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Switching to skirts, and I have a couple questions?

Q. My mom and I are going to a Baptist church and now my mom is saying that I'm no longer aloud to wear pants. The bible says that pants are mens clothing and women are not to wear mens clothing. So I was just curious about a few things. In the winter, will people think we are crazy for wearing skirts? Will it look weird for me to wear my converse (they're my favorite shoes!!) with skirts? Oh, and any tips to accesorize or any tips period? Personal experience? Thank you all so much!!

A. Hey!!! God Bless You!! My name is Lissette and it's a pleasure to be able to help you!

1. I don't know where you live, but it is quite fashionable to wear skirts during the winter time. You can wear it with black stockings, belts, necklaces (jewelry), scarves, hats, trench coats, etc.

2. Quite honestly, you should not wear your converse with skirts everyday. You can look for some cute flats which can be very comfortable (no heels) and will match better with your outfit. Here are some sites that illustrate ways to incorporate your converse into your wardrobe:

Neutrals go well with ANY color in your outfit:
Black, brown, khaki, gray, denim, white, navy.

It's also good for you to understand the basic types of skirts before you off shopping:

Types of Skirts

Below are some sites that you can check out!

101 on Skirts (Types of Skirts 1 and click for the 2nd part)

Ideas on Certain Types of Skirts
(How to wear long skirts, very cute ideas!! Love the shoes!!),RALPH,LAUREN-1045022-1.htm
(a few looks you can use as inspirations; of course, you'll have to tweek some here and there.)
(Black High waisted skirt with red shoes; you can use a cardigan on top)
(Cute look for winter time!! An A-line skirt with black stockings with a scarf and matching hat.)

What are some trendy clothing stores for a rising freshman girl???
Q. I need clothes, and shoes, and eearings, so any stores will help, EXCEPT american Eagle Hollister stores of that sort.

A. oh gosh.. i have bunches.
(torrid is a plus size store.. but i use it cuz they have cute accessories and shoes)

have fun!

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what should i pack and when should i start packing?

Q. i am leaving for a trip to Oregon on july 17th i was wondering when i should start packing?
And since its in the Olympic Peninsula what should i pack? Winter clothes, summer clothes, please help!

A. Follow these six travel tips.

1.Select 5 easy pieces in a one neutral solid color (black, brown, tan, or navy, etc)

-1 Slack

-1 Short

-1 Jacket

-1 Skirt

-1 Jeans(white or dark denim)

2. Select Novelty Pieces-add your signature color

-1 Raincoat or sweater (a outer layering piece adds color)

-1 White shirt or blouse

-1 White t-shirt

-1 5 tops in different styles in your signature color (3/4 length, tank, sleeveless, etc)

-1 Print top must be in signature color you have chosen (optional)

-1 Dress (optional-in core or signature color)

-1 Pashmina or wrap in your signature color

3. 1 workout or lounging outfit

4. Accessories in your signature color (scarves, handbag, necklace, bangles, etc)

5. 3 belts (1 dressy, 1 casual, 1 trendy- core color)

6. 3-4 Shoes (walking or exercise, dressy, casual flats, sandals or loafers core color)

what are some good sturdy shoes that i can wear when walking around in europe?
Q. we will be walking a lot visiting museums, etc... for four months.

but here's the catch - i'm a huge fashionista - i refuse to wear ugly sneakers or hiking boots.

instead of calling me a prima donna (haha)... you have any suggestions as to what kind of shoes i can bring on my trip? the weather in most places will be moderate. they should be sturdy, durable, comfortable, closed-toed, but also somewhat fashionable.

thank you all!

A. When I travel I like to bring Converse (all stars). They come in every color, are comfortable, easy to keep clean, and are classic with a touch of both trendy and retro styles.

They are so slim and easy to pack that I can easily fit 2 pairs into a small bag.

I find most (hiking) boots quite clunky for everyday wear.

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Jumat, 12 Juli 2013

what shoes to wear with boyfriend cut jeans?

Q. They are dark wash and I am wearing them with a white tank top but I have no clue what type of shoes.
no sandals, oh and I hate Birkenstocks so don't even say it.

A. A few options for a trendy look:

What kind of dress shoes or sandals will look with this dress for an outside wedding?
Q. I'm going to my friends wedding this Saturday and do not know what kind of dress shoes or sandals to wear that day.

Here is the dress:

Links of dress shoes or sandals from target or payless in wide will help out a lot and thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

A. 1.


3. - for a sexier/elegant look

4. - for a trendy, fashionista look

5. - for a sexier/fun look

6. - to add in some colour to your outfit

7. - also to add in some colour :)

for more comfortable shoes or if it is an outdoor wedding,




there are plenty but, the basic guideline would be to go for shoe colours that are in the dress such as white or tan/beige/nude or pale yellow or pale green. in this case, avoid black as it would look a tad bit awkward with this dress.

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What is "smart casual" dress for women at a Christmas party for people in mid-twenties?

Q. It is for a class of physical therapy students in graduate school... to get together, have drinks, and play secret santa. What do you think: black pants or jeans?
Girlfriend getting dragged along here...

A. Black slacks for sure. Dress it up with trendy black shoes and a festive top. For guys, an untucked button-down oxford shirt. For girls, maybe something with a little sparkle.

What are some good shoes for work?
Q. I work in a trendy retail store and am constantly on my feet. I'm not allowed to wear any athletic shoe or sandals. My feet hurt after work and I think it's time I get some good shoes. I have heard Toms are good. I don't want to spend anymore that $50. I am a 17 year old girl. I need trendy but most importantly comfy! Thankyou! :)

A. You get what you pay for. I also work retail, and have learned that a good shoe is so worth the money. I live in my J.Crew cece ballet flats. Personally, I would avoid TOMS, especially if your store is higher end or trendy. They just aren't very professional or cute IMO.
OK shoes in your budget:
Shoes that are worth every penny:
Brands that should be avoided because they'll tear up your feet:
Steve Madden
Urban Outfitters

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Is Charlotte Russe like a cool store to shop at? Is it at the mall or is it a catalog or what?

Q. I'm so out of style! I'm out of school and don't work right now so I don't really get to see what's in style out there! What types of clothes do they have that are cute? Oh, I'm 24. Am I too old for their stuff? I don't have kids and actually look more like 18!

A. They have stores at the mall and online. The stuff there is cheap and trendy (meaning, the style that's "in" right now) but it's not the best quality. I personally don't go there because the clothes look cheap and the colors don't suit my style. They have skinny jeans, bright dressy tops, tees, pretty much everything including shoes. Charlotte Russe targets people in their teens to twenties so you could shop there.

Lately the trend has been kinda punk/skater...So Converse, skinny jeans, neon colored tops, chunky jewelry, and just really over-the-top stuff is in. If you've ever seen the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place, the stuff that Alex Russo (played by Selena Gomez) wears is what you can find at Charlotte Russe.

But CR is by no means a store targeted towards a specific style. Lots of my friends shop there and find cute clothes, so it's worth checking out. Plus, they have great $5 sales. :D

Hope that helps!

Answer mine? I'm giving best answer to the next "I don't know" answer.;_ylt=AhD.RNgjm4bjEO5meZ8Z6NDty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080805152952AAvuUFO

Clothing ideas for kids old fashioned photo shoot?
Q. My girl is 3, my boy is 5. They both wear glasses. We are doing a 1 hr photo shoot and I like the old fashioned/ rustic style. Any ideas on how I should dress them/props? Answers with links to pics of costumes, etc, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

A. It depends on exaclty what era you wish to copy and exactly what sort of photos will be shot. Strict Portraits or more candid, situatuinal photos.

