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I am starting an online women shoe store I want to know where can I find trendy woman shoes that are wholesale?

Q. I want to sell trendy woman shoes at affordable prices I want to find a wholesale shoe distributor that sells nice looking woman show\e in bulk at wholesale prices

A. Don't worry.. i have one solution.. i think you should be try it.
here you can find ladies shoes or women shoes collection which you want.
i am also using it.. they have awesome collection..

Switching to skirts, and I have a couple questions?
Q. My mom and I are going to a Baptist church and now my mom is saying that I'm no longer aloud to wear pants. The bible says that pants are mens clothing and women are not to wear mens clothing. So I was just curious about a few things. In the winter, will people think we are crazy for wearing skirts? Will it look weird for me to wear my converse (they're my favorite shoes!!) with skirts? Oh, and any tips to accesorize or any tips period? Personal experience? Thank you all so much!!

A. Hey!!! God Bless You!! My name is Lissette and it's a pleasure to be able to help you!

1. I don't know where you live, but it is quite fashionable to wear skirts during the winter time. You can wear it with black stockings, belts, necklaces (jewelry), scarves, hats, trench coats, etc.

2. Quite honestly, you should not wear your converse with skirts everyday. You can look for some cute flats which can be very comfortable (no heels) and will match better with your outfit. Here are some sites that illustrate ways to incorporate your converse into your wardrobe:

Neutrals go well with ANY color in your outfit:
Black, brown, khaki, gray, denim, white, navy.

It's also good for you to understand the basic types of skirts before you off shopping:

Types of Skirts

Below are some sites that you can check out!

101 on Skirts (Types of Skirts 1 and click for the 2nd part)

Ideas on Certain Types of Skirts
(How to wear long skirts, very cute ideas!! Love the shoes!!),RALPH,LAUREN-1045022-1.htm
(a few looks you can use as inspirations; of course, you'll have to tweek some here and there.)
(Black High waisted skirt with red shoes; you can use a cardigan on top)
(Cute look for winter time!! An A-line skirt with black stockings with a scarf and matching hat.)

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What do you think is more important - the quality, the pricetag or the quantity or a mix of them?

Q. When buying something.

Sometimes, I dont see the point to buy something expensive just because the quality is *slightly* better.
My mother tell me I should only buy shoes that are in real leather because they last longer and adapt to the feets, but the ones I was comparing costed double as much then the one with syntetic leather and cheaper one had a nicer color and sometimes Im not sure if I want to spurgle alot of money on it.
Lets say the cheap one were 30$ and the other one 60$, the only quality difference were the leather material. Which one would you choose with options like that? These are the shoes Im looking at:
# the 30$ (approximately), in syntetic$im=1143402_P&$sh=1143402_P&defaultImage=default_dsd
or # the 60$ real leather ones

A. I am a shoe fanatic and have great respect for high quality HOWEVER I would have very few shoes if I bought only shoes of the best quality. It is a balance for me and it depends on where and how you'd wear the shoes.

Like classic black leather winter dress boots will last for years if they're the highest quality. But, if I want some red fashion booties with tassels, they don't need to be the best quality. I just want a style element for certain outfits and will probably tire of them by the time they wear out. So evening shoes which are seldom worn and my trendier shoes in bright colours and leopard print etc. are all less expensive so I can spend more on the classic black pumps and boots that are always in style and I want to last!! : }

btw, the shoes at the first link look much better to me.

How much do clothes and shoes cost in China?
Q. I am going on a trip to China and I just wanted to know from anyone who has been there or knows, how much the clothes and shoes cost? I am talking about fashionable trendy stuff that is not expensive. I would like to work out roughly how much to carry for such. Oh and if any one can give ideas of which places are best to shop for cheap stuff. I'll be going to Beijing.

A. Almost everything is China is cheap, but since you're a foreigner, you're going to get a price that has been jacked up A LOT. But, still cheap compared to the USA and stuff. If you wear a bigger size (bigger than around a 4) or you're taller than like 5'6'' you'll have some trouble finding clothes, and shoes wise, the biggest size they have is usually like a 39ish (8.5). But the quality might not be great, but I got a pair of really cute flats for like 5rmb (less than $1usd).

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What age did you daughter have to have the right clothes, shoes?

Q. This year school shopping with my daughter was tough. She had to have a particular style of Nikes and clothes. She is going into 2nd grade! What's up with that?
She wears good brand name shoes - no payless junk. That is not an option. Her feet are growing and need good support. I was just amazed she had a certain style she "had to have".

A. Although, I'm just a new mommy. I have a one year old, I so hope that I won't be dealing with the issue you have described.

I think it's great that she's expressing herself with her clothing, however there is a limit. Just because all the other kids have it doesn't mean she gets it. You are still the parent here and you have the final say in what gets purchased.

My mom would have looked at me and said "if all the other kids jumped off the bridge would you?" of couse my answer was no and then she would say well then do you want to look just like them, NO. I defiently didn't get all the trendy clothes and I grew up just fine, but when mom said No I knew that was the end of that conversation.

Do you give your daughter an allowance? If so then, suggest to your daughter that if she really wants a particular style of Nikes
that she needs to pay for half the cost with her allowance. Tell her what the cost is in total and then tell her how much she needs to contribute. It's a great way to teach your child the value of money and the cost of items. If she saves her half then go get the shoes.

If your daughter does not receive an allowance then now is the time to again tell her that she needs to contribute to the cost of the shoes by helping with chores and earning the money needed.

Good Luck in the future.

Is Charlotte Russe like a cool store to shop at? Is it at the mall or is it a catalog or what?
Q. I'm so out of style! I'm out of school and don't work right now so I don't really get to see what's in style out there! What types of clothes do they have that are cute? Oh, I'm 24. Am I too old for their stuff? I don't have kids and actually look more like 18!

A. They have stores at the mall and online. The stuff there is cheap and trendy (meaning, the style that's "in" right now) but it's not the best quality. I personally don't go there because the clothes look cheap and the colors don't suit my style. They have skinny jeans, bright dressy tops, tees, pretty much everything including shoes. Charlotte Russe targets people in their teens to twenties so you could shop there.

Lately the trend has been kinda punk/skater...So Converse, skinny jeans, neon colored tops, chunky jewelry, and just really over-the-top stuff is in. If you've ever seen the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place, the stuff that Alex Russo (played by Selena Gomez) wears is what you can find at Charlotte Russe.

But CR is by no means a store targeted towards a specific style. Lots of my friends shop there and find cute clothes, so it's worth checking out. Plus, they have great $5 sales. :D

Hope that helps!

