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I just got a job, what type of clothes are acceptable?

Q. I just got a job with the census bureau and for training, they ask that you wear business casual attire. I'm 19 and never really had to dress any certain way at any other jobs so if someone could tell me what is considered business casual attire then that would be great!

Thanks for any help.

A. Business casual is crisp, neat, and should look appropriate even for a chance meeting with a CEO. It should not look like cocktail or party or picnic attire. Avoid tight or baggy clothing; business casual is classic rather than trendy.
Khaki or dark pants, neatly pressed, and a pressed long-sleeved, buttoned solid shirt are safe for both men and women. Women can wear sweaters; cleavage is not business-appropriate (despite what you see in the media). Polo/golf shirts, unwrinkled, are an appropriate choice if you know the environment will be quite casual, outdoors or in a very hot location. This may not seem like terribly exciting attire, but you are not trying to stand out for your cutting edge look, but for your good judgment in a business environment.
Shoes / belt:
Wear a leather belt and leather shoes. Athletic shoes are inappropriate.
Cost / quality:
You are not expected to be able to afford the same clothing as a corporate CEO. However, do invest in quality that will look appropriate during your first two or three years on the job for a business casual environment or occasions.
Everything should be clean, well pressed, and not show wear. Even the nicest khakis after 100 washings may not be your best choice for a reception. Carefully inspect new clothes for tags, and all clothes for dangling threads, etc. (as with interview attire).
Use common sense.
If there are six inches of snow on the ground and/or you are rushing to get to an information session between classes and you left home 12 hours earlier, no one will expect you to show up looking ready for a photo shoot � they'll just be happy you made it. Just avoid wearing your worst gym clothes and jeans. If you show up at an event and realize you're not as well dressed as you should be, make a quick, pleasant apology and make a good impression with your interpersonal skills and intelligent questions.

How do i be preppy ( 20 characters)?
Q. thanks you guys i'm kinda trying to come out of the shy faze since my mother died and she always wanted me to be popular

A. Personally, I think the best style type is preppy because it is classic and never goes out of style. Here are some basic steps:

1. The attitude: Always present yourself in a nice and welcoming manner. Be polite and courteous with girls, boys, and teachers. Never be snobby and don't try too hard. Always talk! What I am saying is be social but never during class. Preppy people are never misbehaving people.
2. The clothes: Wear clean cut, classic clothes, but they do not have to be trendy. Places like Abercrombie and Hollister are not preppy, unless you buy the really simple items. Try J.Crew, Lacoste, etc. Wear skirts, khaki, polos, bermuda shorts and bright colors. The staples of the preppy style are oxford shirts, polo shirts, and sweaters/cardigans. anything simple and of a solid color will work! The Jackie Cardigan is also a good, classic choice. Also, try a cute blazer over a simple dress. Also, for jeans, don't have any rips in them. Some good colors for clothes include pastels in pink, blue, green, and yellow or neutrals such as off white and brown.
3. Accessories: Always wear accessories, but not too many. Try pearl jewelry such as pearl studs. Also wear ribbon belts in different colors.
4. Shoes: Clean white tennis shoes are cute, or leather or suede ballet flats. No sneakers or Uggs. If you want boots try leather or suede slouch boots or straight leg boots... classic!
5. Hair: Make sure your hair is always well cleaned and conditioned. Don't do the same thing every day, mix it up! Try ribbons in a ponytail, headbands, and pigtails.
6. Always keep clean: Brush your hair, take care of your teeth and nails, and smell nice. Also, for your nails, paint them clear, white, or light pink. Dark or bright nails are so tacky!
7. Do well in school: If you have the answer, raise your hand. But do not be a show off or brag about your grades.
8. Get involved in a preppy sport: Try lacrosse, cross country, track and fiel, horseback riding, volleyball, swimming, rowing or golf. ( I personally enjoy running!)
9. Most importantly.... HAVE CONFIDENCE!!! Focus on your inner beauty and never let anybody tell you who you should be. Also don't try and fit in, that will only make things worse. Ease into your preppy transition slowly, one piece of clothing at a time, or over a long vacation.
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If you really want abercrombie... try this:


I hope this helps!

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