As for props. I suggest going to your local thrift stores, secondhand stores and antique stores (though antique stores are often pricey) and look for vintage toys. For boys, it all sort of depends on what your littleboy is in to. Old metal firetrucks and model cars work well, as do old stuffed animals that they like. For girls, contemporary cloth and rag dolls can be timeless. Items used for playing dress up work well for photo shoots as well (mom's large sunday hats, strings of fake pearls, dress gloves) if the little girl enjoys that. If your children like to read, old children's books are veyr easy and cheap to come by and make for great photos. And even if you can't find authentic old books, Little Golden Books are still published to this day and look the same as they did 60 years ago. They are bout a dollar apiece and can be found at any book store with a children's section or Wal*Mart.

Non child-related props would include flowers (pretty though a bit cliche), garden tools (depending on location), hats, and ANYTHING that your children are fascinated by or like playing with. That's the big thing, it shouldn't be forced. What do they like? Bring them along when you are looking for props and follow their lead.

For clothing: keep it simple. Try not to use patterns or anything obviously trendy and stay away from anything with obvious fasteners or brand names and logos on it. Stick to nice dress clothes. You're little girl should wear a nice, simple dress (something white or light colored will show up well in black and white photography, also it's fairly timeless) with nice simple shoes (something old fashioned like patent leather would look nice). The little boy should be dressed in lighter colors as well - preferably a button up dress shirt and dark colored pants (I wouldn't be tempted to use a tie or anything suitish. Just go with SIMPLE) His shoes should also be classic looking (black leather tie ups would be good). If this isn't possible, than have the photographer to avoid having their feet in a shot (they should be able to handle this) or have them go barefoot if the location and weather safely allow.

If you can, leave your daughter's hair down without bretts or fasteners as this will date the photo as newer. If it has to be up and, if she would be willing, try using a little hair product or bobby pins instead.

Their glasses will pose a problem as glasses change with fashion and will give away that the photo isn't very accurate in it's portrayal of "old-fashioned" photos. Also, in most older photos (say Victorian era-1950s) children didn't appear wearing photos for the large part until around middle school age.

Lastly, the best advice I have for making retro/old-fashioned/rustic/contemporary photos is to keep it simple. Try to narrow down a time-frame you have in mind and see what you already have that would have been around at that time.

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What is appropriate casual and "going out" clothing for a 26 year old female?

Q. Would you be able to give me some specifics, maybe a list of specifics that should be in the wardrobe? And should I be shopping in the woman's section or junior's section of a department store?

A. know how to mix and match. :) nothing wrong w/ junior's dept if it fits you! also, know what is appropriate for work wear, and the rest is up to you.

here what is in my wardrobe that i wear most of the time, and i am 26 too!

Jeans (shorter pair to wear w/ flats, one longer and fits better for heels/boots). Citizens have good jeans, i wear those everyday! but are $$$$... if u do'nt want to splurge u can go to ross, i got a pair of BCBG jeans for like $25.

White button up blouse: u can wear it w/ aNYTHING!

Wide Belt in black or brown. definitely makes any outfit a bit more stylish.

Nice jacket.. right now i have a really nice Cordoroy Dark Purple jacket from J.Crew (got it on sale for only $30! was $150 before~), i also have a $25 one from Target that is black and velvet.. very cute.

Nice Coat.. for night time and cold weather. u can wear this w/ jeans OR with dresses!

A handful of cute dresses.. either summer dresses, classic, or trendy. i have a cute Forever 21 dress (red w/ polka dots and puffed sleeves), a pretty classic type Ann Taylor Teal Blue dress w/ antique style buttons and black and beige trim... right now a cute look is a chiffon flowy dress w/ dark tights and a chunky knit sweater and belt!!!!

Jewelry: right now i like Long necklaces, and u can pair them up w/ different length necklaces and bracelets. Forever 21 has great ones for like $7.00, and some of them look really classy too if u pair them up w/ right clothes.

Shoes: at least one pair of flats, one pair of boots, and one pair of sneakers/comfy walking shoes, and as many cute Heels, Pumps, and Sandals as possible!

a great look is this: jeans, white blouse, wide belt at the skinniest part of the waist, cute jacket on top, and either boots or flats. u can also substitute a cardigan for the jacket and put the belt over (or under) as well. i'd also like to invest in a cute Pencil Skirt, u can tuck in the white blouse and put the belt over! sooo cute...

make sure ur hair and makeup always looks good, and no matter what u wear u will look trendy~ :)

What kind of dress shoes or sandals will look with this dress for an outside wedding?
Q. I'm going to my friends wedding this Saturday and do not know what kind of dress shoes or sandals to wear that day.

Here is the dress:

Links of dress shoes or sandals from target or payless in wide will help out a lot and thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

A. 1.


3. - for a sexier/elegant look

4. - for a trendy, fashionista look

5. - for a sexier/fun look

6. - to add in some colour to your outfit

7. - also to add in some colour :)

for more comfortable shoes or if it is an outdoor wedding,




there are plenty but, the basic guideline would be to go for shoe colours that are in the dress such as white or tan/beige/nude or pale yellow or pale green. in this case, avoid black as it would look a tad bit awkward with this dress.

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Where can I find trendy toddler boots for my son?

Q. Don't want Oldnavy, Gap, Jcrew or any other big name brands.
Most parents don't dress their children in crap. Most parents actually care what their children's clothing looks like. My child is 3, not an infant. If you didn't care then don't waist my time and not answer the question.
Not looking for Big names again...looking for mom and pop shops that have websites. Thanks.

A. Try Brooks Shoes, Little happy feet or shoes zoo !

Thoughts about the woman pulled off the South West Airlines Flight?
Q. I'm curious to hear opinions of the young lady who was pulled off the SouthWest Airlines flight because her outfit was too revealing. The pictures of her, wearing her skirt and top were I thought not out of the norm, she was tall, blonde and a bit busty but nothing at all revearling about her top and her skirt was low to mid thigh. They actually showed some of the older SW Airline flight attendents from the 70's wearing hot pants on CNN today. Curious to hear opinions, because this woman was dressed nicely and I have seen some pretty poorly dressed people not get a second look. Think that jealously had anything to do with it?
I only saw the picture of her that was shown on the media. She looks fine in it and didn't have a tank top on, she had a top and sweater. My understanding was that it was a female passenger who complained after the boarded the plane and that she was given a blanket to cover herself after getting back on.

A. I offer 2 opinions on the topic of personal appearance in public places -

1. Airlines (Buses, Cruise ships, Railroads, etc) have the right to demand certain standards of conduct (or appearance)of passengers, and sometimes enforce that right when passengers or the airline would be harmed. In this case, however, I have heard that another passenger complained to the airline, and caused this situation to arise.
I have no idea what gives one passenger the right to judge the lady's clothing, this seems to be hypocritical and surely could have been resolved by moving the complaining passenger to a seat out of view of the young lady, and offering a blindfold to the complaining passenger.
Since the airline crew now had to intervene quickly, in order to let the flight take off on time, and keep the peace, perhaps it was easiest at the moment to do what SW did, right or wrong. On the other hand (with my perfect hindsight), if I were the air crew, I would have told BOTH passengers to get off and let them battle it out in court for being involved in a dispute of a nature unable to be resolved in a timely manner.

Opinion #2: On personal pride of appearance AND tolerance (or lack of tolerance), what ever happened to these things?
It used to be that far fewer people (slobs, etc) went out in public place dressed badly. I am not talking about dressing in a unique, trendy way, but plain out wearing ragged, dirty smelly clothing, etc. I once sat (in first class cabin, Dallas to London) way too close to a young couple and baby, dressed in worn-out jeans, tattered plain white-T shirts, cheap shower shoes, etc and the toddler wearing only a diaper and some kind of sleeping clothes, barely enough to keep it from catching cold. Granted that your clothing choices can be limited by your income and budget, but if you have the means to fly in first-class cabin to London, surely you could afford to dress better than that? On tolerance, YES, I thought to myself that if I had the power, I would tell that couple to dress more appropriately for the occasion, but of course I realized that I do NOT have that power, so I just kept my mouth shut, put on my headset, listened to the music, and enjoyed the flight.

Ok, open for debate, I would like to read your comments, anyone?

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What is appropriate casual and "going out" clothing for a 26 year old female?