Answer mine? I'm giving best answer to the next "I don't know" answer.;_ylt=AhD.RNgjm4bjEO5meZ8Z6NDty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080805152952AAvuUFO

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Where can I find trendy toddler boots for my son?

Q. Don't want Oldnavy, Gap, Jcrew or any other big name brands.
Most parents don't dress their children in crap. Most parents actually care what their children's clothing looks like. My child is 3, not an infant. If you didn't care then don't waist my time and not answer the question.
Not looking for Big names again...looking for mom and pop shops that have websites. Thanks.

A. Try Brooks Shoes, Little happy feet or shoes zoo !

Thoughts about the woman pulled off the South West Airlines Flight?
Q. I'm curious to hear opinions of the young lady who was pulled off the SouthWest Airlines flight because her outfit was too revealing. The pictures of her, wearing her skirt and top were I thought not out of the norm, she was tall, blonde and a bit busty but nothing at all revearling about her top and her skirt was low to mid thigh. They actually showed some of the older SW Airline flight attendents from the 70's wearing hot pants on CNN today. Curious to hear opinions, because this woman was dressed nicely and I have seen some pretty poorly dressed people not get a second look. Think that jealously had anything to do with it?
I only saw the picture of her that was shown on the media. She looks fine in it and didn't have a tank top on, she had a top and sweater. My understanding was that it was a female passenger who complained after the boarded the plane and that she was given a blanket to cover herself after getting back on.

A. I offer 2 opinions on the topic of personal appearance in public places -

1. Airlines (Buses, Cruise ships, Railroads, etc) have the right to demand certain standards of conduct (or appearance)of passengers, and sometimes enforce that right when passengers or the airline would be harmed. In this case, however, I have heard that another passenger complained to the airline, and caused this situation to arise.
I have no idea what gives one passenger the right to judge the lady's clothing, this seems to be hypocritical and surely could have been resolved by moving the complaining passenger to a seat out of view of the young lady, and offering a blindfold to the complaining passenger.
Since the airline crew now had to intervene quickly, in order to let the flight take off on time, and keep the peace, perhaps it was easiest at the moment to do what SW did, right or wrong. On the other hand (with my perfect hindsight), if I were the air crew, I would have told BOTH passengers to get off and let them battle it out in court for being involved in a dispute of a nature unable to be resolved in a timely manner.

Opinion #2: On personal pride of appearance AND tolerance (or lack of tolerance), what ever happened to these things?
It used to be that far fewer people (slobs, etc) went out in public place dressed badly. I am not talking about dressing in a unique, trendy way, but plain out wearing ragged, dirty smelly clothing, etc. I once sat (in first class cabin, Dallas to London) way too close to a young couple and baby, dressed in worn-out jeans, tattered plain white-T shirts, cheap shower shoes, etc and the toddler wearing only a diaper and some kind of sleeping clothes, barely enough to keep it from catching cold. Granted that your clothing choices can be limited by your income and budget, but if you have the means to fly in first-class cabin to London, surely you could afford to dress better than that? On tolerance, YES, I thought to myself that if I had the power, I would tell that couple to dress more appropriately for the occasion, but of course I realized that I do NOT have that power, so I just kept my mouth shut, put on my headset, listened to the music, and enjoyed the flight.

Ok, open for debate, I would like to read your comments, anyone?

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Where can I find cheap whole sale vendors in Chicago and online?

Q. Hello,
I am starting a new business and I am looking for whole sale vendors who have trendy women's clothing, shoes, assessories, and etc. I am opening my shop in Chicago and I do not have an idea as to where I am going to get the goods that I need for my store. If anyone has suggestions that can direct me to a place where I can buy goods at a resonable whole sale price would GREATLY appreciate your response.
Thank you so much for your time,

A. The Chicago Apparel Center is hosting a Women's and Children's show on June 6 to June 9. There is a list of vendors and their showrooms at If you don't have a mart card yet, bring business cards, a letter on your letterhead describing your business, and business credit references to register for the show. Once you receive your mart card, you will be notified of all future shows. If you don't have credit references, you can prepay for orders with a business credit card.

What are pretty but inexpensive brands of clothing for young adult women?
Q. I have so many old clothes that I want to donate which came from who knows where. Preferably a brand not as mainstream as Forever 21 and H&M, I know of those places. I live in California if that helps at all.

A. Have you ever tried the more "trendy" thrift stores? Sometimes you can find really good deals there. I live in California too. What's popular here is a store called Buffalo Exchange. I don't know what part of California you are in, but in So-cal there is one in Fullerton. And one in Long Beach. Up north, I only know of one in Berkeley. I know there is many more.
Here's their website:

There is also a store called La Bomba, but that is only in So-Cal I think.

They have really... vintagey Forever 21 looking, but better clothing. Sometimes they are pricey, but it depends on the item of clothing. Jackets are usually the most expensive things in the store. It is a thrift store though, so everything is gently used. Also, if you have old clothes to get rid of, you can take em to Buffalo Exchange. How it works there is a worker will look through your clothes and determine if they want to buy them from you. They are really picky about clothing, but they will buy your clothes if deemed "fashionable" enough for re-sale. It's a really hipstery place, though. They get a little cocky and will totally judge your style.

Also, have you tried Ross? Sometimes, their clothes are just ugly, but you can also find great cheap jeans there, sometimes cute shoes or tops as well.

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What sneakers/casual shoes are trendy right now for young women?

Q. Hi, I'm 20 and I'm looking for some sneakers or casual shoes that are somewhat like sneakers. I plan on wearing them a lot during the fall season. I want to a buy a few pairs. So my question is, what brand or style is hot right now for fall 2007? I know boots and other classy style are in but I'm looking for somewhat comfortable casual sneakers. I hope sneakers is the right word for my question. My definition of a sneaker in this case is a shoe that resembles workout/sports attire but can be worn outside the gym. If any girls out there have some advice, please feel free to comment. :)

A. From my point of view,adidas superstar are they are cool every year,every season....
Sth like this,a merge between ballet and sports shoes are really nice and casual you could try finding some a bit more colourful

If someone gave you $500 to add to your wardrobe,what would you buy and where?
Q. I am a crossdresser and want to spend upto $500 in a combination of ladies clothing, shoes, purse b/c right now I have two dresses, pair of jeans and a skort. I am 22 and want to buy from a store that is trendy for young women.

I live out in the northeast. My question is what is a good store to buy from and any suggestions on what I should buy, b/c I dont know where to begin shopping.

A. well, here's how i'd split the money up:

$100 @ forever 21 to the basics and cute tops , they sell bags and shoes too..(if u have some left, leave it for the "splurge fund")

$100 @ the nearest aldo or bakers, good deals...

