Selasa, 01 April 2014

what will be trendy this fall?

Q. what colors and shirts should i be looking out for this fall?
jeans as always i know. but what shoes and shirts do you think will be hot this fall?

thanks :)

A. booties are really in.

boyfriend blazers are still in for me i don't know about you.

oh military is HUGE... military jackets are in basically military anything.

oh yea and cargos like skinny cargo pants, i just got some in army green. i got the ones from amazon vanilla star. the one under the bloomingdale's link below.

and actually i can't think of anything else but i'll be sure to update my answer if there is anthing else

i want to open a shoe store, how would i find reputable wholesalers? i would like to sell trendy junior shoes?
Q. I am looking for information about magazines or websites where i can find reputable wholesalers of junior type shoes. i'm looking for items that are stylish and trendy, how would i go about finding wholesalers for this type of merchandise?

A. You'll find all the shoes you require at alibaba. Compare wholesalers , terms and merchandise

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