Q. Would you be able to give me some specifics, maybe a list of specifics that should be in the wardrobe? And should I be shopping in the woman's section or junior's section of a department store?

A. know how to mix and match. :) nothing wrong w/ junior's dept if it fits you! also, know what is appropriate for work wear, and the rest is up to you.

here what is in my wardrobe that i wear most of the time, and i am 26 too!

Jeans (shorter pair to wear w/ flats, one longer and fits better for heels/boots). Citizens have good jeans, i wear those everyday! but are $$$$... if u do'nt want to splurge u can go to ross, i got a pair of BCBG jeans for like $25.

White button up blouse: u can wear it w/ aNYTHING!

Wide Belt in black or brown. definitely makes any outfit a bit more stylish.

Nice jacket.. right now i have a really nice Cordoroy Dark Purple jacket from J.Crew (got it on sale for only $30! was $150 before~), i also have a $25 one from Target that is black and velvet.. very cute.

Nice Coat.. for night time and cold weather. u can wear this w/ jeans OR with dresses!

A handful of cute dresses.. either summer dresses, classic, or trendy. i have a cute Forever 21 dress (red w/ polka dots and puffed sleeves), a pretty classic type Ann Taylor Teal Blue dress w/ antique style buttons and black and beige trim... right now a cute look is a chiffon flowy dress w/ dark tights and a chunky knit sweater and belt!!!!

Jewelry: right now i like Long necklaces, and u can pair them up w/ different length necklaces and bracelets. Forever 21 has great ones for like $7.00, and some of them look really classy too if u pair them up w/ right clothes.

Shoes: at least one pair of flats, one pair of boots, and one pair of sneakers/comfy walking shoes, and as many cute Heels, Pumps, and Sandals as possible!

a great look is this: jeans, white blouse, wide belt at the skinniest part of the waist, cute jacket on top, and either boots or flats. u can also substitute a cardigan for the jacket and put the belt over (or under) as well. i'd also like to invest in a cute Pencil Skirt, u can tuck in the white blouse and put the belt over! sooo cute...

make sure ur hair and makeup always looks good, and no matter what u wear u will look trendy~ :)

What kind of dress shoes or sandals will look with this dress for an outside wedding?
Q. I'm going to my friends wedding this Saturday and do not know what kind of dress shoes or sandals to wear that day.

Here is the dress:

Links of dress shoes or sandals from target or payless in wide will help out a lot and thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

A. 1.


3. - for a sexier/elegant look

4. - for a trendy, fashionista look

5. - for a sexier/fun look

6. - to add in some colour to your outfit

7. - also to add in some colour :)

for more comfortable shoes or if it is an outdoor wedding,




there are plenty but, the basic guideline would be to go for shoe colours that are in the dress such as white or tan/beige/nude or pale yellow or pale green. in this case, avoid black as it would look a tad bit awkward with this dress.

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Why do girls jump on the bandwagon for ugly clothes?

Q. 1st- it was uggs, now its boat shoes,now its toms. Why do girls jump on the bandwagon & buy things when there not even cute? Is it just to follow the trend? Im a girl btw. Tell me these arent ugly:
Plus their like $60 worth of uglyness lol let me stop before some one gets offended
Your right. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But i guarantee you 80%-90% of the girls who have these shoes only bought them cause they saw they were a trend or cause some celebrity had them on

A. i've been wondering the same thing. Just because things are 'in style' doesn't mean they actually look good. I guess some girls actually think they are cute, but most probably just like they are trendy.
I personally don't care about trends as long as the clothes are cute and comfortable.

Job Interview at American Eagle Outfitters?
Q. Okay, so I'm 16 and I'm a guy and I have a job interview at the local American Eagle this Friday. I'm wicked nervous because this will be my first job/job interview. So I've got a few questions.

~What should I wear? I was thinking a green A.E. shirt, not tucked in and mostly buttoned except at the top and bottom, with a similarly green t-shirt underneath and some lite-colored khaki shorts. Also, is it fine if I wear skate shoes? Specifically, Lakai that are purple and grey... Or should I wear brown boat shoes that I wear for school? These are basically dress shoes because I have to wear a suit to school every day.

~What kind of questions will they be asking? Like I understand the basics like: "Why do you wanna work here?" "What makes you stand out from the other applicants?" etc. I've already had like a "mini" interview with a lady who had been working there for a long time and she asked me a few of these, but she wasn't the hiring manager. She said that she would make sure that I got an interview, which I did.

~What are some of the key aspects that they're looking for in a sales associate, there? I'm really outgoing and I love interacting with people.

~Should I get a hair cut? My hair isn't obscenely long. I got a school with an extremely strict dress code so my hair is neat. But it's not like a typical-preppy hair cut. It's kinda long. It's kinda short on the sides but I've got bangs that go down to my eyes and then kinda go to the side. As much as I don't want to describe it this way, it's somewhat similar to Justin Beiber's... :(


A. When you are dressing for a job interview, image really is everything (or most of it). The image you present to a potential employer is the first thing they are going to notice about you - before you even have a chance to say a word or shake a hand.

In order to make a good first impression, you need to dress professionally and separate your social image (if it's more casual, and it probably is) from your professional presence.

How to Dress for an Interview
Why it's always important to dress professionally for a job interview and what to wear.

What Not to Wear on a Job Interview

�Flip-flops or sneakers.
�Underwear (bras, bra straps, briefs, boxers, etc.) that is visible. Don't wear any underwear that shows - even if your bra straps match your top.
�Skirts that are too short.
�Pants that are too low-rise or too tight.
�Blouses that are too low-cut or too short - don't show your cleavage or your belly.
�More on underwear and low-rise pants - make sure the top of your thong, if you wear one, doesn't show above your pants.
Trendy vs. Classic

�A classic interview suit that will last for years is a better investment than the latest trendy attire that will only last a season.
�Your idea of trendy might not match the interviewer's perspective on what's fashionable, so err on the side of dressing conservatively when you interview.
�Shop Wisely - Visit outlets, shop sales, shop online, and use coupons to get the most mileage out of your interview budget.
�Plan Ahead - If you have that one classic interview suit in your closet, you'll be prepared for an unexpected interview, regardless of when it occurs.
Your Professional Presence

�Your Social vs. Your Professional Presence - What you wear off-the-job and socially doesn't have to be what you wear interviewing or at work. In fact, your professional presence may be very different from personal presence, and that's fine. They don't have to mesh - you can have a closet full of fun clothes and a wardrobe of work clothes.
�Perfume and Cologne - Your scent (even if you smell good) can be an issue. I once worked for some who wouldn't hire anyone he could smell from across the room. Also, scent is one of the strongest senses and your favorite perfume or cologne might be the same scent the interviewer's ex-girlfriend or ex-husband wore. That subliminal negative impact could squash your chances of getting a job offer. With any type of scent, less, or none, is better.
�Pantyhose - The question of whether women should wear pantyhose on a job interview created a lot of discussion on this site and the answer was overwhelmingly yes.
�Tattoos and Piercings - Depending on where you are interviewing, you may want to consider covering your tattoos and taking out your rings. There are companies that have policies which limit both.
�Starting Your New Job - If you're not sure what to wear on the job, ask the hiring manager before you start. You can also visit the workplace to see what the people coming in and out of the building are wearing. There is no better way to make a bad impression than to show up for your first day because you're underdressed or overdressed.

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Rabu, 10 Juli 2013

Designing = What do ladies in their early twenties want to wear?

Q. Ok, i am a designer for Dior and we are planning on launching a new line for young ladies (17-30?) but what do we wear?? Yes, I know that I am at the age (17-30... NOT telling) but that is ONE person, the line could only happen with YOUR opinions! My job is in your hands.... :[

A. I like classic clothing with a trendy twist.

I like black alot! esp paired with white or red.

slim pants with a slight flare in the leg, a white cami with solid black embroidery (roses and vines) around the top.

