Senin, 10 Maret 2014

problem with my big stupid feet?

Q. I am a size 12 in women's shoes and there are no cute shoes anywhere! I can't fit into all the cute shoes the other girls my age wear. I'm so frustrated. I have tried zappos and nothing. I am so sick and tired of having no cute shoes. I don't have any heals because the only ones available in my size in shoe stores are ugly. can someone help me? Is there a foot size reduction surgery or something?

A. I have size 12 shoes. This is what I do. Never shop in malls because it is frustrating and will really feel awful. I only shop online and there are so many beautiful and trendy shoes for size 12. One of the best places I have found is Tall Clothing Mall as they show us the trends for larger size shoes.

Where can a woman with size 12 WIDE feet find a variety of quality, trendy, comfortable selection of shoes??
Q. I've got big feet... I hate "Coward" and catalogs like it that have a large variety of what I term "old lady shoes". I wear a size 12 wide. Just to give you an idea of what I like - I love my dansko clogs (mens) and birkenstock sandals, but I want something more slighty feminine. I wish I could wear Sketchers...but they're too small. <sigh>

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!
Brooke :)

also some places like Nordstrom will special order another size shoe for you if they dont have it in stock

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