$100 @ banana republic
$150 @ stores like A&f, American Eagle, Hollister co.... etc.. to get other cute stuff

$50 to your "splurge fund" and the other left over money to buy like a Juicy couture purse, bebe, banana rebuplic.. etc.. put the splurge fund into something u like and will love. like a purse, a pair of boots, shoes.. heck u can even justt spend it all at sephora!!! but choose wisely of what you'll do with the splurge $$... i usually do my shopping this way too... but at the end of some trips, i make up my mind to just get more clothes witht hte $$ and not to spend it on a splurge item.. so yea hope i helped!

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Where can I find information on the company who manufactures Starter sportswear?


A. Nike is the owner and manufacturer on the Starter sportswear line of clothing.

1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453

Phone: 503-671-6453
Fax: 503-671-6300

NIKE is the world's #1 shoemaker and controls more than 20% of the US athletic shoe market. The company designs and sells shoes for a variety of sports, including baseball, cheerleading, golf, volleyball, hiking, tennis, and football. NIKE also sells Cole Haan dress and casual shoes and a line of athletic apparel and equipment. In addition, it operates NIKETOWN shoe and sportswear stores, NIKE factory outlets, and NIKE Women shops. NIKE sells its products throughout the US and in about 160 other countries. Nike brand veteran Mark Parker succeeded Bill Perez, who resigned in 2006, as president and CEO.

Image-savvy NIKE sells its products through about 22,000 retail accounts in the US and through independent distributors and licensees in other countries. Subsidiaries include Cole Haan (dress and casual footwear), Bauer NIKE Hockey (hockey equipment), Hurley International (sports apparel for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing), and Converse (classic and retro-style shoes including the Chuck Taylor brand). In 2004 it purchased athletic apparel and footwear makers Official Starter Properties and Official Starter LLC. In late 2004 NIKE bundled the brands into a unit called Exeter Brands Group, based in New York City. The group develops brands in discount retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Target.

The company is rethinking some of its long-standing agreements with retailers, particularly during the retail industry's consolidation push in 2005. As Sears and Kmart begin to polish its own image as a combined entity, NIKE decided effective October 2005 to no longer sell its products in Sears stores nationwide. Sears carries competitor brands: New Balance, Reebok, adidas, and Skechers.

NIKE is keeping its eye on its brands and how customers perceive them -- and on the competition. When adidas-Salomon acquired Reebok in 2006, the deal put the joined companies in a position to compete with longstanding rival NIKE, which has held the top spot in the athletic apparel and footwear markets worldwide for decades.

Looking over its shoulder (striving to maintain its top spot), Nike began actively filing patent lawsuits in 2006 against its competitors, specifically adidas-Salomon. Nike asserts that adidas has used elements of its SHOX cushioning technology in developing the adidas Kevin Garnett and A3 shoes.

NIKE's also honing in on active female customers, particularly in 2005. It became fully committed to women in 2000, when the firm began making its women's shoes using molds made from women's feet. It had been using molds made from a small man's foot. The company followed up by expanding its apparel in fashionable colors and by rolling out trendy low-rise workout pants. Being known as a brand that caters to men (its "Be Like Mike" ad campaign) and as one that supports athletes who take performance and sports seriously, NIKE is focusing more on women who want workout fashion. While NIKE has experienced failed attempts to capture the attention of this target segment, the firm has reworked its organizational, product, and marketing strategy to get there this time around. The plan involves expanding its NIKE Women brand with a catalog and Web site redesign. It also anticipates operating a dozen NIKE Women stores in the US by mid-2006.

Like most clothing and footwear makers, NIKE is vulnerable to the moods of a fickle teen market. In the mid-priced shoe segment, brands such as Skechers have cut into the company's market share. Following the success of NIKE-sponsored golfer Tiger Woods, NIKE has developed a set of golf clubs and unveiled a Tiger Woods apparel line. In addition, the company -- which relies on contract manufacturers -- has taken steps to avoid more criticism of human rights violations in its factories.

In 2004, less than a year after entering the market, NIKE closed all of its Paris operations because of difficulties with its French franchise operator. The closures do not affect NIKE's otherwise healthy European expansion, including store openings in Barcelona, Hamburg, Lisbon, Madrid, and Milan, among others. The company altered the name of its women's stores, broadening the name from Goddess (taking on the original meaning of "Nike") to NIKE Women.

Co-founder Philip Knight announced in November 2004 he would step down as president and CEO, though he will continue as chairman of the company. Former S.C. Johnson & Son chief William Perez was tapped as Knight's successor but he lasted a year in the top spot. Mark Parker, a longtime Nike brand executive, was named president and CEO in January 2006, when Bill Perez left the company.

I want to dress more feminine?
Q. I recently turned 21, and Id really like to dress more like a women..
I dont really have the best sense of whats cute, Ive always dressed kind of tomboyish
I usually wear leggings, t shirts, nikes, a snapback.. I like this look for somedays, but I want to switch it up to being more feminine. Ive mostly been pretty insecure most my life,
people say im pretty but I wish I knew how to dress more like a girl..
I have a pear shaped body, and have smaller boobs >;(
Any tips or suggestions?

A. Learning to Dress More Feminine
By Audrey Fine
from Seventeen magazine

"I am really sporty and love to wear pants. I wanted to start to dress a little more feminine, but not overdo it. Where do I start?"

Kelly W., San Marino, CA,

"I know it may seem scary or intimidating to dress in a way you're not comfortable with, but easing your way into it will help make you feel more comfortable. And, since spring is around the corner, it will be a snap for you to begin to incorporate more feminine pieces into your everyday look without feeling like you've gone 100 percent girlie. Cropped pants and shorts are cute, so a few of these worn with a cute trendy shoe instead of a casual sneaker will help you make your mark. You can also start accessorizing more as well; try earrings, belts, and maybe a couple of bangle bracelets with jeans and tees. Also, just by changing the kind of tee you wear (say, swap in a cute baby-doll for a rock-band type) can make a huge difference. Good luck!"

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What will be trendy for late summer/ fall 2012 for teens?

Q. Clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup etc. Thanks!

A. jewel tones, tweed jackets, head-to-toe white, velvet dresses

How do you feel about colored denim?
Q. I'm starting to love it, complete denim but colored purple, red, or pink. What about y'all?
I am under 18, I'm only 14...

And nah, I'm not emo.