Embroidery, velvet, FAUX furs (like good quality faux rabbit or mink) trims, big buttons, unique buttons, empire waist, v neck, scoop necks

I like purple-light plum, cherry red, turquoise, gold, light grey,

small touches of detail that make some unique

flat shoes

round toes or slight! point

dark/antique jeans

a little bit of chains

birds, roses, vines, leaves,

feminine but strong

Items that could go business, casual, or dressy.

Where can I get comfortable fashionable shoes?
Q. I'm 5'9 and I don't want to wear heels! I love to dress trendy, but I just can't find cute casual shoes that are comfortable. And if you're gonna say "FLATS" they are extremely uncomfortable I need some support in my arch. I wouldn't mind buying flats but I want trendy ones that are comfortable. Not for old ladies but for a 22 year old! Please help.

A. steve madden has really cute sandals that are extremely comfortable. :D

my favorite flats are from Aldo. :D

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How long has the brand "ellemenno" been around?

Q. They make somewhat trendy shoes- boots, flats, etc. As well as some clothing I think.

I was wondering when they first started making shoes?

A. � I would say since the century started.

what pair of shoes should I buy?
Q. I want to buy a pair of shoes. I was contemplating buying a pair of black riding boots but I guess it's just not meant to be because of the five I've tried to order three didn't fit and two didn't go through. *sighs*
I have a $100 limit, and would like some trendy shoes for spring or winter. Ideas?

A. If your a girl ; combat boots , uggs , red converse , high tops.
If your a boy ; vans :D
Answer my question please ?(: thanks

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Where can I find the hottest and trendy shoes in my size??!! I am a woman's size 11?

Q. I need wedges,pumps,heels and flats. I love shoes,I just have a hard time finding the hottest shoes people with smaller feet are wearing right now that are my size. I try to search the websites(don't know of too many) but they are either too expensive or too ugly....HELPPPPP!!!

A. Barefoot tess is one site that I know of

Good luck

Whats a good consignment shop to sell clothes to?
Q. So i want to get rid of a bunch of clothes that i never wear, but i want to get some money for it since theres so much im getting rid of. I live in Rochester, NY, and i dont want to go to Platos Closet because you get practically nothing for the clothes. So anyone have suggestions to a consignment shop in Rochester that gives you a decent amount of money for your clothes? And I'd like to point out, yes i could donate, but ive donated clothes many times and I'd to get some money back this time for new clothes. I am not greedy. Suggestions??

A. Rochester Area Consignment Shops (RACS)

Act 2 Consignment Shop
31 E. Main St., Victor, N.Y.
Carefully Re-chosen Fashions & Collectibles

Anything Goes Clothing Consignment Shop, Est. 1988
Labels for less
Closed February & July
Monday - Saturday 10 - 5, Thursday 10 - 8
136 Village Landing, Fairport , N.Y.

Changing Closets Consignment Boutique
Women & teen girls clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, home decor & furniture.
7353 Route 96, Victor , N.Y. 14564
(2 miles south of Eastview Mall)

Friend To Friend Trendz
Fairport's Newest Consignment Boutique!
Specializing in trendy Teen & Woman's everyday clothing and accessories.
303 Macedon Center Road
Fairport, NY 14450

Lily's Consignment Shoppe, Est 1987
Quality second-hand clothing for the entire family.
Fashion accessories, vintage & costume jewelry and household treasures
699 S. Main Street, Canandaigua 14424 (in the Old Wegmans Plaza)

Marianne's Consignments
Reselling contemporary brand name clothing for men, women, and juniors
at incredibly low prices!
Fabulous purses, shoes, and jewelry too!
Tuesday - Friday 11 - 6, Saturdays 11 - 3
792 South Clinton Ave (between Meigs and Gregory) Rochester, N.Y.
Customer service is our trademark!

Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment, Inc.
1855 Monroe Ave, Brighton, N.Y.
Joan E. Lincoln

Second Bloom Consignment
Store Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wed. and Fri. 10-6, Thursday 10- 8, Saturday 10-4
1276 Fairport Rd. Fairport, N.Y. 14450
PH: 585-388-4330 Fax-388-5189

Second Chances Consignment Shoppe
�A Second Chance for a First Impression�
Judy Kampf, Owner
Women�s, Men�s & Children�s clothing, shoes, jewelry, Handbags, jewelry, accessories & home décor
Mon, Tues & Fri 10am-6pm
Wed & Thurs 10am-7pm
Sat 10am-5pm
147 S. Union Street (Corner of S. Union & West Ave), Spencerport, , N.Y. 14559

Rosie's Boutique - Second Hand Rose
Designer Consignment with a Touch of Zen
50 State St.-Behind Shoen Place
Pittsford NY 14534

Second Time Around
Fashions on consignment * Women's and Children's name brands
Tues. - Sat., 9:30-5, Thurs., 9:30-7
5 West Main Street - Rear, Webster, N.Y.
Off Rt. 250 just north of Main St., Webster Village

Small Wonders
Big Style, Small Prices
Next to New Brand Name Children's, Teen's, Maternity & Women's Clothing ,
Shoes & Accessories. Baby Gear and Toys
Summer Hours
Wed-Fri- Sat 10-4
Thurs 12-7
Closed Sun-Tues
1225 Jefferson Road, Frontier Commons, Rochester, N.Y. 14623

Upscale consignment
Turn your closet into cash and your wardrobe into WOW!
Cathy Yeomans Owner
Open 7 days a week, weeknights until 8:00 p.m.
Mon- Fri 10-8 Sat 10-6 Sun 12-4
Women's: Casual, Business, & Special Occasion,
Kids: School Clothes, Play Clothes and Dress up size 5 and up,
Juniors: tween's and teens,
Jewelry, Purses, Shoes & Accessories
Sunrise Plaza
1764 Empire Blvd, Webster , N.Y. 14580

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how much to open a sneaker store?


A. Below given steps will help you.

1. Review shoe trade magazines or websites, such as Women's Wear Daily for the latest footwear news (see Resources). This will help you identify your niche. While Nike, Reebok and ASICS are popular sneakers, you might be better off selling fashion sneakers such as those made by Sketchers, Diesel, Camper or Puma. In that case, instead of having athletic-themed accessories, you should consider more fashionable accessories, such as wallets, messenger bags, bracelets, watches and sunglasses. Consider incorporating a nightclub theme, particularly if your store will be located within a mall. Visit and, for insider news for shoe sellers.
2. Determine how much room you will need for your store. For a specialty sneaker store in a mall, you may need at least 1000 square feet, including your back room and office. Your back room needs to be large enough to accommodate your inventory and may be as big as the show room. Your show room should offer plenty of benches for customers to sit at while trying on shoes, as well as full length and short mirrors and two or three display tables. For a small store, you should have at least two cash registers. Larger sneaker stores may have as many as eight. If you intend to open a store in a shopping center or as a stand alone sneaker store, it should be at least 1500 square feet. Contact mall management about vacancies fitting your needs. Also, frequent strip malls and shopping centers for vacancies. Other amenities you may need include phone jacks for your registers, a break room, water fountains and bathrooms.
3. Purchase your store front supplies. To stand apart, consider purchasing trendy versions of your supplies, such as colored mannequins, funky chandeliers and cool lighting. If you can't find colored mannequins, purchase a traditional mannequin and spray paint it. For cool lighting, visit; for shelving, mannequins, mirrors and other fixtures.
4. Purchase your must-have supplies such as shopping baskets, display cases, exit signs, shelving, racks, shoe mirrors, shoes store bags, shoe and leg mannequins, inserts, shoe sizers, footlets, shoe fitting stools or benches and any specialty gear. For custom packing supplies, visit; for measuring tools, visit You will also need cleaning supplies, advertising signage, cash registers, receipt paper, schedule forms, bank deposit forms and gift wrapping materials (if offered). For cleaning supplies, shopping baskets, security systems and pricing tags.
5. Visit to purchase wholesale sneakers in some of the latest trends. For generic sneakers under $10 a pair.
6. Purchase insurance for fire, damage and theft, as well as liability and product insurance and worker's compensation insurance.
7. Set up a merchant account. Visit Merchants Account Express (see Resources) to set up an account so that you can begin accepting credit cards. Check out their tools that can help get you set up with the right equipment, such as your Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal, Quickbooks and other software to help you track and manage your inventory and payroll.
8. Train your employees to be fashionable, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Make sure they understand how to measure feet. They should be skilled at recognizing what a customer might be interested in and able to make suggestions for pairing items.

