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Women's Running shoes!?

Q. I need to purchase new running shoes. I currently run 5-7 miles per day mainly on the treadmill. I have narrow feet and VERY high arches. My current pair are Asics to which I added poly sorb insoles, I love them now, but they were really hard to break in, they pushed down on my toes for a long time (no they are not too small, I always get my feet measured and the size has been the same for a long time). So ladies or men who REALLY know about women's running shoes, can anyone recommend a shoe for my foot type and need that will not take forever to break in? I would love to go to a specialty running store, but there is not one in my area.
BTW-I don't care about what is cute or trendy.

A. 2 words: New Balance. They're great running and walking shoes.. They are very light weight and merciless on the balls of your feet... They are really comfortable... I ran track and I would slip them on after I ran and they are a good quality shoe.. pricy but good.

High Heels Shoe Advice!?!?!?
Q. I usually wear trainers so when i go out i MUST wear high heals (i wouldn't go out to pubs in trainers :|), after about half hour to a hour of standing in the pub my feet start hurting BAD... i was wondering what i could do/use so that my feet won't hurt as much while wearing heels... + don't say "don't wear them" because thats abit obvious ¬_¬. Proper answers please.


A. If you don't HAVE to wear a heel but would like a flirty, trendy dress shoe..May I suggest Mary Janes. They come in a variety of colors and prices. I wear them sometimes although I'm only 5'4. They work with my jeans, dress slacks, skirts (especially A-line), summer dresses and much more! Think of how cute young girls look in those shoes and they work with everything. Makes the men think you took a few years of your age too. I was told the other day by a pretty well-dressed attractive man that he loves a woman in a Mary Jane and it appeals as it takes years off they're look. Oo Sounds like a winner! :) Sorry, don't mean to write a book, but another option I love that is classy yet sassy without losing comfort is the heel with thickness all over the bottom of the shoe, not a wedge as they can be hard to walk on but just a well-balanced thick heel and maybe some build to counter balance the toe. Hope this helps! Have safe fun :)

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