to get to an information session between classes and you left home 12 hours earlier, no one will expect you to show up looking ready for a photo shoot � they'll just be happy you made it. Just avoid wearing your worst gym clothes and jeans. If you show up at an event and realize you're not as well dressed as you should be, make a quick, pleasant apology and make a good impression with your interpersonal skills and intelligent questions.

How do i be preppy ( 20 characters)?
Q. thanks you guys i'm kinda trying to come out of the shy faze since my mother died and she always wanted me to be popular

A. Personally, I think the best style type is preppy because it is classic and never goes out of style. Here are some basic steps:

1. The attitude: Always present yourself in a nice and welcoming manner. Be polite and courteous with girls, boys, and teachers. Never be snobby and don't try too hard. Always talk! What I am saying is be social but never during class. Preppy people are never misbehaving people.
2. The clothes: Wear clean cut, classic clothes, but they do not have to be trendy. Places like Abercrombie and Hollister are not preppy, unless you buy the really simple items. Try J.Crew, Lacoste, etc. Wear skirts, khaki, polos, bermuda shorts and bright colors. The staples of the preppy style are oxford shirts, polo shirts, and sweaters/cardigans. anything simple and of a solid color will work! The Jackie Cardigan is also a good, classic choice. Also, try a cute blazer over a simple dress. Also, for jeans, don't have any rips in them. Some good colors for clothes include pastels in pink, blue, green, and yellow or neutrals such as off white and brown.
3. Accessories: Always wear accessories, but not too many. Try pearl jewelry such as pearl studs. Also wear ribbon belts in different colors.
4. Shoes: Clean white tennis shoes are cute, or leather or suede ballet flats. No sneakers or Uggs. If you want boots try leather or suede slouch boots or straight leg boots... classic!
5. Hair: Make sure your hair is always well cleaned and conditioned. Don't do the same thing every day, mix it up! Try ribbons in a ponytail, headbands, and pigtails.
6. Always keep clean: Brush your hair, take care of your teeth and nails, and smell nice. Also, for your nails, paint them clear, white, or light pink. Dark or bright nails are so tacky!
7. Do well in school: If you have the answer, raise your hand. But do not be a show off or brag about your grades.
8. Get involved in a preppy sport: Try lacrosse, cross country, track and fiel, horseback riding, volleyball, swimming, rowing or golf. ( I personally enjoy running!)
9. Most importantly.... HAVE CONFIDENCE!!! Focus on your inner beauty and never let anybody tell you who you should be. Also don't try and fit in, that will only make things worse. Ease into your preppy transition slowly, one piece of clothing at a time, or over a long vacation.
Some helpful links:

If you really want abercrombie... try this:

I hope this helps!

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What sneakers/casual shoes are trendy right now for young women?

Q. Hi, I'm 20 and I'm looking for some sneakers or casual shoes that are somewhat like sneakers. I plan on wearing them a lot during the fall season. I want to a buy a few pairs. So my question is, what brand or style is hot right now for fall 2007? I know boots and other classy style are in but I'm looking for somewhat comfortable casual sneakers. I hope sneakers is the right word for my question. My definition of a sneaker in this case is a shoe that resembles workout/sports attire but can be worn outside the gym. If any girls out there have some advice, please feel free to comment. :)

A. From my point of view,adidas superstar are they are cool every year,every season....
Sth like this,a merge between ballet and sports shoes are really nice and casual you could try finding some a bit more colourful

Tip for trendy shoes... ?
Q. I wears converses all time and I wants a different style of shoe.. I'm sixteen and is there any good stylish walking shoes for me? I'm from Canada. Don't give out some American stores that aren't in Canada.

A. Brand Name�UGG Boots
UGG advantage: versatility, super warm, comfortable, cute
UGG disadvantage: heavy, wearing them will make you seems stubborn
For what people: women, men, old, young all people
What to wear with: jeans, legging, trench and so on.
Shopping guide:

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Why do women like Louboutin Platforms?

