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Where to buy great office wear?

Q. Alright so I had bought a suit up and a vest. However I want to buy some black skirts and lots of shirts.

I am going to start my alevels and we have to dress formaly.

So, where can I buy long sleeved women shirts at a great price?
List a shop or a website I could buy it from.
Thank you x

A. I'm not sure what alevels are... but I know where to shop!

Forever21 - they have semi-dressy things for very very cheap, thought the quality obviously isn't great.
Old Navy - more plain but still casual business appropriate.
Target - Great stuff, decent price, good shoes... love it.

Moderately priced:
H&M - can be on the cheaper side with some dress shirts at $20 or less, but they also have really nice and cute dresses and blazers.
Express - Great place for fitted shirts that are better in quality.

Banana Republic: Again, some items aren't bad, but generally cost more. A little reserved, but they have high quality basics and although they are pretty, not too trendy.
Thomas Pink shirts - the BEST fitted tailored shirts ever. WAY overpriced, but they fit like a glove!

Dressing up as a girl to an halloween costume day at the office, need help with an outfit please!?
Q. Hi
My office will be having a Halloween day on friday before Halloween. Bunch of girls at work are daring me to dress up as a girl, I've done it few years ago for Halloween but i went to the city with friends. This time I'll be going dressed up as a girl to the office where i work. They will be having a contest for the best costume.

I'm thinking of going all out with fake nails and full make up and wig but i am not sure what to wear :( What do you think i should wear that day?? Any suggestions, links, pics, are greatly appreciated ..i need help !!

A. i think dressing up as the opposite sex is funny when you really look like a woman even better, you look GOOD as a woman. try and be trendy with a nice handbag (maybe put a little plush dog in it). i would wear a high waisted pencil skirt and a nice blouse dont forget some clip on earrings or any other jewelry like necklace and bangles. Wig and fake nails sounds like a great idea, you could add a headband also. you could wear heals but i would suggest finding a pair of either very short heals or just a flat women's shoe in general because heals hurt your feet!! For your makeup just use some mascara and eyeliner for your eyes, use some concealer and blush on your face, and wear a light coloured lip stick . Wear a trench coat to finish off the look it's an essential piece in every woman's wardrobe ;)

pencil skirt/ blouse -

trench coat-http://fashionarchives.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/trenchcoat5.jpg

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