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What are some trendy fall outfits?

Q. I'm 13 and I usually wear t-shirts, both unisex ones from events and stuff and ones actually made for girls. I usually wear gym shorts and sweatpants, and I have a couple jeans and denim shorts. I have toms, sneakers, and converse. I'm too small to fit into the juniors section (I think).

What outfits could I wear to look trendy but not like a poser?

Thanks everyone!

A. 1.)You could wear sweats with any t-shirt that you have (that will look good). And you could wear uggs with them or some really cute tennis shoes. You could also French braid your hair with the outfit if you like You hair French braided.
2.)If you are wearing jeans you could get any t-shirt that you have and tuck it in your jeans them pull it out a little bit so it's not to tight then you can out a cute belt and wear any shoes that will look good. For your hair you could French braid it the night before so when you wake up and take the braid out its wavy. Hope I helped!!�

Are Adidas Samba ...Girl or Guy shoes??
Q. I'm not a big fan of unisex anything, I was thinking of possibly buying a pair of these shoes if there not too girly. What does everyone think???

A. I remember having a pair of black with white stripe Adidas samba shoes about 10 years ago, and if I remember correctly, they were indoor athletic shoes - and the pair I had were guy's shoes. Now - that doesn't mean that Adidas hasn't branched out with this model...

A quick stop over at Adidas' website and searching for Samba quickly reveals that this is a men's athletic indoor shoe with some junior/kid models also available. The only women's clothing labeled with 'Samba' are a pair of tights and training paints.

See for yourself:

I personally loved the Samba shoe (classic white on black) when I had them because they fit really well when I was running. Your question causes me to long for a new pair so I can start getting fit again.

My friend who got me hooked on these shoes was a pretty athletic guy who played soccer. These shoes are durable and light weight. They aren't flashy or full of stuffing like many of today's $$$ basketball shoes. They are good looking and extremely practical. It's alot like wearing a lightweight slipper or glove over your foot ... not some heavy boot with stuffing that's going to weigh 5 lbs after it gets wet.

However, your question causes me to wonder if you put too much value on what people think about you because of the shoes you wear. I think that's a little shallow - however - I'm way past my teenage years, and have gotten over most of that traumatic teen peer-pressure business. I might be able understand why you might be a little self-conscious wearing these because these aren't 'trendy', however I'm more interested in fit and function than fashion.

If you want a comfortable athletic shoe - and if you can find a pair of Sambas that fit you just right - I wouldn't hesitate to buy them.

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