Selasa, 15 April 2014

I'm going to a fair tonight. It's going to be about 70 degrees out. What should i wear?

Q. I was planing on wearing these cute ripped high waisted white jean shorts.
- top
- cardigan
- bra ( cute boys are going)
- shoes ( white converse, brown combat boots, grey and brown ruffly boots)
- accsesories
- maybe a cute little bag
I'm trying to be trendy and A LOT OF CUTE BOYS ARE GOING soo.. HELP PLEASE

A. Top=plaid shirt
Bra=push up
Accessories=maybe so bangles or necklace
Bag=maybe like a cute little back pack purse

Back to school outfits for boys!?
Q. Ok so my little brother is entering sixth grade and he needs a new wardrobe.The clothes he has, arn't really trendy.So give me suggestions on wear he can get cool trendy clothes.He likes graphic-T's.The boys at school wear basketball shorts, name brand shoes and all that athletic stuff but that doesn't really fit him.I appreciate all answers!Thank you so much!
P.S:Some where with REASONABLE

A. take a look in old navy - prices are usually good. Or Target too has some good prices for good quality.

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