I really want some cool shoes.?
Q. I like green and polka dots, but I'm guessing there are no green polka dot shoes. But i do like green. I want them to be athletic and trendy. I want them to be unique, but not weird. Under $120 please

A. It wouldn't be hard to find some green athletic shoes, but it would be hard to find a polka dot pair. I would check through Converse. They usually have shoes in every color & pattern.

Here are some by Nike, but I'm not sure if they're men or women shoes.

& here are some wedge heels. They're very comfortable & trendy.

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Selasa, 09 Juli 2013

what are the current trends in clothes shops?

Q. I have a job interview in a clothes shop and was wondering what current fashion trends are.

A. I don't follow women's fashion but I can provide the guys' trends for fall 2012 through summer 2013, or at least how they're predicted to be. This is according to major runway shows in Europe, so trends in American stores or unique shops will vary.

Some general trends: Slim pants/jeans (sometimes skinny), rolled up once or twice, JACKETS, hairstyles that are short on the sides/back and styled on top, accessories like watches and bracelets always make you look more stylish

Fall 2012 has some very light blues and oranges leftover from summer 2012 but they're only thrown in. Mainly, it's getting darker with blacks and grays, occasionally an obscure white or yellow dominated outfit. "A play on fabric" as Armani calls it is trendy, mixing different patterns and fabrics that you wouldn't normally match, as long as they go together in color. Outfits should stay simple and sleek though.

Winter 2012-13 is best described as "dark" and sometimes "tribal" with almost all black, brown and gray on jackets, pants and shoes/belts. Fabric play still revealant: For example, charcoal sweater with leather jacket throw-over.

Spring/summer 2013 should be sleek and include Mediterranean colors not only in just clothes but especially accessories. Like turquoise belts/shoes, bags and shirt accents. "Easter" colors is a good way to put it also. The base colors are blue and green.

Can someone please help me with an outfit?
Q. Hi! i am going to a college for a field trip and i want to look pretty on that field trip idk why but can someone help me?

A. You can look pretty but field tripos and college are usually more casual so reserve anything fancy like heels or dressy dresses for dates, evening outs and parties.

What kind of outfits really depends on your style though but here are some ideas:

A common outfit - casual by stylish:
# Skinny/Straight jeans tucked into tall boots (or ankle booties) worn a loose tunic top or button-up & cardigan/blazer/bomber jacket with minimal accessories like stud earrings & a bracelet

Feminine but casual Outfit
# Dress down a flowy skirt with opaque tights, add dolly flats (or something similare) and a nice t-shirt or knit top. Throw on a cardigan/bomber jacket or cardigan.

If you prefer going more casual like hoodies.
# Wear the hoodie a casual but pretty top (e.g. a jersey wrap top or white cotton collar blouse) and nice jeans or slacks with ballerina flats
# Wear your favorite sneakers with cuffed shorts shorts, add tights if its still chilly outside and a nice top with cardigan/blazer or bomber jacket.
# Look girly in a basic t-shirt with a trendy skirt, (tights), blazer/cardigan & flats or boots (ankle booties with short skirt, tall boots with any skirt).
# or A nice long top/tunic (upper thigh) with leggings/jeggings & flats or boots + a jacket

For a more proffessional look which I personally wear are wearing the clothes women wear to office (either casual or formal ones) seperatly and dress them down.
# Darkwash Jeans with a Blouse/Knit top or Button up, Blazer & Flats
# Knee lenght pencil skirt with tights & flat tall boots and a button up with a cardigan or leather jacket
# Sheath or Any not-to-fancy Dress with tights, Cardigan & Flats.

Phew, I could rabble on outfit ideas forever but I hope these outfits will spark some ideas.
Most of outfits are low-key but nor too casual but not dressy at the same time. Some of the outfits has a tailored proffessional vibe but they are not too much for college. The only bad things to some people is that you can come off mature which can be either a bad or good thing depending on your perspective. If you dont have any problem with a lady-like classy look then none of the outfits would be bad!
I wear to a school similare to college and these are things I wear.

Anyway, hope it helped!

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What is going to be the next "trend" in fashion?

Q. What is going to be the next "trend" in fashion for men and women?

A. Based on the spring 2010 fashion week runway shows, I predict that the following items will become trendy this year:

Clothing and accessories embellished with sequins, including handbags and shoes
All one color looks, head-to-toe
Floral prints

Ladies what kind of clothes do you like on men? Like styles, brands, stores ect.?
Q. Im a 20 year old slim male. I feel like im starting to grow out of the clothing stores I used to shop at as a teenager, maybe this is a sign of me becoming more mature! Haha but anyways I'd be helpful to hear some girls opinion on what looks good on a guy my age, what syles they like, and any good stores I should shop at. Thanks :)

A. My heart always skips a couple beats when I see a man in Burberry.

As far as styling goes, I'm head over heels for guys who channel their inner trendy professor- slightly disheveled but also very dapper. Bonus points for argyle, elbow patches, sneakers, and geeky glasses. For a more casual look, go for premium denim and a James Perse v-neck, paired with a high end hoodie, if climate control is necessary. Make sure you wear good shoes. Women are obsessed with shoes.

On to brands. Designer clothing is king. Once again, I love Burberry. Marc Jacobs is another one of my favorites. Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, and basically anything from Barneys are all good bets. If those are out your range, try perusing their look books for inspiration and then book it to H&M or Urban Outfitters.

My favorite store for men by far is J.Crew. The style/cost/quality ratio is perfect, and they are always willing to help. If you have a large budget make the sales associates at Saks, Neimans, and Nordstrom your new bff. Otherwise, go for well made store brands for basics, and supplement them with trendier pieces from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21.

All that being said, be true to yourself. Trust me, women will notice.


Happy Shopping!

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What are the most comfortable (can't be sneakers or white though) shoes to wear for everyday? See details....

Q. I work full-time in an insurance office and dress professionally, but no suits. Pants/skirts with sweaters or nice tops. I have arthritis in most of my joints including my knees & feet and have had 4 knee surgeries. The last one was a total knee replacement. I also have no arches left in my feet. I'm trying to keep working because I'm in my 40's & don't want to be out disabled at my age. However, I'm up and down a lot during the day and my feet hurt all the time. Can you please recommend some brands of shoes you've had success with? Most of my clothes would match black/brown/navy or I'd ask nurses who are on their feet all day but I think they mostly wear white shoes with their uniforms. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays.

A. There's a brand called Aerosoles ( that is known for making really comfortable, yet stylish, shoes.

Also, flats are really trendy at the moment so I'm sure you'll have luck finding a nice pair of those for comfortable everyday wear.

What does someone in their 20's where when the dresscode is business casual.?
Q. Specifically in healthcare as a nurse manager. Shoes have to be comfortable but cute. Need Help!! New Job starts Monday.

A. A dark colored blazer with matching dark colored pants and a blouse underneath that. You can choose the right color combos to make it look less drab, like pastel colors for eg.
Or instead of a blazer you can wear a cardigan/sweater type to make it look more trendy.

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Senin, 08 Juli 2013

How can you make a 16 year old boy look 12?

Q. I need to make my 16 year old male friend look much younger for a day (around about 12 years old) for a film we're doing for drama class. Any ideas how I can do this?
Oh, I forgot, he has quite long hair (5" long) which hes going to get cut short anyway, so he won't mind if i cut it into a different style

A. Pick a short guy, make him use a squeaky voice, put a wide brimmed baseball cap, like in the sandlot. If his skintone is uneven, put foundation on him. If he needs to shave, do it, no stubble. If you don't want a hat, a bowl cut will work, but that's going back to the 90s, kids do buzzcuts too. With a buzzcut, no product in the hair, kids usually look soft and fuzzy, not put together. If his eyes don't look extremely young, avoid the hair in the eyes because it'll draw attention to them.