A. Personally I love colored denim – especially the pastel tones, which are very trendy this summer 2012. I like to pair my light coral jeans with white shirts, white tees with prints and jackets. Colored jeans are very versatile, because they are great for creating casual and dressy looks. If you wear colored jeans with light blouse and high heeled shoes, you’ve gotten a going-out-outfit. If you wear your colored jeans with keds and t-shirt, you have a casual, comfortable to wear look. My only hope that colored jeans will stay in style for quite some time!

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What's the best place to buy women's shoes online?

Q. Some of the sites are really cluttered and have outdated looking shoes. What sites have the best trendy shoes for women? Thanks

I like these stores.

where website owners get their merchandise to sell for profit? Like women's designer shoes and handbags?
Q. I'm trying to start an online business selling trendy handbags and stylish women shoes. I can't seem to find a good listing of wholesalers who may dropship or even offer their merchandise at wholesale prices where I am able to purchase the products. Every time I do a search The same old web-pages appear! I've tried every wording in the book and still come up with the same web-pages. Can anyone help me with this?

A. We( main offer all kinds of Nike/Jordan/Adidas brand

sports shoes.Also,We sell some brand hats,bags and clothes. We offer safe

delivery and best service,low price and good quality. Communicate with us.You

will be very satisfied! Welcome to our website or Email( ,

) me for more details.

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What is going to be the next "trend" in fashion?

Q. What is going to be the next "trend" in fashion for men and women?

A. Based on the spring 2010 fashion week runway shows, I predict that the following items will become trendy this year:

Clothing and accessories embellished with sequins, including handbags and shoes
All one color looks, head-to-toe
Floral prints

Ladies what kind of clothes do you like on men? Like styles, brands, stores ect.?
Q. Im a 20 year old slim male. I feel like im starting to grow out of the clothing stores I used to shop at as a teenager, maybe this is a sign of me becoming more mature! Haha but anyways I'd be helpful to hear some girls opinion on what looks good on a guy my age, what syles they like, and any good stores I should shop at. Thanks :)

A. My heart always skips a couple beats when I see a man in Burberry.

As far as styling goes, I'm head over heels for guys who channel their inner trendy professor- slightly disheveled but also very dapper. Bonus points for argyle, elbow patches, sneakers, and geeky glasses. For a more casual look, go for premium denim and a James Perse v-neck, paired with a high end hoodie, if climate control is necessary. Make sure you wear good shoes. Women are obsessed with shoes.

On to brands. Designer clothing is king. Once again, I love Burberry. Marc Jacobs is another one of my favorites. Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, and basically anything from Barneys are all good bets. If those are out your range, try perusing their look books for inspiration and then book it to H&M or Urban Outfitters.

My favorite store for men by far is J.Crew. The style/cost/quality ratio is perfect, and they are always willing to help. If you have a large budget make the sales associates at Saks, Neimans, and Nordstrom your new bff. Otherwise, go for well made store brands for basics, and supplement them with trendier pieces from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21.

All that being said, be true to yourself. Trust me, women will notice.


Happy Shopping!

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What kind of dress shoes or sandals will look with this dress for an outside wedding?

Q. I'm going to my friends wedding this Saturday and do not know what kind of dress shoes or sandals to wear that day.

Here is the dress:

Links of dress shoes or sandals from target or payless in wide will help out a lot and thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

A. 1.


3. - for a sexier/elegant look

4. - for a trendy, fashionista look

5. - for a sexier/fun look

6. - to add in some colour to your outfit

7. - also to add in some colour :)

for more comfortable shoes or if it is an outdoor wedding,




there are plenty but, the basic guideline would be to go for shoe colours that are in the dress such as white or tan/beige/nude or pale yellow or pale green. in this case, avoid black as it would look a tad bit awkward with this dress.

what types of shoes should i get for the new school year?
Q. i already have some tennis shoes and sandals.and also some boots. what othe types of shoes should i get and also what type of shoes are in style and are the hottest trend?

A. converse, sperrys, TOMS<3 (personal fave), UGG boots (trendy), ankle sandals (the ones that have cloth that covers your ankle), anything with fringe, ? :)

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Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

What is a good website where I can learn about fashion trends?

Q. I work at a clothing store and I would like to keep up with the latest fashion trends so that I can better help my customers. I would just like to find a site that will help me keep up with what's in and what's out.

A. watch fashion tv and visit their website Also check out the runway shoes from fashion week (can be seen on ftv and sometimes on style)

I also work in a high fashion store, and the best advice I can give you is simply know your customer. Most women all ready have their own unique style and are just looking for that new trendy piece of clothing or accessory to update their look. Often you will get questions about new, off the cuff this summer when the tunic dress really became a hot piece. They ask: "is this really a shirt or a dress?" "should I wear leggings with it or would it look better without?" "what type of shoes would flatter my legs and body in this?" By understanding the latest trends, you will be ready to answer all of their questions. The most important thing though is to make your customer feel beautiful, confident and comfortable with her style--not at all awkward.

How would i introduce a vintage look for myself?
Q. I am tired of being 'normal' (fashion wise anyway) i really like the Vintage look, i have a few vintage pieces. What are some staple vintage items to get started on my new look?

A. Vintage looks consist of basic, well fitted pieces in traditional colors and modest coverage. Try some fabrics like tweed, wool, corduroy, and cotton. A basic button down oxford shirt or a soft sweater set in cashmere would look great with a knee length pencil skirt or thin wool pants. A pretty cotton skirt with a floral or polka dot pattern looks nice too. And you can't go wrong with a classic looking sundress with a sweater over your shoulders. Shoes should be genuine leather. Try a nude or black leather heel or a basic brown loafer. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics as these are more modern looking. It's essential to incorporate some feminine items that will personalize your look like a pretty strand of pearls, interesting broaches or a gold locket. Try to wear your hair in simple, pretty styles and avoid things like "messy buns" or "beach waves". Soft curls are a classic look for women. On a windy day wear a pretty silk scarf over your hair to hold it back or wear your hair in a clean looking bun. You can always add a pretty jeweled pin as an accent.

Try a simple tan trenchcoat that is good quality and well fitted. And don't do the oversized, slouchy bags. Carry a medium sized leather purse or a simple clutch. In the evening, you can carry a gold clutch.

Keep makeup simple - red or soft pink lips, black eyeliner and black mascara, powder and a rosy blush. Nothing with glitter or shimmer and no eyeshadow. And avoid the tanning bed!

The reason "vintage" styles have never gone away is because they give the look of high quality and class. The clothes are always well-fitted and tailored, look modest, but still feminine and beautiful, and incorporate classic pieces in fabrics that don't look too trendy or "now".

