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What about a man visually makes a woman go crazy?

Q. Things like high heels, skirts and poses in pictures make us go MY LAWD! What type of things do the same for a girl? Like what type of accessories on a guy, body parts or poses in pics. Or anything. What are the top things visually about a man that make you go MY LAWD!


A. A great smile. Clean clothes that are in good repair, fit, and aren't too trendy. Standing up straight. Reading a book or a magazine like Scientific American. Kindness toward small children. Hair that doesn't look like he spent more than 5 minutes on it but that doesn't look unkempt either. Eyes that meet mine when he talks to me. A vocabulary relatively free of profanities. Hands that show that he's not afraid of a little work. Clean nails that aren't bitten down and ragged. Some muscles, but not the super buff gym rat look. Decent shoes. Soberness when all his friends are drunk. A throaty chuckle. Relatively straight teeth, but not too straight, like he spent a fortune on caps. Knowing how to hold a fork. A hint of chest hair peeking out of a white button down shirt. A hint of soap that tells me he recently showered. A nice rear end. A freshly shaven face. A good pair of sunglasses. A watch with a leather band. Combing his hair out of his face with his fingers. Drinking bottled water. Rolling his sleeves up to just below his elbows. A slim wallet. Gazing thoughtfully out a window.

What turns me off: Concert tour tee shirts. Baggy pants. Run-down shoes. Trying too hard to be handsome. Being too loud. Being drunk. Constantly being on the cell phone. Wearing a bluetooth. A car that's too sporty. Button down shirts with the top button done or too many buttons undone. Flabbiness. Reading muscle magazines or car magazines. Looking at every woman that passes by. Owning a pit bull. Coffee breath. Cigarette breath. Constant movement. Talking about golf. Complaining about women. Hating cats. Big belt buckles.

christian women who's your favorite designer and favorite perfum?
Q. being a fashion designer can be considered gay for males, what if someone told them that they shouldn't be gay because it's an abomination and because of social disapproval they would've opted for another job that makes them seem straight. there wouldn't be all these great brands and perfumes..
what's your favorite perfum
'socially ackward' LMAO, not kidding that really made me laugh i do have a sense of humor unlike some people.
this is addressed to the FUNDIES, and not for everyone!
maybe not in the uk but here in the us there are many many bigots.....
'GO STEELERS' are you a fundie?

'sylvia c' you're missing out on all the things in life if you let religion interfere with your life too much.
i like truth by calvin klein, yes there's a pun.
'shortie' why ask? to demostrate a point that DISCRIMINATING gays could result in things such as some great fashion/perfum brands never been created.

A. So, this isn't a question, this is an advertisement, eh?

If stores, designers, etc., depended on me for their sales, they would definitely be broke. I will buy my clothes second hand (many of which I even got free) before breaking down and buying new, which has to at least be on sale, if not on clearance and preferably at least half off. As it is, I have never paid more than $22 for an article of clothing in my life. (Last fall, I did purchase a coat for about $45, but I literally needed it and it was half off and if it's like my last winter coat, it will last me for about ten years. So, I'm good.)

I believe in doing this, I'm conserving and responsibly using the resources with which God has blessed me. Also, by doing this I'm supporting good causes (i.e., thrift stores) and helping to care for the earth, buy using second hand and not promoting the use of new resources that don't need to be used.

(I do this with almost all of the non-food, non-shoe, and non-underwear items I buy.)

As for perfume, I have found that deodorant is quite sufficient. (I have gotten these free or for no more than $1.50 with sale price and coupon, some of the freebies are either from sale price and coupons or free samples.)

ETA: Your advertisement, er, opening sentence, would have been much more clear and concise if you had used one or two more sentences. Actually, when you did use a period, you also wound up using a fragment. Poor sentence structure and grammar and spelling may not bode well for business.

ETA again: I've only worn clothes from Calvin Klein and Isaac Mizrahi, both of which I recieved second hand. The CK jeans I had (which I purchased at a thrift store for just $3) ripped on me when I was pulling them on (the belt loop ripped.) I decided that if his clothes were that poor of quality, they weren't worth buying new. I think I have something from Mizrahi, I'm not sure. If I did, it was received second hand.

So, women are stupid enough to overpay for clothing from designers who happen to be gay? What's the point?

If you think that all men are idiots (assuming that is your site and/or you agree with it), does that mean you're permanently single and/or gay?

Shorty, well said. Not only are most of my clothes second hand, or cheap and I've had for many years, but I get compliments on them. The dress on which I've received the most compliments I rescued from a Dumpster. Today, when I go out, I'll wear second hand, free jeans, with a second hand free sweater, and a golf shirt that I got for only $2.50 at a store closing sale, and boots that I bought just over a year ago, new, for $22, but I expet them to last me a year or two more. Can't beat that. (I got the jeans, with a high funky cuff and distressed markings and the sweater from my SIL who will buy things new and full price because they are trendy.)

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