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What should I wear for a walking date?

Q. I am thinking of taking my date for a walk I am not sure what to wear I am thinking of dress shoes polo and jeans. But dress shoes for sure and I am a boy I also will be walking far to so let me know

A. Taking your girl for a date requires comfortable attire and sturdy shoes. A good pair of orthotics would serve you well, but might be too "old" for you. In that case, I think you should wear a trendy well-fitting tee and jeans with sneaks. You sound like a preppy kid, so that should do well. Perhaps ice cream for the end. Good luck.

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Back to school outfits 2011?

Q. im a girl, by time i go back to school ill be 13 and im going to 8th grade. I'm looking to start shopping for my back to school clothes, and I was wondering if anybody had ideas?? i want to look cute but not follow every trend. And I want it to be comfortable and cute. Any ideas?
ALSO: i only have a budget of $200 for the whole year

A. Summer-y:
bright colored (Neon and color blocking)
tribal print
neon tank
floral top
Lace/crochet tops and dresses
nautical shirts
crop tops for sure!!!
Flowy cardigans or lacey/ see through
flowy blouses,
Bodycon Skirts- Good with loose top
White or Khaki capris
White jeans
In detail:
sun dresses<-- Adorable to wear with a cardigan, statement jewelry, and sandals!

Lace/crochet tops, nautical tops (stripes, navy & white) These 2 are my favorite summer trends! Looks good with a statement piece (Long necklaces with a giant gemstone/pendant/design, owls, Feathers! Feather earrings! Gold studded bracelets! Multiple friendship bracelets<- Nordstrom has a lot)

Popular= crop tops/ Dolman tops! Pretty much anything flowy!

Cardigans (one flowy or lacey and another short sleeved sleeved one) You can get them at Forever 21, Macy's, etc. For plain ones you can get them at Nordstrom too!

Sandals: Gold- Steve madden! And now those tan,leather ones with many straps!
Flip-Flops: Striped, colorful, metallic- Havaianas Also try them with a bow/flower in the middle
TOMS- eco, and helps children in LDC's
Sperry- Cute!

Get shoes at:
A.M. Eagle
Urban outfitters
Dillard�s, Nordstrom, macy�s

Stop at Retail stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, or dillard's. I'm pretty sure Nordstrom has TOMS and all of them have havaianas, Steve Madden, and Sperry's and cute clothes!

Stop at stores that buy extra inventory from department stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls which also have designer names (Juicy, Guess, Steve Madden, Coach)

Common- Abercrombie, A&F, A.M. Eagle, VS PINK
For trendy stores try Forever21. and other favorite trendy stores of mine are:
Urban outfitters!!
Free People!!
Zara/ H&M/ Bebe
Vs Pink (This might be common)

Haha! the Fall runways shows came out a few days ago but here is just the general gist of it:

70s fashion
Like the '50s and '60s coming back, so are the '70s! There are two main aesthetics: '70s bohemian, and '70s sophisticated glamour. This includes dresses that fall like shimmering water in the evening and high-waist pants with elegant blouses by day! High waisted wide-leg pants or flares, smartly belted in.Neat bow-blouses, especially ones with billowing or bishop sleeves. Particularly great are fabrics like silk and satin.Roll neck sweaters tucked into pants or skirts. Also layering over beaded necklaces or a vest!

Pleats- Popular in spring and also for fall! However, then pleats will be worn paired socks or tights and heels, and some cosy layers on top. A rock-chic pair of boots, mixed styles for contrasts (like flowly pleated skirts with a bohemian fur or a tough biker jacket), etc....

Fur Clothing- as always...
Bell Bottoms- aka Flare jeans
Wide Leg Pants

Leather-ware harness
Choker necklaces
Cuff bracelets!

Colors: This year fall is slightly different! Bright colors are also going to be trendy with fall!
Bronze shades?
Midnight blue, silver, and gray shades
Forest green and plum

Oh! and I think that the popular tribal print will be slightly reinvented as a trend for Autumn too!
Uhh Feather, Tribal, Army green will be popular in both seasons!

Dress nonchalantly. Don't overdo it or under do it by wearing sweats. I think the 2nd and 3rd days are the days you should wear you cute new stuff :D. Be different!
Oh! I was going to add... you should also buy cute jackets like white jean jacket, cropped jean jacket, etc over dresses (very cute) or tanks that don't meet dresscode and Miss me jeans, uggs, Juicy couture, Pink hoodies, Coach bags are also popular

Spring trends for 2011? Need SERIOUS fashion help!?
Q. Hey y'all.

So basically, I'm a sweat pants and sweat shirt type of gal. I kind of fell into the winter blues this year, which naturally meant me slumming it out at school in messy sweats every day. I don't think there's anything wrong with sweats (at all) but when it becomes an everyday thing (and when I'm even wearing stained ones) it kind of becomes problematic. I also gained a little bit of weight this winter which also makes me want to hide away in sweats (for lack of a less dramatic term).

It's starting to warm up a little bit again and I'm really wanting to look cute for the 2011 spring and summer! I'm saving up a little bit from my job so I can afford a little bit more because I am in SERIOUS need of new clothes; most of mine are ripped, stained, stretched, or just way to old and worn out. I have enough to pretty much buy the spring essentials, but I was just wondering about you would recommend me to buy for this new year.

Please provide really detailed examples and if you'd like to (I'd love you for it), post links of things you think are cute or that I should add to my closet. I'm basically fashion challenged so post anything you think is cute AND COMFORTABLE. :) Comfort is key for me!
And listen ... any input is greatly appreciated ... anything at all!!