Q. Louboutin Platforms almost become the most popular single product of this year. Almost every party, some celebrities will choose them to walk through the Red Carpet, which makes Louboutin Platforms one of the fashion icons. There are more and more websites offering discount Louboutin Platforms. I really like this shoes: Do you think?

A. The iconic red soles are just really trendy! The style of the pumps, heels, or whichever the type of shoe is, are very unique. I heard they are very uncomfortable though.

Stylish but not Trendy Casual Shoes for Men?
Q. I am a man looking for a different type of shoe. I have a pair of Jordan High tops and White Nike Low tops for casual wear. I hate when people jump on the bandwagon for fashion and getting something just because everyone else has it. For example, in my high school, Vans Authentic shoes and Sperry boating shoes (Boys & Girls) are very popular. I really like the Vans, but everybody has them and I refuse to buy them.

It would be nice if people could leave some suggestions on some shoes that are stylish and attractive (FOR MEN) but not really trendy. I'm sure that it will be mostly women that answer this question, so this is the question for the women. What do you think looks attractive on men?

Also, I am in high school. I'm an upperclassmen. Thanks! :)

A. Confidence looks attractive.

As far as footwear: loafers, oxfords/brogues, sneakers, tennis/running shoes, sandals, boots, boat shoes (Sperry's are a classic, not a trend. My grandfather has lived in them [and moccasins] for as long as I have been alive), moccasins, etc.

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Are Converse shoes still trendy in this 2012?

Q. I am a man and I really love them...but it's important to me know about if they're in style yet.

A. converse is the kinda shoe that is always trendy. it's one of the key pieces that goes pretty much with anything, though they're kinda uncomfortable sometimes cause they got no arch support

What makes a guy hot?
Q. This one is for the girls.
I have always been told buy girls (mainly my girlfriend) that i am "hot". I want to know what physical traits make guys attractive?

Also i have always wondered why girls like guys butts and what makes a good butt on a guy?

A. The answer to this question varies. I will give you what I think. This may not be true for other girls.

-be confident in yourself. you gotta love yourself before you love others
-be nice and try to be funny but no dumb jokes youll end up embarrassing yourself
-dont try too hard to be cool, its actually not cool
-say something or do something innocent once in a while. hold the door for the elderly, show up with a flower in front of your crush, tell them how much you care. it really warms the heart.

-hair: if you have longer hair, thats okay just dont let it get shaggy or too long. if you have shorter hair, you can spike up the front like this:
but whatever you do, DO NOT have hair that sticks up in the back like this:
it looks really gross.
-clothing: don't go emo. personally, i dont find that a bit attractive. nor do i like saggy jeans or form fitting jeans. avoid sweatpants. wear normal jeans and name brand t-shirts and sweatshirts, athletic shorts are okay too. spirit wear is always okay.
-dont imitate specifically one person just because they are popular. go with both the trends and your own tastes.
-sanitation: look healthy and clean. take good care of yourself. no sleep in your eyes, boogers, chapped lips, or anything else that has the possibility of making you unattractive and gross.
-shoes: nike running shoes always work. try to pick colors that dont stand out too much, like black, navy, and grey. but if you are a dynamic person that likes to stand out, then go ahead pick neon yellow shoes. you can also wear vans and sperrys. no crocs or other silly shoes. for socks, nike elites or regular ankle socks.
-body: you probably think that girls go for the guys with the hugest six packs. yes they are attractive but you dont have to have them to be attractive. skinny guys are just fine also. if you are chubby or any fatter than that, i suggest working out. just dont have abs that are any bigger than abercrombie and fitch models' or make you look like your on steroids. about butts, i dont think they really factor into your hotness as long as it is not fatty.

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Senin, 17 Maret 2014

Where can I find information on the company who manufactures Starter sportswear?