Big, not huge like hiphop style, clothes so it looks like he's supposed to grow into them, preferably comic book characters like the hulk. Basketball shoes - high tops. Kids bop when they walk, not hiphop trendy bop, but happy little kid bop. Obvious heel-toe action on the feet. Have him watch kids at the zoo for a day or watch kid movies.

Its fine if all his clothes look new, it'll look like his mom dressed him. Break a leg!

Can someone help me create a catchy yard sale ad?
Q. I want an ad that will stand out and attract many customers. Something a bit more catchy than regular yard sale ads. Here is what I have and please create a catchy ad out of this!!

Nice yard sale, tons of trendy clothing for girls 4T-6X, boys 3T-5T, junior plus and womens sizes 12-20, womens shoes size 10, toys, and misc. Don't miss this sale!


A. Well it does need a little Inspiration!!
OK not sure what the prices are for the things you plan on selling but you could try this:

Don't miss the Trendy yard extravaganza!! Boys, girls, junior plus, and women's clothing from a large variety of sizes. Have tots we have toys, in need of stuff we have miscellaneous of it. Come through, and sale out!!

LOL!! hope it helps a little or gives you an idea!!

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What are the key essentials in a women's wardrobe?

Q. could someone give me a list of the key pieces i need in my wardrobe i am 20 and am going to go shopping, i want it to be worthwhile,
for example...little black dress
a long list would be great
thank you

A. Clothes:
Little black dress (timeless)
Sexy cocktail/party dress
A couple pair of jeans: 1 expensive, quality pair of bootcut (timeless), 1 straight/skinny (trendy), both in dark wash
Dress slacks
Denim mini skirt
Denim shorts/capris/bermudas
A matching set of athletic wear
Long, wool winter coat (timeless)
Button-up blouse
A skin-tone cami
Turtleneck sweater

Black pumps
Brown pumps
Tennis shoes
Winter boots
Metallic heels
Espadrille wedges

Black bag & belt
Brown bag & belt
A quality pair of polarized sunglasses (UVA/UVB protection)

What can of pants can I wear to a wedding?
Q. I'm going to a wedding and as everyone know you have to dress fancy. I am not going to wear a dress! I am looking for fancy pants but I also want them to be a little rockish. I also want them not to cost much. Please help!. Put the store and type of pants!

A. I like your style! Since you want a look that's a little edgy yet still elegant, I would suggest going in one of two ways: 1) silk pants or 2) jumpsuit.

1) If you're super daring, I would suggest going for silk pants. Pair them with a grey top, a black blazer, strappy high heeled sandals and a silver necklace for evening and a light tank, a soft blazer, nude pumps and a gold necklace for day-time:
Total: $209

Total: $220

2) Another trendy look would be a jumpsuit. It could be dressed down for a day wedding with wedges and dressed up for an evening wedding with sexy pumps. Pair both looks with a cute clutch.
Total: $255

Total: $157

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is there way to look like ur rich and beautiful without expensive stuff?

Q. i wear hollister and abercrombie

A. dress classic. [rivate school uniforms are perfect examples of this look. use them as inspiration for your daily wardrobe. cardigans, plaid, polo shirts, jumpers, skirts, slacks and shorts. also, for the "old money" look, more vintage style classics will work, like a british style 3-button suit, anything "tweed", etc. fabrics should be strictly organic: wool, nubby, relaxed. no polyester, nothing "shiny". shoes should be leather, understated, and conservative. don't overdo it; try to go for a relaxed look, like you just got back from a week at the family home in kennebunkport. well fitting clothing in relaxed muted colors and maybe a touch of pastel is very old money.

have good hygiene. make sure you always brush your teeth and take a shower. wash your hair and keep it tidy but understated. clean your nails and get manicures at inexpensive nail salons. short tips are really pretty but avoid long nails with bright colors or nail jewels.

keep your face neat and your body well groomed. men should have precise haircuts, and well shaven facial hair. women should have a "tasteful" cut, color and shine in their hair. clear skin, free of acne and well moisturized especially in women of a certain age. hair color should look natural and highlights and lowlights must be natural as if obtained on a visit to the beach house.

slow down your speech, and lower your voice volume. Don't be loud or draw attention to yourself. learn to play golf, tennis and sail, or to ride (horses), even to play polo (if you have the stomach for it). get familiar with english history. groom regularly, nails, body, face and hair. keep clothing neat in appearance (tuck in shirts, wear comfortable fitting not very loose clothing). you must think before you talk, because, as small as this may seem, some people blurt out things that make them seem as if they didn't, and it can hurt you and others.

change the forecast. for women, strapped sandals in winter are alright. for men, sweaters and khaki shorts with casual loafers are okay as long as it's not snowing. the old money crowd does love to layer, so sweaters, overcoats, and similar garb is handy for cooler conditions.

a wealthy woman's makeup is natural with neutral colors, except for red lipstick, the only color in her makeup. her nail polish is a pale white, pink or beige. perfect skin is a rich woman must. never overtan; natural skin color looks much better. no sunspots, so keep on sporting sunscreen, though everyone looks better with a healthy glow.

smell like money. men and women should wear a small amount of an expensive scent. (men- on inner wrist and underneath the jaw line, women- on inner wrist inner elbows and underneath jaw line or behind ears). do not put too much on!

never look at the tag while "shopping" in expensive stores. train yourself not to react to extremely high prices by educating yourself on the ridiculous pricing for designer goods. if you react and make a scene, the other shoppers in the store will think that they are better than/ above you.

watch TV or movies about those with a lot of money. read forbes, barron's, the wall street journal, the new yorker, and the economist.

don't try too hard; subtlety is key. looking like a newly rich person is never a good thing to those who have always had money.

an authentic designer bag or wallet is nice, but go for something a bit bland or obsolete. something that is the "latest fashion" is by definition a trend, which is anathema to the old money crowd. it must be well made and leather even if not designer, go for simplistic designs, such as the LL bean boat & tote or a classic black quilted chanel. nothing avante garde, and nothing that looks like the balenciaga lariat, or the chloe paddington. however, if you're impressing the nouveau riche, "trendy" is pretty much mandatory.

have at least one pair of really decent well made shoes. for men, some very conservative and understated oxfords or loafers. for women, a conservative pump, like the classic chanel pump would be a good choice.

one of the most important things is to try and act normal. people who are not rich, wish they were. people who are rich don't want anyone to know. wear things that are good quality, but do not advertise. if someone is truly wealthy, they will be able to tell. do not act as though you are above normal activities. act rich, walk and speak properly, but when you talk about the subject of yourself or your life, speak about yourself as though you are a normal person.

and remember...
-flashy does not mean wealth, only poor taste.
-speak properly; always mind your grammar.
-use excellent posture, whether you are sitting or standing.
-know your etiquette. read books on the proper use.

hope this helps

Color boat shoes, girly or not? ?
Q. My parents ordered me a pair as a surprise! Don't know what they were thinking. Anyways, I'm a guy, 6'1 and 230 lbs. I wear a lot of colored light and dark colored shirts with khakis. I wear boat shoes with very low sox or no socks. They said the kind they got me the thought are good for summer. Anyways, here's the link
Let me know if you guys think these are girly or not. I'm in high school by the way. Thanks!
I meant light and dark colored coller shirts�sorry

A. When you said "color boat shoes", I thought you meant they were going to be 'English Racing Green', or 'Bubblegum Pink' or something!

That's a nice, neutral, sand color = neutral = great.

Sperry Topsiders are cute and I personally think they reveal quite a lot about the man (or woman) wearing them. They're classic. Comfortable. Not trendy. I think they sound perfect.

