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what are the hottest shoes for 7yr. olds that provide good arch support for flat feet?

Q. cant use orthotics for the simple reason there expencive and the rate he's growing wouldnt be in them long,so it needs to be a shoe with great arch support.

A. At 7, I should seriously hope nobody cares about how hot or trendy their shoes are. However, as far as good arch support, my family tends to have flat feet, and our favorite sneaker brands for arch support are New Balance, Skechers, and Vans (not the canvas slip-ons, but the skate sneakers).

Anybody have any suggestions for trendy walking shoes?
Q. I live in NYC, and walk A LOT. I am flat-footed, and I also just found out that I have plantar fascitis in the heels of my feet. (Plantar fascitis is some sort of inflammation, and so it hurts when I put too much pressure (or even lightweight pressure) on that area of my foot.) I also work in the fashion industry. I am used to wearing trendy heels all day long, but for obvious reasons, cannot anymore. I am looking for a good, comfortable pair of flats that I can walk to and from work in and also look good with most work outfits (suits, skirts, nice jeans, etc--that is why regular sneakers just won't work). Anybody have any recommendations?

A. i think that you should get comfy ballet flats try to avoid the plastic kind and get ones that fit perfectly because i have two plastic kind and they give me alot of blsters but then i have these soft ,aterial ones and they are comfy their like wearing slippers you can find them almost anywhere they are relly in and hope they stay in because their are trons of styles and umm i thinking forever 21 in..i think harold square should have some or h&m or some local places. like i said everyone has em girl !!

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