A. Nike is the owner and manufacturer on the Starter sportswear line of clothing.

1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453

Phone: 503-671-6453
Fax: 503-671-6300

NIKE is the world's #1 shoemaker and controls more than 20% of the US athletic shoe market. The company designs and sells shoes for a variety of sports, including baseball, cheerleading, golf, volleyball, hiking, tennis, and football. NIKE also sells Cole Haan dress and casual shoes and a line of athletic apparel and equipment. In addition, it operates NIKETOWN shoe and sportswear stores, NIKE factory outlets, and NIKE Women shops. NIKE sells its products throughout the US and in about 160 other countries. Nike brand veteran Mark Parker succeeded Bill Perez, who resigned in 2006, as president and CEO.

Image-savvy NIKE sells its products through about 22,000 retail accounts in the US and through independent distributors and licensees in other countries. Subsidiaries include Cole Haan (dress and casual footwear), Bauer NIKE Hockey (hockey equipment), Hurley International (sports apparel for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing), and Converse (classic and retro-style shoes including the Chuck Taylor brand). In 2004 it purchased athletic apparel and footwear makers Official Starter Properties and Official Starter LLC. In late 2004 NIKE bundled the brands into a unit called Exeter Brands Group, based in New York City. The group develops brands in discount retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Target.

The company is rethinking some of its long-standing agreements with retailers, particularly during the retail industry's consolidation push in 2005. As Sears and Kmart begin to polish its own image as a combined entity, NIKE decided effective October 2005 to no longer sell its products in Sears stores nationwide. Sears carries competitor brands: New Balance, Reebok, adidas, and Skechers.

NIKE is keeping its eye on its brands and how customers perceive them -- and on the competition. When adidas-Salomon acquired Reebok in 2006, the deal put the joined companies in a position to compete with longstanding rival NIKE, which has held the top spot in the athletic apparel and footwear markets worldwide for decades.

Looking over its shoulder (striving to maintain its top spot), Nike began actively filing patent lawsuits in 2006 against its competitors, specifically adidas-Salomon. Nike asserts that adidas has used elements of its SHOX cushioning technology in developing the adidas Kevin Garnett and A3 shoes.

NIKE's also honing in on active female customers, particularly in 2005. It became fully committed to women in 2000, when the firm began making its women's shoes using molds made from women's feet. It had been using molds made from a small man's foot. The company followed up by expanding its apparel in fashionable colors and by rolling out trendy low-rise workout pants. Being known as a brand that caters to men (its "Be Like Mike" ad campaign) and as one that supports athletes who take performance and sports seriously, NIKE is focusing more on women who want workout fashion. While NIKE has experienced failed attempts to capture the attention of this target segment, the firm has reworked its organizational, product, and marketing strategy to get there this time around. The plan involves expanding its NIKE Women brand with a catalog and Web site redesign. It also anticipates operating a dozen NIKE Women stores in the US by mid-2006.

Like most clothing and footwear makers, NIKE is vulnerable to the moods of a fickle teen market. In the mid-priced shoe segment, brands such as Skechers have cut into the company's market share. Following the success of NIKE-sponsored golfer Tiger Woods, NIKE has developed a set of golf clubs and unveiled a Tiger Woods apparel line. In addition, the company -- which relies on contract manufacturers -- has taken steps to avoid more criticism of human rights violations in its factories.

In 2004, less than a year after entering the market, NIKE closed all of its Paris operations because of difficulties with its French franchise operator. The closures do not affect NIKE's otherwise healthy European expansion, including store openings in Barcelona, Hamburg, Lisbon, Madrid, and Milan, among others. The company altered the name of its women's stores, broadening the name from Goddess (taking on the original meaning of "Nike") to NIKE Women.

Co-founder Philip Knight announced in November 2004 he would step down as president and CEO, though he will continue as chairman of the company. Former S.C. Johnson & Son chief William Perez was tapped as Knight's successor but he lasted a year in the top spot. Mark Parker, a longtime Nike brand executive, was named president and CEO in January 2006, when Bill Perez left the company.

