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In modern times what qualities does the Japanese culture think of as beautiful in a woman?

Q. im doing an adaptation of every man with Japanese influences. what would the modern Japanese society say constitutes a beautiful looking for a physical description. i know women like to have larger eyes, even having surgery to get them, and some wear contacts that are light. also who in there society would be an extremely wise and knowledgeable person?

A. Japanese female beauty trends and subcultures:

- Large eyes
- thin and well-projected nose bridge
- prominent chin.
- small face
- bleached white teeth
- Thin body, big beasts, hairless body
- Trendy eyebrow looks
- Healthy look
- Jutting shoulders, angled elbows and hips
- crescent eyebrows
- bleached hair
- makeup enhancing the eyes
- modern (western) hairstyles.
- high heel shoes
- Traditional clothing (kimono) made modern
- Nape of the neck is a erotic part of the body
- Cute appearance through frilly or child-like clothing with small body
- High voice
- Some girls imitate animes with over the top dresses and accessories that sometimes contrast strikingly. (Example: Lolita fashion style)
- sexy fit body (meant to be sexual and sassy intimidation for men)
- Goth styles are popular
- miniskirts
- b-girls (Japanese girls wear ethnic clothes and frizzy hair styles common among African Americans. They also tan their bodies)
- certain youth sub-cultures are aimed at shocking or intimidating portraying sexual power

The Japanese view wisdom and silence as more important than knowledge. There emperor is viewed as very wise and knowledgeable but also discreet in his manner. Men are perceived as more wise or knowledgeable than women. The father is still the head of the house and has the most power.

What can of pants can I wear to a wedding?
Q. I'm going to a wedding and as everyone know you have to dress fancy. I am not going to wear a dress! I am looking for fancy pants but I also want them to be a little rockish. I also want them not to cost much. Please help!. Put the store and type of pants!

A. I like your style! Since you want a look that's a little edgy yet still elegant, I would suggest going in one of two ways: 1) silk pants or 2) jumpsuit.

1) If you're super daring, I would suggest going for silk pants. Pair them with a grey top, a black blazer, strappy high heeled sandals and a silver necklace for evening and a light tank, a soft blazer, nude pumps and a gold necklace for day-time:
Total: $209

Total: $220

2) Another trendy look would be a jumpsuit. It could be dressed down for a day wedding with wedges and dressed up for an evening wedding with sexy pumps. Pair both looks with a cute clutch.
Total: $255

Total: $157

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