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Can you help me find a pair of trendy boots?

Q. Hi there, I'm 21 years old and 24 weeks pregnant. I've always been the kind of girl who has a million pairs of boots over the winter. My only problem is everything I own has a high heel on it!

Being 24 weeks pregnant, it's really not the safest or most comfortable thing....so I really need a pair of flat boots to wear with my casual and trendy clothing

I am looking for a pair of black (maybe even brown) knee high flat boots. I prefer leather but will go for suede as well. I don't care for ties on them and I would like them to be under 100 dollars!

Best pick will definitely get 10 points! thank you :)

A. First of all, congratulations on your baby! Okay, I have a few stores that you can look at, and I'll give the websites.

-Delia's: http://store.delias.com/browse.do?categoryID=556&sidenavTrack=shoes.boots

-Target: www.target.com/Womens-Boots-Shoes/b/370189011/ref=sc_fe_l_5_1239516011_25?

-Aldo: http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/boots/boots-100-under

-Alloy: http://store.alloy.com/browse.do?categoryID=2244&sidenavTrack=shoes.boots.suede

That's all I could find, I'm sure if you keep looking you'll find some. Good luck!

Girl baby name questions to help me narrow it down!?
Q. Choose the name you like the most for each letter and rate it out of 10.
If you dont like them or dont think they are a girls name then dont even comment. All of these names are either girls or unisex. And i made sure to spell them the way i like so dont bother trying to change that.

A- avia, acelin, amour, allyson or alessandra
B- bronté, brighton or bianca
C- cora or cellina
D- delilah or dakota
E- (spelling) emmi or emmy
F- Fleur or Farrah
G- Gemma or Genesis
H- honor or harlow
I- (spelling) izobella or isabella
J- journey, jamey or jadyn
K- kassandra (kasey), kaely or katarzyna
L - layla or leah
M- mckinley or mckenna
N- nathalie, novalee, nadine or nadia
O- ----------
P- ----------
Q- ---------
R- randi or rosa
S- skye, skylar, shylar or siobhan
T- tori or taylor
U- -----------
V- victoria, victoire or vivian
W- -----------
X- (spelling) xavaeh or xaviah
Z- (spelling) zakariah or zackareah

A. Alessandra - The rest are horrid. Avia is a shoe brand. Acelin is made up, trendy, and trashy. Amour is a word, meaning "An illict love affair". Why would you want to name a child after that, even IF she was conceived by said love affair. Allyson is a trendy, trashy spelling of Allison, which has the masculine -son ending.

Bianca - Again, the rest are horrid. Bronté is harsh and masculine. Brighton is a masculine boys's name.

Cora - Cellina is a trashy spelling of Selena.

Delilah - Dakota is a Native American tribe, not a name. It's disrespectful to use it on a child. The equivalent of a Christian naming their child God or Jesus. Not only that, it's harsh, masculine, and sounds like it belongs on a male dog or horse.

E - Neither. Bot are childish and I can't see aging well.

Fleur - Just don't care for Farrah.

Gemma - Genesis is a book in a fictional religious book.

Neither - Both are horrible and harsh.

Isabella - Izobella is trashy.

None - Journey is a word or a band. Jamey is a trashy spelling of Jamie, a masculine nickname. And Jaydn is a trashy spelling of Jaden, a boy's name.

None - Cassandra spelled correctly isn't bad. Your spelling is trashy. Trashy spelling of Kayley. And no idea what the hell that last one is.

Layla - Although I prefer the spelling Laila.

Neither - Both are masculine and horrid for a girl. Mackinley means "Son of Finley". Mckenna means "Son of Kenneth". Son. Not daughter.

Nadine - Nadia isn't bad either. Like Natalie spelled this way, minus the h. Novalee is made up and trashy.

Rosa - Randi is a trashy spelling of Randy, a masculine boy's name.

Siobhan - Skye is harsh and masculine. In many major world languages, such as Spanish and German, the word sky is a masculine. Skylar is a trashy spelling of Skyler / Schuyler, a masculine boy's name. Shylar is made up, trashy, and harsh.

Neither - Tory is a masculine nickname. Taylor is a surname, masculine boy's name, and occupation that was strictly male. Females were and still are seamstresses.

Victoria - Love Vivienne too, spelled this way.

Neither - Made up and trashy.

Neither - Zachariah is a masculine boy's name. The trashy spelling don't make it any less masculine.

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