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Advice for Young Woman Traveling Alone in India?

Q. I don't need to be told that it's dangerous and not to go. I'm going.

I want to be respectful in the way I dress and how I handle myself in public situations. Although I know that India can be dangerous for women, I also know that ignorant tourists exacerbate the situation. I plan on arriving in Delhi in respectable clothing with a scarf and immediately shopping for salwar kameez. Is there certain color or styles to look out for? I'll be staying in the Lajpat Nagar area (I think)... places to shop? What do women typically wear on their feet? Do women wear sunglasses? Would wearing a tilaka (bindi) help me assimilate or would it be rude? If I were to wear one what color? Best places to see/shop in Delhi? Safest areas?

When speaking to strangers should I look them in the eye? Is it better to approach women or men when asking directions or help? Groups or alone? Should I book rides to train stations ahead of time? Taxi? Rickshaw? Can I walk in Delhi alone during the day?

I'm going on day trips to Agra and Jaipur from Delhi (CC) and also taking a sleeping train car to Varanasi to stay two nights. Tips for trains? I plan on going with the 1A or 2A.

Anything you can think of will be helpful! Thanks!
Also henna... I'd like to get some, but I know that depending on the design it can mean certain things. Advice for where and what to get?

A. huh, impressed by your research on the subject :D

well to start with, It'll be good you try salwar suit, but not many delhi girls wear that, most of them you'll find in western dresses only. still to get a feel of the youth, I shall recommend you to get around the north campus delhi university (accessible by metro) and get the latest style checks on colors and design of suits. You'll find a handful of trendy girls in Lajpat nagar too, but DU north cam is recommended.
well in feet they wear shoes / bellies, you can try "jutti" make sure you buy the right brands, they are not always comfortable.
By the time you'll come Sun'll kill you if you wont wear sunglasses.
Tilak is different from bindi. tilak is something put on religious occasions or may be when you arrive at hotel they'll put it on you after a welcome. Bindi is similar usually a plastic now a days, meant for married woman. bachelors put it too in style, but its meant for Married woman. single woman must put any color but red. put the one that matches your salwar suit.

Best places a lot depend on your mood and taste, you can find lot of them on web, I'll recommend you to go to humayun's tomb. If you need time to ponder go to Issa khan's tomb close to Humayun's tomb.
Safest areas I'll say are everywhere and nowhere. dont get around places alone at night is all i'll say.

Eye contact :) you'll make out looking at their eyes if you should make it or not. remember that people stalk in here, its just curiosity. its good if you keep yourself reserved.
Approaching a woman is safe, but not sure if they'll have answers to your questions. reach the gentleman, preferably alone but use your wisdom.
booking trains is not easy, you need to book well in advance or reach the agents. taxi buses etc are available.
And yes you can walk alone in delhi during the day.
day's trip to Agra and Jaipur is manageable but not both on same day. Del - Jaipur one day and Delhi - Agra other day.
Varanasi is a nice place to be, you'll find everything as you find in pictures, but the 'real' sages the Naga's, the Aghori's are not accessible. not ever to locales.
And Heena is better known as mehendi, you can reach any beauty parlor for the same. you'll find many in Lajpat nagar. or reach some salon in any malls.

Tips: research on the prices before you go places for obvious reasons :)
On day 1 apply for a local sim card, affordable plus connectivity & access to maps, apps etc.
download the delhi metro map on your phone, can use traveller's card for getting around city (2$ for multiple entries all round the day)
note the woman's helpline number 1090 or delhi police 100. very supportive

biz attire questions - working women only.....?
Q. i start an internship next week at a MAJOR news network in Manhattan (which shall remain nameless, anyways) I have never worked in that type of envirnoment; I have nice new dressy clothes - obviously i'm a student and don't have the kinda cash of the other, older biz ladies... I want to know only from those ladies who work in the biz world:

- is it appropriate to wear knee length boots with gauchos, panty hose, and pin striped button down blouse?

- is it okay to wear gauchos, period?

- is it okay to wear low heels like slingbacks?? I'm NOT comfortable n' too clumsy to wear all those 3 inch n' up pumps?

- is it okay to request off from internship, when I'm not even on campus (like Thanksgiving and Xmas week)?

- can I wear my hair down or does it always have to be pulled up?

- is it okay if i only wear lipstick there and not any other makeup?

- employer said, "break out Sunday best." what's that mean?

any other advice for style/dress would be helpful....

A. The answer to these questions depends on the level of professionalism demanded at your firm or the company culture. For a more professional office, knee-length boots are NEVER appropriate; Slingback are OK as long as they're not opened-toe.

For days off, find out first what days are automatically scheduled off, then find out how strict they are about allowing time off. Remember, an internship is like a rehearsal or practice for the real thing & your obtaining a professional career later may depend on your performance in that internship, even if it's unpaid. One season working through the holidays may be worth a lifelong opportunity for great referrals.

Hair down is definately OK as long as it's clean, neat, & not a distraction for you or others. Lipstick only should be fine, but again, it depends on your work environment. If your position calls for a fashion-forward, beauty-industry-representative person, it may be wise to wear at least the essentials. Your employer may not be as demanding, since you are an intern, though. Take a look around at the other employees, also. How are they made up? I worked at a very looks-conscious place & wearing makeup was mandatory, considered part of our dresscode, & highly enforced.

"Sunday best"---look sharp, polished, clean, classic, classy, neat, & conservative, but don't lose your personality or your ability to look trendy.

...no cleavage, no short skirts, no slinky/strappy heels, no polyester, spandex, or rayon (unless it's a blend), no gaudy, excess, or flashy jewelry, no big hair, no overly visible tattoos (I have seven & no one at the office should know that), no tanks or spaghetti straps, no midriff-bearing or back-bearing tops (even when you bend over), no tight-fitting clothes ever, no shorts, no stripper or clear shoes ever, no slip-ins or slip-ons, no sheer light-colored fabrics without a lining, no capris, no panty lines

Good luck, much success, & GREAT question. I wish more women inquired about professional wardrobe options.

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