Great stores to shop at are J. Crew, Macy's, Belk. But you can find these kind of pieces anywhere. I wouldn't spend to much time at a thrift store unless it's a higher end one. Most of them carry nothing but junk.

Have fun and hope this helps :)

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Senin, 12 Agustus 2013

What dress could compliment my long-torsoed figure?

Q. I'm having a little trouble finding a dress for the upcoming winter formal dance at my high school. I have a long torso, so it's hard to find a dress that doesn't make my legs look like stubs. I also have a curvy figure (skinny stomach, bigger chest and butt), so wearing an a-line dress just makes my butt stick out and draws more attention to my long torso.

What cut would look best on me? (I'm about 5'4").

Any suggestions would be awesome!

A. Try dresses with this type of shape:

Here are just some general tips for girls with long torsos:
Try to elongate your legs

The longer your legs look, the less the observing eye will see any discrepancy or imbalance between legs and torso. Good bets include sporting short hemlines, wearing shoes and tights in the same color range, wearing pants and shoes/boots in the same color range, and trying out a few pairs of platform shoes.

Investigate high waists

High-waisted pants and skirts are an amazing tool for the long-of-torso. Since they end well above your true, natural waistline, they create visual balance along your midsection. Luckily, high waists have been trendy for a couple of years now, so they shouldn’t be too hard to locate!

Belt high, belt wide

Empire waisted dresses and tops are fabulous bets, but you can belt shirts and dresses on your own, too. And when you belt, belt high. You may be belting above the smallest part of your waist/torso, but in doing so, you’ll balance all that length. Utilizing a wide belt will help, too, since skinny belts might actually make your torso look yet longer. The width of the belt will break things up more gracefully. (If you’re a petite woman with a long torso, either stick to belting high or experiment with medium-width belts.)

Can i get advice for how to dress cool without buying expensive cloths?
Q. can i get advice for how to dress my best(i'm a girl) and i don't want to spend alot

A. Observe what expensive clothes look like and observe how well-dressed people put together their clothes. The key to looking expensive without being expensive is to understand that luxury lies in the lack of vulgarity. No I don't mean vulgarity as in words like f***. Pardon me. But vulgarity as in excessive and ugly decorations/elements in clothes.

Study the trends. For example, gladiator sandals are very popular right now. There is always some high-street/cheaper brand like topshop/forever 21 that copies these trends and come up with less expensive versions of the runway. Another alternative is to buy sandals that are *similar* to a gladiator, strappy, but not a gladiator. Just similar. This way, once gladiators go out of fashion, you still have some very nice sandals and people can't accuse you of being trendy/passe. And they're several hundred dollars cheaper than the runway versh! yay!

Another way is to buy items that are very timeless and will never go out of fashion. A nice white blouse, nice straight-cut jeans in a dark denim, basic black pumps, a nice jacket, a nice bag. All these things will ensure you look put-together always.

The most important thing is to dress for your body type. People often make the mistake of wearing what is not flattering for their bodies. Find your own style and find out what suits your body. When a skinny woman wears a baggy tunic, she'll look overwhelmed, but put her in a tube dress and she'll look good. It's that sort of thing. Always dress for your body shape but with your own tastes and style included. This will result in a look that is yours alone and which no one else has.

Forever 21 is the place for you. They have certain items that are pretty nice and it's all cheap cheap cheap.

Good outfit from forever 21:
Bad Outfit from forever 21:

See how both outfits can be cheap but one is totally BLAH and one is like, HOT DAMN!! Find your own flavour and inject it into your dressing. I hope I've helped a little. Good luck girl! :)

Oh, and always wear a little make-up, keep your hair out of your face, shave your legs/underarms and keep your nails clean&neat. :D Always works.

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How to start an online women's boutique?

Q. I want to start an online boutique selling trendy cute women's clothing, but how? My main concern is finding a wholesale place that has cute clothing, accessories and shoes. So far I haven't found any. My next concern is shipping, how would I get all the packaging??? Where I mean. I already have family and friends who are willing to model the clothing for me, I'm gonna buy a domain for the clothing and promote it on my social media sites. I know i have to get a resellers permit but where would i go to get that in PA?Also do I have to pay the wholesaler any of the proceeds I make from reselling their clothing or is that money mines to keep? I really want to do this and eventually in the future open up my own store, I just wanna know the ins and outs of it first so I won't make any mistakes.

A. A fashion boutique is a small store that offers a special selection of clothing and accessories to cater to a specific type of customer. For instance, some boutiques cater to women shopping for lingerie while others offer a specialized selection of ties for business men. Though boutiques commonly operate in brick and mortar locations, you can also start your own Internet-based fashion boutique using an online store.

I am starting an online women shoe store I want to know where can I find trendy woman shoes that are wholesale?
Q. I want to sell trendy woman shoes at affordable prices I want to find a wholesale shoe distributor that sells nice looking woman show\e in bulk at wholesale prices

A. Don't worry.. i have one solution.. i think you should be try it.
here you can find ladies shoes or women shoes collection which you want.
i am also using it.. they have awesome collection..

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What are some shoes that are in style like Baby Phat?

Q. What are some shoes that are like Baby Phat.
Any that are stylish trendy please tell me?

A. air forces, jordans, adiddas,vans dont get shaqs or airwalkers [[payless shoes]]

What to wear for a charity fashion show?
Q. I'm going to attend a charity fashion show for a first time. I'm into fashion but never been at this kind of events. I wonder how people usually dress there? Formal, casual, fleshy, modest, too trendy, tasteful, trashy, designer, retail or all of the above. Is should a dress or it could be a top and pants/jeans. High heels/flats. Pumps/Boots. Thanks!

A. I suggest you wear a nice top and skinny jeans plus boots for your shoes.
Try these Baby Phat boots and get some ideas probably.
Anything that you feel like wearing and you're comfortable with, it's up to you.
Are you a part of the fashion show?
If yes, a dress will be appropriate.
If not, being simple is great too.

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Minggu, 11 Agustus 2013

Girls night out at 47 what can I wear without looking like mutton?

Q. I want to look trendy but not mutton dressed as lamb help!

A. First of all get rid of that cliche, it dates back from the time of those old rules about no white shoes after labor day, and don't mix gold and silver, shoes and purse must always match and no wife of mine will work outside the home. No one follows those rules anymore, all are old fashioned and outdated. A women over 40 should never compare herself to any farm animal: the only animal she should call herself is the cougar. There's no longer any such thing as "mutton dressed up as a lamb" it's a phrase that's offensive and demeaning to all women and especially to yourself. trust your own taste and wear whatever you want.

