Selasa, 01 April 2014

What should I wear with these shoes?

Q. I want to wear a summer-y outfit with these shoes. Ideas?

A. maybe a romper or some high wasted shorts and a tank top. both are really in style this summer and would probably look good with those shoes. remember to keep your outfit in style and up with the trends. good stores for this would be abercrombie or hollister(the stuff that isnt so branded), urban outfitters, and topshop. target has some trendy clothes as well.

Where can I CHEAPLY buy stylish/trendy shoes online?
Q. I want a cute pair of brown combat boots, some new heals, and a few new shoes for summer, but I really don't want to spend a lot of money! Anyone know where I can get good deals online? Like, 40 bucks or under for a pair?

A. Surprisingly, is $39.99 for any shoes, including boots. But I like to shop at forever21. Usually around $20-30. Oh! And for heels and such I LOVE Charlotte Russe. If you sign up for their text alerts they let you know about killer deals, too! I just bought 4 pairs of boots for $40!!!!!!

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