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Shoes to wear in the fall?

Q. I need a pair of shoes for the fall to wear to school. Basically shoes for days when its too cold for flip flops or sandles, and too warm for uggs. I dont like sneakers. Any ideas?
I'm a girl btw:p
I'm a girl btw:p

A. Well... You might just want to go to a store and ask the sales person for a shoe that's right for you. Personally, I would go for a pair of boots ( very in for the fall-winter season), ballet flats, high heels, or a pair of creepers ( which are like platformed converse without the sneaker look and again are a very trendy thing this upcoming season according to TeenVogue)

Cute hostess shoes?
Q. I just got a job as a hostess and need to get comfortable shoes/slippers to wear. Anyone know where I can find cute, trendy, non old-ladyish shoes?

A. try payless they always have cute and REALLYYY comfy shoes. here are some examples:


Heel:(my fav)

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