Thanks so much in advance!
Sorry for the grammar mistakes ... I just noticed a bunch of them. Oops!

and THANKS so much for the answers so far.

A. First off, stock up on tons of basics. It's different for every girl, but they should just be pieces that you wear A LOT (jeans, shirts, etc.) and that fit your personal style the best. They should also be pieces that you can wear throughout the seasons, winter, spring, summer. Since you're going to be wearing these a lot, splurge more on basics. The more basics you have, the more options. For example, some of my basics are:

White oxfords or button downs
Tights in tons of patterns and colors
Slouchy cardigans
A pair of HIGH heels
Tons of vintage jewelry
A-line skirts (I'm short and petite)
A leather handbag

This way, you won't need to purchase a completely new wardrobe. Just mix in the basics you have with your trendier and warmer pieces. Since it's spring, instead of completely renovating my wardrobe, I only need to buy several things like linen shorts, floral dresses, etc. In the long term, it will save you a LOT of money. And when Fall comes around use the same basics to match with newer purchases.

That's why it's best to spend more money on things you wear a lot. I always buy trendier pieces at cheap stores like Forever 21 because they have SO many styles and whatnot at good prices.e As for my basics, I get them high-end at places like Comme des Garcons, Opening Ceremony, or Barneys. It can be expensive but since they have amazing sales on good basic items, I don't need to buy too many things. As for shoes, I always splurge on these. After all, you're going to be walking around in them all day. Instead of concentrating on quantity, focus on QUALITY. My basics have lasted me for years since I get them cleaned seasonally. Take care of your clothes and they take care of you.

Hope I helped!

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Where can I find size 4-4.5 womens shoes?

Q. I would like to find some normal shoes for women around 4, 4.5, or 5. I am having a hard time finding stylish shoes that fit! Websites would be helpful!

A. Zappos has every size and plus they sale very trendy shoes

Plus size clothing, plus size problem!!!?
Q. I am getting married in July and I am a plus size girl, about a 28, but I am having a very, very hard time finding plus size, and fashion trendy clothing. I used to love Lane Bryant, but even they are starting to dress the plus size woman as an 80 year old grandma! I want to find some cute sun dresses, or bathing suites, ANYTHING cute, stylish and trendy. Does anyone have any other suggestions. Online sites??? Secret Stores??? Thanks for your help, as always!
One issue is that I am only a little over five feet tall and for some reason, plus size clothing makers seem to think that all plus size girls are also extemely tall! So I get stuck with a pair of jeans that may fit around my waiste but then I'm walking on 4-8 inches of my pant legs.

A. You should pay a visit at Torrid! It for women in their teen's to early thirties. They even carry plus size juniors clothing the kind that is found in department stores but plus size and also clothes with their store brand. They even sell cute shoes! The Avenue is more grandmotherly looking than Lane Bryant! Their clothes is for people ages 35+

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so I see a girl yesterday and she is like six feet tall wearing platform shoes WHY?


A. Because women really don't understand fashion. They understand trend.
They hear something is trendy and go do it. Platform shoes are going to be here for a while, like ugg(ly) boots, or that cardigan sweater fetish.

Girls, does height influence your first opinion of a guy at all?
Q. I'm really tall (6'6") and i think i subconciously intimidate most people.

Growing up everyone always made a big deal about how great it was that i was tall. But in general it seems to be a pain. Finding clothes and shoes (size 17) is a real hassle. Most women are much shorter, and i suspect that they would prefer a guy that isn't so huge compared to them.

Your thoughts?
Don't think basketball player tall. Think overall huge, football or wrestler more like.

A. I'm with you brother.

I am almost as tall as you are. Everything you're saying is true. Now I don't know how old you are, but I'll tell you what, once you get to a certain age, girls stop caring.

Sure, in high school no one really wanted to date the tall guy. Well, I attribute that to my own confidence levels though. Once you get to college though, especially if you're done with any awkward years, then the women will come to you. Trust me on this. You can find clothes and shoes, they just won't be the trendy junk that everyone else wears. Embrace this. Use your newly found "I don't give a crap" attitude on the clothes. You can go to a Big and Tall perhaps or if you're thinner like me, then you can usually find Levi's that fit or dress pants from an Eddie Bauer catalogue.

I've had some really short women. Trust me when they get to mating age, the really short ones will be looking to even out their gene pool while the tall girls are all dying to find a decent tall guy so they can wear heels on a date. Either way you win. Think about how much worse it would be to be short. Then you can only date short women. You can date ANY girl.

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Jumat, 20 Juni 2014

I wear a size 12 wide in women's shoes. (yeah, I heard that gasp) Where can I find cute & trendy shoes?


A. I wear size 11 in some styles and I have enough trouble finding shoes, I can't imagine finding 12's. I really don't understand why they can't make larger sizes.

You should try Torrid. A friend told me about it recently. They have plus size clothing mostly, but they also carry size 11 and 12 shoes. They have them in many malls and they also have a website.

And it's not as if you can help the size of your feet! I can't believe how rude people are.

Where can I find the hottest and trendy shoes in my size??!! I am a woman's size 11?
Q. I need wedges,pumps,heels and flats. I love shoes,I just have a hard time finding the hottest shoes people with smaller feet are wearing right now that are my size. I try to search the websites(don't know of too many) but they are either too expensive or too ugly....HELPPPPP!!!

A. Barefoot tess is one site that I know of

Good luck

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What is your review for MACADAMIA shampoo and conditioner?

