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What is going to be the next "trend" in fashion?

Q. What is going to be the next "trend" in fashion for men and women?

A. Based on the spring 2010 fashion week runway shows, I predict that the following items will become trendy this year:

Clothing and accessories embellished with sequins, including handbags and shoes
All one color looks, head-to-toe
Floral prints

Internship Interview?
Q. I am a Social Work major at a local university and I am doing a senior internship starting in the fall of 2010. The question I have is that I have to go in for an interview for the Internship and I don't know what I should wear. I have never gone for an interview before and I am really nervous.

A. I have no idea if you are a woman or a man, so I'll describe both genders briefly.

If you have a suit, that would be the best option, but you might not. That's understandable. They know you are a student.

If possible, go for a long-sleeved button-up top in a conservative color and pair it with a neutral-colored pair of dress pants (black, gray or navy, preferably.) If you don't have a long-sleeved shirt, go with 3/4 length. I wouldn't go any shorter than that. Absolutely no jeans, even if they are dark wash.

Wear a pair of conservative low-heeled pumps that match. (No overly trendy shoes and try not to wear anything that's too "strappy" or that shows off too much of the foot.) If you don't have the heels, go for whichever flat you have that is cleanest and simple.

You can also substitute the pants for a similar colored skirt, as long as the skirt is long enough so that your thighs are covered when you sit.

If you carry a purse, don't carry one that's wild looking. Switch to a plain colored structured one, if you have that. Or, leave it in the car and carry your resume and other important items in a briefcase (that's often what women prefer to do).

If you're a man, it's a lot of the same stuff. The long-sleeved shirt, the pants...but, obviously, you can skip the pumps and purse and add a conservative tie that coordinates well with the rest of your outfit. :O)

Most importantly, make sure everything is pressed and cleaned and fits well in key areas.

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