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Question for women with wide feet?

Q. I have wide feet (like a duck, much wider across the toes than at the heel) and thick ankles. Can someone give me the name of a fashionable store (other than Naturalizer, shop there a lot) that I can get a nice, "non-grandma", pair of shoes. I need some more variety.

A. I have Fred Flinstone feet, as a friend so delicately puts it, and I usually have pretty good luck at PayLess Shoes. They have trendy shoes in larger sizes, as well as in wide width. Also, if you don't mind internet shopping, try the following for a decent selection of shoes:

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4EE shoes for women?
Q. My poor mum who's only 56 is housebound but she's always been quite stylish, the last few years her feet have been swollen so she's had to wear "old lady shoe's" as she calls them, i want to get her a lovely pair of 1 & a half inch heeled shoes. i have no idea where to find a trendy pair of 4EE shoes in london. After my search, to me, if you have wide feet you're classed as needing soft slippers!! Help!!

A. i'm not sure if they do them that small but evans do wide fitting shoes, i know because i take a 9EE/10 and they are about the only place i can buy them from. Brantano's is also good for strange sized shoes, i know they go down into small sized shoes but im not sure weather they do wide fittings there.

Those are the only places i can think of off the top of my head, hope they help!

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