Q. I am thinking of trying it since it is said to be sulfate free and very inexpensive to boot. :) I was going to try Alterna Caviar, but it's outrageously expensive! $32 each for the shampoo and conditioner!

A. In the beauty industry, there is no industry-agreed meaning for terms like 'organic' or 'natural'. Unlike the food industry, these terms are not regulated for cosmetics which means companies can use these terms pretty freely.
Also, products like shampoo, conditioner and body wash are mostly made of water so therefore are mostly natural (because water is natural, right?). So if a shampoo is 90% water, then a company can simply claim "90% organic or natural" and be telling the truth. Certainly, this isn't in the spirit of what people believe organic to mean, but it is within the law.

Don't believe the hype: "For skin care products, 'organic is not enough,. Some organic products are fabulous, and some are not." ~ Dr. Lisa Chipps , M.D. specializes in removing skin cancer & repairing the resultant wound (laser therapy whiz) in Rodeo Drive.
"Organic skin care products are trendy, but that does not mean nonorganic ones are dangerous," Wendy E. Roberts, M.D. past president of the Women's Dermatologic Society.
~ Glamour May 2012


The hair industry is a billion dollar business, they sell products that cleans & condition the hair. They also sell products that damage and causes hair loss. They also DO NOT give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to 'abuse'. Mechanical, chemical, or thermal styling. Hair straighteners and relaxers top the hair products pose the greatest risks. Hair relaxers, related products marketed heavily to African-American women, are dangerous because they may contain powerful chemicals such as lye, a toxic substance also used in drain cleaners.

I've been using whatever shampoos they have in all the luxury hotels (Ireland) and it did the same as if I washed my hair with over the counter brand. The only difference? I briefly rinse my hair with bottled water, to help condition the hair because their water is not the same as Oregon water, but they taste the same. My hair still feel soft, silky, shiny & smooth. So salon, or spa products or over the counter, my hair doesn't change in texture.

Hair products are not made of glue to fix, repair, prevent, reverse hair from getting damaged.

It�s the dirty little secret shampoo companies don�t want you to know�when you wash your hair with one of those nutrient-rich shampoos, most of the nutrients and active ingredients in the product don�t actually end up in your hair, they wind up down the drain� along with all the money you spent on the shampoo.
Why does this happen? Because the shampoo molecules they contain are too large to penetrate the cells of hair and more importantly the tiny hair follicles where our hair actually grows. They sit atop the follicle until we wash them away.
Why is that a problem?
Our hair works basically the same way�if you want to treat your hair right, you need to treat the roots.
HOW you use to style your hair or what styling tools that damage the hair, and what chemicals you're adding to the hair, not the shampoo.

Best advice from Hollywood's well known hairstylist in the 80's once said: "Keep foods in your mouth and hair products on your hair."

If you've straightened your hair in the past, it may grow slowly or none at all.
Google: "Foods for Healthy Hair" - or 10 Best Foods for Your Hair.
NO MATTER which link you picked, they all suggest the same foods. Your hair may be the fastest-growing tissue in the body but, unlike the skin, it cannot repair itself. That is why getting the right balance of vitamins and proteins is imperative. Don't expect to look like you've stepped out of a hair commercial the day after you've changed your diet. It is likely to take at least three months before you actually see tangible results. Hair is dead, but hair also has electrical energy; the negative charge of damaged hair can lead to flyways and unruly hair.

Cutting your split ends yourself, spend 5-10 mins. on a sunny day so you can easily spot them, using a 2" scissors, cut strand by strand, section by section, allowing new growth to take over. ake the hair look healthier while it's growing. Even healthy hair like mine get them, due to normal brushing & styling.

Best answer comes from people with Avatars, showing their healthy shiny, soft, silky, smooth hair.
Myth: Rinsing with ice-cold water after a shampoo will give you shinier hair.
Truth: It might wake you up, but a dousing of cold water will have no effect on the shininess of your tresses.

Can someone please help me with an outfit?
Q. Hi! i am going to a college for a field trip and i want to look pretty on that field trip idk why but can someone help me?

A. You can look pretty but field tripos and college are usually more casual so reserve anything fancy like heels or dressy dresses for dates, evening outs and parties.

What kind of outfits really depends on your style though but here are some ideas:

A common outfit - casual by stylish:
# Skinny/Straight jeans tucked into tall boots (or ankle booties) worn a loose tunic top or button-up & cardigan/blazer/bomber jacket with minimal accessories like stud earrings & a bracelet

Feminine but casual Outfit
# Dress down a flowy skirt with opaque tights, add dolly flats (or something similare) and a nice t-shirt or knit top. Throw on a cardigan/bomber jacket or cardigan.

If you prefer going more casual like hoodies.
# Wear the hoodie a casual but pretty top (e.g. a jersey wrap top or white cotton collar blouse) and nice jeans or slacks with ballerina flats
# Wear your favorite sneakers with cuffed shorts shorts, add tights if its still chilly outside and a nice top with cardigan/blazer or bomber jacket.
# Look girly in a basic t-shirt with a trendy skirt, (tights), blazer/cardigan & flats or boots (ankle booties with short skirt, tall boots with any skirt).
# or A nice long top/tunic (upper thigh) with leggings/jeggings & flats or boots + a jacket

For a more proffessional look which I personally wear are wearing the clothes women wear to office (either casual or formal ones) seperatly and dress them down.
# Darkwash Jeans with a Blouse/Knit top or Button up, Blazer & Flats
# Knee lenght pencil skirt with tights & flat tall boots and a button up with a cardigan or leather jacket
# Sheath or Any not-to-fancy Dress with tights, Cardigan & Flats.