How many clothe/outfits should i get ? please read!!?
Q. I have 300 dollars to spend ( I saved up for months) and I'm planning on going to the mall so I don't have to go through the hastle of driving around to different stores (I'm 15 btw) and I'm hitting an extreme growth thingy.. I don't know what its called but I'm constantly loosing and gaining weight, and I'm getting taller (finally) but I really need clothes cuz I only have 4 pairs of jeans like 13 shirts and 3 pairs of shoes. (Lots of underwear and bras) so, I decided to be wise with my money and buy clothes but I was wondering.. should I spend all of my money on clothes in the mall (in different stores) or if not then how many:
Pairs of shoes
Pants (long pants, its winter now)
Shirts (tees and longs)
Also, what are some stores I could go to? (Cheap and trendy) I'm not looking for name brand , pants are pants aero or not. Just basic clothes that I could wear but cute at the same time.
Whoever answers ALL of my questions in the post most in depth and understandable will get best answer! Thanks!! (:

A. Oh, you bet I can help you shop!!!
Ok, so what kinds of shoes do you have? If you had, say, a pair of boots, running shoes, and dressy shoes you might be okay. I get a lot of hand me downs (tiny feet), so I have a lot more. But, if I had to pay for them...ok back to the point! So I can't tell you an exact number, but I can give you some tips. Its good to have-
1 sandal
I "school shoe" (Toms, Nike, Sperry, Keens, Converse, etc)
1 Boot (depends on where you live)
1 dressy shoe
Ok, so you have 3 pairs of jeans? That's not bad! If you wear them all, you might be good! I have more but, hand me downs...I have only like 3 that I wear a lot. Maybe just one more pair?
Shirts...unlike jeans, you can tell if they are re-worn again and again!
13 isn't bad!
I would try to get like maybe 2 more?
Aeropostale has good ones, so does Forever 21.
So like maybe 10 long sleeve, 10 short sleeve? Maybe 7 of each.
Here's some stores. Check out the websites and see if you like them-
All of these sites have search engines. Type in the following on each of them, and you'll have what you need! Well, if you like it.
Old navy- Women's Licensed Character tees
Women's waffle knit graphic tees
Target- Women's Mossimo supply co. Odell ruffle ballet flats
Mossimo supply co. Juniors skinny Jean vintage wash
Mossimo supply co juniors short sleeve tee
Aeropostale- long sleeved striped thermal Henley
Solid v-neck tee
Long sleeve navy and lime striped plaid shirt
Ok, maybe not everything, but just some ideas. Hope I helped, and have fun shopping!

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Hottest new shoes?

Q. I need new shoes but i dont want 2 buy any more nikes or Adidas. What are the next popular mens casual basketball shoes?

A. Vans Sk8 Hi-top Classic- trendy, chic and sporty
>>club, date, chillin, sports, you can where em anywhere
>>plus they're cheap

Air Jordans- rap culture necessity, reliable athletic shoe
>>hundreds of designs, performance shoes

Converse Chuck Taylors- one word "classic"

Nike Dunks- A twist on the regular nike
>>trendy "hipster" shoe, variety of colors, expensive

BOTTOM LINE: Get the Vans, they're the lace up kind and they're the trendiest for the money, you can get em for less than 50.

where can i get clothes and shoes like quinn from glee?
Q. i watch glee ALL the time and i am CONSTANTLY in awe of quinn's clothes and how amazing she always looks! i live in Australia and i want to know where i can buy clothes and shoes like hers that aren't too expensive! if you could give me any websites or stores where i could buy clothes like that, it would be amazing!

A. I think wholesaler shave the most suitable answer for your question there you will get big range of different branded and non branded trendy clothes and shoes. It could be very economical to make shopping from wholesalers because they provide less prices and exciting deals as compare to the market rates.

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what brand of trainers are trendy nice for a female?

