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Where can I find cute trendy boots/shoes in a wider width/wider calf size?

Q. When buying high heeled boots (whether ankle, calf, or knee high), I usually run into a problem with the widths. Regulars tend to be a little snug and it has been hard to find cute or trendy (like pointy-toed boots or skinny heeled sandals/shoes). Also, it's even harder to find QUALITY heels. If you have any suggestions to stear in the right direction...yay! :)
And if it helps, I wear size 7/7.5 and have a 16 inch calf. :) THANKS!

A. You can get them online. They'll cost a bit extra but they're some of the best boots I've ever worn www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever Don't let the name fool you... They do make boots with lower heels then 6" I've seen low as 2" on this site.

Trendy Boot Help (Links)?
Well, I went to the mall earlier today and I saw the boots at Wet Seal:
I was planning on getting them in silver because my bestie has black and I don't want to copy her. But, my mom said no to them because she thought they were ridiculous. I guess in some way, yeah they are, but they're super trendy and I looove them! Is there any other trendy boot that is really GIRLY besides riding boots. (NO RIDING BOOT SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!) Or, how would these work?
Since they're not all around glitter.
Please answer both questions! ^^^^^
Thanks! :DD

A. I can't think of an other trendy ones similar, but your second choice is really popular at my school:)

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