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I am putting a "things" that have been trendy/popular recently please help me compile a list!?

Q. I am putting a "things" that have been trendy/popular recently please help me compile a list! Ex....Beanie Babies, Pokemon cards, Facebook, MySpace, Crocs, etc....what else do you have?

A. Skinny jeans, Ferbies, Texting, Ipods, Boy bands, Metrosexuals, American Idol, Grunge music, little dogs in purses, Real World, high top shoes, Power Rangers, Teletubbies, Spongebob, the mullet, wearing ties for girls, nose piercings, Faux hawk/mo hawk, Rollerblades, hop scotch, America's next top model, Truth ot Dare, chinese jumprope, big sunglasses, hoop earings.............

what are some of france's famouse brands?
Q. of clothing?
plz n' tnx!

A. Adidas - Sports equipments and clothing
Agnès b. - Easy going ready to wear.
Aigle - The outdoor clothes specialist.
Alain Figaret Shirts and ties.
Anitsa - Trendy knitwear and silk tops.
Anti-Flirt - Very nice tops and bodies, swimmingwear...
Antik Batik - Trendy exotic fashion with a hippie look
An'ge (Ange) - Trendy inexpensive fashion label.
Babar - Floriane line for young boys.
Baby Dior - Dior for babies.
Balmain Couture house.
Christian Lacroix - Fashion
Cacharel - Fashion
Catimini - Colourful and quality clothes for children.
Céline - Couture house.
Chanel The House of Chanel - Karl Lagerfeld.
Chantelle - Beautiful lingerie for women.
Charles Jourdan - Beautiful classical quality shoes.
Chartreuse - Ancient French spirit
Chipie - Cool and quality clothes for girls.
Christian Dior - Christian Dior's modern style by Galliano.
Christian Lacroix - A couture designer promoting baroque lavishness.
Damart - Thermolactyl underwear
Givenchy - Couture, ready-to-wear, perfumes.
Hermès Famous designer of silk scarves, belts, bags...
John Galliano - The label of Dior's designer.
Kenzo - The most French and colourful Japanese designer.
Kookaï - An afforfable fashion line for trendy teenagers.
Lancel - The best known French leather goods maker.
Lanvin - French couture house,
Torrente - Classic fashion label.
Montana Claude Montana's ready-to-wear line.
Morgan - A fashionable, sexy and cheap label for teenagers.
Naf-Naf - Label for young and trendy people
Petit Bateau France's most famous children's underwear line.
Tam Tam - Lingerie and swimwear.
Pronuptia - Bridal dresses and Accessories
Redskins - Leather urban wear.
Rodier - Middle-range ready-to-wear for mature women.
Thierry Mugler - Couture designer.
Ungaro - The ready-to-wear line.
Yves Saint Laurent - House of couture.

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