Q. i usualy wear heels but i want some trainers for days out and just for comfort i bought a pair of very cheap plain black ones but hate them. id be happier if they were pink or more girly looking :) ive been looking at skechers and pink converse but dont know wich will look best. or if there are any brands i should look at

A. Skechers are great and they also help you shape up and tone your body just by wearing them around walking or on the job or anywhere else they even have running shoes to give burn calories than other shoes.
They are worth trying out because they will tone your body up and make you look leaner and taller just by regularly wearing them.
They got cool colors like pink and purple and more, they are quite trendy in additional to their health benefits even Kim Kardashian wears them and they have a complete collection by her name.
The skechers Tone ups are cool too. I like Women's Shape-ups - Kinetix Response S R T.
I've written an article on the benefits of Shape Ups, if you're interested to know more check it out at the link below. The article is on men's shoes but the benefits are the same for both.

size 13 women's shoes?
Q. I wear a size 13 women's shoe, Im not ashamed of my shoe size because i am really tall and i'm use to them. i cant find any cute trendy shoes anywhere!!! some say try payless but they have no grip what so ever and i do not want to be slipping and sliding all over the place. Any suggestions?

A. Nadia, your feet are a size bigger than mine (mens 10.5/ womens 12), and I consider that sexy especially if you pedicure.

Try, they go up to 15 with lots of styles. They hardly have anything under size 11!

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What is a good store to find Women size 12 shoes ( dressy and cute)?

Q. I need some shoes fast and i have no luck so far. so please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. if you go to payless they hav lots that have big sizes and theyre all cute and affordable!

Where can I find nice, trendy shoes that come in larger sizes (11-12 women's) that are decently priced?
Q. I've got big feet, and a small budget. Any suggestions?
I'm mainly looking for a cute pair of sneakers. (:

A. Steve Madden has extented sizes.

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I wear a size 12 wide in women's shoes. (yeah, I heard that gasp) Where can I find cute & trendy shoes?


A. I wear size 11 in some styles and I have enough trouble finding shoes, I can't imagine finding 12's. I really don't understand why they can't make larger sizes.

You should try Torrid. A friend told me about it recently. They have plus size clothing mostly, but they also carry size 11 and 12 shoes. They have them in many malls and they also have a website.

And it's not as if you can help the size of your feet! I can't believe how rude people are.

4EE shoes for women?
Q. My poor mum who's only 56 is housebound but she's always been quite stylish, the last few years her feet have been swollen so she's had to wear "old lady shoe's" as she calls them, i want to get her a lovely pair of 1 & a half inch heeled shoes. i have no idea where to find a trendy pair of 4EE shoes in london. After my search, to me, if you have wide feet you're classed as needing soft slippers!! Help!!

A. i'm not sure if they do them that small but evans do wide fitting shoes, i know because i take a 9EE/10 and they are about the only place i can buy them from. Brantano's is also good for strange sized shoes, i know they go down into small sized shoes but im not sure weather they do wide fittings there.

Those are the only places i can think of off the top of my head, hope they help!

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Minggu, 16 Maret 2014

Where can I find the hottest and trendy shoes in my size??!! I am a woman's size 11?

Q. I need wedges,pumps,heels and flats. I love shoes,I just have a hard time finding the hottest shoes people with smaller feet are wearing right now that are my size. I try to search the websites(don't know of too many) but they are either too expensive or too ugly....HELPPPPP!!!

A. Barefoot tess is one site that I know of

Good luck

Where can i find stylish womans shoes in a size 12?
Q. i actually wear a 12.5 but can fit a size twelve, i am 22 and like to dress girly so i like trendy boots and heels (no converse or vans i have a closet full of these brands) i also don't want shoes that my granmother would wear to church. 12 is the absolute smallest I can fit, there is no way i could "squeeze in" to an eleven. please don't list a company unless you're SURE they carry size 12. (alot of places advertise extended sizes but only go up to 11) thank you for your suggestions!!!

A. Size 11 here! barefoot tess has lot of trendy shoes and carry extended sizes for brands like jeffrey campbell and dolce vita . Unfortunately they don't have a lot of 12.5 shoes but they have some really cute size 12's and 13's. carries some nice things too.

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Where to buy great office wear?

Q. Alright so I had bought a suit up and a vest. However I want to buy some black skirts and lots of shirts.

I am going to start my alevels and we have to dress formaly.