Phew, I could rabble on outfit ideas forever but I hope these outfits will spark some ideas.
Most of outfits are low-key but nor too casual but not dressy at the same time. Some of the outfits has a tailored proffessional vibe but they are not too much for college. The only bad things to some people is that you can come off mature which can be either a bad or good thing depending on your perspective. If you dont have any problem with a lady-like classy look then none of the outfits would be bad!
I wear to a school similare to college and these are things I wear.

Anyway, hope it helped!

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where website owners get their merchandise to sell for profit? Like women's designer shoes and handbags?

Q. I'm trying to start an online business selling trendy handbags and stylish women shoes. I can't seem to find a good listing of wholesalers who may dropship or even offer their merchandise at wholesale prices where I am able to purchase the products. Every time I do a search The same old web-pages appear! I've tried every wording in the book and still come up with the same web-pages. Can anyone help me with this?

A. We( main offer all kinds of Nike/Jordan/Adidas brand

sports shoes.Also,We sell some brand hats,bags and clothes. We offer safe

delivery and best service,low price and good quality. Communicate with us.You

will be very satisfied! Welcome to our website or Email( �

) me for more details.

Need opinions: Which shoes should I buy? I cant decide?
Q. Okay so my friends going to america for a holiday soon and she's offering to buy things for her friends. I'm really not sure what to get!! Either these nike free runs, (i'm not sure what colour i want but this is just an example) that everyone has and i can wear to school for sport and look "trendy":

Or these converse that i have wanted for ages and i am in love with and i can wear dressy or casual:

Does it really matter what shoes you wear to school? Most people wear normal joggers like me but i would really like to own a pair of nikes, but on the other hand i so want these converse they would go with any outfit uhh i need lots of opinions and pros and cons so please help me out!
Thanks a lot xx

A. Guy opinion: Cons are always stylin': colors come and go, but there's no new or old style - they're Cons. And the the more wornout they get, kewler they look !

Really, for sports you want the support of specific-activity walkers, joggers,runners, trainers, etc. But for all-day wear, Cons are more comfie & breath better.

Big thing for girls here are the knee-high ones: seem edgie with jeans or somehow dressy too.

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Are these "old lady" shoes?


A. no, they are quite trendy

Shoe questions for the ladies?
Q. 1. After a day of work do you ever come home with your feet hurting?
2. If so then what kind of job do you have?
3. Have your feet ever hurt so bad you took you shoes off?
4. Would you like to have your feet massaged after a day of work?
5. Dont you wish you could shrink an annoying guy to the size of a ken doll for the day to tend to your tired feet?
6. What are the most painful shoes you have ever worn?
7. Whats your favorite color for a pedicure?
8. Would you rather go shopping in comfort of flip flops or look trendy and wear heels and end the day with sore feet?
9. Whats your favorite pair of shoes?
Thanks for answering

A. No, my feet don't hurt when I get home.
Taking shoes off does help when they hurt though.
Foot massage would be nice but I'm ticklish.
That is a strange wish. No.
My most painful shoes are 4" skinny heel knee high boots.
I like natural pedicure colors.
I wear what's comfortable if I'm on my feet a lot.
My favorite shoes are the ones I never wear.

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Where can I buy these shoes?

Q. I really want a pair of the 5 finger shoes for women. The only place I can think of buying them would be off on online, but I hate buying anything that I haven't tried on and seen in person.

What stores sell them? Thanks.

A. You can get them at any warehouse shoe sale or foot action. I got mine at warehouse shoe sale there way cheap like $50.00 or less. They don't carry them at foot locker cause there not considered "trendy" just watch though they'll have them sooner or later.

Where can I find cheap whole sale vendors in Chicago and online?
Q. Hello,
I am starting a new business and I am looking for whole sale vendors who have trendy women's clothing, shoes, assessories, and etc. I am opening my shop in Chicago and I do not have an idea as to where I am going to get the goods that I need for my store. If anyone has suggestions that can direct me to a place where I can buy goods at a resonable whole sale price would GREATLY appreciate your response.
Thank you so much for your time,

A. The Chicago Apparel Center is hosting a Women's and Children's show on June 6 to June 9. There is a list of vendors and their showrooms at If you don't have a mart card yet, bring business cards, a letter on your letterhead describing your business, and business credit references to register for the show. Once you receive your mart card, you will be notified of all future shows. If you don't have credit references, you can prepay for orders with a business credit card.

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Stylish but not Trendy Casual Shoes for Men?

Q. I am a man looking for a different type of shoe. I have a pair of Jordan High tops and White Nike Low tops for casual wear. I hate when people jump on the bandwagon for fashion and getting something just because everyone else has it. For example, in my high school, Vans Authentic shoes and Sperry boating shoes (Boys & Girls) are very popular. I really like the Vans, but everybody has them and I refuse to buy them.

It would be nice if people could leave some suggestions on some shoes that are stylish and attractive (FOR MEN) but not really trendy. I'm sure that it will be mostly women that answer this question, so this is the question for the women. What do you think looks attractive on men?

Also, I am in high school. I'm an upperclassmen. Thanks! :)

A. Confidence looks attractive.

As far as footwear: loafers, oxfords/brogues, sneakers, tennis/running shoes, sandals, boots, boat shoes (Sperry's are a classic, not a trend. My grandfather has lived in them [and moccasins] for as long as I have been alive), moccasins, etc.

which shoes should i buy?
Q. I'm buying some oxfords because I adore them so which ones should i get? Not looking at price which look the most wearable and cute!

