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Are Converse shoes still trendy in this 2012?

Q. I am a man and I really love them...but it's important to me know about if they're in style yet.

A. converse is the kinda shoe that is always trendy. it's one of the key pieces that goes pretty much with anything, though they're kinda uncomfortable sometimes cause they got no arch support

What makes a guy hot?
Q. This one is for the girls.
I have always been told buy girls (mainly my girlfriend) that i am "hot". I want to know what physical traits make guys attractive?

Also i have always wondered why girls like guys butts and what makes a good butt on a guy?

A. The answer to this question varies. I will give you what I think. This may not be true for other girls.

-be confident in yourself. you gotta love yourself before you love others
-be nice and try to be funny but no dumb jokes youll end up embarrassing yourself
-dont try too hard to be cool, its actually not cool
-say something or do something innocent once in a while. hold the door for the elderly, show up with a flower in front of your crush, tell them how much you care. it really warms the heart.

-hair: if you have longer hair, thats okay just dont let it get shaggy or too long. if you have shorter hair, you can spike up the front like this:
but whatever you do, DO NOT have hair that sticks up in the back like this:
it looks really gross.
-clothing: don't go emo. personally, i dont find that a bit attractive. nor do i like saggy jeans or form fitting jeans. avoid sweatpants. wear normal jeans and name brand t-shirts and sweatshirts, athletic shorts are okay too. spirit wear is always okay.
-dont imitate specifically one person just because they are popular. go with both the trends and your own tastes.
-sanitation: look healthy and clean. take good care of yourself. no sleep in your eyes, boogers, chapped lips, or anything else that has the possibility of making you unattractive and gross.
-shoes: nike running shoes always work. try to pick colors that dont stand out too much, like black, navy, and grey. but if you are a dynamic person that likes to stand out, then go ahead pick neon yellow shoes. you can also wear vans and sperrys. no crocs or other silly shoes. for socks, nike elites or regular ankle socks.
-body: you probably think that girls go for the guys with the hugest six packs. yes they are attractive but you dont have to have them to be attractive. skinny guys are just fine also. if you are chubby or any fatter than that, i suggest working out. just dont have abs that are any bigger than abercrombie and fitch models' or make you look like your on steroids. about butts, i dont think they really factor into your hotness as long as it is not fatty.

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