Jumat, 30 Mei 2014

What is "smart casual" dress for women at a Christmas party for people in mid-twenties?

Q. It is for a class of physical therapy students in graduate school... to get together, have drinks, and play secret santa. What do you think: black pants or jeans?
Girlfriend getting dragged along here...

A. Black slacks for sure. Dress it up with trendy black shoes and a festive top. For guys, an untucked button-down oxford shirt. For girls, maybe something with a little sparkle.

what outfit should a woman wear who's going on a date with....?
Q. a 30 year old professional guy. Date is casual, maybe just for a drink or to theatre/movie.

Guy is pretty smartly dressed most of the time.
p.s - i dont have much sense of style!

A. Clean, dark-wash jeans, funky, trendy, classy shirt, accessorize, make-up, jewelry, clutch, open shoes (heels?) slight spray of sweet perfume, not fruity and not too strong.

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