A. I think the lace-up type looks more vintage and trendy, so the second one.

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Help from trendy fashion women. meeting that goes to an evening event. Not black tie required.?

Q. Wearing a black dress red shoes with a black heel and small red bag with a black rose detail. What color hose??? I see all the stars wearing natural, I am old school and want to to look trendy. I always thought sheer black hose. Please send answers soon It is tomorrow nite

A. Sheer black hose with red shoes would not look good. I would definitely go with a more natural color.

what is a good trendy boutique name?
Q. Target age 16-35
Selling trendy clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoes will be imported from Hong Kong, Japan & Korea.

A. At the end of the day you want paying customers. That why you target and older crowd, with a younger trendy look. Sure a 16 yr old might walk through the door, but the mom is right behind her, or she's holding her mom's credit card.

That being said, copying someone else is the best measure. No need to reinvent the wheel.

That being said, I was given some personal advice from someone in the industry. "Name your store after someone's name" It is much easier to brand Annabelle Borgia than it is to brand The Hand Bag. And, the reason why is, because people can be led to believe Annabelle is a real person and she dresses a certain way, and girl / women will fantasize about being her. The Hand Bag really doesn't translate to a whole frame of mind.

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Cute trendy shoes!!!!!!!!!?

Q. I wear a size 11/12 in women where do I find cute sandals/ tennis shoes/ dressy flip flops

A. I also wear an 11. I find my shoes at Nine West, Macy's and places like American eagle. I hope this helped!!

Trendy large size shoe stores?
Q. I'm looking for some online stores that sell trendy women's shoes around size 11/12. Anyone know of any?

A. Try here
shipping is FREE !!!!

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Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

are their any french women out their who could give me some beauty secrets?

Q. i love french women, id like to pick up some of their advice.

A. I am not French but have learned a lot about French skin care regimens over the past few months as a consultant for a new company called Votre Vu. Our products, which are produced outside of Paris, were only available in high-end European spas until this past September when Votre Vu launched.

So regarding skin care: most French skin care is natually based and the majority of all the good-for-you ingredients in naturally based lines are grown to peak perfection in France because of the climate, soil, etc. So kind of how Florida is known for their oranges, France produces some of the best botanicals used in skin care. The products are great for your skin. My skin has never felt better since I've been using Votre Vu.
French skin care also has higher % of all the good stuff - products are filled with waxes and fillers.

Also, French women use different creams/moisturizers for different body parts - not all skin is create equal! In America we are just told to use our face cream on our neck, however, the French have special creams for the neck because the skin on our neck is different then the skin on our face. Another area they pay special attention to with special cremes is the bust area. I learned this because Votre Vu offers a neck creme and a bust creme. We are bringing French traditions to American mainstream.

Also, French women eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Did you read the book "French women don't get fat"? It talks a lot about that. But not only does diet effect a women's figure, it can effect her skin and hair.

Don't know if those were the kind of tips you were looking for, but hopefully it helps some!

Heather Wolgamott

Want to find out more about our French skin care line - visit or email me at

I also ran into this:
Here are the secrets of French women you can use to help you stand out from the crowd:

1. French women intimately know their body and which styles look good on them. They do not beat themselves up for perceived flaws, but know how to creatively put emphasis on their assets. French women have more personality when it comes to their style - they own their look. So, it's key to establish a unique look that works for you.

2. French women buy a handful of good quality, neutral-colored staples that they can mix and match with each other for maximum wear. They do not "collect" clothing. Clothing is an investment and is meant for a return on their investment. They also know when to purge an item.

3. French women know the power of accessories. They cherish four to five high-end fashion accessories (costume jewelry and scarves) that they wear all the time. They might add one or two new trendy pieces each season and wear them out. They also invest in high quality everyday leather handbags and shoes, keeping their return on investment in mind.

4. French women become friends with a great hair stylist who is skilled at working with their hair type. They get a fuss-free hairstyle and maintain it with great conditioners.

5. French women treat their skin as the treasure it is. Get a facial every month or just give yourself a weekly facial. Maintain, protect and nourish your skin daily. If you have great skin, you radiate and barely need any make-up.

6. French women use make-up as an aid to emphasize their beautiful features, not hide them under layers and layers of coating. The principle applied is: less is more. Your basics include: tinted moisturizer with SPF, a light powder, blush, a great mascara and a lipstick or lip gloss.

7. French women know only too well that you are what you eat, which is why they follow a diet that is rich in seasonal produce, red meat and oily fish - all of which help to keep a figure trim and hair, nails and skin in tip-top condition. To further boost their skin's radiance, French women will also drink plenty of water and, for general well-being, eat a little of what they fancy - including chocolate and a glass of red wine. They relish in the pleasure of small indulgences and do not beat themselves up, like American women. Everything in moderation and smaller portions.

8. French women believe in getting their exercise throughout the day, by walking and biking. The important message here is to not become obsessed about your fitness activities, but pursue them with pleasure. If you hate the stair climber or even going to the gym, find something that gives you enjoyment and not dread. And again, don't beat yourself up if you're not keeping up with all your colleagues latest fitness center stories. It's time to be unique and do what is fun for you! Follow the French on a balanced and time-tested approach to life.

What about a man visually makes a woman go crazy?
Q. Things like high heels, skirts and poses in pictures make us go MY LAWD! What type of things do the same for a girl? Like what type of accessories on a guy, body parts or poses in pics. Or anything. What are the top things visually about a man that make you go MY LAWD!