They have another neutral color that's a little darker (resembles Palomino leather interior on the BMW Z4 convertible <ha>) = a classic, sun-darkened tan leather) which I love. Sperrys can be returned if purchased at Nordstrom (or any large department store) and swapped out for another color, if the customer wants to. If they're purchased directly from Sperry, they'll do exchanges/returns and they'll cover the shipping. You just would have to phone them. Their customer service rep will send you a postage-paid label for returns.

I think they're really cute and there's nothing feminine about them. (Even though women wear them)..they're classic. Sperry Topsiders speak volumes..they really do. It's a sort of, effortless and easy way to indicate one is of a certain caliber = degree of excellence.

Sperry Topsiders
(cool tan leather Topsiders in photo of a guy being pushed into a pool by three girls)

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What advice do you have for me to build a new wardrobe?

Q. I'm a female college-age adult, with an androgynous aesthetic. I have lost pretty significant amounts of weight and need to basically rebuild my wardrobe nearly from scratch. I might as well try to do it right, since my body fat is probably not going to change substantially even though I'm trying to build up muscle. I am 5'3" and of medium body fat and above average muscularity, with medium-to-broad shoulders (narrow for a man, fairly broad for a woman); typical female thighs, hips and butt; B-cup breasts, a flat stomach; and an undefined waist. To me, flattering my body, in order of priority means looking making my shoulders look even broader, making my hips and thighs look narrower, looking taller, disguising my breasts and otherwise looking more masculine. My life-style requires that my clothing NOT look "moneyed" in any sense and I am almost never at formal events. I'd rather have my clothing be hard-wearing than delicate. I dress for practicality and comfort primarily. It doesn't have to be "trendy" and I wouldn't know if it was. It's winter so I'm concentrating on cool-weather clothing. I don't need new shoes or underwear. I have a very small budget so I will be shopping pretty near exclusively at thrift stores. I need general tips for clothing that works flatter my body in MY idea of flattering, and is comfortable and fairly practical.
I don't have a sense of style. I have a sense of wanting to look good in clothing that's comfortable. For me, looking good means looking more physically masculine. I want to know about clothing that helps with that.

A. Invest in good basic pieces such as:
- A crisp white button down
- Tank tops to wear as layers in black, white, beige
- One good pair of black or navy dress pants

Things of that sort. Things that aren't trendy but stand the test of time.

What are classic pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe?
Q. I am looking to update my wardrobe, and want items that won't go out of style.

A. Jeans and Pants

Two pairs of trousers which vary in style. Wide-legged pants or man-style trousers and another pair that are a more timeless, classic cut.
Two pairs of jeans in different cuts. Fitted, straight legged or flared and wide-legged or man style. This can include skinny jeans if you have the body shape to wear them.

Coats and Jackets

A really great, well-cut coat. A timeless trench will take you from season to season.
Two jackets. One that can be teamed with pants and the other that looks good over dresses.

Dresses and Tops

Long-sleeved T-shirts or tops in varying weights but in basic colours such as black, white or cream.
One classic, fitted white shirt, crisp and classy.
A cashmere sweater and cardigan in a V-neck and round neck.
A few great day dresses which are easy to wear and versatile for any occasion. One of these should be the indispensable wrap dress � smart, sexy and timeless.
A colorful evening dress which makes you feel great.
The ultimate little black dress.

Handbags and Shoes

One pair of wild look-at-me, statement shoes for those times you want to be noticed.
A pair of versatile,sophisticated black medium-heeled courts.
Comfortable ballet flats in different styles and colors.
A pair of walking boots and a pair of statement boots, fashionable and trendy.
One really serious handbag which brings class to an outfit and that you are proud to wear.

Accessories �Jewelry and Sunglasses

A few pairs of sunglasses in different colors and styles.
An ever growing range of fun costume jewelry �high street and vintage, which allows you to update your outfits and show your individuality.

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Tips for building our home and furnishing?

Q. Hi guys,
We are first time owner/builders and I am wanting some tips that the builders/architects and anyone that is making a profit won't tell you.
Just basic tips on getting good deals with things like furnishings and anything in general really.

We aren't after the cheapest thing in the shed but if we can some how find the essentials that are still top quality at a cheaper price than that is fab.

Hope I am making sense.

Many thanks.

A. Think you need to spend a lot of money or hire a decorator to have a home that looks like a photo in a decorating magazine? Think again. You can have a great-looking home on a budget, and decorating your rooms yourself rather than contracting with a professional not only saves money but also ensures that your "signature" will be on those rooms. These 10 simple rules will get you started.

1. Break the rules. You can mix plaids, florals, and stripes, but do it carefully. Choose a pleasing color scheme-for example, red, khaki, and sage green-and make sure that everything you choose for the room falls within that scheme. The colors will provide a unifying theme without making your room look like you picked an entire suite of furniture and accessories from one page in a catalog. Things don't need to match; they just need to complement each other.

2. Spend your money where it counts. A good couch will last years longer than a cheap one, so if you're going to sit on it every day, spend some money on it. Choose a neutral color and a classic style so that it has some staying power and accessorize with trendy items in bolder colors that you can change out when they start to look dated or you get tired of them.

3. Fill in with bargains. End tables from thrift shops or unpainted furniture stores are fairly inexpensive, and their look can easily be updated or tailored to your taste with inexpensive paint or stain.

4. Repurpose used items. I bought a large cedar chest at a thrift store for $50 to use as a coffee table. It's great for a small space-at various times, I've used it to store Christmas decorations, sewing supplies, and extra bedding for guests. It was badly scratched when I bought it, but I used brown paste shoe polish to fill in the scratches, and it looks great. Look for used items that are cosmetically damaged but structurally sound.

5. Consider "knockdown" furniture if you're the least bit handy and can operate a screwdriver. We found a wonderful table for one-third of its original price at an end-of-season sale that was perfect for our eat-in kitchen, but it didn't come with chairs. We found some chairs that complemented the table perfectly at an online retailer for $119 for a pair. It took my husband an hour to put together four of them. They look great and are very sturdy. The same chairs would have cost two or three times that much at a furniture store.

6. Visit thrift stores for unexpected finds. These places are a great source for baskets, vases, frames, curtains,books, and other accessories. Placing a basket of books next to the couch and a throw across the arm of an overstuffed chair will make a room look lived-in and comfortable rather than sterile.

7. Accessorize to create the look you want. Our plain red slip-covered couch became instantly cozy when we put striped throw pillows in the corners and a plaid flannel quilt over the back.
8. Go for the layered look on your bed. Resist the urge to buy a "bed in a bag" and create your own unique collection of linens. Mix and match striped, solid, plaid, and floral sheets and top them with a solid color comforter. Add lots of pillows and finish off the look with a blanket or throw folded and draped across the foot of the bed. If your bed is beautiful, you can get by with inexpensive lamps and bedside tables.

9. Avoid boring. Paint is relatively inexpensive and can bring a room to life. Even real estate specialists, who love the word "neutral," are now promoting the "new neutrals"-for example, gray, mocha, pale yellow, sage green, etc. These colors give a room personality, and paint color is one of the easiest things to change if you want a new look or decide to sell. Off-white is safe but not very interesting unless it's a backdrop for lots of bold furniture, rugs, and artwork.

10. Above all, make sure everything you keep or buy works toward creating the look that you're trying to achieve, whether it's a shabby chic cottage or a contemporary urban loft. Even "eclectic" is a look, and eclectic doesn't mean hodge-podge.

Can Dansko clogs be fashionable? What do you think about them style-wise?
Q. I tend to dress fashionably (or so I think!) but I really want to boost my height with a pair of comfy shoes (not stilettos!). So I'm wondering if Dansko clogs are the way to go. Please let me know what you think of them, are they super dorky, only for nurses, or can you wear them in a trendy way? Thanks so much for replying.

A. Um...well, I happen to love my Dansko clogs. But they do seem a bit dorky if you aren't wearing them with long pants. One thing you need to think of is that Dansko is both expensive and can really hurt your feet if you're not used to wearing them all day.
Why not go for some cute wedges to boost your height? Or you could try enjoying the fact that you're small. Guys like small girls, they think you're a damsel in distress or something because you can't reach the top shelf or touch the ceiling! lol.

