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Testimonials from Young Plus Size Women on Clothes Shopping?

Q. I would like to hear of some testimonials/opinions on clothes shopping from young, plus size women. How hard is it to find clothes that fit that are actually sold in stores at the mall? Or to find plus size clothes in the mall that are actually stylish or that don't look like it came from your grandmother's closet? Is it frusterating to order plus size clothes from an online store or catalog, only to find out that they don't fit right? I would love to hear any and all stories you have about these and anything else clothes shopping related you would like to share. I will be using this information as background research for a college-level speech I am giving on the need of more plus size stores and selections in todays malls, because not everyone can order clothes from an online store and be satisfies with the fit (something they would have been able to avoid if they were shopping in a real store in the mall). Thanks so much in advance for any and all stories you are able to share.

A. I don't know if I qualify as "young" (early 30's), but I also have difficulty finding clothes that fit - I don't even bother going to the stores anymore. As much as I'd love to get items from Express or some of the other more trendy stores, that is not an option. Even Ann Taylor, Dress Barn, Talbots, etc., do not carry much in my size range (28). Lane Bryant has become Lame Bryant. Even buying items online can be difficult for "supersized" women. Since when was a 16 considered "plus"??? Invariably, the pants I order are too short and few plus sized stores carry talls - or at least, they don't carry many.

This same problem applies to shoes. I wear a 10 - 10 1/2 wide. Wal*Mart, Payless, etc... good luck! If you want nice, decent shoes, you'll pay a fortune - IF you can find it in your size! Even Zappas doesn't have a great selection for those of us with big feet.

I've begun ordering clothes a size larger and then altering them when they come in.

Yes, we should be thinner for our health, etc.. What do we wear in the meantime, though?

Where can I find fashionable plus size shoes?
Q. Does anyone know where I can buy either in a store or online trendy plus size shoes like for a size 12 womans foot? Every website I find has real ugly and outdated shoes. HELPP!
anddd... I'm not a monster, I'm just really tall at 6'1 so its hard for me to find tall lengths and bigger shoes =(

A. I believe Payless goes up to a 13. Nordstrom is always a good bet - they started out as a hard to find shoe specialist, way back when, and have kept that aspect of their business up even after re-focusing to fashion.

There are quite a few more listed in our shoe directory, that notes sizes (and widths) at:

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