A. A great smile. Clean clothes that are in good repair, fit, and aren't too trendy. Standing up straight. Reading a book or a magazine like Scientific American. Kindness toward small children. Hair that doesn't look like he spent more than 5 minutes on it but that doesn't look unkempt either. Eyes that meet mine when he talks to me. A vocabulary relatively free of profanities. Hands that show that he's not afraid of a little work. Clean nails that aren't bitten down and ragged. Some muscles, but not the super buff gym rat look. Decent shoes. Soberness when all his friends are drunk. A throaty chuckle. Relatively straight teeth, but not too straight, like he spent a fortune on caps. Knowing how to hold a fork. A hint of chest hair peeking out of a white button down shirt. A hint of soap that tells me he recently showered. A nice rear end. A freshly shaven face. A good pair of sunglasses. A watch with a leather band. Combing his hair out of his face with his fingers. Drinking bottled water. Rolling his sleeves up to just below his elbows. A slim wallet. Gazing thoughtfully out a window.

What turns me off: Concert tour tee shirts. Baggy pants. Run-down shoes. Trying too hard to be handsome. Being too loud. Being drunk. Constantly being on the cell phone. Wearing a bluetooth. A car that's too sporty. Button down shirts with the top button done or too many buttons undone. Flabbiness. Reading muscle magazines or car magazines. Looking at every woman that passes by. Owning a pit bull. Coffee breath. Cigarette breath. Constant movement. Talking about golf. Complaining about women. Hating cats. Big belt buckles.

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Does anyone know what this type of shoe is?

Q. they are apparently a trendy shoe for teenage guys or young men in the UK/England region. i have no idea what they are called but they are plain white shoes that are narrow with only four lace holes and they look somewhat similar to the popular kids shoe "keds" and are typically worn with capri length pants....sooo if anyone has any guess at what these shoes might be called it would be super helpful if you could provide a brand name or a link to where i might be able to find them. Thanks so much!!
no not leather more kind of like a canvas material

A. Are they leather? Oxfords? Just a guess...

Where can I buy cool clothes, bags, belts etc for my 14 year old son in the UK or online?
Q. He has some money to buy clothes with. He is going to buy a hoody, bag, belt and buckle, shoe laces, T-Shirts and jeans. He doesn't know where from. He is not a chav. He is quite fashion conscious. It's out of his birthday money and he wanted me to look at good shops for him (i don't know why either) where is a good place to start. He is into music like green day and muse. His favourite clothes brands, i think are airwalk, animal, Vans, stuff like that. He knows freespirit and Topman already but they are both quite expensive and I'm not sure if I'll be able to find jeans that fit him there, tops yes but trousers i'm unsure about.

A. Top man at top shop is very trendy or abercrombie and fitch is great very fashionable but can be abit pricey x

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Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

what are really trendy shoe brands?


1. Michael Kors
2. Aldo
3. Zara

There are also trendy shoes that you can buy easily since a lot of people including me can't afford to buy Aldo and Michael Kors shoes all the time like Macy's. I believe that if you look long and hard, you'll find it. =)) Good luck! :)

Edit: I COMPLETELY FORGOT CONVERSE!!! :( I love those and also Havaianas for flip flops and Steve Madden. For sneakers, there's Ecko Red and Dunks too :) I hate Dunks though, and Crocs. OHMYGOSH. I don't like Crocs. =)) HAHAHAHA.

Do anyone know where I can find fashion trendy wide width shoes?

A. Call Customer Service 1-800#, or email them.
This is YAHOO, it's a World Wide Web and many of us have not even bought anything or work @WIDE shoes or any other shoe stores.

Buyer beware when it comes to buying shoes online, and I do not rec. using PayPal. I got screwed, took 3 years for my credit.
I bought 2 pair of shoes, $700 worth @ Zappos, where they have free shipping & free returns. I am a 5 1/2, so I bought a size 6. Returned them. Ordered a 5, too small. I saved $700.
I went to Nordstrom's, they're having shoe sales. Found 2 shoes, both less than $300. Both were rated as 'best comfortable shoes for walking'. BTW: I wore one of the boots for 4 hours, and I didn't even do that much walking, mostly standing on the same spot . . . . and I was already limping. I took it back the following day!
My son bought a pair of Nike beach sandals. They didn't come in his size, so he bought the one larger. They weren't sold in stores! He was walking around sandals too big, only because he didn't want to pay for return shipping and re-stocking fees.
Shoes that are good for some, may hurt your feet. Just saying!

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I have big feet. How am I to find a pair of descent, good-looking shoes with feet as big as mine??

Q. It's like this, I go to a shoe store & all of he shoes there are so trendy and everything. So, for feet as big as mine, I cant find one that I'm satisfied with. I wear sport shoes to school. And that ain't comfortable.


Ladies: What are a really good pair of black shoes for clubbing/heading out?
Q. You often hear one of the first thing a woman notices about a guy is his shoes. What would be good examples of those that make a good impression?
...and I have huge feet, does that matter?
Let me preface by saying I'm an adult male, not a teenager. Thanks for all the feedback and any specific suggestions you can give.

A. make sure your shoes are polished, go for a slightly pointed look, its smart and trendy and shows that you take care in your appearance and that you're fashion forward...also gives the impression of bigger feet and that will certainly get the ladies' attention!

Zara for men or Topshop are really good

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Help On Cute Trendy Outfit To Wear To Court!?

Q. Hey I have a Mock Trial competition in 2 weeks & I'm playing the part as a school teacher witness and I wanted some ideas on what I should wear for the full day competition. I want something cute and trendy. I don't want to be a "boring" school teacher. More of a high-class trendy one. (: Can anyone help me on some websites or put together an outfit for me? Thank You! (:

A. wear a 1 coloured dress a pair of black tights and colured shoes to match the dress

Does what a teacher/professor wear matter?
Q. Writing a paper on this topic and trying to see if people really care what their teacher wears? Do you take them less seriously if they don't match or are they intimidating if they're wearing a power suit?