So, where can I buy long sleeved women shirts at a great price?
List a shop or a website I could buy it from.
Thank you x

A. I'm not sure what alevels are... but I know where to shop!

Forever21 - they have semi-dressy things for very very cheap, thought the quality obviously isn't great.
Old Navy - more plain but still casual business appropriate.
Target - Great stuff, decent price, good shoes... love it.

Moderately priced:
H&M - can be on the cheaper side with some dress shirts at $20 or less, but they also have really nice and cute dresses and blazers.
Express - Great place for fitted shirts that are better in quality.

Banana Republic: Again, some items aren't bad, but generally cost more. A little reserved, but they have high quality basics and although they are pretty, not too trendy.
Thomas Pink shirts - the BEST fitted tailored shirts ever. WAY overpriced, but they fit like a glove!

Dressing up as a girl to an halloween costume day at the office, need help with an outfit please!?
Q. Hi
My office will be having a Halloween day on friday before Halloween. Bunch of girls at work are daring me to dress up as a girl, I've done it few years ago for Halloween but i went to the city with friends. This time I'll be going dressed up as a girl to the office where i work. They will be having a contest for the best costume.

I'm thinking of going all out with fake nails and full make up and wig but i am not sure what to wear :( What do you think i should wear that day?? Any suggestions, links, pics, are greatly appreciated ..i need help !!

A. i think dressing up as the opposite sex is funny when you really look like a woman even better, you look GOOD as a woman. try and be trendy with a nice handbag (maybe put a little plush dog in it). i would wear a high waisted pencil skirt and a nice blouse dont forget some clip on earrings or any other jewelry like necklace and bangles. Wig and fake nails sounds like a great idea, you could add a headband also. you could wear heals but i would suggest finding a pair of either very short heals or just a flat women's shoe in general because heals hurt your feet!! For your makeup just use some mascara and eyeliner for your eyes, use some concealer and blush on your face, and wear a light coloured lip stick . Wear a trench coat to finish off the look it's an essential piece in every woman's wardrobe ;)

pencil skirt/ blouse -

trench coat-

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What are the cheapest stores or sites to get fashionable clothes from?


A. Here's a few stores that you can try ...

try old navy they have very cute - and sometimes cheap clothes, shoes, ect.

Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Games, Community, and lots more

Hottest fashions on sale.
MJR Sales has it! We have the Hot Designers at the lowest prices.

Clothes Girls at Target
Find Clothes Girls Online. Shop & Save at Today.

Women's Apparel Online
Classically styled Women's Clothing with the finest fabrics & features.

Chadwick's®-Official Site
Shop Our New Summer Styles! More Style, More Value at Chadwicks

Pink Ice
Fashionable Trendy Young Women's Clothes, Accessories, & Shoes

Ladies Dress
See our New Summer Styles & Colors & Get $5 Shipping on all orders.

Womens Apparel
Classically styled Women's Clothing Pants, Blouses, Tees & more.

Spiegel Women's Wear
Save up to 75% on Fabulous Fashion At the Spiegel Semi-Annual Sale!

Dresses for Women
Compare Prices on Women's Dresses at - Big Savings!

Classic Women's Clothing
Comfortable classic styles that fit In Misses, Petites and Women's

ALSO - here's a search engine so you can find LOTS of websites! -

Clothes for skinny people????
Q. I am 15 and about 5 foot3-5foot4

I weigh 6 stone 7

And have a 22 inch waist

I find it really difficult to find clothes, because I prefer adult styles but children (around age 10-11) fit but i prefer to wear adult clothes. Does anyone know where I can get trendy clothes in my size?

I live in the UK

Thanks :)

A. #
misses and misses petite dress,knitwear, and lingerie sizes
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Exclusive designer and classic clothing for the petite woman
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Petite Jackets at Principles (United Kingdom)
Petite Jackets :: Lightweight casual jackets, belted macs, trench ... Petite Sizes. Garment Care. FAQs. Site map. Sale. Account card. About us. Contact details ... - Cached

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