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What can I do to help my tired feet?? I recently went back to work and dress shoes are killing me! Help!?

Q. And yes, I buy expensive shoes so that isn't the problem!!!

A. Price is not the issue. Wear trendy dressy shoes that do not have pointy toes or pencil heels. A more rounded toe is much better for your feet. If you regularly where pointed toe shoes, your toes will stay that way and you will get bunions. I have seen it before, it is disgusting. The lower the heel the better. Higher heels look more dressy, so stick with a clunkier heel. They are much easier to walk in and do not put as much stress on your feet and legs. When you get home soak and massage your feet.

I bought a pair of shoes but they are one size too big. What can I put inside them to make them fit?

A. I have the same problem, except all of my shoes are too big.
I use comfort padding from 'Boots' feet section, cut into strips and then stuck into the toes. I have to do this to all of my shoes because my feet are a size 3 and I have to wear orthotics - needless to say unless you are 12 years old, manufacturers don't make small, trendy shoes that fit orthotics (I am 32!).
Get the extra thick comfy padding and cut thin strips and stick into the toe section. If you stick it on the heel, I find it feels wierd because the shoe heel doesn't fit well, plus it looks really ugly.
Tuff luck if you have open toe sandals, I have to buy kids sandals!
Warning - Make sure your toes aren't too squashed at the end of the shoe, I use 2/3 layers of thick padding for shoes that are 1 size too big.
I am not a podiatrist and my podiatrist will kill me if she finds out that this is what I do to make trendy shoes fit my feet, but it does work!

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