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What style of shoes to wear with skinny jeans when I have big feet?

Q. I love wearing pointy toed shoes for work which is fine as I wear corporate pants and my feet don't look as massive when I wear them like that but I like wearing skinny jeans too, what style of shoes would look okay when I have big feet with the skinny jeans? Not thongs/flip flops though..

A. Flats will make your feet look longer, so they aren't the best choice. Apply the same concept that you use with dress pants to your casual pants: A higher heel will visually shorten the foot. Wedge heels are big this spring and summer and cool canvas and fabric wedges come in a rainbow of colors and prints. You can get them from ultra high four inches to more casual lower heeled versions. Here are a couple of options that will work: is a nice lower heeled wedge. these are a bit dressier and will also work with summer skirts and sun dresses. a basic canvas wedge like this can go with almost everything. this is a sky high floral wedge that's very trendy and this canvas one: has a very different shape to the heel part of the wedge. There's lots of wedges in stores, all you need to do is find the ones you like the best.

How to make the switch to preppy over the summer?
Q. I wanna make to switch to the preppy style over the summer so can some one is already preppy help me I'm guy so i can really say I have know Idea what I'm doing!

A. Here are your preppy basics: (Depending on budget, I'd recommend Macys)

Polo shirts (Lacoste, Abercrombie and Fitch, Polo), Button downs (from the same companies), Khaki pants, Trendy Jeans(AnF would be cheapest, can look into more expensive jeans like seve, true religion, etc.) Plaid shorts for the summer (pair with polo shirts), flip flops, casual boating shoes (Sperry, sold @ Macys), In the winter you can try out blazers with jeans, sweater vests, and anythign argyle! Good luck!

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