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what brand of trainers are trendy nice for a female?

Q. i usualy wear heels but i want some trainers for days out and just for comfort i bought a pair of very cheap plain black ones but hate them. id be happier if they were pink or more girly looking :) ive been looking at skechers and pink converse but dont know wich will look best. or if there are any brands i should look at

A. Skechers are great and they also help you shape up and tone your body just by wearing them around walking or on the job or anywhere else they even have running shoes to give burn calories than other shoes.
They are worth trying out because they will tone your body up and make you look leaner and taller just by regularly wearing them.
They got cool colors like pink and purple and more, they are quite trendy in additional to their health benefits even Kim Kardashian wears them and they have a complete collection by her name.
The skechers Tone ups are cool too. I like Women's Shape-ups - Kinetix Response S R T.
I've written an article on the benefits of Shape Ups, if you're interested to know more check it out at the link below. The article is on men's shoes but the benefits are the same for both.

Advice for running? (I'm just starting)?
Q. I decided I wanted to run so I can lose some weight. I'm not obese but I just wanna work on my beach bod :p I never ran before, so what would be some good cheap running shoes for women? Also, I'll be running during the night in my neighborhood, any advice for that? Also any other running advice? Thanks :)

A. Take everything slow. Do some warm-ups and brisk walking before you start running. With regard to shoes, there are plethora of running shoes on the market nowadays. If you want trendy, go for barefoot running shoes, which I highly recommend because of its health benefits.

Hope this helps.

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