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What are some comfy, trendy shoes?

Q. I'm going to New York for a week and I'll be walking around quite a bit. I want to wear something comfy--but still relatively attractive that can match with my outfits. Any ideas?

A. For me it's definetly ballerina flat shoe type
i love they are them extremely comfy to walk around in extremely stylish i have many shapes and colors some dressy some very sporty check them out :)

Good luck :)




What is a trendy dress shoe?
Q. I am 18 and my pair of Polo Sport shoes is very worn out. I am looking for another pair of dress shoes to wear to church and formal occasions that is still trendy, not something like Dockers or anything. Are Polo Sports still in style or is there another "hip" shoe that has taken its place?

A. depending on ur budget, u can choose from the very simple scholl styles or the high-end salvatore ferragamo or louis vuitton dress shoes... all are very classy, formal and look exclusively in style... don't forget to polish them if u choose the shiny ones...

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