A. A learning institution is still a place of business. The students are investing their time and so are you. Its like the stock market exchange. Every one is there for the experience and to get the most out with the least effort. This is the majority not all encompassing. A teacher/instructor should stand out obviously with business casual attire that is most of all comfortable to wear and trendy. Their are many tech businesses that have employees come in to work in jeans but only one day per week. Even at work I don't think its the best idea. If your wearing dress clothes 4 out of 5 days in the week than on that 5th day you will feel different and less authoritarian. Less in the role as the leader of the classroom. Dressing down leaves room for others to judge you by your choice of wardrobe that they usually don't see you in. This will change their perception of you. The staff and the students. Your personality will shine through enough to dismiss any claims of you being too serious of a about your job. If students or faculty see you on days off that's a different scenario and will not receive the same amount of attention. I would stick with the business casual attire. But by all means make it your own look. When it comes to accessories go with the minimalist approach. Lastly, shoes have got to be the most comfy. Keeping an extra pair near, in car maybe, in case of heel break or new shoes not wearing in so comfortably you can be relieved.

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Senin, 16 Juni 2014

Where can i find stylish womans shoes in a size 12?

Q. i actually wear a 12.5 but can fit a size twelve, i am 22 and like to dress girly so i like trendy boots and heels (no converse or vans i have a closet full of these brands) i also don't want shoes that my granmother would wear to church. 12 is the absolute smallest I can fit, there is no way i could "squeeze in" to an eleven. please don't list a company unless you're SURE they carry size 12. (alot of places advertise extended sizes but only go up to 11) thank you for your suggestions!!!

A. Size 11 here! barefoot tess has lot of trendy shoes and carry extended sizes for brands like jeffrey campbell and dolce vita . Unfortunately they don't have a lot of 12.5 shoes but they have some really cute size 12's and 13's. carries some nice things too.

Does anyone know where to find women's shoes that go up to size 12?
Q. Hi!
I am 6'1 and have a really hard time finding flats or boots in my size that aren't too high heeled or terribly drab.

Does anyone know of some good sites or stores to find some trendy shoes in a size 12 (besides Zappos)?


A. You are going to love Tall Clothing Mall. They find trendy large shoes and put them in categories from all the top online shoes.

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Where can I find fashionable plus size shoes?

Q. Does anyone know where I can buy either in a store or online trendy plus size shoes like for a size 12 womans foot? Every website I find has real ugly and outdated shoes. HELPP!
anddd... I'm not a monster, I'm just really tall at 6'1 so its hard for me to find tall lengths and bigger shoes =(

A. I believe Payless goes up to a 13. Nordstrom is always a good bet - they started out as a hard to find shoe specialist, way back when, and have kept that aspect of their business up even after re-focusing to fashion.

There are quite a few more listed in our shoe directory, that notes sizes (and widths) at:

Women with narrow shoe size, please help!?
Q. I need some career-type closed toe dress shoes. I don't want to look like an old granny, I'm 32, and I have between a N and S width. Any shoes brands out there that don't cost a small fortune and are trendy, and more on the narrow size. I've tried Lifestrides, and their AA (narrow) is too big, and their AAA shoes are all so outdated looking. Thanks!

A. Check out & Nordstrom's stores or

You can search by size on both sites.

related links:

other online stores (good sales)

Naturalizer & Easy Spirit are brands worth considering too.

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Where to buy designer clothes in English stores?

Q. I know of Harvey Nichols, but which other shops sell expensive handbags (YSL, Chloe, Marc Jacobs etc), shoes (Jimmy Choo, Laboutin and Manalos), and generally expensive clothes and accessories?

Ideally in locations such as Sheffield, Nottingham, Leeds, Lincoln or London.

Thanks for you help! x

A. Hey ;)

In Central London the actual Chloe shop is there in Sloane Street. Also in London you sometimes find their range in Harrod's (Brompton Road, Knightsbridge) and Selfridges (in Oxford Street). You can also buy from there online at It doesn't look like they offically sell anywhere else apart from in Harvey Nichols in Leeds (which you obviously already know).

Jimmy Choo also sell their range in their shop in London, also in Selfridges and Harrod's.

Your best bet, if you can be bothered to travel all that way, is to go to London and go in Selfridges or Harrod's or Harvey Nichols..

GAH do sell some really nice dresses but they don't ship to the UK :[ so that's not much help..