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Is there such thing as Trendy Orthopedic Athletic shoes?

Q. I'm a 34 year old woman who works in a business casual setting. Can anyone help with finding trendy orthopedic shoes? My Dr says I need to wear gym shoes while treating my planter faciitis but it seems difficult to accessorize around the New Balance shoes??? Puma is trendy but are they ok? I'm going to ask my Dr about them but thought I may get an answer here first. Help please?! Most styles are just too u-g-l-y!

A. Hi,

This question is the reason so many retailers of orthopedic shoes have trouble selling their products to consumers. The answer is quite simple -- yes! Nowadays, orthopedic shoe manufacturers have started bringing in shoe designers to update their shoes. In fact, they try to mirror the current styles of ordinary shoes as much as possible, while preserving the qualities and features that make them orthopedic.

If you are looking for a place to start your search for stylish orthopedic shoes, check out brands such as Orthaheel, Aetrex, Ecco, and Propet.

How can I dress better without looking like a tool?
Q. I've never taken a deep plunge into fashion, so going all out with the latest would not be in my character. I'll wear skinny jeans, but scarves seem awkward if not for cold weather. I don't really understand how to use accessories, or colors, or matching. I'm also short, so any advice on short guys dressing trendy would be greatly appreciated.

A. shirts = plain white tees, graphic tees (no logos if possible), & the occasional abercrombie shirt (dont overdo it tho, or you'll look like a douchebag!)

jeans = anything! guys can pull off virtually any style, so dont limit yourself. heres some inspiration: -skinny jeans are tricky to pull off, so try on a lot of styles before you buy

NO fashion scarfs! please leave those to women

shoes = you can go with skater vans:

the universally loved converse: (high or low tops)

or (depending on the occasion) a flip flop:

for hoodies and jackets, there are many looks you can go with.

skater = vans, element, fox (you can buy these brands at Pacsun)

beachy-casual = abercrombie, hollister, aeropostle

preppy = the gap

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What clothing lines should a plus size 27 year old look at?

Q. I'm at a loss for where to buy trendy clothing. I want to dress trendy and fashionable but not too young for my age. Any ideas?

A. Hi there,

I'm a plus sized gal as well and love fashion!!

My favorite stores/brands are:
Lane Bryant - they have great classy things you can wear out or to work.
Michael Kors - He has a gorgeous plus size line you can find it usually in Macy's or Bloomies or a place like that.
Calvin Klein - Great things you can find it most department stores
Torrid - they have some cute edgier things, I get a lot of my going out shirts there
Deb - This is a juniors store most have a plus size dept, have gotten some cute things there too
Avenue - This store depending on what you are looking for can have some cute things, some are for more an older crowd, but love their shoes.
INC - you can find this at Macy's gorgeous gorgeous pieces

Anyway, this should get you started, have fun!

Where can I find trendy and cheap online clothing?
Q. I am looking for trendy and cheap online clothing that is for juniors and misses. Preferably sites that offer a size chart and have more than size small. Shoe and accessories sites are welcome as well. I would also like to be able to purchase off season items as well.

A. Why not try or
I think that you can find many great deals of clothing from If you are too lazy, can try amazon discount finder ( ), which already collects all kinds of discount clothing for you.

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Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

Prom dresses for 2011?

Q. I'm going to a combined junior and senior prom with my boyfriend, so the first problem I have is: should I wear a short or a long dress? I would definitely be more comfortable in a short dress because I am short (about 5' 3") and I don't want to feel drowned by a dress. Second, I don't want a sparkly or shiny dress, just something simple, with a closed back. I found this dress: but obviously I want something much nicer than that, but something along those lines. I also like this one: I want a champagne colored one because spring break is right before and I'll be really tan and it will complement it well. Any suggestions/help are welcome! Thanks in advance.

A. Prom Dress Inspiration - There are some "vintage inspired - champagne tone dresses":

Here are stores with Prom Dresses:

Prom Shoes:

Back to school outfits 2011?
Q. im a girl, by time i go back to school ill be 13 and im going to 8th grade. I'm looking to start shopping for my back to school clothes, and I was wondering if anybody had ideas?? i want to look cute but not follow every trend. And I want it to be comfortable and cute. Any ideas?
ALSO: i only have a budget of $200 for the whole year

A. Summer-y:
bright colored (Neon and color blocking)
tribal print
neon tank
floral top
Lace/crochet tops and dresses
nautical shirts
crop tops for sure!!!
Flowy cardigans or lacey/ see through
flowy blouses,
Bodycon Skirts- Good with loose top
White or Khaki capris
White jeans
In detail:
sun dresses<-- Adorable to wear with a cardigan, statement jewelry, and sandals!

Lace/crochet tops, nautical tops (stripes, navy & white) These 2 are my favorite summer trends! Looks good with a statement piece (Long necklaces with a giant gemstone/pendant/design, owls, Feathers! Feather earrings! Gold studded bracelets! Multiple friendship bracelets<- Nordstrom has a lot)

Popular= crop tops/ Dolman tops! Pretty much anything flowy!

Cardigans (one flowy or lacey and another short sleeved sleeved one) You can get them at Forever 21, Macy's, etc. For plain ones you can get them at Nordstrom too!

Sandals: Gold- Steve madden! And now those tan,leather ones with many straps!
Flip-Flops: Striped, colorful, metallic- Havaianas Also try them with a bow/flower in the middle
TOMS- eco, and helps children in LDC's
Sperry- Cute!

Get shoes at:
A.M. Eagle
Urban outfitters
Dillard�s, Nordstrom, macy�s

Stop at Retail stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, or dillard's. I'm pretty sure Nordstrom has TOMS and all of them have havaianas, Steve Madden, and Sperry's and cute clothes!

Stop at stores that buy extra inventory from department stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls which also have designer names (Juicy, Guess, Steve Madden, Coach)

Common- Abercrombie, A&F, A.M. Eagle, VS PINK
For trendy stores try Forever21. and other favorite trendy stores of mine are:
Urban outfitters!!
Free People!!
Zara/ H&M/ Bebe
Vs Pink (This might be common)

Haha! the Fall runways shows came out a few days ago but here is just the general gist of it:

70s fashion
Like the '50s and '60s coming back, so are the '70s! There are two main aesthetics: '70s bohemian, and '70s sophisticated glamour. This includes dresses that fall like shimmering water in the evening and high-waist pants with elegant blouses by day! High waisted wide-leg pants or flares, smartly belted in.Neat bow-blouses, especially ones with billowing or bishop sleeves. Particularly great are fabrics like silk and satin.Roll neck sweaters tucked into pants or skirts. Also layering over beaded necklaces or a vest!

Pleats- Popular in spring and also for fall! However, then pleats will be worn paired socks or tights and heels, and some cosy layers on top. A rock-chic pair of boots, mixed styles for contrasts (like flowly pleated skirts with a bohemian fur or a tough biker jacket), etc....

Fur Clothing- as always...
Bell Bottoms- aka Flare jeans
Wide Leg Pants

Leather-ware harness
Choker necklaces
Cuff bracelets!

Colors: This year fall is slightly different! Bright colors are also going to be trendy with fall!
Bronze shades?
Midnight blue, silver, and gray shades
Forest green and plum

Oh! and I think that the popular tribal print will be slightly reinvented as a trend for Autumn too!
Uhh Feather, Tribal, Army green will be popular in both seasons!

Dress nonchalantly. Don't overdo it or under do it by wearing sweats. I think the 2nd and 3rd days are the days you should wear you cute new stuff :D. Be different!
Oh! I was going to add... you should also buy cute jackets like white jean jacket, cropped jean jacket, etc over dresses (very cute) or tanks that don't meet dresscode and Miss me jeans, uggs, Juicy couture, Pink hoodies, Coach bags are also popular

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