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Updating my closet? Help on becoming more trendy or stylish?

Q. I want to update my closet with clothes or accessories that i can add to my causal style
this isn't me in the picture but this is basically what i wear... need help i don't want to reinvent my whole style i just want it too look more trendy :)


A. You seem to have a nice base but one thing your missing of course is...ACCESORIES!! Try mixing some colors in. Take a look at some necklaces at say aldo. A nice splash of color is always nice. If you stick with neutrals, add a red shoe or maybe a yellow handbag. It really adds something to your outfit without being too over the top. In the fall/winter a trench coat and some leather boots with a bit of a heel can look really nice for when your out and about or even just casually. Another staple is a black dress. Something that fights nicely around top and the bottom should reach just above your knee. Paired with a nice necklace, a bright bag and some jewelry can, if done right, look really put together and still be fresh.

Another day look is, wearing the skinnys like in the picture, pair with a white t-shirt and black fitted vest. Looks very hip and trendy. Look around in some magazines for some looks for ideas. Never know what you might find

Back to School Fashion help? trendy, fashionistas, please help!?
Q. what pieces in fall 2011 are really in?
im going to high school and i like to wear very american apparel/forever 21 things
no high heels more than 2 inches, please.
im a size six.

im getting 5 pairs of jeans, what colors/style should they be in?
im getting 6-10 non-basic shirts, what colors/designs/style should they be in?
im looking for versatile pieces that are comfy and stylish.

also...what kind of shoes/hairstyle should i get?
are feather hair pieces still in? highlights? i have long hair.

sorry, i have so many questions, but thanks, in advance!

A. Jeans: You can't go wrong with skinny or straight leg :) I think more of medium and dark washes are in, you could also get black jeans to look sophisticated but kinda casual :) A lot of people have "Miss Me" jeans which have very bold seams and are usually embellished and some are distressed. Just google miss me jeans.

Forever 21 has these cute high waisted shorts which are very in right now. You might want to pick up a pair or two of those. Not the denim ones, they have high waisted shorts with cute patterns (animal print or other cool designs). You can wear them with basic tshirts. And since they're not denim they'll be comfier than denim shorts :P
By the way speaking of patterns, very BOLD patterns are in style, like ethnic prints which look kind of tribal and some look kind of like native american. Just go on the f21 website and you'll see all the patterns there.

For the shirts, crop tops are very in. Forever 21 has those too, I think most stores carry them now since they're so in style. You can either get the crop top shirts, or they have crop top tank tops.
As are rompers, you can get most at forever 21.

Yes, feather hair pieces are still in, don't overdo highlights. I see more of solid colors and subtle highlights nowadays. For shores, Sperry Topsiders are pretty in but if that's not your style, gladiator sandals or vans/converse you can't really go wrong.

OH for a shirt, I don't know what it's exactly called but they look like this:


^ That girl did a crappy job cutting it but at real clothing stores it will look much better. The shirt has like those little cloth strips down the bottom.
Hope I helped!

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