What is the one thing every fashion foward girl should have in her closet?
Q. What do you think every young (teenage-20s) girl should have in her closet? Ex. White shirt, black bag, pair of flats...
No more Uggs please! i hate those shoes.

A. As a woman in my early 20s, I feel that I need classy pieces that transcend seasons and stay classic forever.
For example, button-down shirts/blouses, jeans that aren't too trendy (by that, I mean classic cuts and styles), trousers that are straight leg in neutral colors (black, gray, tan, brown, even some pinstriped), fitted blazers and other structured jackets, pencil skirts, a-line skirts, 3/4 length sleeved tops (can be v-necked, wrap tops, etc), wrap dresses, pea coats or trenches.

Accessories are where you can have inexpensive fun with chunky, long, beaded necklaces, dangley earrings, scarves, belts, etc.

Also, be aware when choosing color. Bright colors are great, but sometimes jewel-toned shades are more sophisticated. Having said that, color can be great to add some flair to an otherwise neutral and drab wardrobe.
Fit is important. In a classic look, it seems that nothing is ever too tight or baggy.

As for shoes, I love flats, but I also feel that having at least 1-2 pairs of pumps (like in a neutral color, black or brown) is important. Also, boots are great for fall and winter whether they're flat or heeled. If you love color, invest in some bright shoes, such as a pair of red pumps. It can be a great signature look IF that's your kind of thing.

Having said all that, you can easily fit trendy pieces from every season into that.

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Are there any other nice places to shop for CUTE plus size clothes?

Q. Hi there, I am a Lane Bryant and Torrid fan. I can also find cute clothes at Nordstrom's and Macy's. However, I am not interested in looking like anyone's Granny. Any ideas on other places or websites that sell cute plus size clothes that are well made?


A. I feel your pain! I usually find great clothes at those stores, but some of them aren't my style. I can usually find great basic pieces... like dress pants, button up shirts, and jeans at Macy*s and Lane Bryant but I like the hip stuff too!

In my area, these are the places I go to...

Goody's. Believe it or not, they have a small section in the Plus Size women's department called Junior Plus. I bought some of my favorite summer outfits from there this year. They usually have the trendy stuff, too! I like their summer tops and shorts!

Ross. If you have one of these near you, I suggest that you go! Their Woman's World section usually has a bunch of clothes for the older lady, but they also have a lot of cute style clothes. I got some really cute hoodies and tops there this fall. When I go there, I usually find 90430344909085 things or NOTHING. It can really be hit or miss. If you take the time to look through each hanger, you will find some cute stuff. They go up to a size 4X too. Oh, and check out their dresses! They have a ton of dresses in Plus Size!

Cato. There is a Cato right down the road from me. They have Petite and Plus. What is cool is that anything that they have in Petite... they have the same exact thing in Plus. I hate going by a window and being like... "That outfit is so cute!" only to find out that it only goes up to a size 12. :( Again, you really have to look through the racks, but I have bought some nice stuff there. Also, they have a shoe section with plenty of wides and size 9, 10, 11.

Fashion Bug. While their stuff is usually lower quality, they do gear a lot of their clothes to the younger crowd. They usually have awesome dresses and stuff. I have a hard time finding dresses for weddings and events like that, but Fashion Bug has come through for me a lot. And they have cute underwear, especially if you like thongs and boyshorts.

Believe it or not, I do like to shop at Wal*Mart and Target sometimes. I find great basics like velvet pant suits, long sleeve t-shirts, and capris/shorts.

OldNavy. They used to have a better selection in the store, but they have gone exlusively online for their Plus Sizes. If you know what size you are, then you can shop there. I try not to buy online because I like to try something on, but I am really familiar with their sizes. OldNavy is probably one of my favorite places for summer clothing.

Those are my usual spots! I wish you luck because I know how hard it is to find something that looks cute and is flattering to our body type! Good luck!

How do you dress cute, but not girly?
Q. I work with a lot of older women, and I want to dress professional but not boring but not childish either because I want to be taken seriously
Like the girls on the Hills but not as expensive. They dress cute but not childish or slutish right?

A. 1] buy clothes that flatter your figure and coloring, not just 'hot' items
2] buy things that coordinate without being to matchy-matchy
[ like brown leather jacket with brown tweed top of knee skirt = cute and professional, but not girly or boring ]
3] trends in tops usually blend into office wear better than any 'funky' [ puddle pants, very high waists, skinny jeans, micro minis, hooker stilettos, sky high platforms ] bottoms or shoes. They are also cheaper, overall!
4] add some interesting belts to a 'boring' outfit - chain, lace, velvet, patent leather, woven, crocodile.
5] wear interesting shoes - different heel heights, colors, textures, [ velvet, quilted, etc. ]. No open toes, or sandals.
6] wear trendy costume jewelry [ not juvenile! ]. Avoid plastic beads, etc. Try various precious metals, and modern set stones for rings, earrings.
7] grown up hair - ponytail with a barette - yes, with a scrunchie or banana clip - no; pigtails - no.
french braid or single braid - yes, double braids - no
pulled back with barette or leather or fabric band - yes, plastic headband - no.

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What am I like according to my birth chart?

Q. Sun: Libra

(that's the order it was according to my birth chart)
Ok fine.

18th october, 1994

Gorgan, iran

A. Sun
You are oh-so-elegant and tasteful to the point of incurring nausea from loved ones. You are also bipolar as hell and can't make a decision on your own. You usually consult your therapist or TV Guide. Libras are trendy and malleable folks. They are funny because they will glom onto something they hated before if it suddenly becomes fashionable. Velour is not entirely lost upon these people. Libras eat a lot of ethnic food from cultures they don't understand. They single-handedly started the cappucino movement. Ask them why, and they will claim something unintelligible about solidarity. You constantly worry about what other people think. If you really paid any attention, maybe people would like you more. Libras use quotes from David Mamet plays to describe philosophical concepts. Then they have those concepts engraved upon nice little wallet cards. The Libran interest in current events ends with the J. Crew catalog. They don't eat fast food or have any clue where their trash goes. They have other people tie their expensive shoes. Only two Libras have ever been found in thrift stores. All of their bell-bottoms were color-coordinated to match their lamé turtlenecks. Libras are always on the cutting edge of what the rest of us think is absolute pretentious bulls**t. They have huge collections of CDs they've never even listened to. Libras give to designer charities. Hollywood is full of Libras. You are the reason butterfly hairpins and parachute pants have made a comeback. Next on the list is those big jam shorts. You probably never threw out your old pair. Hang on to your Winger t-shirt too. Get a Libra as drunk as possible and he or she will still be able to explain the difference between café latté and café au lait. This is peculiar as the rest of us know that there is no difference at all.

