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how much do you spend on new school clothes?

Q. and about how many outfits do you get. I use to get 5-6 new outfits. then my mom started giving me 500 dollars to get everything I needed for school (clothes,shoes,supplies backpack) im in high school btw going to be a junior this year.

and can you help me come up with some cute trendy outfits? post pictures if you can maybe.

A. I personally prefer to "shop in my closet" which means that I buy new clothes based on what I already have rather than spending X amount of outfit before school start.

First organize and declutter my wardrobe and throw out and donate anything that doesnt suit my personal style or my figure, repair or tailor things that can be repaired such as loose buttons (I can't sew so i ask friends who can or you can go to a tailored to professionally repair/tailor your clothes).

With the remaining clothes, I sort them first by season (move back the off-season clothes somewhere else, in a plastic box underneath the bed or in the corner of the closet/drawers) and then sort the current season clothes by clothing type (skirts, shorts, jeans, pants, casual tops, dressy tops, casual sweaters like hoodies and jumpers, cardigans, blazers/short jackets, flats, heels, casual shoes boots and so on)
and then again by color (neutrals next to each other and then going for the pink-red-purple-blue-green-yellow-orange "color theory pattern).
This help you to see what you already have.

I would first check if Ive enough basic staples such as solid neutral tank/camisoles, t-shirts, solid neutral pants/jeans/shorts/skirts (whatever you wear most), cardigans/hoodies and eventually blazer and see if I need any new good everyday shoes.
Everyday clothes and shoes first in basic neutral styles,

THEN slowly add fun, trendy or evening pieces, making sure that they can already be worn with something you already own. Lets say you want to get a flannel button down (casual fall staple for some people), make sure you have either buttoms, tops or accessories in the color of the prints before buy it (or buy it while buying the shirt).

What clothes and shoes depends on person to person. What a 16 years old girl would wear, a 20-25 years old wardrobe would very different.

Im 24 and prefer more professional clothes and shoes for my basic pieces like low heel leather pumps, riding boots, ballet flats, loafers/oxfords, blazers, button down shirts, pencil skirts, pantyhose, pearls kind of things and then dress them up (with nice jewelery and dress shoes or a sparkly top or skirt) for evening and dress them down for more casual wear, like a blazer with casual jeans and flats or a pencil skirt with tall boots and a button-down shirt and cardigan. This is my personal wardrobe staples.

I don't care about much outfits I need, I just gradually update my wardrobe by buying a couple of remixable pieces each month that goes with my basic staples! I usually buy at h&m and leredoute + deichmann, vagabond and eccoshop for shoes/boots. :3

Sorry for long answer, but I hope it sparked some ideas..

Need help with ankle boots?
Please try to answer most of the questions:

So I've got furry ankle boots and ankle boots like these:
But wayyyyy better than UGGs.

I like the fabric of Blowfish Boots, but most of them are ugly.
Suggestions for ankle boots?
Stores, pics, links?


My style for tall boots is stylish,trendy, "in" but I don't like hardware boots, heels, (I'm too young)
leather, or MOST riding boots.
I've got casual, furry, and the link from above.
I need major help on boots for school!
I'm in 7th grade and a girl.
Please make sure that the recommended boots are in for fall/winter 2012/2013.

A. Ankle:


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