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What should you say on the phone to a job you applied for to see about your application?

Q. I applied for a job and I want to see what's going on, but I'm not really sure what to say when I call.

A. Persistence and etiquette go a long way in applying for a job.
Give a call and ask to speak to the Human Resource manager or the office manager or owner depending on the type of business.
Be sure to get their name and correct spelling.
If they are unavailable ask as to when they would be.
It is not always advisable to tell the person who you are and the nature of your call because they may be what is referred to as a gate keeper, meaning their job is to screen what is and isn't important and they can be very subjective in their view.
Ask the person in charge if they have received your application and if everything was in order or is there additional information they need.
Inquire as to what the time frame is as to when they plan to finalize a decision.
Tell the person you are looking forward to setting up an interview and thank them for their time.
If you do not have their correct street address and spelling of the name for the person with whom you spoke call back and ask it of the person answering the phone, and or check on line.
Write out a simple thank you card- (you can even pick up packs at a Dollar store or for a few bucks at a retailer)
Your note should read
Dear Mr/Mrs_______
Thank you for taking my call on date_____
It was a pleasure speaking with you.
I look forward to meeting you in person when we schedule an interview.
Telephone #_________
Not those exact words are necessary but a polished cool professional approach.
After your interview be sure to send a second thank you.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with Company name______________, and know I would be an asset to you.
Thank you for taking the time to review my application/resume as well as the interview.
All ways be sure to be polite.
Hold yourself confidently in your body posture, not cocky but assured of yourself.
(Smile, have good eye contact, shake the persons hand, sit up in the chair, speak in clear complete sentences, no snorts, eye rolls or �ya sure�, no ticks like tapping, shaking a foot, etc)
Dress professionally.
A clean ironed solid color button down shirt is preferred with a clean properly fitting pair of pants. This works for both men and women in most setting.
Anything baggy, dragging the ground, ripped, see through, to short, showing skin and tattoos is out.
No thong underwear or ones that have a panty line or show though (don�t go without underwear though) or bras that create lines and bulges.
No cloths that are being held together by safety pins, tape or unmatched thread.
If the pants don�t stay around your waist with the shirt tucked in then don�t wear them.
Women can wear the tail of their shirt out if it is presentable.
A simple belt is fine but nothing drastic, like studs and skulls, with chains hanging.
Keep make- up simple and light. Jewelry to a minimum.
Any piercing other then an ear should be taken out.
Hair neat and clean- no spikes, colors or greasy gels.
Shoes should be clean and in good shape- shoe polish can do a lot to dress up worn shoes.
A darker shoe like black or brown is best and not real trendy and chunky.
For a woman a hand bag that is small to medium matching her out fit or black, brown or tan in a simple design is best.
No Gum.
Be sure you have eaten before you go, have brushed your teeth, and have mints in your pocket.
If these clothing choices are not in your closet get them. You can find them even at thrift stores which won't kill your pocket book.
It is best to have two shirts in case you get called back for a second interview.
A rule of thumb is wear the lighter color of shirt first, color can intimidate or give the wrong first impression in an interview.
These may sound silly or simple, but there a lot people passed over for these simple reasons.
Carry a pen and a copy of your resume. If you do not have a resume create one. There are a number of simple templates on line check around like schools and job centers for free help in creating resumes.

What are the best fashion trends in Manila right now?
Q. Like what type of shoes are popular and what colors of clothing so people wear right now. What kind of purses do they use huge hobo bags? little wrist purses

A. Filipinos generally follow international trends. It's easy, with the availability of news, and international stores in most malls (Zara, Nine West, Mango, Top Shop/Dorothy Perkins, DKNY, Guess, and many more, including expensive stuff like LV, Gucci, Coach, Burberry, etc.) They do not necessarily buy from the stores named above, and know where to find value for money. Filipinos are generally not big spenders and have mostly classics and a few trendy pieces. They have an eye for good trends that would last beyond a short season. They usually prefer comfort rather than suffer, although depending on occasion, they would be willing to grin and bear it.

Big spacious bags & totes in different designs & materials, as well as wrist purses, depending on where they are going.

Women's shoes range from strappy flats & ballet shoes, to kitten heels, wedge heels, and four inch heels with either thin straps or those thick studded straps, and semi-boots. They wear fully closed, sling-back & peeptoe for office shoes, in sensible heels. The toebox could either be pointy, round or square. They also have good walking sandals and slip-ons with rubber soles, flip flops, crocs, sneakers and running shoes.

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