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Am I the only one who hates the current trendy clothes for young women?

Q. I cannot stand skinny jeans, 80's clothes of any kind, flat ballet shoes, polka dots and so many other clothing items that are now in style and have been for the past year or so.

I still love my flare legged jeans and I like simple feminine shirts- I don't like things that try to look vintage or things that are even authentically vintage. I can't wait for these clothes to go out of style- is there any hope that they will? Does anyone agree?

A. I like some of it, and I hate some of it.;_ylt=AiI2pZfwKuaKmzVoKw_xJxLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070922173739AAglJTd

I love the flats that are out. Before they were "in" again, I wanted them. They're very practical and comfortable, yet still stylish. I can wear them to work or casually. They've really given me a break from heels.
I also like polka dots, but I always have, so nothing has changed there.

I don't like skinny jeans. I wear bootcut or straight trouser jeans.

If you look at the link above, you'll see some of my gripes.

What kind of shoes to wear to cold, outdoor wedding?
Q. I will be traveling to Washington state for a fall beach wedding, which will probably be pretty windy and cold so sandals are out. It's not a super fancy affair, somewhere between casual and dressy (like nice sweater, skirt or dressy jeans). But anyway, I'm not really sure what kind of shoes to wear because of the cold, the sand and trying to look nice. Any ideas?

A. Flat boots..

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