Aries have ramlike eyebrows and smug expressions. They should not be quite so smug because they are constantly clunking themselves in the skull. Cat Stevens' "Hard Headed Woman" was probably an Aries. Aries rarely say one thing and do another. They usually do the wrong thing and don't discuss it. Never point this out to an Aries unless you want your kidneys pulled out through your sinuses. Aries folks love Pisceans because Pisces people make them feel well-grounded. Aries love to laugh at the funny moon-people who suck their thumbs at age 35. Aries use guns to describe philosophical concepts. Whether you live in a palatial estate or a cardboard tepee, you will insist until death that it is exactly what you always wanted. Most Aries were concrete parking bumpers in at least two of their past lives. Aries are never born. They skip gaily from their mothers' wombs. This may even involve rollerblades. The Aries makes life decisions as a toddler. Aries marry several times for funnies but never divorce. Their spouses have many freak accidents resulting in death or crippling injury. Being infallible, God is probably an Aries. This would make Satan an Aquarius. Aries always hold management positions. If one is assigned to clean toilets, he will form a one-man union. Then he will go and picket in the parking lot. All of you think you're Lech Walesa. People run away when an Aries comes around. They know that if they do not, the Aries will set them on fire. Aries hate listening to Scorpios talk because they take pride in being even more self-centered. In fact, much to the Scorpios' dismay, you are the biggest pricks in the zodiac. Your rams' horns are in everyone else's asses.

What to get for a trip to France?
Q. I'm 14 and am going to France at the end of this month. We'll be in Paris for a couple of days, then will spend the rest of the week in St. Tropez. What will I need to pack or shop for? Like, for the weather, etc. I don't want to stand out as a tourist, and want to like nice when we go out for dinners and such. So if you could tell me what I'll need for clothes or anything else. Thanks!

A. Even if you are fashion-oriented, pack your most comfortable clothes from home. If you're from a climate that sports a lot of florals and bright colors, aim for the subdued approach.You can never go wrong wearing black in Paris - in fact, you'll notice that this is the color scheme that most of the locals live in. You've heard it all before - black is slimming, always in style, and versatile - a flattering black sweater or pants/skirt can be dressed down for daywear and easily spruced up for a night on the town. As a traveler, black has the added benefit of not showing the "wear and tear" of a trip. And if you can't stand wearing black, try other neutral colors - like beiges, browns, and creams. Leave your hoodies and matching sweatpants, white tennis shoes, shorts and bright colored nylon windbreakers at home. The comfortable clothes that suburban American women live-in, are not seen on Parisians outside of their homes.
Don't over pack with too many outfits. Bring basics that travel well and that you can mix and match. Dress up your outfits with accessories - necklaces, earrings and scarves. Scarves are ubiquitous in Paris - Parisian women know they are a quick and easy way to pull an outfit together.
Paris is a city made for walking and you'll be on your feet more than you can imagine. You will see the trendy, flat "puma" like tennis shoes on young Parisians, but if you want to blend in, leave at home your white/tennis running shoes. We know that these shoes are comfortable and built for mileage, but white tennis shows are the tell-tale sign of "American Tourist". Truthfully, when we see white shoes in a sea of black, we know that it is a fellow American in Paris. Unfortunately, many unsavory types that prey on tourists also know that this is the case. Don't make yourself an easy mark for pickpockets - leave the white tennis shoes at home.
Invest in shoes designed for walking (Recommended brands are Ecco, Mephisto, or Dansko). One day of climbing steps up monuments and navigating cobblestoned corridors and you'll understand why these sturdy European brands are so popular among Parisians . Or, wear a pair of flats, loafers or short-heeled boots that have been battle-tested at home for walking. Before you toss your favorite Levi's in a suitcase, remember that we're talking about Paris, and the jeans you see on Parisians contain certain stylistic elements - dark, slim fit "skinny jeans", or slight flare - paired with low-heels or ballet flats for daytime walking and stilettos for going out at night. If your jeans can be described as high-waisted or pleated, you'll feel more comfortable wearing black pants or a skirt - especially for dining in the evening.A bonus about visiting Paris is that you don't need to obsess over your hair and make-up. It seems like a contradiction in terms, but Parisian woman tend to favor the "au natural" look more than their American counterparts.

Bottom line: Dress your age and dress nicely - you'll be rewarded with better treatment in cafés, shops and restaurants

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What style of shoes to wear with skinny jeans when I have big feet?

Q. I love wearing pointy toed shoes for work which is fine as I wear corporate pants and my feet don't look as massive when I wear them like that but I like wearing skinny jeans too, what style of shoes would look okay when I have big feet with the skinny jeans? Not thongs/flip flops though..

A. Flats will make your feet look longer, so they aren't the best choice. Apply the same concept that you use with dress pants to your casual pants: A higher heel will visually shorten the foot. Wedge heels are big this spring and summer and cool canvas and fabric wedges come in a rainbow of colors and prints. You can get them from ultra high four inches to more casual lower heeled versions. Here are a couple of options that will work: is a nice lower heeled wedge. these are a bit dressier and will also work with summer skirts and sun dresses. a basic canvas wedge like this can go with almost everything. this is a sky high floral wedge that's very trendy and this canvas one: has a very different shape to the heel part of the wedge. There's lots of wedges in stores, all you need to do is find the ones you like the best.

How can I make this DULL work requirement trendy and something fun?
Q. We have an event coming up at work where we're going to be required to wear a button up shirt and khaki pants. This so isn't my style. We cannot wear sandals or tennis-shoes. I'll be on my feet all day, so low heels or flats will be my likely option for feet. How do you recommend I spice this incrediably dull outfit up?

A. Wear a white, kind of ruffly in the front, button down shirt. Wear a yellow or red pearl necklace and black or brown khaki pants! That will make you stand out.
Also, wear a black or red or brown vest with a white shirt. Wear red, brown or yellow khaki pants with the black shirt or black or brown ka=hakis with a red shirt. Wear one inch heels that are very comfortable. Accesorize with poppy earrings, and a watch or necklace! OMG! I would hate to wear that. Good luck!

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I have big feet. How am I to find a pair of descent, good-looking shoes with feet as big as mine??

Q. It's like this, I go to a shoe store & all of he shoes there are so trendy and everything. So, for feet as big as mine, I cant find one that I'm satisfied with. I wear sport shoes to school. And that ain't comfortable.


