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What are some spring trend must havs?

Q. Yes spring is approaching whats going to be trendy and in for 2011 summer dresses shoes (flats) if possible send links please =). i want to look great for the summer but don't know what to look for when i shop. whats in?
by the way i'm 20 and i live in jersey so if you can name any good budget sotres in new jersey that would help as well.

A. I have a youtube channel that has a lot of cute ideas for outfits, along with other videos. You can check them out and get some really good ideas! :)
Here's the link for my newest video:


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Good sandals to wear Spring 2011?
Q. Okay, well, to start, I'm a teen girl (high school). Also, I'm VERY self-concious about the way my feet (mostly toes) look. They're not exactly pretty... at all! haha.... So, what are some good sandals to wear in Spring/Summer 2011 that either don't show the toes or would make me feel better about my feet... thanks! :)

A. I'm self conscious about my feet too! Want to know what's really trendy for the Spring/Summer 2011 shoe season? The Sperrys Top Siders! They are so so comfortable- I have two pairs! They look good with dresses, shorts, you name it and the great thing is that there are so many various styles that they can literally look amazing with anything. If you're really self conscious about your feet like I am, these are great because their an actual shoe, and they are literally like walking on clouds. The "break in" process took literally a day!
Here's the link:

If you're interested in the ones I got, here are the links for those too- I'm really into fashion and stuff and got tons of compliments from the two pairs that I bought :)


I got those in the Skyblue/Platinum color,


I bought those in the Platinum Gold color! Both are extremely comfortable, and I highly suggest checking out that website because Sperries are a total must for 2011!!!!

BTW, I highly doubt that your feet are ugly, but if you beg to differ, I would def check out those links.
Wish you the best of luck and hope I helped!

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