Jumat, 14 Maret 2014

Where can I buy these shoes?

Q. I really want a pair of the 5 finger shoes for women. The only place I can think of buying them would be off on online, but I hate buying anything that I haven't tried on and seen in person.

What stores sell them? Thanks.

A. You can get them at any warehouse shoe sale or foot action. I got mine at warehouse shoe sale there way cheap like $50.00 or less. They don't carry them at foot locker cause there not considered "trendy" just watch though they'll have them sooner or later.

Casual Everyday Shoes for middle school girl?
Q. I want shoes not alot of girls have but still try to be $100 or less. Every girl at my school has Uggs, Sperrys, converse, & vans. I don't want any of those. Oh & no rocketdogs. A shoe I can't wear everyday. Please HELP
NO TOMS EITHER , (i already have those)

A. Toms are amazing! They're cute and trendy, and come in so many colors. I love the grey and black.


Hope this helps

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