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Maid of honour dress? 10pts.?

Q. my friend just asked me to be her maid of honour and im excitied.
she put me in charge of my dress and the braidsmaid's dresses. it isnt till june 21 2009 so i still got some time i just need ideas please.
im looking for a dress i want it to be criss crossed on the back
long dress.. straight dress..
the color isnt important right now cause im just trying to find a dress with criss cross back that i like.
does anyone know where i can find a dress like that?
please have pictures of them.

A. That is very nice of your friend to let you choose the dresses- the bride always chose the dresses in the weddings I have stood up in.
I would suggest that you visit websites/bridal stores that also carry prom dresses. In the experience I have had, I find that the prom/formal dance dresses are much less expensive AND you have more of a variety than you do with a "bridesmaid" dress. The prom dresses will be just as formal, but sometimes if you pick the right style, you could wear the dress again! For the wedding, you can dress it up with some dressy heels, formal jewelry, but could also dress it down to wear to another event at a later date. This is a super duper feature of a dress that otherwise you will only wear one time. (Bridesmaids dresses tend to be very trendy/seasonal and focus on a color scheme to match the rest of the wedding rather than style or design qualities.)
Another thing to think of is how everyone will look in the dress you like. You may be dying to wear a long dress with criss crossed straps that you will look fantastic in, but it may not look good on everyone. In fact, one of the girls may look really awful in it. Although your friend gave you the job of picking it out and it IS very exciting, I would really think about colors/styles that suit all the bride's ladies.
I work at a banquet hall where we have wedding ceremonies and receptions, look through and help edit wedding photographs (my friend is a photographer who specializes in weddings) and have gone to dozens and dozens of wedding in the last year alone. I have found that one way to successfully execute the choosing of the dresses is to choose one color (if it isn't black, then you choose one color of a particular brand) and let the girls each choose a style of dress in that same color. Another thing that could work (depending on number of bridesmaids) is picking one style but different colors- to suit the girl's skin tones, hair color, etc.
If this doesn't work for you, do what loads of other bridesmaids do... shop store to store to store to store and try on lots of dresses until the group of you can get worn down enough that you are all willing to agree on one single dress.
Make sure to ask your friend what she expects out of the dress and your hair style (same or different from each other? up or down?) and the jewelry and shoes you will be expected to wear. These factors also play in to what dress you should choose. Stay in close contact with her and her feelings... weddings and women are sometimes not a good combination!

What kind or color shoe could i wear?
Q. i am going to a sweet 16 at the marina and i bought this dress what kind of shoe could i wear to make it fun and trendy?

A. These shoes in hot pink!

They will make the dress pop because it is more of a neutral color. Add some more pink accessories, and you are good to go!

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