AHA! I found some english sites.. (but I'd advise you to check authenticity of all of these sites)
which sells clothing from brans such as: Armani, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Full Circle and Gucci.
they sell brands such as Prada, Gucci, Fendi, D&G, Versace, Kasike, Roberto Cavalli.
(which looks like a site with a good range of clothing) 'are one of Europe's leading online designer outlets, offering 2,500 bargains from over 250 brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Katherine Hamnett and Vivienne Westwood. Save up to 70%.'
'At High Demand Clothing you'll find a selection of designer labels for men and women at competitive prices. Brands include Diesel, 55 DSL, Armani, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Evisu and Miss 60.'
'At Koodos you can buy a wide choice of luxury and trendy clothing brands, including Escada, Nicole Farhi, Aftershock, Alexander McQueen, True Religion, Fendi, Moschino and many more. They offer exclusive 'private sales' events with limited stock too and prices are discounted up to 80%.'
Mad About Fashion, an online factory outlet, brings you a range of bags, clothes and accessories for women and men at prices up to 65% off RRP prices. Being an outlet, it means new stock arrives frequently and includes designers like Gucci, Fendi, Evisu, Prada, Armani, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Lacoste, YSL< D&G, Stone Island and Hugo Boss. (for this one it seems its mainly sunglasses and handbags (and perfumes) for women.
'Matches is a popular chain of cutting-edge designer boutiques based in London's Nothing Hill, Mayfair, Richmond and Wimbledon areas. They bring you this season's clothing and accessories collections from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, MaxMara, Miu Miu, Burberry Prorsum and many more. They have a sales section too with discounts up-to 70%.'
From the catwalks of London, New York, LA and Milan, Misamu brings you designer dresses from the likes of Ella Moss, Pyrus and Velvet; party tops from Gold Hawk, Mint and Rebecca Taylor; jeans from Citizens of Humanity, True Religion and Grass and many more designer labels. 'They are based in Ireland, but ship efficiently and quickly to the UK.'
'This high-end designer women's fashion boutique bring you this season collections from exclusive designers such as Ella Moss, FrostFrench, Cacharel, Rogan NYC, Sitting Pretty, True Religion and many more. Prices are what to expect for exclusivity, but you can buy in confidence as they offer free delivery and free returns (so you can try at home first).'
'If you are looking for something exclusive, then Net-a-Porter is the place to be. They sell cutting-edge fashion online from famous (and soon to be famous) designers including Paul Smith, Cacharel, Karl Donoghue and Rosa Cha. Prices are what you'd expect to pay for exclusivity, but window shopping is free.'
'Psyche, now in its 20th year, is the most award winning company in the uk fashion industry. The extensive list of designer clothing on offer includes: Armani, Aquascutum, Boss, Diesel, DKNY, Fiorucci, FCUK, Gucci, Givenchy, Nicole Fahri, Ted Baker, Paul Smith and many more.'
'Republic are one of the UK's leading independent retailers of urban casual clothing, stocking popular designers such as G-Star, Bench, Drunknmunkey, Soul Cal, Fenchurch, Vila, Craft and Henleys. They carry jackets, jeans, shirts, tops, footwear and accessories for both men and women. Prices are competitive with regular discount offers like 'Mix any 2 for £25'.'

Secret Sales is a free, private, online club which specialises in exclusive sales of designer fashions for their members. I.e., they acquire clothes collections of brands like Diesel, Chloe, Prada, D&G, Armani, Fendi Pepe and Levis, and offer them to you at discounted prices, typically between 30% and 80% off the normal retail price.
'YOOX, Europe's leading source of designer fashion on-line, offers the most extensive end-of-season clothing and accessories assortment, at up to 75% off retail price. Acclaimed by London Sunday Times as the No.1 web shopper site in Europe, YOOX presents a selection of pieces from over 200 of the world's most famous designer labels ranging from shoes to suits, gloves to trousers and jeans to evening wear.'

google whatever brand you want to find :]


Are suspenders preppy?
Q. I want a preppy style this year so I was thinking a white button down with a collar, black suspenders and leggings, is that preppy? Just to be clear on what I mean by preppy is stuff like
-Trench coats
-Cape coats
-Pea coats
-Slouch boots
-Riding botts
-Cable knit sweaters
-White button downs
-Oxford shirts
-Oxford shoes
-Knee high socks
-Pencil skirts
-Collar shirts
-Anchor necklace
-Perfect buns
-Suspenders (maybe? Are they preppy?)

A. I think suspenders are preppy as long as you style them that way. For example, if you wear it with a black lace blouse and a gothic style frilly skirt with black suspenders, it can come off more 'goth', etc.

Oh and pencil skirts aren't that preppy, they're more on the 'trendy' side. I'd go with pleated skirts instead.

I think a pair of white suspenders with a light pink & white gingham top would look cute with light wash jeans and some oxfords.

For the outfit I described... I own this top from Nordstrom's BP, it's so cute
In the 'Coral Ivory' Shade, but the mint green is cute as well
with some plain white suspenders:
light wash skinny jeans

And some pleated skirts:

I recommend brands like Lilliy Pulitzer, if you look in the dictionary for 'preppy' you'll probably find her clothing line in the definition.

And then stores like J. Crew (: It can get expensive, so I like shopping in their sale rack.
This girl on Youtube has a preppy sense of style and shows some of her outfits

Make sure your plaid shirts are simple like the one I linked you! Don't wear ones with wacky color combinations like purple+green+yellow.

And here's an awesome tutorial for the 'perfect bun' you mentioned, but it has a fun twist with some braids into it (:

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Minggu, 15 Juni 2014

girls out there know where to find trendy sandals for tall girls?

Q. Any ladies out there know where to find (online or elsewhere) trendy sandals (hot ones, not old lady strappies) for taller girls? I'm 5'8" and my bf is 5'11". Great barefoot, but when I put on the shoes I really like I tower over him because they are 3 inches or higher! But I looove cute heeled sandals (steve madden, candies, etc) We're going on vacation to california, a cruise, and then mexican riviera. Two weeks but I have cute pants, skirts, dresses, etc that I cant wear some ugly flats with and I cant wear flip flops with everything!! Heeelp

A.< free shipping

so I see a girl yesterday and she is like six feet tall wearing platform shoes WHY?

A. Because women really don't understand fashion. They understand trend.
They hear something is trendy and go do it. Platform shoes are going to be here for a while, like ugg(ly) boots, or that cardigan sweater fetish.

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