How do you construct perfect everyday outfits?
Q. they don't have to seem flawless like you worked on it for hours, but seem like you put an effort. How do seem people do it? How do you put your summer/spring outfits together? What do they usually consist of? What colors do you use? Clothing stuff (cardigans, blazers, stuff like that).
How old are you and what's your fashion sense (preppy, trendy, emo, etc)

A. I would describe my fashion as artsy and free-spirited. For spring, I like white and baby blue, along with more spring-ish colors like yellow and orange. Here is my shopping checklist:

-Cardigans: have at least two; one short and one long. You can put them over dresses to make them more casual, but they are an easy way to clean up a sloppy outfit.
-Skirts: always have at least one. You never know what fancy event will pop up last minute. I like floral ones for spring.
-Dresses: go by the skirt rule. Casual dresses can be nice for school and stuff.
-T-shirts: Have at least two tees. Go for one graphic, one plain, loose one that you can use to layer.
-Sweaters: Always have a pullover sweater. Always. They go with everything. Slouchy sweaters are great for a spring effortless look.
-Tanks: Have tight tanks for layering and loose tanks to go under sweaters.
-Sweatshirts: at least two. Some days you just need a sweatshirt.
-Jeans: Three-five pairs. Don't wear uncomfortable jeans. They are the worst thing EVER. Even if they are trendy, don't wear them. Personally, I like skinny jeans, but I have the worst time finding them because I have large feet and issues with jeans getting over my feet. haha...
-Shorts: Three-five pairs. Abide by the jean rule. Also, short-shorts are not that great. They're tricky to wear, because you can't wear tops that are too short or too long.
-Tops: get some basic shirts.


-Scarves (I have many patterns and colors to work with)
-Necklaces (I wear layers and layers of them. In my opinion, outfits look better with necklaces and other jewelry, because the fine details draw attention to the clothing.)
-Bracelets (Again, with the layering thing ^)

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Q. This is going to be a long question. :)
Well school starts in about 3 or 4 weeks. I guess I'm pretty, but I'm tired of being known as the "cute one" to all of my friends. I want to look prettier, hotter, and more mature. I also want to look like a girl guys stop and stare at. But I don't want to lose myself!!
I'm going into high school.
I'm maybe 4'11". Pretty short. I have medium skin that tans to a dark walnut in the summer. I have almond shaped dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. I'm really thin, and people make fun of me for it and being short. I have a small amount of really long (overgrown) layers, and overgrown sidebangs.
My style is like a t-shirt, jeans, polos, sneakers kind. Really casual.
I have a bunch of questions, for different categories.

1) Should I cut my hair like this (having a heart-shaped face?):…
2) Does giving yourself natural highlights with apple cider vinegar (1 cup water, 1 cup ACV) actually work? I'm tempted to try, because my mom doesn't want me to go to a salon for highlights and she won't let me buy a kit.
3) How could I fix my hair like this?:…
I actually have no curling iron, but if I wanted my hair curly I usually use braids and sleep in them overnight. I also own a hair dry (but no straightener). Do I just have to make really loose braids to get the waves?
4) Is there a way to make your hair grow a little faster? I want it to be a little longer before it gets cut.
5) Any cute hairstyles, casual like messy buns, etc.?
6) Any healthy hair tips?

I'm petite. I want a cute, fun girly style.
1) What are the trends for 2010-2011?
2) What are the essentials in my wardrobe?
3) What stores should I shop at?
4) Anything else I need to know?
5) What kind of bags are cute, affordable, and durable (like purses, etc.?)
6) What kinds of shoes are cute affordable, trendy, and they go with any outfit? How many and what kinds of shoes should I have?

1) What colors would suit me?
2) How much is enough makeup?
3) How do you curl your eyelashes?
4) Can Vaseline be used as mascara?
5) What/ how should I do my makeup if I want my eyes to look bigger?
6) Or, how can I work with my almond eye shape?
7) Any beauty tips?

1) What's a good beauty routine?
2) How often should I shave/pluck/wax?
3) How do I shape and pluck and groom my eyebrows?
4) How much water should I drink each day, recommended?
5) What's a good skincare routine? I get occasional zits.
6) Good ways to get rid of eyebags?
7) Do any of those eyebag creams work?
8) Ways to develop body confidence?
9) How to take care of a girlstache?
10) How to keep up with everything?
11) How to look good anytime, anywhere?
12) What exercises to fix my flat butt? (:

1) How to not lose myself?
2) How to flirt with guys?
3) How to be more organized this year?
4) How to be more girly?
5) How to be a better student?
6) How to pay mroe attention in class?
7) How to make more friends?
8) How to survive high school? (:
9) How to not procrastinate?

Any other additional tips you have are going to be greatly appreciated whether it's beauty, personality, etc. Please, no rude comments. Thanks so much! (:

A. hair:

u need to highlight to get that look vinegar wont work. You can go to beauty salon get color highlights with high lift tint. High lift tint is a color and little amounts of bleach its less harsh and less blond if you want…

braided hair will work with waves but it looks more of the messy ubed head look. If you want ringlet waves you have to set hair after wash with mouse than curl with medium iron

curled waves:…

braided waves:…

prettiest cuts are with layers. Layer layer and face frame the front. If do bangs do the angle ones.

cleanse, tone, moisturize, twice a day. exfoliate once a week, cucumber for bags, AVEENO good products. I liked Proactive for zits it took a few months to work but it did


a good pare of jeans
ballet flats
converse for sneakers
leggings with skirts
find outfits that you can mix and match with others
tote bag cuter than backpack

vaseline will look dewy but no length, metal eye curler not plastic will work, I love the Mabelline classic pink and green mascara works well

im a college student 3.8 my step daughter high school is in Bacholorate program and was in GATE.. DO THE ASSIGNMENTS IMMEDIATELY. If you have more than one do the one that's due first. Find how you retain information better and work with that. For example if you are an auditory learner bring tape recorders to school, if you are visual take notes then when you study write of flash cards and have someone quiz you.
Listen always take notes, study, organize folder, and practice the SAT its important for college. You can find SAT practice test on amazon and its written by the College Board that administers the tests.

also get organized: put tabs and separate your classes by categories in y our folder. Keep track of assignments


The best advice is the simpliest: Be yourself

Who is that self?
This is what you need to find out. The teen who self reflects the most and finds out what he or she wants in life and who she is is the most confident adult. Make goals, what you do in this life as a career doesnt define who you are. Find what you love. What makes you, you.

Rise above peer pressure or mean people. Make your own decisions and make them so you dont regret what you did later on in life.

Be nice be you and smile. If someone is mean let them go, move on, and they dont deserve you.

Learn to use manners so few women act like ladies anymore
5 yrs hairstylist
college student BA
Daughter sophomore

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