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what are some good sturdy shoes that i can wear when walking around in europe?

Q. we will be walking a lot visiting museums, etc... for four months.

but here's the catch - i'm a huge fashionista - i refuse to wear ugly sneakers or hiking boots.

instead of calling me a prima donna (haha)...
...do you have any suggestions as to what kind of shoes i can bring on my trip? the weather in most places will be moderate. they should be sturdy, durable, comfortable, closed-toed, but also somewhat fashionable.

thank you all!

A. When I travel I like to bring Converse (all stars). They come in every color, are comfortable, easy to keep clean, and are classic with a touch of both trendy and retro styles.

They are so slim and easy to pack that I can easily fit 2 pairs into a small bag.

I find most (hiking) boots quite clunky for everyday wear.

How to Dress for NYC in November?
Q. I'll be in NYC in early November. I live in Florida and so I have no idea how to dress for cold weather, usually I just throw on a sweatshirt.

How cold does it get in NY around that time, and do you have to wear a coat, or is a sweater OK? Also, what kind of shoes do you recommend, like trendy boots or tennis shoes (walking a lot). Thanks.
thanks for the answers yall! They were all very helpful.

A. 1. Take a shower
2. Dry yourself off with a towel
3. Slide on some underwear
4. I usually do pants next
5. Now time for a shirt
6. If you don't already have socks on, put them on... otherwise you're ready to slip into some shoes.
7. Now put on a jacket, scarf, whatever you think will look good and keep you warm. It's easier to take stuff off than it is to put more on.
8. Congratulations! You have successfully dressed yourself! Keep in mind that this works no matter what city you are in. This method actually even works in other countries! Now step outside and enjoy the day in the comfort and convenience of modern clothing!

Just kidding. It's already in the low 60's during the day, high 40's at night. So you'll want a jacket, coat, hat, whatever. I'm still fine in a light hoodie, but peoples heat and cold tolerances vary so it's a good idea to come wearing more and take it off than it is to come wearing less and wish you had brought more. I personally wear Converse shoes year round, so boots aren't necessary. Just depends on how accustomed you are to long walks.
Have fun.
Oh, check this website the night before you pack if you want to see what the weather is like in real-time:

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