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Trendy on one it possible?

Q. I'm 24, a stay-at-home army wife and mom, and I feel like I'm 50 years old. I used to have the passion for being stylish, keeping my hair, make up, and nails done, and feeling good about myself. I got married almost 3 years ago, and became a stay at home mom. We have one income and we're working on paying off a few things within the next few months. I very grateful for everything I have, but I have only 4 decent outfits to wear. the rest of my clothes are lounge wear that i wouldn't dare wear outside. Most of my clothes I've had since my junior year of high school, needless to say I was made fun of. I'm in school right now and I've been putting out resumes and applications, but my hubby wants me to just focus on school. We're not poor, it's just that I just want to be able to look and feel good sometimes. I can't even find clothes in the thrift store. Can someone please tell me how to dress nice on a tight budget?
I live in Fort Polk, LA....equivalent to the boondocks lol!

A. Since you have internet access, I suggest shopping on line. Old Navy and Target are excellent sources for basics and trendy items. Plus they regularly have sales on clothes that are in season.

I am a full time grad student, teacher and mom, but I like to dress by mixing trendy and conservative.

One way to do this is to get 4 or 5 basic slacks- jeans (dark denim and well fitting can double as dressy) black slacks, 2 pair of khakis (chinos- 1 dark brown and 1 light brown) and navy slacks

These can be paired with a variety of colorful stylish tops, and matched up with low priced accessories from stores like icing/Claires or Burlington, or even the thrift store.

Or you can go classic with jewelry and stick to one jewel tone such as silver or gold

Finally, believe it or not, Payless Shoe Stores actually have cute shoes that are affordable, which is a good idea for summer, since you only wear sandals 3-4 months out of the year.

Most beauty sites will give you instructions on how to do manicures/pedicures/basic hair care at home. Just buy some pampering and self care products and learn how to DIY at home.

If you are not comfortable doing it at home, go to any local beauty school and the students there do all of these services for very low prices.

Help On Cute Trendy Outfit To Wear To Court!?
Q. Hey I have a Mock Trial competition in 2 weeks & I'm playing the part as a school teacher witness and I wanted some ideas on what I should wear for the full day competition. I want something cute and trendy. I don't want to be a "boring" school teacher. More of a high-class trendy one. (: Can anyone help me on some websites or put together an outfit for me? Thank You! (:

A. wear a 1 coloured dress a pair of black tights and colured shoes to match the dress

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